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Sorry Bro

Author : Ben Phillips
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So recently my bro Elliot's been learning to read, and it gave me the idea that I should write up our story... also, that way, he can relive everything I've put him through. This is my book! It's a journey filled with laughter (mine), tears (Elliot's) and even romance (hello, Georgina!), and goes from a childhood in sunny Bridgend to ten million followers across the world. There's also exclusive pranks, spitball targets (of Elliot's face, obviously), comic strips, guides to creating your own videos and much more. Now, if you're sitting comfortably, follow me into my wonderful world and Elliot's journey... Sorry Bro!

Sorry Bro

Author : Genevieve Bergeron
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Still aching from the mistakes and denials of his past, this ER nurse could heal anyone but himself...until now. Handsome, athletic and intelligent, twenty-six-year-old Bryce should be living the high life. But he's far from it. After shunning his best baseball buddy in high school, dropping out of medical school and fleeing New York to put down roots—if only shallow ones—in New Orleans, Bryce is uncertain about both his past and his future. Working long hours as a low-level nurse and confined by a sexless relationship with a questionably devoted girlfriend, Bryce can't shake the feeling that things should be somehow better now he's escaped the confusion and indecision of his former life. Yet when the ghost of Bryce's high school past, the handsome and charismatic Tim, shows up injured in the ER, Bryce's already turbulent emotions engulf him in a vortex of confusion and regret. Haunted by his own insensitivity towards Tim eight years before, Bryce first finds comfort in the powerful arms of a resident surgeon he barely knows, then gives Tim the explosive, cataclysmic relief he had denied him in high school. As Bryce comes to terms with his sexuality and recognises his undeniable attraction to both men, he must decide, once and for all, where his fidelity—and his desires—lie. Reader Advisory: This book contains descriptions of highly acrobatic, multiple-partner sex.

The Bro Code

Author : Barney Stinson
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From the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother comes Barney Stinson’s words of wit, wisdom, and awesomeness, The Bro Code—the New York Times bestseller (really!) with more than a million copies in print all around the world. Everyone’s life is governed by an internal code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. But Bros in the know call this Holy Grail The Bro Code. The Bro Code is a living document, much like the Constitution. Except instead of outlining a government, or the Bill of Rights, or anything even resembling laws, The Bro Code provides men with all the rules they need to know in order to become a “bro” and behave properly among other bros. Historically a spoken tradition passed from one generation to the next and dating back to the American Revolution, the official code of conduct for Bros appears here in its published form for the first time ever. By upholding the tenets of this sacred and legendary document, any dude can learn to achieve Bro-dom. Containing approximately 150 “unspoken” rules, this code of conduct for bros can range from the simple (bros before hos) to the complex (the hot-to-crazy ratio, complete with bar graphs and charts). With helpful sidebros The Bro Code will help any ordinary guy become the best bro he can be. Let ultimate bro and coauthor Barney Stinson and his book, The Bro Code share their wisdom, lest you be caught making eye contact in a devil’s three-way (two dudes, duh).

4 Life

Author : Shelly LeAnne Sharp
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Life behind bars isnt a picnic for David Taylor. David had always been a good kid who helped his mother take care of his brothers because of the accident that had left her a widow. He was fabulous at sports and had a very good chance of going pro in football or basketball. David had a wonderful girlfriend who would do anything in the world for him and had actually found true love in high school. Sometimes even the best of kids end up getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. David meets Luke Hardy, Alan Roberts, and the other 4 Life members. Now all David can do is think of the mistake that he made that brought him to prison. Will David ever be able to forgive himself for what he did or will one mistake haunt him forever?

The Show Mayor

Author : Matthew Williams
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When School's out. And summers in. Everybody at Glass Art. a elite boarding school. Can't wait for summer. Everybody, except for Benny Breezy. A piano prodigy. Who attends Glass Art. With his best friends. Simon, Mallory, Doyle and Nasser. Worried about next year. Since it will be there last year together. Benny sets out to have the best summer ever with his friends. His plans quickly change. After learning that. His, friends. Have other plans for the summer. He decides to go home for the summer. Things turn from bad to worst. When, Benny and Nasser. Who work at The Daily Maglorix Newspaper. As, Investigative Reporters. Along with Simon there photographer. Learn that The Daily Maglorix Newspaper. Is closing. All hope seems lost, until a mysterious person comes to there rescue. When Benny and his friends. Learn that a famous singer. Has been accused of stealing The Ape Skull from The Diamond Museum of Amsterdam. And that. He's offering a reward. To whomever can clear his name. Benny, Simon and Nasser. Along with Mallory and Doyle. Travel to Los Angeles. To interview him. While there in Los Angeles. Benny and his friends. Stay with his estranged Aunt Fanny. Who lives in a penthouse at a circus theme hotel called The Show Mayor. As they investigate. Benny and the gang. Discover that the real culprit who goes by the name of The Mad Ffraid Brat. Is more dangerous than they could ever imagine. And, that this will be the biggest assignment. They have ever had. With help from some new friends. They must race against time. To unmasked The Mad Ffraid Brat.

Ye Olde Brick Tavern

Author : Jean Maxellon Nash
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Ye Olde Brick Tavern is a romantic novel with a historical background that takes place in a rural town west of Boston. The story takes place at a time in American history when the country cried out for a better life and economic changes. The coming railroad, which was needed to make the change, became a threat to the area where people feared their established way of life would be destroyed. High demands for hay would not longer be needed. Horse sales would quickly decline, making life insecure. Years earlier, taverns were built along the highways to receive weary travelers who came to expect restful sanctuary and meals after long journeys. These taverns were important as an only means of communication between the townspeople and the outside world. The taverns were a central force in the rural areas where life existed around them. Intimate relationships grew and talks of poverty and personal struggles took precedence. In this time of economic struggle of the 1840's, drinking became rampant, arguments on the coming railroad excited everyone and they were constant wherever men gathered. On many occasions, fights broke out. Farmer-fought farmer for allowing property to be taken by the railroad that was needed for laying down tracks across their farmlands and where trains could pass through to the next town. The human emotions of love-hate-envy prevail. Ye Olde Brick Tavern is a host to many different characters, each with his own hardships and problems. Jane, a young woman, whose husband is lost at sea, is left to struggle in order to survive. Hungry, tired, and penniless, she finds refuge when an ailing uncle asks for help in running his tavern. Needing a place to live, after being forced out of her husbands family house, Jane welcomes the opportunity to go there. The heavy demands of running another persons business become burdensome. Jane also cares for her recently orphaned nieces, Elizabeth and Kate. They discover living with their aunt difficult following the death of their parents. Forced to live a different life style, they found it bothersome. As they see how burdened their aunt is, they try easing her work load in the taverns kitchen. To please the girls, Jane gives them false hopes of a better life. Jacob, in his early thirties, a determined man with apparent means and a suspicious, aristocratic air, pursues Jane with his romantic ideas and needs. With constant hope for her husbands return, she turns him away repeatedly. A native American, named Broken Wing (Bro), a permanent tavern resident, with a deep attachment for the property, sees and hears most of what goes on at the inn. He says little, fearing threats of being forced out. Several other characters lend color to the story. The troublesome neighbor, Ronus, who becomes enmeshed into the lives of some tavern people, adds to Janes problems. And Robert, a quiet man, also adds to the heavy work load, but he needs a place to live while teaching at a nearby school and is welcome to stay. More burdens fall upon the tavern as railroad workers lay track closer to the road house, needing food and service. Neighbors, in hopes of learning more news on the railroads progress and news of other towns, frequent the tavern more often. Although these people add to the volume of work, their visits help increase the bars income. As the nieces become more independent, wanting to return to their former life style, Jane once again gives them false hopes to quiet them. Luckily, Elizabeth finds a neighborhood friend and life goes on somewhat smoother. Jacob returns home after a long stay in the wilds. Jane turns to him with his long awaited love, and blindly accepts him as her admirer. Was this man right for her? Could he have become involved with another woman while waiting for Jane to change her mind? As lives change from events taking place at the tavern, it causes Jane many heartbreaks. The railroad veers north to anoth

South of the Pumphouse

Author : Les Claypool
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A brothers’ fishing trip goes disturbingly off course in this drug-fueled backwater noir—the debut novel by the art-rock pioneer and frontman for Primus. In the rural town of El Sobrante, California, two estranged brothers are reunited. While Earl Paxton never left, Ed moved on to a new life in Berkley. When the death of their father brings Ed back home, a fishing trip seems like the perfect way to reconnect. But Ed didn’t count on Donny Vowdy joining the party. As frustrations, alcohol, and hallucinogens start dredging up old grudges and long-held rivalries, the trip soon takes an unsettling turn. A dark, clever tale of brotherhood, misconceptions, drugs and murder, South of the Pumphouse combines classic motifs of epic struggle, evocative imagery, and the raw, tweaked perspective of a Hunter S. Thompson novel.

Live Every Second

Author : Jessica Field
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Why did this have to happen? Karly thought to herself. Karly has just moved away from her Father, with her Mother, to a small town where she meets Bill and Tom. Twins. Just as they come closer the world is taken over by ... A trailed story of Love and Death. Through an adventure, horror and emotional story about a seventeen year old girl and her two best friends; fighting through love, disaster and the Supernatural. What would your last wish be?


Author : M. Zachary Sherman
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Fourteen-year-old Dylan Crow, known as Slider, prefers skateboarding around New York to going to school--but when he gets mixed up in the search for the Artifact he needs the help of The Revolution to save himself, his foster family, and his friend Juliet.

The Bro Code for Parents

Author : Barney Stinson
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Gangster Forever

Author : Chetan Batra
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The country is in a state of panic, reason behind is Srikanth Mehra. People are terrorized by his destructive actions, it seems like he is on some type of revenge. Shiv Narang, the well-known police inspector in the town is after him, will he be able to catch the witty? He investigates the past life of Srikanth. Who was he in his past life? What happened to him? And how he became a Gangster? The story is rich in plot and filled with boundless energy. It goes through all twist and turns which makes an ultimate peppy ride.

The Jericho Wall

Author : Chike Momah
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This is a story of the Igbo Diaspora in America. It is a story of the cultural conflicts that often arise when an Igbo youth falls in love with, and wants to marry, a non-Igbo. Okocha Anigbo, one of the two sons of Chief Nat and Lolo Ekemma Anigbo, meets and falls in love with an American girl, Tatiana Karefa, the daughter of Edna and Philip Karefa, a jovial and unapologetic Baptist. But Chief Anigbo, a well-respected Igbo community leader and vocal opponent of cross-cultural marriages, is bitterly and implacably opposed to his sons plan to marry the American girl. Entreaties from his son, and even from one of the respected elders of the Igbo community, Chikezie Odogwu, fail to persuade him to change his position. For his part, Okocha sees the traditional and cultural underpinnings relating to the institution of marriage among the Igbo as a veritable Wall of Jericho that needs to be breached, to let the Igbo youth freely marry from outside the Igbo clan. In the teeth of Chief Anigbos opposition, but with the blessing of Philip Karefa, Okocha and Tatiana marry. The denouement comes with the birth of their child.

OutBoise Magazine

Author : OutBoise Magazine
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This issue gives us a look at love and relationships. Also, a 4-page photo feature from Add the Words.


Author : Michael Pulman
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Paul James is a man under the spotlight, often for all the wrong reasons. At age twenty-three, many people believe it's now time for the out-of-control Paul to grow up and kick his old party-boy ways which has given him the "ticking time bomb" stigma for so long. With all the potential in the world, Paul could find himself losing the one thing that got him to this point in the first place, the faith of his family, the respect of his friends, and most importantly . . . he could lose himself. One event will change the life of Paul James forever. With his dreams over and nothing to live for, the one thing that has criticised Paul for so long could turn into the one thing that will give him his big break and last opportunity to fulfill what the close people around him believe to be his destiny. However . . . There are more than a handful of people that wouldn't mind seeing Paul James fail in what will turn out to be one of the most controversial decisions New Zealand has ever seen.

The 80 s Story

Author : Professor Mustaafa
File Size : 81.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The 80’s story is one Love for family as well as vegence for family. It’s a creative and beautiful story that is told in a way that captivates the reader and puts them in the characters mind.

Sins Beneath the Cloth

Author : Renaldo Martin
File Size : 42.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Early this morning, Detective Sergeant Sam Mason was murdered when he and his partner answered a robbery-in-progress call at a local liquor store. Why was he murdered? His wife, Erva Mason, believes it was because he was getting too close to identifying the leader of the Black Mafia. When the police show little progress or interest in solving the murder, Erva and her three girlfriends embark on a dangerous quest to do just thata difficult task as her girlfriends husbands are deacons in the church, and may be involved with the other side. Sins Beneath the Cloth is a suspense thriller about four young black women who are determined to have justice, even if it means stepping on the toes of the church and the powerful Rev. Walker or either of his twin sons, who everyone knows exist. But no one knows about the notorious third twinso rebellious as a child that he was sent away by his mother to live with his aunt before his mother was murdered. The story is full of twists and surprises that provide the reader with the ultimate shocker ending.

In The Stars Part I

Author : Debbie McGowan
File Size : 90.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Some things are just meant to be, or sometimes it seems that way. Like old uni pals inexplicably moving to your hometown, or realising that your childhood best friend is the love of your life, or landing a star role in a hit TV series that could well be your autobiography. Fate, karma, written in the stars, or just bizarre quirks of coincidence? For better or worse, the events of the next six months will push the friends to the limits. For The Circle can expand and contract, but it is always whole; eternal. Set over a period of six months (January–June), In The Stars Part I explores the day-to-day lives of The Circle—nine friends from high school, now in their late thirties—following them through a year of celebration, loss, illness and life-changing decisions. In The Stars Part I is Season Four in the Hiding Behind The Couch Series. This book is also available as six separate episodes. The story follows chronologically from The Harder They Fall (Season Three), Crying in the Rain (Novel) and First Christmas (Novella). It continues in Breaking Waves (Novella) and In The Stars Part II (Season Five). For those readers unfamiliar with the series, In The Stars re-introduces the main characters, so you could pick it up from here and perhaps catch up with the previous books later. * * * * * What readers say about the Hiding Behind The Couch Series: “The remarkable characterisation in these novels is what makes them for me.” “This story reminds me of my favorite movies about friendship and relationships.” “Few authors have explored the depths of longtime friends within a group, or ‘circle’ the way Debbie McGowan has!” “I have a love-hate relationship with Debbie McGowan’s Hiding Behind the Couch Series. I love to read them, I HATE it when they’re over.”

High Stakes Playboy

Author : Cindy Dees
File Size : 66.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Red-hot attraction is dangerous in this new Prescott Bachelors romance by New York Times bestselling author Cindy Dees! To help his brothers, marine pilot Archer Prescott goes undercover to find out who's sabotaging their movie set. But the die-hard bachelor isn't ready for what he finds in the High Sierras: his doe-eyed, girl-next-door camerawoman is the prime suspect. Marley Stringer isn't as innocent as she seems. As Marley turns irresistible and the aerial "accidents" turn deadly, Archer begins to wonder who's more dangerous—the perfect woman who threatens his heart…or the desperate killer who threatens his life.

How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy

Author : Lorenzo von Matterhorn
File Size : 86.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Like philosophy itself, How I Met Your Mother has everyone thinking. How does a successful show that's been on the air for years suddenly become a hit in its fifth and sixth season? Have you ever wondered why you identify so strongly with Barney despite the fact that he’s such a douche? Or why your life story doesn’t make sense until you know the ending—or at least, the middle? Or where the Bro Code came from and why it’s so powerful? Or why you’d sooner miss the hottest date in your life than have to live in New Jersey? Of course you have, or if you haven’t, you’ll clearly remember from now on that you have. How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy answers all these questions and a whole lot more, including one or two that even you may not have thought of. Twenty of the awesome-est philosophers ever congregated in one bar have come together to quaff a few drinks—and to analyze this most awesomely philosophical of sit-coms. They poke, prod, and sniff at such momentous matters as the metaphysics of possimpible worlds, the misdeeds of Goliath National Bank, the ontology of waiting to get slapped, the epistemology of sexual attraction, why the Platinum Rule is to never love thy neighbor, the authenticity of censoring yourself, the ethics of doing bad things with partly good intentions, why future Ted’s opinions matter to present-day Ted, whether it’s irrational to wait for the Slutty Pumpkin, and why Canadians have that strange Canadian slant on things. This book shows that viewers of How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy know that philosophy is much more than a song and dance routine.

Deception on the Set

Author : Franklin W. Dixon
File Size : 71.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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It’s lights, camera, disaster for a film crew unless Frank and Joe can track down a saboteur in this cinematic Hardy Boys adventure—a fresh approach to a classic series. Joe and Frank Hardy are excited to be cast as extras in the zombie movie that’s filming in their hometown. Not only is film production way more exciting than what usually goes on in Bayport, it also doesn’t hurt that the lead actress is pretty cute. At first it seems like for once Frank and Joe might not have a mystery to solve. But when a stunt goes horribly wrong, the Hardy boys know someone is trying to sabotage the film—and putting lives in jeopardy. Can the brothers find the culprit before it’s too late?