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Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control

Author : J.R. Wertz
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Roger D. Werking Head, Attitude Determination and Control Section National Aeronautics and Space Administration/ Goddard Space Flight Center Extensiye work has been done for many years in the areas of attitude determination, attitude prediction, and attitude control. During this time, it has been difficult to obtain reference material that provided a comprehensive overview of attitude support activities. This lack of reference material has made it difficult for those not intimately involved in attitude functions to become acquainted with the ideas and activities which are essential to understanding the various aspects of spacecraft attitude support. As a result, I felt the need for a document which could be used by a variety of persons to obtain an understanding of the work which has been done in support of spacecraft attitude objectives. It is believed that this book, prepared by the Computer Sciences Corporation under the able direction of Dr. James Wertz, provides this type of reference. This book can serve as a reference for individuals involved in mission planning, attitude determination, and attitude dynamics; an introductory textbook for stu dents and professionals starting in this field; an information source for experimen ters or others involved in spacecraft-related work who need information on spacecraft orientation and how it is determined, but who have neither the time nor the resources to pursue the varied literature on this subject; and a tool for encouraging those who could expand this discipline to do so, because much remains to be done to satisfy future needs.

Spacecraft Modeling Attitude Determination and Control

Author : Yaguang Yang
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This book discusses all spacecraft attitude control-related topics: spacecraft (including attitude measurements, actuator, and disturbance torques), modeling, spacecraft attitude determination and estimation, and spacecraft attitude controls. Unlike other books addressing these topics, this book focuses on quaternion-based methods because of its many merits. The book lays a brief, but necessary background on rotation sequence representations and frequently used reference frames that form the foundation of spacecraft attitude description. It then discusses the fundamentals of attitude determination using vector measurements, various efficient (including very recently developed) attitude determination algorithms, and the instruments and methods of popular vector measurements. With available attitude measurements, attitude control designs for inertial point and nadir pointing are presented in terms of required torques which are independent of actuators in use. Given the required control torques, some actuators are not able to generate the accurate control torques, therefore, spacecraft attitude control design methods with achievable torques for these actuators (for example, magnetic torque bars and control moment gyros) are provided. Some rigorous controllability results are provided. The book also includes attitude control in some special maneuvers, such as orbital-raising, docking and rendezvous, that are normally not discussed in similar books. Almost all design methods are based on state-spaced modern control approaches, such as linear quadratic optimal control, robust pole assignment control, model predictive control, and gain scheduling control. Applications of these methods to spacecraft attitude control problems are provided. Appendices are provided for readers who are not familiar with these topics.

Fundamentals of Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control

Author : F. Landis Markley
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This book explores topics that are central to the field of spacecraft attitude determination and control. The authors provide rigorous theoretical derivations of significant algorithms accompanied by a generous amount of qualitative discussions of the subject matter. The book documents the development of the important concepts and methods in a manner accessible to practicing engineers, graduate-level engineering students and applied mathematicians. It includes detailed examples from actual mission designs to help ease the transition from theory to practice and also provides prototype algorithms that are readily available on the author’s website. Subject matter includes both theoretical derivations and practical implementation of spacecraft attitude determination and control systems. It provides detailed derivations for attitude kinematics and dynamics and provides detailed description of the most widely used attitude parameterization, the quaternion. This title also provides a thorough treatise of attitude dynamics including Jacobian elliptical functions. It is the first known book to provide detailed derivations and explanations of state attitude determination and gives readers real-world examples from actual working spacecraft missions. The subject matter is chosen to fill the void of existing textbooks and treatises, especially in state and dynamics attitude determination. MATLAB code of all examples will be provided through an external website.

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

Author : Marcel J. Sidi
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This 1997 book explains basic theory of spacecraft dynamics and control and the practical aspects of controlling a satellite.

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

Author : Anton H. de Ruiter
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Provides the basics of spacecraft orbital dynamics plusattitude dynamics and control, using vectrix notation Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: An Introductionpresents the fundamentals of classical control in the context ofspacecraft attitude control. This approach is particularlybeneficial for the training of students in both of the subjects ofclassical control as well as its application to spacecraft attitudecontrol. By using a physical system (a spacecraft) that the readercan visualize (rather than arbitrary transfer functions), it iseasier to grasp the motivation for why topics in control theory areimportant, as well as the theory behind them. The entiretreatment of both orbital and attitude dynamics makes use ofvectrix notation, which is a tool that allows the user to writedown any vector equation of motion without consideration of areference frame. This is particularly suited to the treatment ofmultiple reference frames. Vectrix notation also makes a very cleardistinction between a physical vector and its coordinaterepresentation in a reference frame. This is very important inspacecraft dynamics and control problems, where often multiplecoordinate representations are used (in different reference frames)for the same physical vector. Provides an accessible, practical aid for teaching andself-study with a layout enabling a fundamental understanding ofthe subject Fills a gap in the existing literature by providing ananalytical toolbox offering the reader a lasting, rigorousmethodology for approaching vector mechanics, a key element vitalto new graduates and practicing engineers alike Delivers an outstanding resource for aerospace engineeringstudents, and all those involved in the technical aspects of designand engineering in the space sector Contains numerous illustrations to accompany the written text.Problems are included to apply and extend the material in eachchapter Essential reading for graduate level aerospace engineeringstudents, aerospace professionals, researchers and engineers.

The International Handbook of Space Technology

Author : Malcolm Macdonald
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This comprehensive handbook provides an overview of space technology and a holistic understanding of the system-of-systems that is a modern spacecraft. With a foreword by Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and contributions from globally leading agency experts from NASA, ESA, JAXA, and CNES, as well as European and North American academics and industrialists, this handbook, as well as giving an interdisciplinary overview, offers, through individual self-contained chapters, more detailed understanding of specific fields, ranging through: · Launch systems, structures, power, thermal, communications, propulsion, and software, to · entry, descent and landing, ground segment, robotics, and data systems, to · technology management, legal and regulatory issues, and project management. This handbook is an equally invaluable asset to those on a career path towards the space industry as it is to those already within the industry.

Infrared Horizon Sensor Modeling for Attitude Determination and Control Analysis and Mission Experience

Author :
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An Attitude Determination and Control System for the Cornell Nanosatellite

Author : Jonathan R. Schoenberg
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Spacecraft attitude determination

Author : T. Bak
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Attitude Determination and Control System for the Dawgstar Nanosatellite

Author : Deddy Gunawi
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Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control

Author : Vladimir A. Chobotov
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Written for aerospace engineering courses of senior undergraduate or graduate level, this work presents basic concepts, methods and mathematical developments in spacecraft attitude dynamics and control. Topics covered include rigid body dynamics, environmental effects and linear control theory.

Relativity in Fundamental Astronomy IAU S261

Author : International Astronomical Union. Symposium
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IAU S261 summarizes the present state of applied relativity, and discusses the applications and future tests of general relativity.

Automatic Control in Aerospace 1994 Aerospace Control 94

Author : D. Schaechter
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An important, successful area for control systems development is that of state-of-the-art aeronautical and space related technologies. Leading researchers and practitioners within this field have been given the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss results at the IFAC symposia on automatic control in aerospace. The key research papers presented at the latest in the series have been put together in this publication to provide a detailed assessment of present and future developments of these control system technologies.

Automatic Control in Aerospace

Author :
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Spacecraft Attitude Control During Thrusting Maneuvers Space Vehicle Design Criteria Guidance and Control

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Spaceflight Mechanics 2001

Author : Louis A. D'Amario
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AIAA 82 0051 AIAA 82 0100

Author :
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Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics

Author : Peter Carlisle Hughes
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Very Good,No Highlights or Markup,all pages are intact.

Guidance and Control 1996

Author : Robert D. Culp
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Author : North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development
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Set includes some issues published under later name: RTO AGARDograph, e.g. no. 300, v. 16.