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South Africa a Study in Conflict

Author : Pierre L. Van den Berghe
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About the conflict between various ethnic groups in South Africa.

South Africa

Author : Pierre L van den Berghe
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The Northern Ireland Conflict

Author : John McGarry
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This text explains why Northern Ireland's national divisions have made the achievement of a consociational agreement particularly difficult. The issues raised in the book are central to a proper understanding of Northern Ireland's past and future.

Southern Africa Since The Portuguese Coup

Author : John Seiler
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First published in 1980. Toward the end of 1975 the author decided to edit a collection of essays on political developments in Southern Africa. Regional events since the Portuguese coup in April 1974 had already made an enormous impact, first suggesting the possibilities of peaceful accommodation between South Africa and its neighbors, but then demonstrating the destructive impact in Angola of widespread international intervention (in the latter half of 1975). From 1975 to the present, events in Southern Africa have neared center stage in international attention, but, as these essays will show, outstanding regional differences are no closer to peaceful resolution in late 1979 than they were in early 1976.

South Africa and Nuclear Proliferation

Author : J.D.L. Moore
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Some external aspects of internal conflict within South Africa

Author : John Douglas Nelson
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Namibia Southern Africa

Author : Dreyer
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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

South Africa Apartheid s Endgame

Author : W. F. Gutteridge
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Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies

Author : Cq Researcher
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Key Features --

Teaching About International Conflict and Peace

Author : Merry M. Merryfield
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Designed especially for preservice teachers, this book links substantive, current scholarship on major topics in the management of international conflict with exemplary instructional methods in social studies education. Through vignettes and case studies of actual classroom practice, the reader learns from experienced teachers how they integrate different instructional methods to achieve content goals. The book contains an appendix on resources that provides additional information on organizations, instructional materials, computer networks, and other scholarly work that can help teachers improve their instruction on international conflict management. Teaching About International Conflict and Peace can make a significant difference in preparing social studies teachers to help their students acquire knowledge and understanding of how the peoples of the world have dealt with international conflict in the past and how increasing global interconnections provide new alternatives for the management of international conflict in the present and future.

Contemporary Issues in South African Military Psychology

Author : Nicole Dodd
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Contemporary Issues in South African Military Psychology, is a well‑timed, extremely thought-provoking, imperative, particular to the African context, and deals with a highly contemporary issue within the people management and the management studies fields specifically in the military field and context. This is specifically of importance as military psychology is a behavioural science that combines theory and practical application. - Prof Karel Stanz, University of Pretoria

Conflict of Interest in South Africa

Author : Modimowabarwa Hendrick Kanyane
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United States Relations with South Africa

Author : Y. G.-M. Lulat
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"Relations between the United States and South Africa - or the parts of the world these nations now occupy - go nearly as far back as the very beginning of their inception as permanent European colonial intrusions. This book is a critical overview of these relations from the late seventeenth century to the present. Unprecedented in its scope - and supported by substantive and detailed notes, together with an extensive bibliography, chronology, glossary, and appendices - the book distinguishes itself from extant works in a number of other ways. Set against the backdrop of a wider interdisciplinary exploration of both ideational and structural issues of historical context, it not only gives attention to the importance of contributions from nonofficial actors in shaping official relations, but also considers the impact of the geo-political location of South Africa within southern Africa, where the presence of other nations - particularly Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe - looms large. Methodologically written from the perspectives of both traditional narrative history and Khaldunian interpretive historical analysis, the book consequently sits at the interdisciplinary interstice of political economy and sociology, where the aim is to advance our understanding of the Braudelian interconnectedness of world history as an important diachronic determinant of the diplomacy of foreign relations. Written for both scholars and policy analysts, this book's examination of the agency of the marginalized should also be of interest to activists and the reading public."--BOOK JACKET.

External Research

Author : United States. Department of State. External Research Division
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South Africa

Author : William Gutteridge
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Multinational Companies and Conflicts in Africa

Author : Rose Ngomba-Roth
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Nigeria, Africa's most populated country is rich in ethnic diversity - a reason why it suffers from many conflicts. The country is one of the top five oil producers. The recent resource crisis in the Niger Delta is caused by poor division of resources, underdevelopment, and mismanagement. The failure of the young democracy would have a vehement effect in the country and in Africa as a whole. The government has to consolidate its democracy, uphold unity and sovereignty. To secure democracy it will need support from the Nigerians themselves, the multinational oil companies and the international world.

Instability and Conflict in Southern Africa

Author : Deon Geldenhuys
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Post Conflict Institutional Design

Author : Abu Bakarr Bah
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Since gaining independence from colonial rule, most African countries have been struggling to build democratic and peaceful states. While African multiparty politics may be viewed as a democratic system of governance, in reality it is plagued by ethnic and regional political grievances that undermine meaningful democracy. By examining post-conflict institutional reforms in several African countries, this book sheds light on the common causes of violent conflicts and how institutional design can affect the conditions for peace and democracy in Africa. Focussing on conceptual and practical questions of designing ethnically and regionally inclusive state institutions and the way institutions are perceived by the citizenry Post-Conflict Institutional Design addresses political autonomy and control over resources, issues which are often key sources of ethnic and regional grievances. Crucially, it examines the meanings of institutional reforms as well ethnic and regional representation.

Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies

Author : Charles Webel
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This major new Handbook provides a cutting-edge and transdisciplinary overview of the main issues, debates, state-of-the-art methods, and key concepts in peace and conflict studies today. The fields of peace and conflict studies have grown exponentially since being initiated by Professor Johan Galtung half a century ago. They have forged a transdisciplinary and professional identity distinct from security studies, political science, and international relations. The volume is divided into four sections: understanding and transforming conflict creating peace supporting peace peace across the disciplines. Each section features new essays by distinguished international scholars and professionals working in peace studies and conflict resolution and transformation. Drawing from a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and political positions, the editors and contributors offer topical and enduring approaches to peace and conflict studies. The Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies will be essential reading for students of peace studies, conflict studies and conflict resolution. It will also be of interest and use to practitioners in conflict resolution and NGOs, as well as policy makers and diplomats.

Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland Israel and South Africa

Author : C. Knox
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Political accommodation in Northern Ireland, Israel and South Africa at the macro level may not, by itself, be sufficient to achieve the long-term goals of building peace and reconciliation. This book uses Lederach's peace-building model to explore issues which may provide a basis for transformation and a lasting peace in the three countries.