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Texas Literary Outlaws

Author : Steven L. Davis
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Davis makes extensive use of untapped literary archives to weave a fascinating portrait of six Texas writers, calling themselves the Mad Dogs, who came of age during a period of rapid social change: Bud Shrake, Larry L. King, Billy Lee Brammer, Gary Cartwright, Dan Jenkins, and Peter Gent.

Texas Highways

Author :
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Somebody Somewhere in Texas

Author : Connie Lewis Leonard
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Katie Kane fell in love with Brooks Travis at age six. She fell in love with symphony at sixteen. She can't have both. After the unthinkable happens, she follows her dream to Chicago, vowing never to return to Texas. Now her dad wants her to come home. Mom has cancer, and he needs her. Brooks loves two things above all else: Katie and country music. Together their talent could have taken them to the top of the charts, but she chose Chicago. He heard she got married, probably to some citified, symphony sissy. Brooks is singing for the Lord in the cowboy church when Katie comes home with a son-a son with the same violet blue eyes he sees in the mirror every day. God has redeemed him, but is there any hope Katie can forgive him and their love be rekindled? Katie's life and dreams are in Chicago. Brooks was her first and only love, but he broke her heart. She can't let her guard down, can't open the gate and let him back into her life. Everything is different now. Well, maybe not everything. . .

Texas Zydeco

Author : Roger Wood
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Zydeco music - Creole music.

Texas Two Step

Author : Michael Pool
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Cooper and Davis are a couple of jam band-obsessed Texas ex-pats growing some of Denver’s finest organic cannabis and living the good life on tour. Or, at least they were, until legal weed put the squeeze on their market and cramped their playboy lifestyle. When their last out-of-state distributor gets busted by an Illinois task force, they're left with no choice but to turn to their reckless former associate Elroy “Sancho” Watts to unload one last crop down in Teller County, Texas. But Sancho Watts has troubles of his own in the form of Texas Ranger Russ Kirkpatrick, tasked under the table with nailing Watts for anything that will stick because of his involvement in the drug-induced suicide of a state senator's son. Not to mention his infamous new business partner, Heisman quarterback and NFL burnout Bobby Burnell, a man working to rise from the ashes of his self-destructed football career by making a name for himself in his criminally inclined Teller County family, no matter who he has to double-cross to get there. What ensues is a pine-curtain criminal jamboree where everyone involved keeps their cards close to their vest, and all the high-stakes two-stepping is sure to result in bloodshed.

The American Dream Through the Eyes of Black African Immigrants in Texas

Author : Ami R. Moore
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Using James Truslow Adams’ definition of the American dream, this book investigates whether black African immigrants in Texas are achieving the American dream. Almost all of the study participants Moore interviewed considered America a land of opportunity. Additionally, most of the black African immigrants’ definitions of the American dream focused on material aspects. Although participants mostly reported that the United States had been good to them, they nonetheless felt that they had not yet achieved the American dream. Additionally, they reported that their lives in the United States had been, at best, incomplete. They also encountered other challenges which mainly reflected the moralistic aspect of the definition of the American dream. They reported experiences such as not being fully accepted by native-born Americans in general and by white Americans in particular, being discriminated against, and being unappreciated. In fact, all of these challenges created a sense of marginalization among study participants. However, aware of the benefits of migration, they were willing to endure these challenges.

Texas Bride

Author : Leigh Greenwood
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While on a mission of vengeance against the man who betrayed him, Owen, a Civil War veteran, finds himself distracted by Hetta Gwynne, a proud woman who is determined to win back her ranch, and soon finds himself forced to choose between love or revenge. Original.

Storm Country

Author : Pete Davies
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Somewhere Down in Texas

Author : Ann DeFee
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Marci Hamilton loves her hometown of Port Serenity, but life's been a little dull lately. So she enters a barbecue sauce cook-ff with events held all over Texas. Although it's sponsored by country music superstar J.W. Watson, Marci wouldn't recognize him--or any singer other than Willie Nelson. So when a handsome cowboy comes to her aid, she has no idea that it's J.W. himself ...

Texas Medicine

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A shot in the dark

Author : Martin Hawkins
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Light Up My Life in Texas

Author : Connie Leonard
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She had a history that kept her from trusting. He had a history that included a little girl. Andrea Travis wants to establish her veterinary clinic and be independent. She doesn't want or need a man. Who can trust them anyway? But then the winds of a tornado blow Winn Timberman into her life. Is this ordinary guy an unsung hero, the chivalrous knight of her dreams? Winn Timberman is trying to put the pieces of his heart and life back together again. As a lineman, he lights up the lives of county electric co-op customers. But his main responsibility is to protect his little girl. He's all she has. She's all he wants-until he meets the beautiful, blue-eyed vet. Can they overcome their haunted pasts to build a future? Will their swirling emotions blow them into a whirlwind romance, or will their hopes and dreams be washed away by a hurricane of historic proportions? Hang on to your hats for a wild ride in this contemporary Christian romance filled with faith, forgiveness, and love.

Winds Across Texas

Author : Susan Tanner
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The captive of a great warrior, Katherine Bellamy returns to white society to find herself shunned by decent folk and drawn to Slade, a hard-riding rancher on a vendetta. Original.

Texas Rangers

Author : Edward Gorman
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Some of the greatest Western fiction writers, including Louis L'Amour and Robert J. Randisi, come together in this exciting collection of short fiction that vividly recreates the untamed frontier where the Texas Rangers dedicated their lives to keeping the peace. Original.

Catalog of Copyright Entries

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The Buck Starts Here

Author : Robert Karl Manoff
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Texas Comebacker

Author : John S. McCord
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Milt Baynes heads for Louisiana to clear his family's name, and in Texas encounters love and challenge in the persons of a beautiful farmer's daughter and a band of brutal gunmen

Collected Essays of Walter Murdoch

Author : Sir Walter Murdoch
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Salvation Texas

Author : Anna Jeffrey
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Texas Quarterly

Author :
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