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Spiderweb for Two

Author : Elizabeth Enright
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Randy and Oliver Melendy awake one fall morning full of gloom. Their brother and sister are away, the house seems forlorn and empty, and even Cuffy, their adored housekeeper, can't pick up their spirits. Will they have to face a long and lonely winter? But a surprise message in the mailbox starts a trail of excitement and adventure that takes them through the cold season. When summer finally comes around again, the children have found fourteen messages in all, and the end of the search brings them a rich reward. Full of unforgettable moments (like finding a secret note tucked under the dog's collar) and delightful twists of language (the more challenging clues, the better), this fourth book in Elizabeth Enright's Melendy Quartet makes for a grand finale to an equally grand collection of stories. Spiderweb for Two is the fourth and final installment of Enright's Melendy Quartet, an engaging and warm series about the close-knit Melendy family and their surprising adventures.

Children s Literature and New York City

Author : Padraic Whyte
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This collection explores the significance of New York City in children’s literature, stressing literary, political, and societal influences on writing for young people from the twentieth century to the present day. Contextualized in light of contemporary critical and cultural theory, the chapters examine the varying ways in which children’s literature has engaged with New York City as a city space, both in terms of (urban) realism and as an ‘idea’, such as the fantasy of the city as a place of opportunity, or other associations. The collection visits not only dominant themes, motifs, and tropes, but also the different narrative methods employed to tell readers about the history, function, physical structure, and conceptualization of New York City, acknowledging the shared or symbiotic relationship between literature and the city: just as literature can give imaginative ‘reality’ to the city, the city has the potential to shape the literary text. This book critically engages with most of the major forms and genres for children/young adults that dialogue with New York City, and considers such authors as Margaret Wise Brown, Felice Holman, E. L. Konigsburg, Maurice Sendak, J. D. Salinger, John Donovan, Shaun Tan, Elizabeth Enright, and Patti Smith.

The Spider s Web

Author : Margaret Coel
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Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden agrees to represent a woman accused of murdering her Arapaho fiancé, a decision that places her at odds with her own people-and Father John O'Malley-for choosing to believe an "outsider" over her own people. Caught in a web of deceit, Vicky and Father John must overcome their differences to discover the identity of a psychopathic killer.

Spider Web

Author : Earlene Fowler
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Folk art museum curator, rancher and sometime sleuth Benni Harper is back in an unforgettable new mystery, organizing a Memory Festival. But a sniper threatens to make it a day to remember in the worst way… Benni and the ladies of her Coffin Star Quilt Guild are excited to display their Graveyard Quilt at the first ever San Celina, California, Memory Festival. The fair promises to be a moving event celebrating memories through quilts, crafts, scrapbooks, photographs, written word, oral histories, and tributes to loved ones. But when a local cop is wounded by a mysterious sharp shooter with a vendetta against the police, Benni fears for her loved ones—especially her police chief husband, Gabe. Soon Benni is drawn into the search for the sniper, determined to make her hometown safe again…before their peaceful street fair becomes a shooter’s deadly target range.

Spider s Web

Author : Geraldine Bass
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Spider s Web

Author : Stephen Leather
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Three all-action short stories, including two brand new Spider Shepherd adventures. The collection also includes an extract from the tenth Spider Shepherd thriller, TRUE COLOURS, out 18 July 2013. One of the new Spider Shepherd short stories, Hard Evidence: When Dan 'Spider' Shepherd wakes up alone in a bricked basement room, chained by the wrists to a cast-iron ceiling pipe with a throbbing pain in his skull, he knows he has a big problem. He has no idea how he got there. He has no idea who put him there. He has no idea of his fate. And he has no idea how he is going to escape . . .

The Spider s Web

Author : Joseph Jefferson
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Ensnared in a Spider s Web

Author : Morgan Thomas Jones
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In December of 1940, Morgan Thomas Jones, Jr. enlists in the New Mexico National Guard. He ends up serving more than five years in the Army--mostly as a Japanese prisoner of war. This memoir is one of the last written accounts of an American who survived the defense of the Philippines and the Bataan Death March.

The Spider s Web Sister Fidelma Mysteries Book 5

Author : Peter Tremayne
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Irish super-sleuth Sister Fidelma is faced with a challenging and disturbing case to investigate in THE SPIDER'S WEB, Peter Tremayne's fifth unputdownable Celtic mystery. PRAISE FOR THE SISTER FIDELMA SERIES: 'The background detail is brilliantly defined . . . wonderfully evocative' The Times, 'A brilliant and beguiling heroine. Immensely appealing' Publishers Weekly Ebert is not a man to make enemies. He is a chieftain with a reputation for kindliness and generosity. Yet, one night, his household is aroused by a scream from his chamber. The servants burst in to find Móen, a young man to whom Eber had extended his protection, crouched over the bloody body of the chieftain. Móen's clothes are drenched in Eber's blood and he is clutching a bloodstained knife in his hand. There seems no doubt of culpability, but why did Móen kill the gentle and courteous Eber? The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Móen himself cannot tell them - for he is deaf, dumb and blind... Sister Fidelma, advocate of the ancient Irish law courts, is compelled to begin an investigation of the killing in order to present an argument on Móen's behalf before he is condemned. Assisted by Brother Eadulf, Fidelma finds that the path to truth twists and turns with the sinister forces of primitive passions and subtle ambitions - and leads inexorably to a final, stunning denouement. What readers are saying about THE SPIDER'S WEB: 'Another great read, full of interesting insight into the times, the prejudices and superstitions, whilst playing out the complex details of the plot' 'Peter Tremayne has woven a very clever story with as many paths as the web of a spider. Beautiful' 'The Sister Fidelma mysteries are absolutely the best'


Author : Penelope Lively
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Spiderweb is the twelfth novel by Booker Prize winning author Penelope Lively. Stella Brentwood has led an exotic life for a woman of her time. Her frivolous best friend at Oxford, Nadine, knew early what she wanted: marriage and children. Stella, too, has had her share of passion, but her work as an anthropologist - always the outsider, the observer, was her priority. Now she has decided to root herself in Somerset landscape. But she finds that village society in England us far more chaotic, more unpredictable, and even more cruel, than she has known before. And that she cannot - or will not - conform to its rules. 'She is a writer of great subtlety and understanding, and this is her best novel since Moon Tiger, which won the Booker Prize in 1987' The Scotsman 'Evokes an escalating atmosphere of menace . . . Lively at her deceptively easy-to-read best' Daily Mail Penelope Lively is the author of many prize-winning novels and short-story collections for both adults and children. She has twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize: once in 1977 for her first novel, The Road to Lichfield, and again in 1984 for According to Mark. She later won the 1987 Booker Prize for her highly acclaimed novel Moon Tiger. Her other books include Going Back; Judgement Day; Next to Nature, Art; Perfect Happiness; Passing On; City of the Mind; Cleopatra's Sister; Heat Wave; Beyond the Blue Mountains, a collection of short stories; Oleander, Jacaranda, a memoir of her childhood days in Egypt; Spiderweb; her autobiographical work, A House Unlocked; The Photograph; Making It Up; Consequences; Family Album, which was shortlisted for the 2009 Costa Novel Award, and How It All Began. She is a popular writer for children and has won both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Award. She was appointed CBE in the 2001 New Year's Honours List, and DBE in 2012. Penelope Lively lives in London.

I Ching Wisdom Volume Two

Author : Wu Wei
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This sequel to the popular I Ching Wisdom Volume One contains more of Wu Wei’s profound sayings drawn from the I Ching’s deepest wisdom. Wu Wei has added his enlightened comments to these sayings to help us apply the practical, timeless wisdom of the I Ching to our lives. The wisdom of the I Ching reveals the universal laws that govern us all, and I Ching Wisdom shows us how to live in harmony with those laws to live a life of peace, love, happiness, prosperity, and success. The I Ching’s invaluable insights, says Wu Wei, help us steer a safer, clearer course through the uncharted journey of our lives, teach us to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that beset the path of the unenlightened, and show us how to “soar to the heights of success and good fortune." Each saying is accompanied by a delightful Chinese ink drawing done in the Zen style by the author.

Two Serpents Rise

Author : Max Gladstone
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"[A] taut and unique blend of legal drama, fantasy, and noir." —Publishers Weekly, starred review Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence chronicles the epic struggle to build a just society in a modern fantasy world. Shadow demons plague the city reservoir, and Red King Consolidated has sent in Caleb Altemoc—casual gambler and professional risk manager—to cleanse the water for the sixteen million people of Dresediel Lex. At the scene of the crime, Caleb finds an alluring and clever cliff runner, Crazy Mal, who easily outpaces him. But Caleb has more than the demon infestation, Mal, or job security to worry about when he discovers that his father—the last priest of the old gods and leader of the True Quechal terrorists—has broken into his home and is wanted in connection to the attacks on the water supply. From the beginning, Caleb and Mal are bound by lust, Craft, and chance, as both play a dangerous game where gods and people are pawns. They sleep on water, they dance in fire...and all the while the Twin Serpents slumbering beneath the earth are stirring, and they are hungry. Set in a phenomenally built world in which lawyers ride lightning bolts, souls are currency, and cities are powered by the remains of fallen gods, Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence introduces readers to a modern fantasy landscape and an epic struggle to build a just society. For more from Max Gladstone, check out: The Craft Sequence Three Parts Dead Two Serpents Rise Full Fathom Five Last First Snow Four Roads Cross At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Spider Web

Author : PJ Mills
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This is book five of the Guatemala series of six. Mercy is the child of Doctor Matthew. She is now growing into womanhood and Matthew is seen weeping because he does not want to lose his little girl. Mercy fights with her father when he tells her that she is the queen of the wild tribe, and that she must take up her duties as their queen. She later relents and does as he asked. She goes to Atlanta to attend a Bible College where she hopes to marry her friend who decides she is too dark and he marries another. Matthew goes to Atlanta where he finds that she is very pregnant as a result of having been raped nine months earlier. Read the book to find out the entire unfolding of this story .

Spider s Web

Author : Norman Weiss
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A Two Colored Brocade

Author : Annemarie Schimmel
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Annemarie Schimmel, one of the world's foremost authorities on Persian literature, provides a comprehensive introduction to the complicated and highly sophisticated system of rhetoric and imagery used by the poets of Iran, Ottoman Turkey, and Muslim India. She shows that these images have been used and refined over the centuries and reflect the changing conditions in the Muslim world. According to Schimmel, Persian poetry does not aim to be spontaneous in spirit or highly personal in form. Instead it is rooted in conventions and rules of prosody, rhymes, and verbal instrumentation. Ideally, every verse should be like a precious stone--perfectly formed and multifaceted--and convey the dynamic relationship between everyday reality and the transcendental. Persian poetry, Schimmel explains, is more similar to medieval European verse than Western poetry as it has been written since the Romantic period. The characteristic verse form is the ghazal--a set of rhyming couplets--which serves as a vehicle for shrouding in conventional tropes the poet's real intentions. Because Persian poetry is neither narrative nor dramatic in its overall form, its strength lies in an "architectonic" design; each precisely expressed image is carefully fitted into a pattern of linked figures of speech. Schimmel shows that at its heart Persian poetry transforms the world into a web of symbols embedded in Islamic culture.

Spider Web Sales System

Author : Christopher Hand
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Drawing on two decades of excellence in sales leadership, I have created this very unique, new and powerful sales book called "SPIDER WEB SALES SYSTEM." SALES METHODOLOGY: SPIDER WEB SALES SYSTEM is a distinctive methodology that teaches you to integrate a successful series of actions that result in dramatically increasing your sales volume and income. DEAL STRENGTH & FORECASTING: Most sales organizations rely heavily on forecasting. The significant value of the SPIDER WEB SALES SYSTEM is that all of your actions create deal strength ratings that apply directly to common forecasting. This book was written to help you visualize the sales process and to better understand it. The concept of a spider that builds a meticulous web to catch its prey will be utilized by the salesperson who will then create his own web system to capture a deal. This process will augment your sales skills and ultimately enhance your earning power. Thank you for selecting "Spider Web Sales System"!

Spiderwebs and Silk

Author : Catherine L. Craig
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This book links the molecular evolution of silk proteins to the evolution and behavioral ecology of web-spinning spiders and other arthropods. Craig's book draws together studies from biochemistry through molecular genetics, cellular physiology, ecology, and behavior to present an integrated understanding of an interesting biological system at the molecular and organizational levels.

Two Weeks Notice

Author : Rachel Caine
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THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES Making a living can be rough if you’re already dead. After dying and being revived with the experimental drug Returné, Bryn Davis is theoretically free to live her unlife – with regular doses to keep her going. But Bryn knows that the government has every intention of keeping a tight lid on Pharmadene’s life-altering discovery, no matter the cost. Thankfully, some things have changed for the better; her job at the rechristened Davis Funeral Home is keeping her busy and her fragile romance with Patrick McCallister is blossoming – thanks in part to their combined efforts in forming a support group for Returné addicts. But when some of the group members suddenly disappear, Bryn wonders if the government is methodically removing a threat to their security, or if some unknown enemy has decided to run the zombies into the ground . . .

The Spider Web

Author : Esther E. du Preez
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The book deals with international smuggling and counter action.

The Environmental Impact Statement After Two Generations

Author : Michael R. Greenberg
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This book is about a subject that Michael Greenberg has worked on and lived with for almost forty years. He was brought up in the south Bronx at a time when his neighborhood suffered from terrible air and noise pollution, and domestic waste went untreated into the Hudson River. For him, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was a blessing. It included an ethical position about the environment, and the law required some level of accountability in the form of an environmental impact statement, or EIS. After forty years of thinking about and working with NEPA and the EIS process, Greenberg decided to conduct his own evaluation from the perspective of a person trained in science who focuses on environmental and environmental health policies. This book of carefully chosen real case studies goes beyond the familiar checklists of what to do, and shows students and practitioners alike what really happens during the creation and implementation of an EIS.