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Social Work and Community Development

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Social Work as Community Development

Author : Stephen Clarke
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This title was first published in 2000: The second edition of Social Work as Community Development is thoroughly revised and updated taking into account lessons from community development and international experiences applicable in developed economies. The application of system theory to the problems of managing change is the core theme. The book will be essential reading for the UK DipSW/MScEcon in Applied Social Studies and MScEcon in Community Care Studies as well as for students of community development and social work in the USA, Asia and Australia. It will also be useful for practitioners and policy-makers across social work, social welfare and social policy.

International Handbook on Social Work Theory and Practice

Author : Nazneen Sada Mayadas
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An overview of social work and the theories and values which support it in particular areas and countries around the world.

Integration of Community Development and Statutory Social Work Services Within the Developmental Approach

Author : Liezel Landman
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South African welfare policies and social problems dictate social service rendering in South Africa. Social workers are involved in various service delivery interventions of which community development (macro focus) and statutory services (micro focus) are two separate specialised interventions. In social work practice there is a need for both interventions, however, there is no clear guidelines for social workers how to integrate these interventions in practice. The aim of this study was to determine how community development and statutory services as two distinctive social work interventions could be integrated in order to render effective, integrated social services within a developmental approach. A qualitative research approach was utilised for the study and data was gathered by means of four focus group interviews. Respondents for the study included social workers and clients who were involved in both statutory and community development interventions. Research findings indicated that statutory and community development interventions are guided by different processes, time frames, and models of implementation, such as the legislative framework in the case of statutory work as opposed to participatory models in community development. The study concluded that there is not only confusion with regard to the role of social workers, but also a high risk of clients loosing trust in the helping relationship when one social worker simultaneously does community work and render statutory services in the same community. The distinctive nature of statutory services and community development calls for other options for the integration of these two intervention levels. This study proposed three options for social workers and NGOs to integrate statutory services and community development. Based on the research findings and conclusions of the study, the researcher proposed guidelines for (1) the development of an integrated model and (2) a policy framework for the integration of statutory services and community development within a developmental approach and finally recommended that such a designed model and policy framework be implemented and the impact thereof on social service delivery be researched.

Community Economic Development in Social Work

Author : Steven D. Soifer
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Community economic development (CED) is an increasingly essential factor in the revitalization of low- to moderate-income communities. This cutting-edge text explores the intersection of CED and social work practice, which both focus on the well-being of indigent communities and the empowerment of individuals and the communities in which they live. This unique textbook emphasizes a holistic approach to community building that combines business and real-estate development with a focus on stimulating family self-reliance and community empowerment. The result is an innovative approach to rehabilitating communities in decline while preserving resident demographics. The authors delve deep into the social, political, human, and financial capital involved in effecting change and how race and regional issues can complicate approaches and outcomes. Throughout, they integrate case examples to illustrate their strategies and conclude with a consideration of the critical role social workers can play in developing CED's next phase.

Pacific Social Work

Author : Jioji Ravulo
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As a region, the Pacific is changing rapidly. This edited collection, the first of its kind, centres Pacific-Indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being in Pacific social work. In so doing, the authors decolonise the dominant western rhetoric that is evident in contemporary social work practice in the region and rejuvenate practice models with evolving Pacific perspectives. Pacific Social Work: • Incorporates Pacific epistemologies and ontologies in social and community work practice, social policy and research • Profiles contemporary Pacific needs – including health, education, environmental, justice and welfare • Demonstrates the application of Pacific-Indigenous knowledges in practice in diverse Pacific contexts • Examines Pacific-Indigenous research approaches to promote inform practice and positive outcomes • Reviews Pacific models of social and community work and their application • Fosters Pacific perspectives for social work and community work education and training in the Pacific region. Pacific Social Work demonstrates the role of social work within societies where social and cultural differences are evident, and practitioners, community groups, researchers, educators, and governments are encouraged to consider the integration between local indigenous and international knowledge and practice. Providing rigorously researched case studies, questions and exercises, this book will be a key learning resource for social work and human and community services students, practitioners, social services managers and policy makers in Australia, New Zealand and various Pacific Island states across the Pacific including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Social Work Methods and Skills

Author : Karen Healy
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This brilliantly systematic and comprehensive textbook provides an integrated approach to social work theory, methods and skills as the bedrock of all social work practice. Recognizing social work as a diverse activity that is rooted in common foundations, it explains how practice both shapes and is shaped by professional purpose. The text also explores the diverse range of social work practice methods available and aims to equip the reader with a foundation in the history and application of these varied approaches. Offering a step-by-step discussion that will empower readers to critically develop and refine their professional toolkit for purposeful and innovative intervention, this original rationale is an essential resource for any social work student or practitioner looking to build, or consolidate, their understanding of the range of methods and skills available for effective professional practice.

Social Work and Community Care

Author : Malcolm Payne
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This work argues for the involvement of social work skills, knowledge and values as part of the development of policy and multi-professional practice in community care. It shows how ideas of community and community care are entwined with the development of social work and social services.

Community Development and Civil Society

Author : Paul Henderson
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Set within the context of Europe, this book demonstrates the contribution that community development can make to strengthening civil society. The book interweaves case studies with discussion of community development principles and theory to provide a critical and accessible approach.

Community Development Review

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