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Spiritual Warfare in a Believer s Life

Author : Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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This collection of Charles Spurgeon's word pictures of the majestic throne of grace that believers are privileged to come before, should be an inspiration for prayer life.

Spiritual Warfare Sowing

Author : Al Danks
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We wrestle against the spiritual forces of evil. This includes everyone: man, woman, and child. This isn't just believers. It includes people who are not believers and do not become believers. We are at a significant disadvantage fighting a spiritual war against a spiritual enemy. We usually align our lives by what we perceive through our physical senses. Our physical senses are useless in a spiritual war. Jesus, the Word of God, and the Spirit of Truth reveal the spiritual war to us. They tell us how the enemy fights against us and how to resist and overcome him. Their teaching is essential to help us win the spiritual war and walk the path that leads to life. We are part of this war. Spiritual Warfare: Sowing will examine the details of God's teaching on the sowing aspect of spiritual war. These details will help us align our lives with God's sowing of his Word into our hearts. They will also help us align our lives resisting Satan's sowing of his seed into our hearts and his attacks against the Word God sows into our hearts.

A Biblical Point of View on Spiritual Warfare

Author : Anderson, Neil T.
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Every Christian feels the effects of the spiritual warfare that takes place in the unseen, supernatural dimension. It's felt when temptation strikes. It's felt in the struggles between making right and wrong choices. It's felt through a wide variety of influences all around us. How can believers protect themselves? Current issues expert Kerby Anderson surveys the Bible's guidelines for dealing with spiritual warfare and provides answers to the hard questions people are asking: What is the key to victory over temptation and sin? Is Satan for real, and how does he influence us? Can a believer be demon possessed? What do angels do, and how are they different from people? How can Christians keep from being spiritually deceived? This clear and concise guide deals with the many misconceptions people have about Satan, demons, angels, and spiritual warfare. A helpful resource for standing strong in the faith.

The Believer s Guide to Spiritual Warfare Wising Up to Satan s Influence in Your World Large Print 16pt

Author : Thomas B. White
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Are you under spiritual attack? You feel discouraged. That strong temptation to sin keeps nagging you. Your prayer life is dull. You wonder whether your teenager is taking drugs. Disagreements in your church are splitting it down the middle. If you feel like you're in a losing battle with yourself, others, or circumstances, you may be the target of spiritual attack. But there's good news for you. You can fight back... and win! As an expert in the field of spiritual warfare, Tom White has equipped thousands of men and women to discern and combat demonic forces in their world. ''The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare'' offers biblically sound, accurate and balanced teaching on the unseen war being waged around us.

What You Need to Know About Spiritual Warfare

Author : Max Anders
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Is spiritual warfare real? From horror movies about the paranormal to romantic comedies involving ghosts, from children’s shows about spirits and smart phone apps about zombies—our culture seems to be obsessed with the supernatural. But how much do we really know, or believe, about angels and demons? This guide clearly outlines what the Bible teaches about spiritual warfare—no religious scare tactics, just non-sensational information about good angels, bad angels, Satan, and the One who holds the ultimate victory, God. Equip yourself with impenetrable spiritual armor to resist evil with this practical guide. Features include: 12 lessons that can be completed in under 1 hour each Real-life application of biblical truth Explanations of prominent Christian views on the topic Easy-to-teach resources, including previews and summary features Questions for discussion Core teachings on Christianity that will challenge any seeker, new believer, or veteran believer looking for a stronger foundation The What You Need to Know Series includes these ten titles: What You Need to Know about God What You Need to Know about Jesus What You Need to Know about the Holy Spirit What You Need to Know about the Bible What You Need to Know about Salvation What You Need to Know about the Church What You Need to Know about Spiritual Growth What You Need to Know about Spiritual Warfare What You Need to Know about Bible Prophecy What You Need to Know about Defending Your Faith

Life Principles for Spiritual Warfare

Author : Eddie Rasnake
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Life Principles for Spiritual Warfare is a 7-week Bible study in Following God format. It shines light on the prevailing worldview of cosmic humanism and all its dangers while examining what Scripture says about Satan and how we are to respond to satanic influence.

Spiritual Warfare Strategy

Author : C. Peter Wagner
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Discover how Jesus and the early Church overcame the enemy—and you can overcome too. We live in a day when the Holy Spirit is speaking strongly to the churches about aggressively retaking the dominion over creation that Adam forfeited to satan. This level of spiritual warfare is a new ministry area to many Kingdom-minded believers. Spiritual Warfare Strategy provides a biblical and theological rationale as well as practical tools for advancing God’s Kingdom. Dr. C. Peter Wagner examines the role spiritual warfare played in Christ’s ministry and among His first followers and applies it to today’s battle.

Spiritual Warfare and The Home

Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
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Spiritual Warfare And The Home Marriage is God's creation and not the product of any human legislation. Marriage is supposed to be blissful and can be blissful. This book is not a set of rhetoric but a warfare manual designed to ensure your home is what God expects it to be. This manual is for use to help believers fight and win battles against their homes. It teaches you scriptural guidelines to enable you avoid marital failure and how to safeguard your home through aggressive prayers. This book would help Christian bachelors and spinsters avoid pitfalls and obtain the right partner. Can there ever be honey for your marriage? Follow carefully the instruction for using this manual and you will be amazed to see dry bones come alive in Jesus name.

The Christian Spiritual Warfare Series

Author : Emmanuel Anumaka
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The Christian Spiritual Warfare Series is a book designed for all Christians who want to defeat the devil in the everyday battle of life. The Bible stated in Ephesians Chapter 6 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood (individuals) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Satans intension is to kill, steal and destroy. This mission he wants to accomplish in the life of every Christian. This book is designed to be a daily prayer guide or manual to help the believer to scatter every plan of the enemy even before they are conceived. The book has been written for those that want to be free from all demonic operations against their lives. The book guides the reader to follow the footsteps of our LORD JESUS CHRIST who defeated Satan during his temptation using the Word of God. The consistent use of the prayer points included in this book will help the believer to be conversant with the relevant Bible passages for warfare. It will also help him to meditate on the Word of God day and night so that he will be shielded from every plan of the devil.

Overcoming the Enemy

Author : T. D. Jakes
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If you're tired of feeling beat down and crushed by the devil's schemes in your life, the principles in this book are your keys to becoming more than a conqueror. Six Pillars From Ephesians book 6.

The Believer s Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Author : Tom White
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People who are in trouble must discern the source of the problem. A correct assessment of the problem's origins is the first step toward responding well and resolving the situation. Is the issue explainable by natural causes? If not, it is likely that the believer is under spiritual attack. The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare is a practical guide to overcoming the forces of the world, the flesh, and the devil that come against believers' personal lives, families, vocations, and ministries. The Holy Spirit is ready and willing to free Christians from spiritual attack, and this essential handbook will help readers access that power. They will learn to discern the source of an attack, free themselves and others from spiritual bondage, and pray effectively to protect their homes, businesses, churches, and ministries from the forces of evil. The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare goes beyond theory to equip believers with simple, effective tools and techniques for winning victory.

Spiritual Warfare

Author : Marilyn Hickey
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Satan has a plan to destroy God’s kingdom, the church, and especially our homes and families! Beginning today, your family can be safe from the devastation of attacks by unseen spiritual forces of darkness—strife, division, emptiness, bitterness, despair, and much more. In this hard-hitting book, Marilyn Hickey shows, through her own experiences and those of others, how to successfully fight back using the powerful spiritual weapons that God has given you. Then, you can: Break free from generational curses Conquer entrenched sins and habits Receive powerful answers to prayer Block Satan’s attacks Release others from spiritual bondage Overcome temptations Receive divine protection Spiritual Warfare reveals the enemy’s strategies and equips you to engage in spiritual battles…AND WIN!


Author : Hlompho Phamodi
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I have been praying about this book for some time and I am so excited to share with you 31 of the most powerful word based spiritual warfare prayers that will turn your prayer life into a war room. Yes you probably have heard of the word ‘war room’, you might call it your prayer closet or quite time. Breakthroughs and deliverances take place there, destinies are decided there, that is one place where you put the devil where he belongs and God gets His glory. It is the duty of every believer to seek God for themselves. The days where we wait for the pastors or prophets to give us a word from the Lord are gone; the days when we let the devil ruin our lives because we cannot rebuke him are gone. In this book I will be equipping you with powerful teachings, scriptures and prophetic messages that you will do daily, as the Lord leads you, this will be your lifestyle from now on. Remember a prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian. Be inspired; be encouraged the battle is the Lord.

Practical Spiritual Warfare Through Prayer

Author : Zacharias Tanee Fomum
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In this handbook, Professor Fomum demonstrates, in very powerful terms, the determinant role of prayer in spiritual warfare. The burden he is labouring to discharge is to bring every believer to develop an ever-increasing life of prayer, with the aim of destroying the devil’s plans and purposes. Throughout his message, it emerges that to wage spiritual warfare, you must: 1) Identify your enemy; 2) Build a hedge of protection around you and around everything that belongs to you. That should be in addition to the hedge already built by God. 3) For more range in combat, you've got to draft in a great number of people of quality; 4) You and them have got to be united for the same purpose; 5) Do not omit the role of angels in combat. 6) Finally, know that whoever engages in combat must persevere until the end. Don't ever give up till victory. This book is a very practical and precious work meant to lead you to realise, as a believer, that you must pray or perish. Read it now and act!

Spiritual Warfare

Author : Dora Sanders Hill
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Strategic Spiritual Warfare

Author : Ikechukwu Joseph
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This is a true story. His eye balls were rolling inside his skull as he came out of Cecilia's home. "What is the problem?" we asked him. This is not the person I use to know because his behavior changed. As we began to pray for him, he turned violent that three of us could hardly hold him down. About one hundred and forty four demons were cast out of him. The last twelve demons refused to leave as they claimed ownership of this brother. We stood our ground that brother Paul is a child of God. We rebuked and cast them out. Reluctantly they left, remaining their leader that also left after all false claims. This violent brother by now was slain in the spirit and slept like a baby for quite some time. When he woke up he looked surprised wondering what has happened. What happened was that he had gone and laid hands on this said Cecilia when he heard her screaming and shouting. Cecilia was not born again and had been demon possessed and ran mental for years. The junior sister who is a Christian shared with us in fellowship how the demons that visit or that are in her senior sister Cecilia one day threw her, the junior sister out of her own room to the outside. No hands seen but she was lifted up and thrown out. As Paul laid hands on her, demons transferred into Paul's hand to his body...Can a Christian be demon possessed or demonized, oppressed, depressed, or suppressed? More inside this book. This highly edifying book, "Strategic Spiritual warfare: Winning your Battles Within and Without (Expanded Version),"Spiritual Warfare Series book 1, is full of revelations and testimonues. It is a page turner that will help Christians who want to win their battles within and battles without to execute their covenant rights as God ordained it. This book, based on the author's actual life experiences will open your eyes to deep truths, revelations about God's promises in living an overcoming life as revealed in strategic spiritual warfare, spiritual warfare, battles within, Christian living, fasting and praying, breaking covenants, nullifying curses, ungodly delays, vows, compassion, prayers. Reading this regularly will help activate your faith for spiritual warfare, increase your revelation knowledge and compassion for souls. Get a copy today and also introduce it to your friends, families and others.

What the Bible Teaches about Spiritual Warfare

Author : Robert Dean
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An up-to-date and thoroughly biblical analysis of the truths and popular fallacies of the role of Satan, demons, and their powers in the lives of Christians today.

Warfare Prayer

Author : C. Peter Wagner
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Warfare Prayer provides a toolbox and an operator s manual for those who take seriously the Apostle Paul s statement that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. The demonic world around us is a reality, but all too few believers understand that realm of darkness to say nothing of having the skills to use effectively the weapons of warfare that God has given us. Based on a combination of sound biblical theology and real life experiences, this book is a user-friendly guide for those committed enough to join the army of God.

Spiritual Warfare

Author : Jessie Penn-Lewis
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Through Jessie Penn-Lewis, we hear the voice of a veteran in the everyday conflict with “powers and principalities.” Her remarkable insights on prayer warfare are thoroughly Biblical and intensely practical. You can apply the principles of spiritual battle to the common issues of personal prayer and the daily Christian walk.

Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare

Author : Eddie Smith
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An easy-to-understand and sensible guide to spiritual warfare--what it is, who is involved, the weapons involved, and how to prevail.