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Spiritual RX

Author : Frederick Brussat
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In their groundbreaking book Spiritual Literacy, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat introduced an alphabet of spiritual practices needed to read the meaning of life and to see everyday experiences from a spiritual perspective.

Your Breakthrough Is Here

Author : Chaundra Hutchinson
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We have to stay sober so we can further build and sustain our strong and mighty homeland. The grace and power of Almighty God keeping us sober with a sound mind are at the heart of an ever thriving and successful nation. With terrorism threatening to destroy us, we must have the mind of Christ and godly wisdom to make excellent strategic decisions, to prosper, and to have good success. We cannot allow our personal or our national defenses to be weakened or demolished by self-destructive, intoxicating substances, and spirits that we can overcome by the power of our Sovereign Lord. In this book you will learn:??Why the medical community can?ft heal alcohol and drug addicts??Almighty God?fs Spiritual Prescriptions that can really heal addicts forever??Almighty God?fs promises to lift you up and clean up your life in every way??How Almighty God will restore health to you and heal all of your woundsI was addicted to drugs and alcohol intermittently from ages eleven to twenty-nine. Then, God gave me a brand-new life full of His love, grace, power, and prosperity. I have ministered to and seen Him do the same for many people. Almighty God will do it for you too!

The Spiritual Leader s Guide to Self Care

Author : Rochelle Melander
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As spiritual guides, clergy and lay leaders alike often find themselves in need of direction about how to make changes in their personal life and ministry. Rarely, however, do they find a book that presents self-care as an integral part of being a spiritual leaders. The Spiritual Leader's Guide to Self-Care gives readers the tools to discern God's intention for their lives and to be faithful to that vision through proper self-care. Arranged in 52 chapters, one for each week of the year, the guide addresses seven themes: Creating a Life Vision, Caring for Yourself at Work, Nurturing Your Relationships Caring for Your Spirit and Body,Caring for Your Finances, Caring for Your Intellect, and Sustaining a Life Vision. Included are journal writing suggestions, personal reflection questions and activities, guidance for sharing the discovery process with another person, an activity for the coming week, and suggested further resources, such as novels, videos, and Web sites

How to Keep a Spiritual Journal

Author : Ron Klug
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A comprehensive handbook for starting-and keeping-a spiritual journal.

Spiritual Intelligence and the Neuroplastic Brain

Author : Charles W. Mark Ph. D.
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Our brains are getting wired differently in the world of digital technology, information revolution, and in the inter-cultural world of global society. Think of the new vocabulary: Global brain, collective intelligence, global village, and cyberspace. That should tell us something about the neural rewiring that is taking place inside of our brains, whether or not we are aware of it. The fact that the human brain changes throughout a person's life in response to intellectual stimulation, physical exercise, exposure to new cultural environments, learning opportunities, and challenges is a revolutionary discovery. Till twenty years ago neuroscientists believed in the conventional theory that the brain's ability at making new neural connections stopped before a child entered adolescence. That is the old dogma. There is a "Second Copernican Revolution" taking place inside of our brains, writes the author, quoting Carl Zimmer. Some experts are suggesting that we are already living in what Richard Restack calls the "neurosociety." Ray Kurzweil, the futurist, is predicting that by 2045 A.D., human beings will be living in an era of "singularity," when non biological machines invented by human brains and human ingenuity are going to outsmart human intelligence billions of times. What is going to be the fate of the human spirit, human spirituality, the feeling of connection to a force and power that is greater than us (God), our ability to use spiritual imagination and our intelligence? Are we progressively moving away from religion and community-based spirituality into the "spirituality of different strokes for different folks?" In his groundbreaking book, Spiritual Intelligence and The Neuroplastic Brain: A Contextual Interpretation of Modern History, Charles W. Mark takes the reader on a journey through modern history and shows the glimpse of what is to come. http: //

Money Medicine

Author : Bob Mandel
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Here is the book you've been waiting for, a perfect companion at the perfect time. If you suffer from financial stress, distress, aches and pains, traditional medicine is useless. Alternative therapy is called for. Here you undergo the spiritual healing necessary to relax your mind, restore your connection with inner peace, and rekindle your faith, enthusiasm, and optimism. These meditations are spiritual medications that will both sooth your soul and help produce a new prosperity in your life. Bob Mandel is the award-winning author of numerous books, including Money Mantras, Wake Up To Wealth, Open Heart Therapy, and 9 Journeys Home. He has coached indiividuals, families, and companies all over the world, and is the founder of the International Self-Esteem Project. His wisdom and inspiration are a gift to the world.

Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986

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Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 c of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

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Dr Luke s Prescriptions for Spiritual Health

Author : Thomas R. McDaniel
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Can a first century doctor have insights to healing our minds, bodies and souls in the 21st century? Dr Thomas R McDaniel believes that Luke, the physician, was especially interested in the healing message of Jesus for the whole person -- a timeless prescription. This inspirational study in Luke's Gospel will challenge you to live closer to God and have a healthier life!

The Man Who Makes A Difference

Author : Jim George
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The Bible is filled with amazing people, and Paul stands out prominently among them. What made him so effective, so influential? In this book, author Jim George explores how Paul took God’s priorities for life and made them his own. The result? He had a significant impact on everyone around him. From Paul we can learn how to... let God’s power work in and through us acquire discernment for making right decisions and choices pursue holiness that allows God to work through us unhindered stay faithful to God’s calling all the way to the end Because it is God who enables us, these qualities are accessible to every believer. Readers will experience true fulfillment as they take steps toward making a difference in the workplace, at home, at church, and in their community.