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Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth

Author : Benig Mauger
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A therapist and childbirth educator shows expectant mothers how to reconnect with the natural and spiritual worlds to make the birth experience unique and to build a spiritual connection with their children.

Spirituality and Childbirth

Author : Susan Crowther
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Highlighting aspects of birth often taken for granted, ignored or left silenced, this book questions the art and meaning of childbirth. Addressing spirituality in and around the start of life from a variety of thought-provoking perspectives, it examines the apparent paradox of impersonal biomedical-technocratic systems operating alongside the meaningful experiences encountered by those involved. Themes covered include: Notions of holism and spirituality, culture, religion and spirituality Childbirth significance at societal level Spiritual care in maternity care provision Birth environment, mood, space and place Spiritual experience of all those involved, including health professionals Spiritual experience when birth is complex and challenging When birth and death are juxtaposed. Although there is considerable literature on spirituality at the end of life, this is the only book that draws together a global and multidisciplinary selection of academic researchers and practitioners to reflect on spirituality at the start of life. Each chapter explores the relevant theoretical background and makes links to practice, using case studies from research and practice. The chapters conclude by discussing: how spiritual care is, and should be, provided in this context; what practice approaches are beneficial; cross-cultural perspectives; and future directions for research. It is an important read for all those interested in childbirth, maternity care, social science perspectives on health and illness, and spirituality.

Sacred Inception

Author : Marianne Delaporte
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This interdisciplinary book examines the shifting meaning of spirituality and birth practices in the modern world in the context of biomedical advances as well as colonial incursions. It indicates that spirituality in the birth place has managed to reemerge in many parts of the world.

Spirituality in Nursing

Author : Mary Elizabeth O'Brien
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Spirituality In Nursing: Standing On Holy Ground, Sixth Edition Explores The Relationship Between Spirituality And The Practice Of Nursing. The Text Focuses On Relevant Topics In Contemporary Nursing Such As The Spiritual History Of Nursing, Assessment Of Patient’S Spiritual Needs, The Nurse’S Role In Spiritual Care As Well As The The Nurse Patient Relationship And Spiritual Needs. The Sixth Edition Also Features Three Author Developed Theoretical Models For Nursing Practice And An Instrument To Measure Spiritual Well-Being, The “Spiritual Assessment Scale." Key Features: Expanded And Updated Content On Contemporary Spirituality In Nursing Across New Chapter Addressing The Spirituality Needs In Recent Mass Casualty Events (Boston Marathon Bombing, Paris And Brussel Attacks) New Chapter Detailing The Ministry And Nursing Practice Of Catherine Of Siena Application Of The Author Developed Theoretical Models For Nursing Practice Spiritual Assessment Scale Instructor Resources: Case Studies Discussion Questions

Giving Birth

Author : Catherine Taylor
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Offers an evocative and insightful look at the world of midwives and their role in childbirth, providing a thorough analysis and helpful advice on using a midwife as an alternative to physician-aided hospital delivery to bring one's child into the world. Original.

Creative Childbirth

Author : Michelle LeClaire O'Neill
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Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare

Author : Mark Cobb
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Includes Internet access card bound inside front matter.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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The New Jewish Baby Book

Author : Anita Diamant
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This expanded, completely updated and revised edition of the highly acclaimed The Jewish Baby Book includes new ceremonies, a special selection of poems and prayers for use in baby ceremonies, and a section for interfaith families. A unique directory of names that reflect the diveristy of the Jewish experience is included.

A Preliminary Look of the Influence of Spiritual Practice on Labor and Delivery

Author : Amie Diller
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Blessed Events

Author : Pamela E. Klassen
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Blessed Events explores how women who give birth at home use religion to make sense of their births and in turn draw on their birthing experiences to bring meaning to their lives and families. Pamela Klassen introduces a surprisingly diverse group of women, in their own words, while also setting their birth stories within wider social, political, and economic contexts. In doing so, she emerges with a study that disrupts conventional views of both childbirth and religion by blurring assumed divisions between conservative and feminist women and by taking childbirth seriously as a religious act. Most American women who have a choice give birth in a hospital and request pain medication. Yet enough women choose and advocate unmedicated home birth--and do so for carefully articulated reasons, social resistance among them--to constitute a movement. Klassen investigates why women whose religious affiliations range from Old Order Amish to Reform Judaism to goddess-centered spirituality defy majority opinion, the medical establishment, and sometimes the law to have their babies at home. In considering their interpretations--including their critiques of the dominant medical model of childbirth and their views on labor pain--she examines the kinds of agency afforded to or denied women as they derive religious meanings from childbirth. Throughout, she identifies tensions and affinities between feminist and traditionalist appraisals of the symbolic meaning of birth and the power of women. What does home birth--a woman-centered movement working to return birth to women's control--mean in practice for women's gender and religious identities? Is this supreme valuing of procreation and motherhood constraining, or does it open up new realms of cultural and social power for women? By asking these questions while remaining cognizant of religion's significance, Blessed Events challenges both feminist and traditionalist accounts of childbearing while broadening our understanding of how religion is ''lived'' in contemporary America.

Normal Childbirth

Author : Soo Downe
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With the increasing risk of litigation in midwifery, there is often a move to err on the side of caution and classify women as 'at risk' - even if they present with only a hint of a problem. Reflecting the need for global professional standards, this unique book presents the available evidence on normality in childbirth and proposes new approaches and paradigms for future research and practice. Covering a variety of subjects, international contributors present evidence-based, practical expertise on normal birth to help readers become aware of the wide parameters of "normal" in order to practice effectively and safely. Explores the nature and implications of normal childbirth as opposed to birth with medical intervention. Challenges the fundamental assumptions underpinning current beliefs and attitudes surrounding normal birth. Synthesizes evidence to provide different ways of seeing normality and interpreting its meanings. Provides a highly applicable reference for readers with an interest in the multiple aspects of normal birth. With 18 expert contributors

The Politics of Women s Spirituality

Author : Charlene Spretnak
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Essays discuss goddess worship, spiritual consciousness, the relationship between politics and religion, and applications of spirituality as a political force

New Trends in Feminine Spirituality

Author : J. Wogan-Browne
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Was there a women's movement in the thirteenth century and is such a question meaningful in its medieval context? Far from being resolved, the issue of whether women had a thirteenth-century renaissance has still decisively to unsettle the periodization of Western European history in twelfth and sixteenth-century humanist renaissances. Herbert Grundmann long ago demonstrated the participation of women in the eremitically-inspired reforming movements of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and in the production of vernacular literature. Yet it is upon his work that this volume builds, for the diocese of Liege is the key area in this development. It was from Liege that Jacques de Vitry approached the papacy to secure permission for the women of this bishopric of Liege, France and Germany to live together and to promote holiness in each other by mutual example. The seventeen contributors to this volume examine not only the beguine religious life in the southern Low Countries, but also the impact of this movement on later medieval Sweden, England and France, the new modes of influence exerted by women in their religious lives, and the revivals of feminine spirituality in the late medieval West through to contemporary North America. Research does not yet allow for a whole new synthesis, but this volume directs scholars to detailed work on specific localities and persons, with an awareness of the problems and possibilities of wider European comparisons.

Exploring the Presence of Comfort Within the Context of Childbirth

Author : Kerri Durnell Schuiling
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Embodying the Sacred

Author : Peg Conway
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Embodying the Sacred presents an innovative approach to both birth and Christian spirituality. Drawing from the actual physical processes of pregnancy and birth, Peg Conway relates them to Catholic-inspired practices in a wise and empowering way. Reflections, prayer, activities, ritual, and creative expression organized around the three trimesters of pregnancy invite readers to assemble a “spiritual birth bag,” and in so doing, to inhabit and celebrate their bodies during this miraculous time. With its focus on the inner journey, this approach provides an ideal complement to other forms of birth preparation. The book also suggests a postpartum ritual format for telling birth stories and concludes with a reflection on birth history in America.

Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering

Author :
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This Giving Birth

Author : Julie Ann Tharp
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Compelling essays which underline the central place pregnancy and childbirth hold in women s writing. Embracing three centuries of prose and poetry, the anthology traces the evolution of American maternity literature, exploring the difficulties mothers faced as they struggled to transform themselves from objects into maternal subjects. Women as diverse as Anne Bradstreet, Anne Sexton, Sharon Olds, Kate Chopin, Toni Morrison, and Louise Erdrich all labored to reclaim the birthing process by giving voice to experiences and emotions long devalued by a patriarchal culture. Their voices resonate throughout this collection. "

The Miracle of the Pregnant Abbess

Author : Eric T. Metzler
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Childbirth Education

Author : Francine H. Nichols
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The childbirth Educator; Expectant Parents; Supportive Strategies for Childbirth; Promoting Wellness; The Classroom Experience; Professional Practice