Quality of Software Architectures and Software Quality

First International Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures, QoSA 2005 and Second International Workshop on Software Quality, SOQUA 2005, Erfurt, Germany, September, 20-22, 2005, Proceedings


Author: Ralf H. Reussner,Johannes Mayer,Judith A. Stafford,Sven Overhage,Steffen Becker,Patrick J. Schroeder

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540290339

Category: Computers

Page: 294

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This book constitutes the joint refereed proceedings of two colocated events: the First International Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures (QoSA 2005) and the Second International Workshop on Software Quality (SOQUA 2005) held in Erfurt, Germany, in September 2005. The 18 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 48 submissions. For QoSA 2005 only 12 papers - of the 31 submitted - were accepted for presentation; they are concerned with research and experiences that investigate the influence a specific software architecture has on software quality aspects. The papers are organized in topical sections on software architecture evaluation, formal approaches to model-driven QoS-handling, modelling QoS in software architectures, software architectures applied, architectural design for QoS, and model-driven software reliability estimation. The 6 papers accepted for SOQUA 2005 - from 17 submissions - mainly focus on quality assurance and on software testing. They are organized in topical sections on test case selection, model-based testing, unit testing, and performance testing.

Moderne Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug

Innovationen, Neuentwicklungen, Anwendungen, Praxisberichte ; mit 17 Tabellen


Author: Bernard Bäker

Publisher: expert verlag

ISBN: 9783816925750


Page: 260

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Strategic IT Management

A Toolkit for Enterprise Architecture Management


Author: Inge Hanschke

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642050343

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 342

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For you as an IT manager, changes in business models and fast-paced innovation and product lifecycles pose a big challenge: you are required to anticipate the impact of future changes, and to make rapid decisions backed up by solid facts. To be successful you need an overall perspective of how business and IT interact. What you need is a toolkit, enabling you to manage the enterprise from a helicopter viewpoint while at the same time accommodating quite detailed aspects of processes, organization, and software lifecycles. Strategic IT management embraces all the processes required to analyze and document an enterprise’s IT landscape. Based on the experience of many projects and long discussions with both customers and academic researchers, Inge Hanschke provides you with a comprehensive and practical toolkit for the strategic management of your IT landscape. She takes a holistic view on the management process and gives guidelines on how to establish, roll out, and maintain an enterprise IT landscape effectively. She shows you how to do it right first time – because often enough there’s no second chance. She tells you how to tidy up a IT patchworks – the first step towards strategic management – and she gives you advice on how to implement changes and maintain the landscape over time. The book’s structure reflects the patterns that exist in strategic IT management from strategic planning to actual implementation. The presentation uses many checklists, guidelines, and illustrations, which will help you to immediately apply the content. So, if you are a CIO, an IT manager, a business manager, or an IT consultant, this is the book from which you’ll benefit in most daily work situations.

Software ergonomics

advances and applications


Author: Hans-Jörg Bullinger,Rul Gunzenhäuser

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780745802831

Category: Computers

Page: 138

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Refactoring in large software projects


Author: Martin Lippert,Stephen Roock

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780470858929

Category: Computers

Page: 280

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Large Refactorings looks at methods of establish design improvements as an important and independent activity during development of software, and will help to ensure that software continues to adapt, improve and remain easy to read and modify without altering its observable behaviour. It provides real-world experience from real refactored projects and shows how to refactor software to ensure that it is efficient, fresh and adaptable

Middleware and Enterprise Application Integration

The Architecture of e-Business Solutions


Author: Daniel Serain

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781852335700

Category: Computers

Page: 288

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Middleware is a layer of software that lets business applications inter-operate and eases the problem of constructing complex applications that can include market places, CRM and Internet access. The world of middleware has recently been galvanised by the arrival of the Internet and then by Java, making it part of the e-commerce revolution. This text provides a practical introduction to the different forms of middleware (RPC, message queues, hub and spoke, CORBA and Java) and how they can be combined to produce complex architectures that are suited to business needs. -Contributes to the diffusion and understanding of the importance of the role of middleware in the design of complex information systems. -Relevant text for courses on Information Technology applied to Business Management. -The first edition of this title was a bestseller.

Shaping better technologies


Author: Klaus Kornwachs,Imre Hronszky

Publisher: Lit Verlag

ISBN: 9783825897574

Category: Science

Page: 214

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