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God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy

Author : Glendon L. Moriarty
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Learn seven clinical approaches to working with the God image in psychotherapy Each person has two ideas of God—the God concept and the God image. The God concept is intellectual in nature, while the God image is the subjective emotional experience of God that is shaped by a person’s family history. Those who struggle with mental health issues often have a God image that is distant, critical, and judgmental because they had parents who behaved that way. God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, and Practice provides therapists with the tools to effectively treat clients who harbor God image issues. This unique manual builds upon strong philosophical and research foundations to offer seven practical clinical approaches to working with the God image in psychotherapy. Leading clinicians and researchers from various disciplines offer expert insight and analysis to provide therapists with in-depth understanding of the God image. God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, and Practice comprehensively discusses the psychodynamic foundation and research that contribute to the understanding of the God image, and then presents seven different theoretical and technical approaches to help those who have personal and religious problems. Case examples illustrate how the God image changes through the therapy process. The guidebook also explores future developments and the implications of race, culture, gender orientation, and economic conditions that impact the God image. Each approach and theory in God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, and Practice examine: background and philosophical assumptions God image development God image difficulties God image change strengths and weaknesses Case examples discuss: client history presenting problem case conceptualization treatment plan interventions duration of treatment termination therapeutic outcomes God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling and Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, and Practice is an interdisciplinary guide that provides a holistic understanding of psychological issues and the God image, and is a valuable practical addition to the libraries of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, addiction professionals, clergy, spiritual directors, and pastoral counselors.

Exam Prep for God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling

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Spiritual Counseling in Medicine

Author : Carlo Lazzari
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Spirituality, in this book, is considered both as a force for personal growth and as a therapeutic strategy to be applied for counseling people with severe illnesses or existential problems. Usually, spiritual counseling aims to foster the client's insight in his or her own soul and emotional resources. By moving towards self-discovery, aiming to deeper connectedness with others, and by appreciating the healing effect of being part of the whole, a person can get help to cope with threats and anxiety. However, also counselors, helpers, doctors, and nurses, through a higher understanding of the ethical and spiritual implications of their own role, can add an extra value and efficacy to their daily practice. Basically, spiritual counseling can attain a healing effect whereas other therapeutic attempts have been unsuccessful. This little book stands as a theoretical and practical guide to support all those people, professionals, helpers, counselors, that put all their efforts to improve the well-being of people living with serious illnesses, adjusting to preoccupying medical diagnoses, facing stressful life events, or coping with intractable crises. At the same time, this book can also be used as a self-help guide to understand the own spiritual resources and to discover the routes to healing the self.

Spiritual Counseling

Author : Skyler B. Nollette
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This book brings a better understanding of a healthy spiritual life. Offering guided activities and thoughtful depictions, this edition will enhance your spiritual journey, so you can reach new heights!

Psychology for Pastor and People A Book on Spiritual Counseling

Author : John Sutherland Bonnell
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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Counseling and Spirituality

Author : Joshua Mark Gold
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Innovative and reflective, the first edition of Counseling and Spirituality strives to integrate the spiritual and clinical perspectives of counselors in order to successfully support clients' religious or spiritual journeys through utilizing appropriate knowledge and interventions. With cultural concerns such as religion and spirituality quickly becoming of growing importance and interest in the helping professions, this book serves to define varieties of spiritual beliefs, assess spiritual wellness, and apply theory- and practice-based approaches to individualized spiritual counseling situations. Throughout the 15 chapters of the text, author Joshua Gold helps current and future counselors alike to contemplate how they see religion and spirituality in their own lives and to appraise how their own spirituality sways who they are as clinicians and what they do in the provision of mental health services for their clients.

Psychology for Pastor and People

Author : John Sutherland Bonnell
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Critical Incidents in Integrating Spirituality into Counseling

Author : Tracy E. Robert
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This compelling casebook integrates critical incidents, spirituality, and counseling with diverse populations dealing with issues across the life development continuum. It offers counselor educators, students, and clinicians a highly useful educational tool for more effective teaching and practice that will foster lively discussion, case conceptualization, and intervention skills. Using an applied format, the book is organized in seven sections: life span issues, spirituality and wellness, specific disorders, substance abuse, career, diverse populations, and spiritual interventions. More than 50 contributors have been selected either to present specific incidents or to react to them. After each case is described, an expert practitioner answers the questions posed and provides additional insight and alternative strategies. The editors then offer their reflections, providing a concise summary of counseling outcomes. *Requests for digital versions from the ACA can be found on *To request print copies, please visit the ACA website here. *Reproduction requests for material from books published by ACA should be directed to [email protected]

Intelligent Shepherding

Author : Marcos de Souza Borges
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Generally speaking, the majority of the pastors today became like firefighters, trained to extinguish the fires of people's critical situations. Several pastors do not pastor people, but they pastor the crisis of the members of their congregations. The foundations of their member's beliefs are not confronted. This situation isn't only exhaustive, but also doesn't build up the solid solutions that bring the growth toward maturity. The effort of the pastors became superficial, and the cycle of the crisis is never broken. The church becomes more and more superficial and flavorless. Attending the calling of several leaders, pastors, missionaries, and intercessors who desire an intelligent and efficient pastoral training, the present book is to educate the body of Christ with the principles and biblical values, investing in the church's well-being and mainly in its growth in quality, rescuing the values of the priesthood and the pastoral work in depth. It also is designed to fulfill the emerging need of the present generation, making it's fruit to be permanent and their lives stable. I hope this material will inspire you and provide the tools to invest in what is most valuable--the human soul. Have a nice reading!

The Wanderer s Rune Companion and Guide to Spiritual Counseling

Author : R a Hathaway
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About the Runes of the Elder Futhark, and the Art of Runic Divination. And about power, politics, death and religion. Warning: do not discuss the contents at a family dinner, especially when your least favorite Aunt is in attendance. It may be a new approach, but whether it is true or not is left as an exercise for the reader. [Hint- that is true of any book.]

Healing Strategies

Author : Destiny D. Perry
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... COUNSELING ... HEALING ... "The responsibility of counseling is not to be given to the world and through secular means, but through The Church (ministers and teachers of the Gospel of Grace) who rely on the ministry of The Holy Spirit to provide counsel that is eternal and everlasting thereby guiding others to a place of complete healing, wholeness, and restoration." "The greatest counseling ministry that ever existed is that of Jesus Christ." -Dr. Destiny D. Perry

The Effect of Spiritual Counseling in the Rehabilitation and Correction of Offenders

Author : Rudzani Gabriel Ngwana
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Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Values

Author : Edward P. Wimberly
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Discussion of spiritual counseling as experienced by Black pastors and faith seekers.

The Psychological Way the Spiritual Way

Author : Martin Bobgan
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The true spiritual way is based on the Bible. Rather than using theories of men, the spiritual counselor relies on the truths of God. Through such scriptural means as love, listening, acceptance, mercy, teaching, and encouragement, the spiritual counselor guides an individual in applying biblical principles to his life in order to develop more Christlike thought and behavior patterns. We are not opposed to, nor are we criticizing, the entire field of psychology, but rather the practice of psychotherapy based on ideologies which contradict Scripture. - Preface.


Author : Mary Thomas Burke
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Although spirituality is gaining increased interest in counseling, counselors are reluctant to incorporate the spiritual dimension into their practice. This text explores spirituality in counseling so as to encourage counselors to consider their own spirituality and to facilitate the enhancement of spiritual wellness for their clients. The chapters present a balance of practical and theoretical concerns. Some of the theoretical issues covered here include the interplay of spirituality, religion, and counseling; theories behind spiritual wellness; the cross-cultural issues presented by religious values; approaching clients of different religious background; the spiritual and ethical beliefs of humanists; the spiritual journey; and observers' perceptions of how one counselor handled religious issues. Articles which explore some of the more practical concerns in counseling examine feminist therapy; the spiritual journey of gays and lesbians; interreligious group encounters; views held by counselors and clergy about depressive religious ideation; multicultural awareness of religious beliefs and practices; the spiritual needs of the dying; and the counselor's role in right-to-die decisions. It is hoped that the information here will be useful to neophytes, researchers, and practitioners. Practitioners should also be challenged to explore their own spiritual dimensions. (RJM)

Jewish Spiritual Direction

Author : Howard A. Addison
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Representatives from all four contemporary Jewish movements offer insight into all aspects of spiritual direction, including theology, practice, companionship, group work, and embodied spirituality.

Counseling the Depressed

Author : Archibald D. Hart
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This volume in the Resources for Christian Counseling series focuses on therapies for depression, the "common cold" of psychological problems. Author Hart combines science with Christian insights to provide hope.

Rutgers Law Journal

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Studies in formative spirituality

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Pastoral Counseling

Author : Raymond Hostie
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