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Managing to Collaborate

Author : Chris Huxham
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Collaboration between organizations on different continents can raise issues of economic development, health, the environment, risk sharing, supply chain efficiency and human resource management. It is an activity that can touch upon almost every aspect of business and social life. In this notable text, the authors combine rigorous theory with practical examples to create a useful, practical, one-stop resource covering topics such as: the principles of the theory of collaborative advantage managing aims membership structures and dynamics issues of identity using the theory. The key features of the book include rich theory, drawn directly from practice, explained in simple language, and a coherently developed understanding of the challenges of collaboration, based on careful research. This significant text will be an invaluable reference for all students, academics and managers studying or working in collaboration.

Imagining Japan

Author : Robert N. Bellah
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"Bellah is a sociologist with a grand vision of history, deeply concerned with the twists and turns of religious values, weaving pre-modern religious thinking into the debates of modernization and modernity. He takes a reflective turn with Imagining Japan, evidencing his profound concern with religious evolution."—Tetsuo Najita, University of Chicago "One of the most original attempts to understand some of the psychological and symbolic roots of the central problems in Japanese history. Bellah masterfully brings together intellectual and institutional dimensions of Japan, making a very important contribution to Japanese Studies."—S. N. Eisenstadt, Professor Emeritus at Hebrew University and author of Japanese Civilization: A Comparative View

Routledge Handbook of Media Conflict and Security

Author : Piers Robinson
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This Handbook links the growing body of media and conflict research with the field of security studies. The academic sub-field of media and conflict has developed and expanded greatly over the past two decades. Operating across a diverse range of academic disciplines, academics are studying the impact the media has on governments pursuing war, responses to humanitarian crises and violent political struggles, and the role of the media as a facilitator of, and a threat to, both peace building and conflict prevention. This handbook seeks to consolidate existing knowledge by linking the body of conflict and media studies with work in security studies. The handbook is arranged into five parts: Theory and Principles. Media, the State and War Media and Human Security Media and Policymaking within the Security State New Issues in Security and Conflict and Future Directions For scholars of security studies, this handbook will provide a key point of reference for state of the art scholarship concerning the media-security nexus; for scholars of communication and media studies, the handbook will provide a comprehensive mapping of the media-conflict field.

ACCA P3 Business Analysis

Author : BPP Learning Media
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BPP Learning Media is an ACCA Approved Content Provider. Our partnership with ACCA means that our Study Texts, Practice & Revision Kits and iPass (for CBE papers only) are subject to a thorough ACCA examining team review. Our suite of study tools will provide you with all the accurate and up-to-date material you need for exam success.

Child Protection

Author : Margaret Bell
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First published in 1999, this book is based on an extensive research study of the experiences of eighty-three families and the range of professionals involved in initial child protection conferences, this book explores the opportunities and difficulties of working in partnership in child protection within the context of rights, justice and empowerment. The research identifies what families find helpful and unhelpful in the intervention, as well as analysing the difficulties faced by practitioners. In exploring the families experience, the author provides a concrete base for a much-needed clarification of the nature of and limitations on partnership practice within child protection. Equally, the analysis of professional perspectives on current procedures and the agency structures in place to support them provides insight into key intra and inter agency issues, including training. The Identification of the conflicts and ambiguities which are inherent in the particular system, and with which the professional struggle is of particular interest to social work practioners and their managers, as well as to academics and other researchers in the field. The book, therefore, contributes to the debate about what constitutes good practice in this complex field and, while affirming some of the strengths of the existing system, suggests some ways in which both the families and professionals who work with them can be better supported.

Improve Your Career Performance Collection

Author : Ken Blanchard
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In Leading at a Higher Level , Updated Edition, Blanchard and his colleagues bring together everything they've learned about world-class leadership. You'll discover how to create targets and visions based on the "triple bottom line"...and make sure people know who you are, where you're going, and the values that will guide your journey. From start to finish, this book extends Blanchard's breakthrough work on delivering legendary customer service, creating "raving fans," and building "Partnerships for Performance" that empower everyone who works for and with you. Updated throughout, this new edition contains two powerful, important new chapters: one on coaching to create higher-level leaders, and another on creating a higher-level culture throughout your organization. It also offers the definitive, most up-to-date techniques for leading yourself, individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Most importantly, it will help you dig deep within, discover the personal "leadership point of view" all great leaders possess-and apply it throughout your entire life. In Helping People Win at Work , WD-40 Company President/CEO Garry Ridge reveals how his company has used Blanchard's techniques to "Partner for Performance" with every employee, and achieve unprecedented levels of employee engagement and commitment. Ridge introduces WD-40's performance review system, explaining its goals, its features, and the cultural changes it required. Next, Ridge shares his "leadership point of view": what he expects of people, what they can expect of him, and where his beliefs about leadership and motivation came from. Finally, in Part IV, Ken Blanchard explains why WD-40's Partnering for Performance program works so well and how it can work for you, too. This book isn't about cheerleading: it's about transforming performance review one step at a time and reaping record-breaking results!

A Moral Ontology for a Theistic Ethic

Author : Frank G. Kirkpatrick
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This title was first published in 2003. This book develops a moral ontology for a theistic ethic that engages the work of contemporary moral and political philosophers, and reaffirms the relevance of a theistic tradition of God's relation to the world reflected in the fundamental teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Drawing on recent thought in the non-religious fields of psychology and political and moral philosophy, which build around the concept of human flourishing in community, Kirkpatrick argues that a theistic ethic need not be the captive of parochial or sectarian theological camps. He proposes a common or universal ethic that transcends the fashionable ethnocentric 'incommensurate differences' in morality alleged by many post-modern deconstructionists. In the wake of ethnic religious strife post September 11th 2001, this book argues for a common morality built on the inclusivity of love, community, and justice that can transcend sectarian and parochial boundaries.

Ownership of Tankers

Author : Robert Stanley McFarlane Nielsen
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The Ethics of Technology

Author : Martin Peterson
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Autonomous cars, drones, and electronic surveillance systems are examples of technologies that raise serious ethical issues. In this analytic investigation, Martin Peterson articulates and defends five moral principles for addressing ethical issues related to new and existing technologies: the cost-benefit principle, the precautionary principle, the sustainability principle, the autonomy principle, and the fairness principle. It is primarily the method developed by Peterson for articulating and analyzing the five principles that is novel. He argues that geometric concepts such as points, lines, and planes can be put to work for clarifying the structure and scope of these and other moral principles. This geometric account is based on the Aristotelian dictum that like cases should be treated alike, meaning that the degree of similarity between different cases can be represented as a distance in moral space. The more similar a pair of cases are from a moral point of view, the closer is their location in moral space. A case that lies closer in moral space to a paradigm case for some principle p than to any paradigm for any other principle should be analyzed by applying principle p. The book also presents empirical results from a series of experimental studies in which experts (philosophers) and laypeople (engineering students) have been asked to apply the geometric method to fifteen real-world cases. The empirical findings indicate that experts and laypeople do in fact apply geometrically construed moral principles in roughly, but not exactly, the manner advocates of the geometric method believe they ought to be applied.

SOME DEGREE OF POWER Preindustrial American Printing Trades 1778 1815 C

Author : Mark A. Lause
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