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Space for Women

Author : Pamela Freni
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A history of women who were recruited as potential astronauts early in the space race and their attempt to be the first females in space. It tells of their success in the rigorous testing and training and then the ensuing resistance by the male dominated space program. The book offers information on ensuing NASA programs culminating with the successful integration of women in today's space program.

Women s Space

Author : Virginia Chieffo Raguin
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Art historical and literary perspectives on the place of women in the medieval church.

New Space For Women

Author : Gerda R Wekerle
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Making Space for Women

Author : Jennifer M. Ross-Nazzal
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Women in Space Following Valentina

Author : Shayler David
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* This is the only book that provides the full story of the role of women in space exploration. * Previously unpublished photographs of various aspects of training and participation in spaceflights are included. * Personal interviews with female cosmonauts and astronauts. * Traces the history of female aviation milestones from the early part of the 20th Century to the current space programme.

Women Space and Utopia 1600 1800

Author : Nicole Pohl
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The first full-length study of women's utopian spatial imagination in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this book explores the sophisticated correlation between identity and social space. The investigation is driven by conceptual questions and thus seeks to link theoretical debates about space, gender and utopianism to historiographic debates about the (gendered) social production of space. Specific attention is given to spaces that feature widely in contemporary utopian imagination: Arcadia, the palace, the convent, the harem and the country house.

Women Religion and Space

Author : Karen M. Morin
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This volume studies females who practice or interact with gender norms of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in relation to the geography of place. The book focuses on attempts by religious and secular authorities to control women’s access to distinct spaces to show how religious women navigate harsh terrain and attain mobility within established institutions. The writings are grouped under three sections: “Women and Colonial Regimes,” “Religion and Women’s Mobility,” and “New Spaces for Religious Women.” Secular, critical, and comparative viewpoints are explored, with much of the scholarship steeped in fieldwork, i.e., an orthodox district in Jerusalem, a shopping mall in Istanbul, women travelers in Pakistan, and Korean immigrant women in Los Angeles. Contributors broaden notions of space to extend beyond architecture, national borders, external and internal boundaries, and assorted identifying markers, such as race or clothing. In examining a “new” aspect of space/geography these essays promote challenge, irony, and unexpected avenues of thought. Multi-cultural and international in scope, this work makes a significant, groundbreaking contribution to the field of geography.


Author : Pauline Chakkalakal
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Women and the Making of Built Space in England 1870 1950

Author : Elizabeth Darling
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This interdisciplinary collection explores the relationships between women and built space in England between the 1870s and the 1940s. Included are East End rent collectors, tenants, diarists and correspondents, committee and Guild members, provincial and metropolitan exhibitors, social reformers, activists, and homemakers. Taken together, these essays dramatically expand our conception of the scope and effectiveness of women's contributions, both to the creation of modern built environments, and to the development of discourses associated with them.

Women Femininity and Public Space in European Visual Culture 1789 914

Author : Temma Balducci
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Focusing on images of or produced by well-to-do nineteenth-century European women, this volume explores genteel femininity as resistant to easy codification vis-?is the public. Attending to various iterations of the public as space, sphere and discourse, sixteen essays challenge the false binary construct that has held the public as the sole preserve of prosperous men. By contrast, the essays collected in Women, Femininity and Public Space in European Visual Culture, 1789-1914 demonstrate that definitions of both femininity and the public were mutually defining and constantly shifting. In examining the relationship between affluent women, femininity and the public, the essays gathered here consider works by an array of artists that includes canonical ones such as Mary Cassatt and Fran?s G?rd as well as understudied women artists including Louise Abb? and Broncia Koller. The essays also consider works in a range of media from fashion prints and paintings to private journals and architectural designs, facilitating an analysis of femininity in public across the cultural production of the period. Various European centers, including Madrid, Florence, Paris, Brittany, Berlin and London, emerge as crucial sites of production for genteel femininity, providing a long-overdue rethinking of modern femininity in the public sphere.

Women of Space

Author : Laura S. Woodmansee
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Targeting girls, young women, and anyone else interested in learning about exciting careers in space exploration, this resource details the exciting careers in space exploration from astronauts to the thousands who work behind the scenes. Includes CD-ROM with video interviews with Mars Pathfinder Engineer Donna Shirley, Astro-mom Lori Garver, and Aerospace Engineer Leslie Wickman.

Making Space

Author : Matrix (Organization)
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Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space

Author : Rosanne Welch
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Presents biographies of women pilots and astronauts and provides entries on events, institutions, and organizations that are associated with women and flight

A Space of Her Own

Author : Leela Gulati
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Several books have been written about the position of women in India’s patriarchal society. This collection of twelve narratives, however, focuses not so much on women’s subservient position vis-a-vis men, but on women’s relations with each other. With the authors locating their personal struggles within those of three generations of women in their families, these narratives span a period of over a 100 years, and intersect both the private and public domains. Each narrative in A Space of Her Own is a tale of how the author fought to establish her own personhood and create a sphere of autonomy where she is able to make decisions to nurture herself and those around her. It is stories such as these, the editors argue which, when repeated over generations, will inspire women to live with dignity and to create and defend lives for themselves, their families, and the women who follow them....

Women in Space

Author : Karen Gibson
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When Valentina Tereshkova blasted off aboard Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963, she became the first woman to rocket into space. It would be 19 years before another woman got a chance—cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya in 1982—followed by American astronaut Sally Ride a year later. And by breaking the stratospheric ceiling, these women forged a path for many female astronauts, cosmonauts, and mission specialists to follow. In Women in Space, author Karen Bush Gibson profiles 23 pioneers, all of whom achieved greatness in orbit. Read about Eileen Collins, the first woman to command the Space Shuttle; Peggy Whitson, who has logged more than a year in orbit aboard the International Space Station; Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space; as well as astronauts from Japan, Canada, Italy, South Korea, France, and more. Learn, too, about the Mercury 13, American women selected by NASA in the late 1950s to train for spaceflight. Though they matched and sometimes surpassed their male counterparts in performance, they were ultimately denied the opportunity to head out to the launching pad. Their story, and the stories of pilots, physicists, and doctors who followed them, demonstrate the vital role women have played in the quest for scientific understanding. Karen Bush Gibson is the author of Women Aviators, Native American History for Kids, and three dozen other books for young readers. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

Making Space

Author : Fay Gale
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Author : Antonella Lothian
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The Garden as Woman s Space in Twelfth and Thirteenth Century Literature

Author : Elizabeth A. Augspach
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The purpose of this study is to examine a few literary gardens of romance from the close of the 12th to the first half of the 13th century in light of the development of the figure of the enclosed garden as a female space that is not owned by a man, but rather by the woman who inhabits it. In this scenario the woman is consistently seen as other, while the narrative directs the reader's attention to the point of view of the man who is confronted with this inverted state of affairs. This unnatural situation sets up a power play between the genders that will be resolved only once the woman and her garden are brought to heel. The exception to this rule is the Virgin Mary, whose wonderful garden possesses no unnaturalness or witchcraft, for its exceptional qualities are a manifestation of the Virgin's perfection.

Women Space Pioneers

Author : Carole S. Briggs
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Looks at the efforts and accomplishments of some of the first women in space, including Jerrie Cobb, Mae Jemison, Sally K. Ride, Valentina Tereshkova, and Eileen Collins.

Women in Aviation and Space

Author : Chris Buethe
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