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Soul Revolution

Author : John Burke
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You’ve heard it all before. The promises for a better life get tiresome after awhile, because you know they don’t deliver. However, they do touch on a profound and inescapable truth. You were created to live your life out of a rewarding, richly textured relationship with God and others—and deep down, you long to experience that kind of life. But how?Are you willing to devote sixty days to finding out?Soul Revolution may be one of the most important books you’ll ever read. In it, author and pastor John Burke guides you on a journey of experiential discovery. Called the “60-60 Experiment,” it has already made a profound impact on thousands who have discovered what it means to actually “do life” with God.

Soul Revolution

Author : Makhado R. Ramabulana
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Determination, the vehicle that gives wheels to dreams Belief, the conviction that gives ideas the will to fly Destiny, purpose beyond dreams of reality in my life time Fulfillment, convictions of life worthier that a potential Listen to me, for I know when I say. I can

Soul Revolution Trinity of Humanity

Author : Dr. Shmuel Asher
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Bob Marley The Complete Guide to his Music

Author : Ian McCann
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The indispensable guide to the music of Bob Marley. An album by album, track by track, examination of every song released by Marley and the Wailers from the early sessions in Jamaica to the Island recordings and compilations released after Marley's death. Featuring details of Marley's recordings for Studio One, Leslie Kong, Lee Perry, Island and Tuff Gong Productions, this is the ultimate gift for any die-hard Marley fan.

Songs For The Soul A Lyrical Revolution

Author : Preacher
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SONGS for the SOUL A lyrical Revolution: Vol ll continues its inspirational quest to a better understanding. A laymans view of the connection between Religious ideology and Philosophical beliefs; which, question mankind's dedication in the use of "Rationalization", in order to justify wrongs committed against GOD'S Commandments. My intent is not to convince but rather be that electrical shock that's incurred sometimes when individuals touch, that quick notification where being alert rises a point or two and avoidance of repetitive incidences are checked and noted. This book represents an appreciation for "FREE WILL". A series of lyrical compositions designed to examine mankind's belief in the Religious and Philosophical identification that is prevalent within our society. The ability to distinguish between right and wrong and the constant use of rationalization regarding moral and ethical issues has become a Christian blueprint for success, which, enables the weak-minded to believe, "GOD will understand". Here's a news bulletin: "GOD WILL NOT UNDERSTAND!" Point being, why does he have too? What have you done for GOD lately? Vol.ll engages the reader to step above conventional; beliefs, theory and wisdom and enlist his/her ability to "THINK". Take what you have learned and believe and search for your truth, Faith demands it. There comes a time in one's life when the only exit to reality is the door he/she opens and walk through. If we remain behind then our search for truth no longer exists. This book is entertaining reading, a mixture of reality and depth and although it is a truth I see, it is one I graciously share with you, the reader. My purpose is not to sway one's belief, but to at least engage in the realization of the multi-dimensional aspects of living a worthy life. The idea is to become HUMANE.

Boycott Money and Save Your Soul Launching the Goodwill Revolution

Author :
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Hard Revolution

Author : George Pelecanos
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In this epic showdown from "one of the best crime novelists alive" (Dennis Lehane), police officer Derek Strange hunts his brother's killer through a city erupting with rage.

Sociology and Revolution A Comparative Analysis of the writings of Aristotle de Tocqueville and Marx

Author : Jan Kercher
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Seminar paper from the year 2004 in the subject Sociology - Classics and Theoretical Directions, grade: A (87%), University of British Columbia (Department of Anthropology and Sociology), course: Classical Sociological Theory, 4 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Long before sociology became established as a distinct discipline of the social sciences, scholars have studied the social causes of revolution. Aristotle dedicated one whole book of his Politics to the sources and possible remedies of revolutions, Alexis de Tocqueville named one of the most famous chapters of his Democracy in America “Why great revolutions will become rare”, and Karl Marx wrote nearly all his works under the notion of an inevitable revolution of the proletariat. So what are the differences and similarities in analyses of these three famous writers? To answer this question, I will introduce the relevant theses of every writer and compare those theses along different dimensions. The first and most basic variable is the group of people that is addressed by the writer. This, in turn, has important consequences for another variable: How is revolution evaluated? Should it be prevented? If yes, how? Answering these questions will help us to define the causes for revolutions given by the three authors. As a last step, I will analyse how revolution and democracy relate in these theories. I hope that, as a result, we will get a helpful insight in an important aspect of the writings of these three great scholars of sociology.

Party Music

Author : Rickey Vincent
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Party Music explores the culture and politics of the Black Power era of the late 1960s, when the rise of a black militant movement also gave rise to a “Black Awakening” in the arts--and especially in music. Here Rickey Vincent, the award-winning author of Funk, explores the relationship of soul music to the Black Power movement from the vantage point of the musicians and black revolutionaries themselves. Party Music introduces readers to the Black Panther's own band, the Lumpen, a group comprised of rank-and-file members of the Oakland, California-based Party. During their year-long tenure, the Lumpen produced hard-driving rhythm-and-blues that asserted the revolutionary ideology of the Black Panthers. Through his rediscovery of the Lumpen, and based on new interviews with Party and band members, Vincent provides an insider's account of black power politics and soul music aesthetics in an original narrative that reveals more detail about the Black Revolution than ever before. Rickey Vincent is the author of Funk: The Music, The People, and the Rhythm of the One, and has written for the Washington Post, American Legacy, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. He teaches at the University of California, Berkeley.

Roots Rock Reggae

Author : Chuck Foster
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Explores the stylistic variations of reggae music and interviews many of raggae's most influential artists

The Qualia Revolution

Author : Peter Wilberg
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The most fundamental scientific fact is not the existence of the physical universe, but our awareness of that universe. Not even the most advanced physics, physiology or psychology, however, can explain even the most elementary qualities of our sensory awareness of that universe - qualities such as redness for example. Qualia used to be defined as sensory qualities such as colour and tone. But what if awareness is not an empty receptacle for sensory impressions, but has its own intrinsic sensual qualities - of the sort we experience as the inwardly sensed shape and substantiality of our bodies, the sensed lightness or darkness colour or tone of our moods, or a sensed feeling of warmth or coolness, closeness or distance to another human being? What if such sensual qualities of awareness are intrinsically meaningful - being the felt essence of meaning or sense? is not energetic quanta but qualia in this sense - sensed and sensual qualities of awareness - that are the basic stuff of which the universe is composed. It argues that qualia are not simply qualities of our own human awareness but fundamental units of awareness. Atoms, molecules and cells are recognised as the physical form taken by field-patterns of atomic, molecular and cellular awareness composed of such units. The soul is understood as an ever-changing gestalt of such units, each of which possess characteristics of both unit and field, particle and wave - allowing the soul-qualities of our own awareness to mix and merge with those of all other beings.

Inside the Revolution

Author : Mona Rosendahl
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The first ethnographic study of life in Cuba to emerge in over twenty years, Inside the Revolution offers a rare, close view of how socialist ideology translates into everyday experience in one Cuban municipality. Mona Rosendahl draws on eighteen months of fieldwork, in a municipality she calls by the fictional name Palmera, to present a vivid account of the lives and thoughts of residents, many of whom have lived inside the revolution for more than thirty-five years. In Palmera, support for the socialist program remains strong. Rosendahl attributes continuing loyalty to four conditions: improvements in the standard of living from 1959 to 1990, the uniformity and omnipresence of political communications from the government, a historical emphasis on local participation in the revolution, and the consistency of revolutionary ideals with traditional machista expectations and practices. Through an analysis of ideology and practice in contemporary Cuba, Rosendahl documents how its citizens support the present political system, and how reciprocal economics between households and ideas about gender both reinforce and challenge that system. Rosendahl also explains how those who oppose state socialism resist participation in society through inaction or withdrawal. --Marit Melhuus, University of Oslo. Ethnos Vol. 64:3, 1999

What Is God Really Like Expanded Edition

Author : Craig Groeschel
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For the past two years, Craig Groeschel ( and his church have hosted an international multi-church campaign called ONE PRAYER, a month-long concerted focus on unifying the many different, diverse churches participating by praying together and serving their local communities. In 2009, ONE PRAYER campaign attracted over 2,000 churches and over 1,000,000 church members. Many of these churches are high-profile evangelical churches with pastors who are also successful authors and speakers. The campaign continues to attract interest from more and more churches and ministries. The 2010 campaign, scheduled for June, is expected to grow by 50 percent. This compilation book features chapters by seventeen passionate church leaders, including Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Jentezen Franklin, Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, and others.

Moved by the Past

Author : Eelco Runia
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Historians go to great lengths to avoid confronting discontinuity, searching for explanations as to why such events as the fall of the Berlin Wall, George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq, and the introduction of the euro logically develop from what came before. Moved by the Past radically breaks with this tradition of predating the past, incites us to fully acknowledge the discontinuous nature of discontinuities, and proposes to use the fact that history is propelled by unforeseeable leaps and bounds as a starting point for a truly evolutionary conception of history. Integrating research from a variety of disciplines, Eelco Runia identifies two modes of being "moved by the past": regressive and revolutionary. In the regressive mode, the past may either overwhelm us—as in nostalgia—or provoke us to act out what we believe to be solidly dead. When we are moved by the past in a revolutionary sense, we may be said to embody history: we burn our bridges behind us and create accomplished facts we have no choice but to live up to. In the final thesis of Moved by the Past, humans energize their own evolution by habitually creating situations ("catastrophes" or sublime historical events) that put a premium on mutations. This book therefore illuminates how every now and then we chase ourselves away from what we were and force ourselves to become what we are. Proposing a simple yet radical change in perspective, Runia profoundly reorients how we think and theorize about history.

Reggae Routes

Author : Kevin O'Brien Chang
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Looks at the history of Reggae music and traces its development in Jamaica

Francis Mercury van Helmont s Sketch of Christian Kabbalism

Author : Sheila Spector
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As the only English version of Francis Mercury van Helmont’s foundational treatise of Christian Kabbalism, this bilingual edition, with a facsimile of the original Latin facing the translation and author’s footnotes, contains a critical introduction, as well as supplementary endnotes.

Shifu Soul of Chinese Anarchism

Author : Edward S. Krebs
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The most comprehensive study of Shifu available, this valuable work explores the life and political milieu of a central figure in Republican China. Krebs provides an intellectual biography of this committed revolutionary and analyzes the importance of Shifu's thought during the New Culture-May Fourth years as his followers fought for influence with the Marxists and later over the issue of alliance with the Nationalists.

Rock Obituaries Knocking On Heaven s Door

Author : Nick Talevski
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The fascination with tragedy and the subsequent theatre of voyeurism are part of human nature, especially when it involves our icons, celebrities and musicians. Knocking On Heaven's Door is the definitive book of rock 'n' roll, pop, R&B and blues deaths. Often, only the biggest selling artists are written about and sometimes it is the death of a personality that cements their iconic status. Knocking On Heaven's Door not only covers the rock legends who lived hard and died young, this detailed reference contains over 1,000 obituaries of music industry personalities, famous and obscure from mid-fifties to the present day. Alphabetical entries of all the important individuals, including: noteworthy producers, managers, songwriters, record company founders A&R men and even critics, puts all the information at your finger tips. Nick Talevski has spent a decade researching this comprehensive and authoritative reference book and it will be an indispensable and practical addition to every music library, full of irresistible and intriguing information.

The Bible and Bob Marley

Author : Dean MacNeil
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With a Bible and guitar, Bob Marley set out to conquer the world of popular music. Rising from humble origins to international stardom, he worked tirelessly to spread a dual message of resistance and redemption--a message inspired by his reading of scripture. Marley's constant reliance on the Bible throughout the stages of his artistic and spiritual paths is an integral part of his story that has not been sufficiently told--until now. This is the first book written on Bob Marley as biblical interpreter. It answers the question, What light does biblical scholarship shed on Marley's interpretation, and what can Marley teach biblical scholars? Focusing on the parts of the Bible that Marley quotes most often in his lyrics, MacNeil provides a close analysis of Marley's interpretation. For students of Marley, this affords a deeper appreciation and understanding of his thought and his art. For students of scripture, it demonstrates the nature of Marley's unique contribution to the field of biblical interpretation, which can be appreciated as an excellent example of what R. S. Sugirtharajah calls vernacular interpretation of scripture.

The Day the Music Died

Author : Les MacDonald
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Behind the roaring crowds and the billion-dollar record deals are tales of solitude, anger, and depression. Readers are about to unearth these stories as author Les MacDonald brings nostalgia to every bookshelf with The Day the Music Died, his newly released book published through Xlibris. The Day the Music Died is a well-researched documentation of the different true stories of the persons whose names are forever etched in the history of music. Throughout, readers will get an intimate look into the deaths of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Elvis Presley, Brian Jones, Bob Marley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Tupac Shakur, Nirvanas Kurt Cobain, Selena, Michael Jackson, and many more. As each of these artists permanently faded from the limelight, a new testimonial will be created to prove that their music lives on. While some of our favorites may have lost their way at some point during their lifetimes, we must remember that there is one thing that the passage of time cannot erase . . . and that, my friends, is the music! shares the author.