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Soft Modeling in Industrial Manufacturing

Author : Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski
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This book discusses the problems of complexity in industrial data, including the problems of data sources, causes and types of data uncertainty, and methods of data preparation for further reasoning in engineering practice. Each data source has its own specificity, and a characteristic property of industrial data is its high degree of uncertainty. The book also explores a wide spectrum of soft modeling methods with illustrations pertaining to specific cases from diverse industrial processes. In soft modeling the physical nature of phenomena may not be known and may not be taken into consideration. Soft models usually employ simplified mathematical equations derived directly from the data obtained as observations or measurements of the given system. Although soft models may not explain the nature of the phenomenon or system under study, they usually point to its significant features or properties.

Advances in Soft and Hard Computing

Author : Jerzy Pejaś
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The book presents a collection of carefully selected, peer-reviewed papers from the 21st International Multi-Conference on Advanced Computer Systems 2018 (ACS 2018), which was held in Międzyzdroje, Poland on September 24th-26th, 2018. The goal of the ACS 2018 was to bring artificial intelligence, software technologies, biometrics, IT security and distance learning researchers in contact with the ACS community, and to give ACS attendees the opportunity to exchange notes on the latest advances in these areas of interest. The primary focus of the book is on high-quality, original and unpublished research, case studies, and implementation experiences. All of the respective papers are of practical relevance to the construction, evaluation, application or operation of advanced systems. The topics addressed are divided into five major groups: artificial intelligence, software technologies, information technology security, multimedia systems, and information system design.

Soft Computing and Industry

Author : Rajkumar Roy
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Soft computing embraces various methodologies for the development of intelligent systems that have been successfully applied to a large number of real-world problems. Soft Computing in Industry contains a collection of papers that were presented at the 6th On-line World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications that was held in September 2001. It provides a comprehensive overview of recent theoretical developments in soft computing as well as of successful industrial applications. It is divided into seven parts covering material on: keynote papers on various subjects ranging from computing with autopoietic systems to the effects of the Internet on education; intelligent control; classification, clustering and optimization; image and signal processing; agents, multimedia and Internet; theoretical advances; prediction, design and diagnosis. The book is aimed at researchers and professional engineers who develop and apply intelligent systems in computer engineering.

International Joint Conference SOCO 17 CISIS 17 ICEUTE 17 Le n Spain September 6 8 2017 Proceeding

Author : Hilde Pérez García
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This volume includes papers presented at SOCO 2017, CISIS 2017, and ICEUTE 2017, all conferences held in the beautiful and historic city of León (Spain) in September 2017. Soft computing represents a collection of computational techniques in machine learning, computer science, and some engineering disciplines, which investigate, simulate, and analyze highly complex issues and phenomena. These proceeding s feature 48 papers from the 12th SOCO 2017, covering topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to health sciences; and soft computing methods in manufacturing and management systems. The book also presents 18 papers from the 10th CISIS 2017, which provided a platform for researchers from the fields of computational intelligence, information security, and data mining to meet and discuss the need for intelligent, flexible behavior by large, complex systems, especially in mission-critical domains. It addresses various topics, like identification, simulation and prevention of security and privacy threats in modern communication networks Furthermore, the book includes 8 papers from the 8th ICEUTE 2017. The selection of papers for all three conferences was extremely rigorous in order to maintain the high quality and we would like to thank the members of the Program Committees for their hard work in the reviewing process.

Virtual and Rapid Manufacturing

Author : Ljubomir Tanchev
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Collection of 120 peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping, held in Leiria, Portugal in September 2007. Essential reading for all those working on V&RP, focused on inducing increased collaboration between industry and academia. In addition to key

Applied Mechanics Materials Industry and Manufacturing Engineering

Author : Helen Zhang
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). These are the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering (MEIME2012), held on the 23rd and 24th June, 2012, in Hefei, China. Readers will find herein many original ideas and new visual angles on aspects of Applied Mechanics and Materials in Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Manufacturing Engineering.

Handbook of Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing and Production Management

Author : Laha, Dipak
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During the last two decades, computer and information technologies have forced great changes in the ways businesses manage operations in meeting the desired quality of products and services, customer demands, competition, and other challenges. The Handbook of Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing and Production Management focuses on new developments in computational intelligence in areas such as forecasting, scheduling, production planning, inventory control, and aggregate planning, among others. This comprehensive collection of research provides cutting-edge knowledge on information technology developments for both researchers and professionals in fields such as operations and production management, Web engineering, artificial intelligence, and information resources management.

The Functioning of Ecosystems

Author : Mahamane Ali
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The ecosystems present a great diversity worldwide and use various functionalities according to ecologic regions. In this new context of variability and climatic changes, these ecosystems undergo notable modifications amplified by domestic uses of which it was subjected to. Indeed the ecosystems render diverse services to humanity from their composition and structure but the tolerable levels are unknown. The preservation of these ecosystemic services needs a clear understanding of their complexity. The role of the research is not only to characterise the ecosystems but also to clearly define the tolerable usage levels. Their characterisation proves to be important not only for the local populations that use it but also for the conservation of biodiversity. Hence, the measurement, management and protection of ecosystems need innovative and diverse methods. For all these reasons, the aim of this book is to bring out a general view on the biogeochemical cycles, the ecological imprints, the mathematical models and theories applicable to many situations.

Advances in Automation and Robotics Vol 2

Author : Gary Lee
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The international conference on Automation and Robotics-ICAR2011 is held during December 12-13, 2011 in Dubai, UAE. The proceedings of ICAR2011 have been published by Springer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, which include 163 excellent papers selected from more than 400 submitted papers. The conference is intended to bring together the researchers and engineers/technologists working in different aspects of intelligent control systems and optimization, robotics and automation, signal processing, sensors, systems modeling and control, industrial engineering, production and management. This part of proceedings includes 82 papers contributed by many researchers in relevant topic areas covered at ICAR2011 from various countries such as France, Japan, USA, Korea and China etc. The session topic of this proceeding is signal processing and industrial engineering, production and management, which includes papers about signal reconstruction, mechanical sensors, real-time systems control system identification, change detection problems, business process modeling, production planning, scheduling and control, computer-based manufacturing technologies, systems modeling and simulation, facilities planning and management, quality control and management, precision engineering, intelligent design and manufacturing. The papers in this proceedings focus on industry engineering to promote efficiency and affect for the world, which typically showed their advanced research work recently in their various field. I am sure that discussing with many colleagues will give much more creative idea for each other on ICAR2011. All of papers with powerful evidence and detail demonstration involved the authors’ numerous time and energy will be proved valuable by their unexhausted exploring sprit. Sincere thanks to the committee and all the authors, in additionally, including anonymous reviewers from many fields and organizations. They pointed out us direction to go on research work for the world.

Handbook of Research on Novel Soft Computing Intelligent Algorithms

Author : Pandian Vasant
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"This book explores emerging technologies and best practices designed to effectively address concerns inherent in properly optimizing advanced systems, demonstrating applications in areas such as bio-engineering, space exploration, industrial informatics, information security, and nuclear and renewable energies"--Provided by publisher.

Communcations and Information Processing

Author : Maotai Zhao
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The two volume set, CCIS 288 and 289, constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the First International Conference on Communications and Information Processing, ICCIP 2012, held in Aveiro, Portugal, in March 2012. The 168 revised full papers of both volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers present the state-of-the-art in communications and information processing and feature current research on the theory, analysis, design, test and deployment related to communications and information processing systems.

Advanced Manufacturing and Information Engineering Intelligent Instrumentation and Industry Development

Author : J.Z. Ma
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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 2nd International Conference on Precision Mechanical Instruments and Measurement Technology (ICPMIMT 2014), May 30-31, 2014, Chongqing, China. The 885 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Mechanics and Dynamics, Applied Mechanics, Advanced Development in Manufacturing and Industry Engineering, Chapter 2: Mechatronics, Automation and Control, Intelligent Algorithms for Automation and Control, Chapter 3: Measurement and Instrumentation, Monitoring, Testing, Detection, Recognition and Identification Technologies, Chapter 4: Power and Electric Research, Electronics and Microelectronics, Embedded and Integrated Systems, Chapter 5: Algorithms, Computation and Information Technologies

Soft Computing Applications in Industry

Author : Bhanu Prasad
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Softcomputing techniques play a vital role in the industry. This book presents several important papers contributed by some of the well-known scientists from all over the globe. The application domains discussed in this book include: agroecology, bioinformatics, branched fluid-transport network layout design, dam scheduling, data analysis and exploration, detection of phishing attacks, distributed terrestrial transportation, fault detection of motors, fault diagnosis of electronic circuits, fault diagnosis of power distribution systems, flood routing, hazard sensing, health care, industrial chemical processes, knowledge management in software development, local multipoint distribution systems, missing data estimation, parameter calibration of rainfall intensity models, parameter identification for systems engineering, petroleum vessel mooring, query answering in P2P systems, real-time strategy games, robot control, satellite heat pipe design, monsoon rainfall forecasting, structural design, tool condition monitoring, vehicle routing, water network design, etc. The softcomputing techniques presented in this book are on (or closely related to): ant-colony optimization, artificial immune systems, artificial neural networks, Bayesian models, case-based reasoning, clustering techniques, differential evolution, fuzzy classification, fuzzy neural networks, genetic algorithms, harmony search, hidden Markov models, locally weighted regression analysis, probabilistic principal component analysis, relevance vector machines, self-organizing maps, other machine learning and statistical techniques, and the combinations of the above techniques.

Soft Computing and Fractal Theory for Intelligent Manufacturing

Author : Oscar Castillo
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The book describes the application of soft computing techniques and fractal theory to intelligent manufacturing. Hybrid intelligent systems, which integrate different soft computing techniques and fractal theory, are also presented. The text covers the basics of fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, chaos and fractal theory. It also describes in detail different hybrid architectures for developing intelligent manufacturing systems for applications in automated quality control, process monitoring and diagnostics, adaptive control of non-linear plants, and time series prediction. Real-world applications covered in this book include: tuning of televisions, battery charging, sound speaker testing, fruit classification, and stepping motors.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology III

Author : Hong Yang Zhao
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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 3rd International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ADME 2013), 13-14 July, 2013, Anshan, China. The 547 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technology; Chapter 2: Advanced Equipment Manufacture; Chapter 3: Fluid and Flow Engineering; Chapter 4: Dynamic Systems and Analysis, Machinery Dynamics and Dynamic Modelling; Chapter 5: Advanced Computer-Aided Design and Modelling Technologies in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanisms; Chapter 6: System Analysis and Industrial Engineering; Chapter 7: Innovative Design Methodology and Product Design; Chapter 8: Intelligent Optimization Design and Reverse Engineering; Chapter 9: Mechatronics, Automation and Control, Detection Technologies; Chapter 10: Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision, Navigation and GPS Technology; Chapter 11: Sensor Technologies; Chapter 12: Measurement and Monitoring Technologies; Chapter 13: Power, Energy, Microelectronic Technology and Embedded System; Chapter 14: Communication Technology, WEB and Network Engineering; Chapter 15: Signal and Intelligent Image, Video Information Processing, Data Mining; Chapter 16: Software Development and Application; Chapter 17: Computer Applications and Information Technologies in Industry and Engineering; Chapter 18: Production and Operation Management, Supply Chain, Electronic E-Commerce and Internet of Things Application; Chapter 19: Management and Education Engineering.

Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Author : Dong Ye Sun
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). This collection of 949 peer-reviewed papers on the Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science is intended to promote the development of Manufacturing, Design and Materials Science, the strengthening of international academic cooperation and communications and the exchange of research ideas. This book provides readers with a broad overview of the latest advances in the field of Manufacturing and Design Science.

14th International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications SOCO 2019

Author : Francisco Martínez Álvarez
File Size : 56.74 MB
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This book includes 57 papers presented at the SOCO 2019 conference held in the historic city of Seville (Spain), in May 2019. Soft computing represents a set of computational techniques in machine learning, computer science and various engineering disciplines, which investigate, simulate, and analyze very complex issues and phenomena. The selection of papers was extremely rigorous in order to maintain the high quality of the conference, which featured a number of special sessions, including sessions on: Soft Computing Methods in Manufacturing and Management Systems; Soft Computing Applications in the Field of Industrial and Environmental Enterprises; Optimization, Modeling and Control by Soft Computing Techniques; and Soft Computing in Aerospace, Mechanical and Civil Engineering: New methods and Industrial Applications.

Manufacturing Automation Technology

Author : Guang Lin Wang
File Size : 82.72 MB
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). The present volume comprises a collection of peer-reviewed papers covering innovations and practical experience regarding manufacturing automation education; current and developing manufacturing automation; advanced manufacturing technology including flexible manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, Green manufacturing and re-manufacturing, and web-based manufacturing; computer-integrated manufacturing systems; CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM; product life-cycle management (PLM); computerized numerical control systems and flexible manufacturing systems; industrial robotics; process monitoring and quality control of manufacturing systems; group technology (GT); PDM, ERP, logistics and supply chains.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving SocProS 2011 December 20 22 2011

Author : Kusum Deep
File Size : 42.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The objective is to provide the latest developments in the area of soft computing. These are the cutting edge technologies that have immense application in various fields. All the papers will undergo the peer review process to maintain the quality of work.

Pricing Irrigation Water

Author : Yacov Tsur
File Size : 52.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As globalization links economies, the value of a country's irrigation water becomes increasingly sensitive to competitive forces in world markets. Water policy at the national and regional levels will need to accommodate these forces or water is likely to become undervalued. The inefficient use of this resource will lessen a country's comparative advantage in world markets and slow its transition to higher incomes, particularly in rural households. While professionals widely agree on what constitutes sound water resource management, they have not yet reached a consensus on the best ways of implementing policies. Policymakers have considered pricing water - a debated intervention - in many variations. Setting the price 'right,' some say, may guide different types of users in efficient water use by sending a signal about the value of this resource. Aside from efficiency, itself an important policy objective, equity, accessibility, and implementation costs associated with the right pricing must be considered. Focusing on the examples of China, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, and Turkey, Pricing Irrigation Water provides a clear methodology for studying farm-level demand for irrigation water. This book is the first to link the macroeconomics of policies affecting trade to the microeconomics of water demand for irrigation and, in the case of Morocco, to link these forces to the creation of a water user-rights market. This type of market reform, the contributors argue, will result in growing economic benefits to both rural and urban households.