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Speed Reading How to Read Faster

Author : Chan Hu Wang
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Learn how to read the right way. Unlock the secrets of your mind that will allow you to get and process information faster and better than most people. Speed reading is a skill that allows you to enjoy the following perks: 1. Cover more written material by doubling or tripling the number of words that you can read in a minute 2. Become more attentive to information that is important 3. Minimize or eliminate distraction 4. Become more focused on any material for better comprehension and information retention Those who claim that they can speed-read say that they can read at a whopping rate of 1000 to 1700 words per minute, which means that they can read up to the next chapter almost three times faster than you could. Would you like to achieve the same results? When you neglect to read and achieve good reading habits, you will be stuck in the elementary level of reading that prevents you from getting the most out of any literature! It ́s about time you improved your reading skills! Let ́s take a look at the contents of this eBook: Chapter 1: Before You Speed Read, READ First Chapter 2: Is It Hard to Speed Read? Chapter 3: Why You Can’t Read Like a Speed Reader - Yet Chapter 4: Discovering What Works For You Chapter 5: Improving Eye Efficiency Chapter 6: Dealing with Voices Chapter 7: Getting the Point Fast So, are you ready to begin speed-reading? Become a better reader. Read more. Download your copy now!

Speed Reading How To Read Faster and Remember Everything

Author : Chris Diamond
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*** Special Offer - Buy 1, Get 2 *** What if you can read and fully comprehend information at speeds more than 3 times the rate you are used to? Can you imagine the amount of personal growth and professional success that you could accomplish if only you were able to absorb all of the information which until now you simply did not have the time to read? This is what speed reading can do for, and by taking the time to read this bundle. You will be able to learn everything that you need to know in order to start speed reading today. I am going to explore some non-traditional ways of reading books, in order to acquire MORE knowledge by reading LESS. Therefore, you are going to save a lot of time taking action or implementing ideas. I am going to show you secrets most people would never know about speed reading. I'll give you some practical techniques you can use today to boost your reading speed and book completion. If it takes days, even weeks to complete a book, then you want to consider getting this speed reading report in order to get the most out of your available time. Grab your copy now!

How to Read Faster 7 Easy Steps to Master Speed Reading Techniques Reading Comprehension Fast Reading Skills

Author : Troye Bates
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Why read 200 words per minute when you can double that speed with a little practice and the proper techniques? This guide covers everything you need to know about reading comprehension and speed reading. Through painstaking research, we have developed a 7-step strategy to help people double their reading speed! YOU WILL LEARN: - The fundamentals of speed reading. - Factors that affect reading comprehension. - Causes of reading difficulties in children and adults. - Solutions which you can employ to combat reading difficulties. - Benefits you can enjoy by learning to read fast. - Main techniques to improve speed reading. - Tips & tricks to improve your reading speed & comprehension. You will find a lot of practical wisdom in this guide to help you overcome the problem of slow reading and poor comprehension. As a result, you will be able to reverse any wrong reading techniques you may have developed earlier in life and become more skilled at reading fast the right way!

10 Days to Faster Reading

Author : The Princeton Language Institute
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Jump-Start Your Reading Skills! Speed reading used to require months of training. Now you can rev up your reading in just a few minutes a day. With quizzes to determine your present reading level and exercises to introduce new skills quickly, 10 Days to Faster Reading will improve your reading comprehension and speed as it shows you how to: * Break the Bad Habits That Slow You Down * Develop Your Powers of Concentration * Cut Your Reading Time in Half * Use Proven, Specially Designed Reading Techniques * Boost the Power of Your Peripheral Vision * Learn How to Scan and Skim a Written Report ...And All in 10 Days!

Speed Reading

Author : Nathan Armstrong
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Dramatically improve your reading speed and comprehension! Do you hate to study? Is it slow and boring? Would you like to read faster and get more out of your study sessions? Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide to Speed Reading - Increase Your Reading Speed by 300% teaches you the basics of speed reading so you can get started increasing your learning speed - right away! This audiobook will help you assess your current reading speed and track your progress as your skills improve. You'll learn essential speed-reading techniques, exercises, and strategies to decrease your study time and gain a competitive edge on your classmates! Can you increase your reading speed without sacrificing quality? How do you maintain comprehension? With Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide to Speed Reading - Increase Your Reading Speed by 300%, you'll learn the difference between "words-per-minute" (WPM) and "effective words-per-minute" (EWPM). You'll also discover essential "skimming" techniques that allow you to absorb meaningful words and ignore the rest. This book is all about increasing your learning speed, not just your reading speed! When you read Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide to Speed Reading, you'll discover a number of amazing speed-reading exercises to increase your eye speed and peripheral vision. It's time to start enjoying your study time - and the massive success you can achieve. Enjoy listening to Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide to Speed Reading - Increase Your Reading Speed by 300%.

Speed Reading

Author : David Spencer
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WANT TO LEARN HOW TO READ FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE?! Being able to read faster is something that a lot of us want to achieve, no more sitting for hours and hours only to find you have only read a couple of chapters of your book. Wouldn't it be great if you could finish it all just as quick? This book will teach you the basics of speed reading as well as advanced techniques, so you can get started increasing your reading speed straight away! You will learn to assess your current reading speed and track your progress as your skills improve. This is the time to improve your reading skills, improve reading speed, and improve reading comprehension. In this modern age where information intake is key, the more you know, the more freedoms, interests, and opportunities you'll have. Inside this book you can expect to find: Pacing Techniques What Causes Slow Reading Various Reading Methods to Find Which Works Best for You Learn About Sub Vocalization Tips for Developing Good Eyesight Calculate Your Reading Speed 2x Your Reading Speed Once Finishing This Book Much More Ready to get started and become the worlds fastest reader? Lets get going!

Speed Reading For Dummies

Author : Richard Sutz
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Learn to: Increase your reading speed and comprehension Use speed techniques for any type of reading material Improve your silent reading skills Recall more of what you read The fun and easy way® to become a more efficient, effective reader! Want to read faster — and recall more of what you read? This practical, hands-on guide gives you the techniques you need to increase your reading speed and retention, whether you're reading books, e-mails, magazines, or even technical journals! You'll find reading aids and plenty of exercises to help you read faster and better comprehend the text. Yes, you can speed read — discover the skills you need to read quickly and effectively, break your bad reading habits, and take in more text at a glance Focus on the fundamentals — widen your vision span and see how to increase your comprehension, retention, and recall Advance your speed-reading skills — read blocks of text, heighten your concentration, and follow an author's thought patterns Zero in on key points — skim, scan, and preread to quickly locate the information you want Expand your vocabulary — recognize the most common words and phrases to help you move through the text more quickly Open the book and find: Tried-and-true techniques from The Reader's Edge® program How to assess your current reading level Tools and exercises to improve your reading skills Speed-reading fundamentals you must know Helpful lists of prefixes, suffixes, roots, and prime words A speed-reading progress worksheet Exercises for eye health and expanded reading vision Tips for making your speed-reading skills permanent

Guide To Speed Reading

Author : Lynelle Difrancesco
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Anyone can learn how to read faster. Speed reading is a learn skill and learning how to speed read is a skill that will help you for the rest of your life. The average person reads about 200-250 words per minute. When you learn how to speed read you should be able to double or triple this reading speed just by following the steps in this book. You will understand how Speed Reading is not just about the Speed but also about Control - and why it is so effective. You'll find out why it's essential to use different strategies and techniques to read with more ease and efficiency! Furthermore, this book teaches you to: - Practice Basic Tactics for Reading FastLet go of Bad Habits - Increase your Understanding, Comprehension, and Memory - Tackle Fundamentals to discover your speed of reading and so much more!

Speed Reading

Author : Ian Tuchovsky
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Reading is one of the most important skills for those who want to really succeed in life. No matter if your objective is to do great during your University exams, become a bestselling writer, or start your own business, you will have to read A LOT, and I mean it. Reading takes time. Time is our most valuable asset - nothing new here. You can always make money or meet new friends, but you will never be able to "make time". The only way to succeed and have a happy life without regrets is to use it wisely and learn how to manage and save it. In this book, I will take you through the dynamics of speed reading in a way you may have never imagined before. I'm here to preach the need for speed reading and make use of some of the principles that can steer your knowledge and productivity in the right direction. Learn How To Read 5 Times Faster, Remember Much More and Save Massive Time! I'm going to share with you the methods that I used. There are many, so everyone will find their way. This book has been designed to offer you the best points of a tried and tested formula - straight to the point, with no fluff and fillers. Regardless of the speed at which you read the text, this book is going to bring in transformation and change which will make your life easier. In This Book You Will Read About: -The History Of Speed Reading -Popular Speed Reading Myths -Environment and Preparation -How To Measure Your Reading Speed -Key Speed Reading Techniques -Reading Tips for Computer and Tablet -Common Reading Mistakes to Avoid -Easy and Effective Memory/Learning Techniques -Dealing with Tests and Diagrams -Practical Exercises and Eye Adjustments -Useful Links and Ideas -Diet -How to Track Your Progress -Proper Motivation and Mindset Table Of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: An Insight Into Speed Reading Chapter 2: Environment and Preparation Chapter 3: Key Speed Reading Techniques Chapter 4: The Habits That Will Help You Become A Speed Reader (+More Practical Exercises) Chapter 5: Do Not Give Up Conclusion Recommended Reading for You About The Author

Speed Reading

Author : Alex Martin
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Imagine that you have just been given the assignment of reading a book with hundreds of pages. You have only two days to complete this task and produce a written report about the reading. Would you be able to accomplish this in a timely and effective manner? The truth is, not many people are able to leverage such an accomplishment. In fact, it is assumed that only expert readers can do this, leaving the average reader struggling to get through even a few pages of a work at a time. To compensate for this, researchers have long debated that speed reading, or the ability to read rapidly by combining phrases and sentences all at once, is the key to acquiring vast amounts of information in a shorter period of time. It has also been suggested that this technique is able to improve reading comprehension when implemented effectively. Today, you can find several online courses and applications that train individuals on speed reading. These courses aim to help readers improve their ability to comprehend materials without spending extensive time on the text. A strategy such as this one is truly effective for individuals that are required to read a great deal of material. Consider college students or graduate students. The work load is almost certain to be overwhelming; and professors are less inclined to sympathize with a student simply because she is required to read many books at a time. Instead, it is up to the student to develop methods and strategies that will enable him to move through the material much more quickly while still being able to grasp the information's content effectively. Thus, speed reading is a key element in producing these types of results. This is not to say that this concept is widely accepted among all those who have studied this phenomenon. As you will learn in this book as well as throughout your continued study of speed reading, there are many researchers who believe that speed reading is ineffective in its ability to help a person retain information. For many experts, those who oppose speed reading are considered to be old-fashioned, myth-based researchers who have not fully understood the positive effects of speed reading. To these individuals - the ones that oppose speed reading - the reader can and will miss important details that are often grasped by those who take their time in reading a text. Theoretically, it would be impossible for a reader to comprehend the material effectively if time is not taken to focus or fixate on each word. This idea, however, could not be further from the truth. In fact, there is substantial evidence to validate that one's inability to speed read greatly hinders his progress in acquiring the information presented in a text. Quintessentially, and for the sake of this book, we will explore the many benefits of speed reading, and will discuss various strategies that one can use to improve reading comprehension and completion.