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Speaking Iban

Author : Burr Baughman
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Speaking Iban is a beginners course in learning how to speak Iban or Sea Dyak. The Ibans live on the Island of Borneo.

The Iban Language of Sarawak

Author : Asmah Haji Omar
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Emotion Concepts of the Ibans in Sarawak

Author : Lilly Metom
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This book explains the emotion concepts of the Ibans, one of the indigenous peoples in Sarawak, Malaysia. It is an outcome of a research study, which aims to analyse the Iban emotion concepts utilizing Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM), an analytical tool developed by Anna Wierzbicka (1991), and the concrete/abstract cultural continuum framework, a framework introduced by J. Vin D'Cruz and G. Tham (1993), and later, J. Vin D'Cruz and William Steele (2000). NSM enables emotion terminologies in Iban to be explicated and further defined along the concrete/abstract cultural continuum framework. The respondents of this study were the village community of Sbangki Panjai, a longhouse located in Lubok Antu, Sarawak. The findings reveal the core cultural values that underlie the people's behaviours in the ways they express their emotions. The complex 'rules of logic' called adat and the rules of speaking in this speech community are discussed in detail in this book, which explain the Ibans' communicative behaviours. Although the semantic analysis of the emotion words is exhaustive and comprehensive, it is necessary in order to reveal the complete meaning of the emotions being examined without creating ethnocentric bias. Thus, this book essentially describes how the Ibans relate themselves to others in their interaction.

An Iban English Dictionary

Author :
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Primary secondary Control and Coping

Author : Cecilia Essau
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Chinese Overseas

Author : Chee-Beng Tan
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This book examines issues of cultural change and identity construction of Chinese overseas, as well as other important issues such as Chinese and non-Chinese relations, and cultural and economic performance. It offers a perspective of understanding Chinese overseas in nation-states and beyond, in a global context which the author describes as the Chinese ethnological field. The author's many years of research on cultural change and Chinese ethnicity in Southeast Asia enables him to describe vividly the effects of localization — the process of becoming local and identifying with the locals — on Chinese ethnicity and cultural identities. This informative and theoretically interesting book enables readers to have a deeper understanding of the issue of Chinese and Chinese-ness in the diaspora.

Dictionary of the Ef k language

Author : Hugh Goldie
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Education in Malaysia

Author : Moses Samuel
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This book examines Malaysia’s educational landscape, providing a contemporary study of key themes that have emerged in this multicultural, multi-ethnic society, as it attempts to shift from a middle-income to a high-income nation. Combining contributions by scholars from various fields—such as economics, history, sociology, political science and, of course, education—the book provides richer insights into Malaysia. Offering a unique resource, it will be of particular interest to educators, researchers, students, policymakers and members of the public who want to be updated on the latest trends and challenges in Malaysian education.

Chinese Populations in Contemporary Southeast Asian Societies

Author : M. Jocelyn Armstrong
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New perspectives on the past and present contributions of the 25 million strong Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia to the development of contemporary society. Case studies feature organisational, community, religious, and other arenas of Chinese activity and identity definition, and the book analyses the interplay of local, regional, global and transnational networks and identities.

The Sarawak Museum Journal

Author :
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Encyclopaedia of Iban Studies O Z

Author : Vinson H. Sutlive
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Bibliography of Studies on the Iban and Bidayuh Communities in Sarawak

Author :
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Endangered Languages and Language Learning

Author : Foundation for Endangered Languages. Conference
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Antropologi i Finland

Author :
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Aliran Monthly

Author :
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Borneo 2000 Language management and tourism

Author : Borneo Research Council (Williamsburg, Va.). Conference
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Iban Ritual Textiles

Author : Traude Gavin
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Student s Writing Manual for Spanish listening Speaking Reading Writing

Author : Guillermo Segreda
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The Chinese Diaspora

Author : L. Ling-chi Wang
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The first volume of a two-volume set contains 15 essays selected from 150-plus papers presented at the Luodi-shenggen International Conference on Chinese Overseas held in San Francisco in 1998. The theme--luodi-shenggen or the planting of permanent roots in the soils of different countries--represents a departure from both an assimilationist point of view and from a China-centered "sojourner" point of view. The papers cover various aspects of two broad areas: transnational issues and concerns of Chinese overseas, and regional studies, including those of lesser-known regions. No index. Times Academic Press is in Singapore; US distribution is by ISBS. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Bibliography of English Language Sources on Human Ecology

Author : Shiro Saito
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