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Death Work

Author : Vincent E. Henry
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In this fascinating new book, Vincent Henry (a 21-year veteran of the NYPD who recently retired to become a university professor) explores the psychological transformations and adaptations that result from police officers' encounters with death. Police can encounter death frequently in the course of their duties, and these encounters may range from casual contacts with the deaths of others to the most profound and personally consequential confrontations with their own mortality. Using the 'survivor psychology' model as its theoretical base, this insightful and provocative research ventures into a previously unexplored area of police psychology to illuminate and explore the new modes of adaptation, thought, and feeling that result from various types of death encounters in police work. The psychology of survival asserts that the psychological world of the survivor--one who has come in close physical or psychic contact with death but nevertheless managed to live--is characterized by five themes: psychic numbing, death guilt, the death imprint, suspicion of counterfeit nurturance, and the struggle to make meaning. These themes become manifest in the survivor's behavior, permeating his or her lifestyle and worldview. Drawing on extensive interviews with police officers in five nominal categories--rookie officers, patrol sergeants, crime scene technicians, homicide detectives, and officers who survived a mortal combat situation in which an assailant or another officer died--Henry identifies the impact such death encounters have upon the individual, the police organization, and the occupational culture of policing. He has produced a comprehensive and highly textured interpretation of police psychology and police behavior, bolstered by the unique insights that come from his personal experience as an officer, his intimate familiarity with the subtleties and nuances of the police culture's value and belief systems, and his meticulous research and rigorous method. Death Work provides a unique prism through which to view the individual, organizational, and social dynamics of contemporary urban policing. With a foreword by Robert Jay Lifton and a chapter devoted to the local police response to the World Trade Center attacks, Death Work will be of interest to psychologists and criminal justice experts, as well as police officers eager to gain insight into their unique relationship to death.

Commercial Law Reports 1994

Author :
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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Genealogies Of Interacting Particle Systems

Author : Matthias Birkner
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Interacting particle systems are Markov processes involving infinitely many interacting components. Since their introduction in the 1970s, researchers have found many applications in statistical physics and population biology. Genealogies, which follow the origin of the state of a site backwards in time, play an important role in their studies, especially for the biologically motivated systems.The program Genealogies of Interacting Particle Systems held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, from 17 July to 18 Aug 2017, brought together experts and young researchers interested in this modern topic. Central to the program were learning sessions where lecturers presented work outside of their own research, as well as a normal workshop. This is reflected in the present volume which contains two types of articles:Written by respected researchers, including experts in the field such as Steve Evans, member of the US National Academy of Sciences, as well as Anton Wakolbinger, Andreas Greven, and many others, this volume will no doubt be a valuable contribution to the probability community.

ECMT Round Tables Managing Commuters Behaviour A New Role for Companies

Author : European Conference of Ministers of Transport
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This Round Table is devoted to encouraging wage earners to use public transport.

Advances in Case Based Reasoning

Author : Peter Funk
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The 7th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ECCBR 2004) was held from August 30 through September 2, at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. ECCBR was born in Aberdeen, UK (2002), after a series of European workshops held in Trento, Italy(2000), Dublin, Ireland(1998), Lausanne, Switzerland (1996), Paris, France (1994), and Kaiserslautern, Germany (1993). ECCBR is the premier international forum for researchers and practitioners of case-based reasoning (CBR) in the years interleaving with the biennial international counterpart ICCBR, whose 5th edition was held in Trondheim, Norway in 2003. The CBR community has shown for years a deep interest in the application of its research to real-world problems. As a result, the first day of both ECCBR and ICCBR has been traditionally dedicated to presenting industrial CBR complications. ECCBR 2004 Industry Day was co-chaired by Mehmet Göker and Francisco Martín who invited professionals from different fields to describe their fielded CBR systems. The second day of the conference was dedicated to four workshops focusing on the following research interests: CBR in health sciences, explanation in CBR, computational creativity, and CBR applied to time series prediction. We are grateful to the Workshop Program co-chairs, Pablo Gervás and Kalyan Moy Gupta, for their efforts in coordinating these workshops, along with the individual workshop chairs and participants. Materials from the Ind- try Day and the workshops were published separately and can be obtained from the ECCBR 2004 website, http://www. idt. mdh. se/eccbr.

A Case History of a Major Rock Burst

Author : Fred Leighton
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Digital Creativity

Author : Colin Beardon
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Presenting highlights from five years of the field journal Digital Creativity , this volume republishes twenty-seven contributions from international artists and scientists.

Dimensions Embeddings and Attractors

Author : James C. Robinson
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This accessible research monograph investigates how 'finite-dimensional' sets can be embedded into finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces. The first part brings together a number of abstract embedding results, and provides a unified treatment of four definitions of dimension that arise in disparate fields: Lebesgue covering dimension (from classical 'dimension theory'), Hausdorff dimension (from geometric measure theory), upper box-counting dimension (from dynamical systems), and Assouad dimension (from the theory of metric spaces). These abstract embedding results are applied in the second part of the book to the finite-dimensional global attractors that arise in certain infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, deducing practical consequences from the existence of such attractors: a version of the Takens time-delay embedding theorem valid in spatially extended systems, and a result on parametrisation by point values. This book will appeal to all researchers with an interest in dimension theory, particularly those working in dynamical systems.

Navier Stokes Equations and Turbulence

Author : C. Foias
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This book aims to bridge the gap between practising mathematicians and the practitioners of turbulence theory. It presents the mathematical theory of turbulence to engineers and physicists, and the physical theory of turbulence to mathematicians. The book is the result of many years of research by the authors to analyse turbulence using Sobolev spaces and functional analysis. In this way the authors have recovered parts of the conventional theory of turbulence, deriving rigorously from the Navier–Stokes equations what had been arrived at earlier by phenomenological arguments. The mathematical technicalities are kept to a minimum within the book, enabling the language to be at a level understood by a broad audience. Each chapter is accompanied by appendices giving full details of the mathematical proofs and subtleties. This unique presentation should ensure a volume of interest to mathematicians, engineers and physicists.