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Coordination in Soccer

Author : Pawel Guziejko
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Coordination is very important aspect in development of soccer players at all levels of the game. In this fascinating book the young Polish Coach Pawel Guziejko provides new methods and detailed information for successful coordination training. This book provides not only new combinations of games with and without the ball but also describe all aspects of coordination processes such as balance, speed reaction, differentiation, orientation, feedback, sensing of rhythm adaptation and re-positioning. This book is for coaches as well as for players who are not only looking for drills to improve their game, but also more knowledge about current and future coordination training in soccer.

RoboCup 2002 Robot Soccer World Cup VI

Author : Gal A. Kaminka
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RoboCup 2002, the 6th Robot World Cup Soccer and Rescue Competitions and Conference, took place during June 19–25, 2002, at the Fukuoka Dome (main venue) in Fukuoka, Japan. It was, by far, the RoboCup event with the largestnumberofregisteredparticipants(1004persons,distributedin188teams from 29 countries) and visitors (around 120,000 persons). As was done in its previous editions since 1997, the event included several robotic competitions and aninternationalsymposium.Thepapersandposterspresentedatthesymposium constitutethemainpartofthisbook.Leaguereportsinthe?nalsectiondescribe signi?cant advances in each league and the results. The symposium organizers received 76 submissions, among which 17 papers (22%) were accepted for oral presentation at the symposium (?rst section of the book), and 21 papers (29%) were accepted as posters (second section of the book). Most papers were evaluated by three reviewers each, chosen from the members of the International Program Committee (IPC). The IPC consisted of a balanced combination of regular RoboCup participants and researchers from outside this community. The reviewers worked hard to guarantee a fair review process – the result of their work was a high-quality symposium with very - teresting presentations.

Why American Soccer Isn t There Yet

Author : Shane Stay
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Why American Soccer Isn’t There Yet analyzes the methods of Brazil, Spain, Holland—where the author has lived and played—and other similar nations, establishing a ground for a new vision in the approach to American soccer. The purpose is to establish a new insight into contemporary American soccer and restore faith in ground level observation of what works in a competitive team sport. The majority of American soccer players have athletic talent, the raw physical ability, and often the technical ability, however they have been fed the wrong mental information from their elders, including parents, extended family, and coaches. In turn, the coaches have been fed the wrong information from their respective elders. This book lays out what the core problem is, how to break it down, and fix it for the future of American soccer, which has the potential to become a prominent world power.

Lionel Messi The Inspirational Story Behind One of Soccer s Greatest Superstars

Author : Andrew McKay
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Learn about the awe-inspiring journey of one the greatest Soccer Superstars, Lionel Messi; his early life, amazing achievements and fun facts about him. This book will help you to become familiar with this amazing superstar and will no doubt motivate you too to work hard at your dreams.

One Hundred and One Fun Warm up and Cool down Games

Author : John Byl
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"101 Fun Warm-Up and Cool-Down Games provides the antidote to the age-old warm-up and cool-down routines of jogging and stretching. These games engage students and athletes in fun warm-ups that will prepare them mentally and physically for their activity and cool-downs that will help them recover."--BOOK JACKET.


Author : Jurgen Buschmann
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Modern soccer is distinguished by perfect ball and body control at top speed. For this reason training in movement and ball skills is becoming more and more important. Co-ordination skills are among those factors that determine performance in soccer. Only those players that master the relevant basic skills can achieve top performance later on. It is therefore the aim of every player to master body and ball in such a manner that he can react as appropriately as possible in various situations on the field.

Soccer s Most WantedTM II The Top 10 Book of More Glorious Goals Superb Saves and Fantastic Free Kicks

Author : Jeff Carlisle
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Soccer is the worldOCOs game, more popular than any other sport. Fans fill stadia, and players strive to perform at the highest levels for them. SoccerOCOs Most WantedOao II presents more of the best and brightest, funniest and freakiest, and the highs and lows of soccer. It highlights the crazy incidents and interesting bits of trivia that have helped make soccer (football to the rest of the globe) the most-watched sport on the planet. Everyone remembers the World Cup winners, but what about the best teams who fell just short? And what about the great players who never got to appear on the world stage? Then there is the burgeoning American game, thanks to the steady progress of Major League Soccer and the strides made by the countryOCOs respective national teams. Jeff Carlisle presents all that and more in fifty top-ten lists chock full of entertaining stories. He covers strange injuries, bizarre bookings, and some of the more colorful feuds worldwide. He discusses the greatest players to travel from the MLS to overseas and lambastes the biggest flops who came to MLS assuming glory and fell flat on their faces. He covers European leagues and players too, from the EPL to Serie A and everything in between. Through it all he presents the game as only a true follower can, with an expertise gained through years of coverage. SoccerOCOs Most WantedOao II brings the beautiful game to life!"

Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry Third Edition

Author : Shelly Field
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Elementary Physical Education

Author : Inez Rovegno
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Firmly rooted in curriculum and instruction, Elementary Physical Education translates the most current research on learning, motivation, higher-order thinking skills, and social responsibility into easy to understand concepts and instructional strategies for elementary school physical education. The authors have revised, updated, and re-conceptualized the movement approach (skill theme approach) based on findings that have been shown to increase children’s learning and teacher effectiveness. Each content chapter includes sample lesson plans designed to be teaching tools which will help transform the ideas discussed in the book. The content is aligned with the National Standards for Physical Education and NASPE’s guidelines for appropriate practices. It offers many sample tools for assessing childrens' learning and maintaining program accountability. This comprehensive text can be used across several courses including elementary physical education curriculum and instruction, educational gymnastics, educational dance, educational games, and movement foundations courses. It is also the perfect reference tool for field experience courses and student teaching.

Coaching Soccer Like Guardiola and Mourinho

Author : Timo Jankowski
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A soccer player is more than the sum of his parts: endurance, speed, shooting technique, passing technique, and many more. All of these factors need to be turned into one system to create good players. Traditional training theory doesn’t achieve that because each skill is trained individually. This is why the concept of Tactical Periodization has become the preferred training theory for many of the current most successful soccer coaches: Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, Diego Simeone, André Villas-Boas, and many others train according to these principles. By creating match-like situations in practice, players learn to link their technical, tactical, and athletic abilities to match intelligence. They will learn to transfer their skills to soccer matches and they can improve endurance, technique, and tactics all at the same time while enjoying the practice sessions more. For this book, the author has evaluated and analyzed hundreds of training sessions and has tailored exercises to specific demands. All exercises are performed with a ball so that players learn to apply each skill to the game. Every coach will find numerous exercises in this book to help them create better and more efficient practice sessions so they can improve their players’ and the team’s performance. With Tactical Periodization, your team will become better and be successful on the next match day!

Elementary Physical Education

Author : Rovegno
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Includes an access code for online materials.


Author : Gemma Clarke
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From Michelle Akers to Megan Rapinoe, bold and inspiring profiles of the pioneers, champions and future heroines of women's soccer around the world. Women's soccer has come a long way. The first organized games on record -- which took place three hundred years ago in the Scottish Highlands -- were exhibition matches, where single women played against married women while available men looked on, seeking a potential mate. Today, champions like Mia Hamm, Abby Wambach, Brazil's Marta and China's Sun Wen, have inspired girls around the world to pick up the beautiful game for love of the sport. Inevitably, given the hardships and discrimination they face, women who play soccer professionally are so much more than elite athletes. They are survivors, campaigners, political advocates, feminists, LGBTQ activists, working moms, staunch opponents of racial discrimination and inspirational role models for many. Based on original interviews with over 50 current and former players and coaches, this book celebrates these remarkable women and their achievements against all odds.

Sticky Doorknobs

Author : Jimmy Patterson
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“In ‘Sticky Doorknobs’, Jimmy Patterson’s personal experiences of parental fear and everyday frustration open to universal revelations of laughter and love. His stories will move you to smile and cry in the space of three paragraphs. ‘Sticky Doorknobs’ is a collection of wisdom that points to what gives life meaning. You won’t want to let them go.” -- The Rev. Clare Petersberger, Towson (Md.) Unitarian Universalist Church “Jimmy Patterson’s new book, ‘Sticky Doorknobs’ is what family is all about. Reading his stories is almost as therapeutic as attending a support group for parents with similar experiences. As you read along, a part of you will say, ‘Hey, he’s been in my house! The same thing has happened to me!’ ‘Sticky Doorknobs’ will help you to laugh when it is not always easy to laugh.” -- Carolyn Harper, Publisher, San Angelo (Tex.) Family Magazine

The Golden Age of Video Games

Author : Roberto Dillon
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This book focuses on the history of video games, consoles, and home computers from the very beginning until the mid-nineties, which started a new era in digital entertainment. The text features the most innovative games and introduces the pioneers who developed them. It offers brief analyses of the most relevant games from each time period. An epilogue covers the events and systems that followed this golden age while the appendices include a history of handheld games and an overview of the retro-gaming scene.

Soccer Awareness One Touch Training

Author : Wayne Harrison
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This 103 page eBook explores one touch training and movement off the ball and includes 90 pages of drills that you can do with your team. Table of contents is below.One Touch Training: Teaches the player WHEN to play one touch; and when NOT to play one touch. We are teaching players to have a ONE TOUCH MENTALITY. A One touch mentality teaches players to recognize the best options; and therefore make the best DECISIONS; BEFORE and in ADVANCE of receiving the ball. Movement OFF the ball: This mentality conditions the mind of players OFF the ball to position and move to help the player who is receiving the ball. This means we want players to always; at every moment; THINK: "I only have One touch"; therefore this will force players to always do what I call the "LOOK and THINK" before they receive the ball to see several options and pick out their best option, which may actually be to DRIBBLE!!When you use these training sessions consistently you will see the development of that relationship between having a ONE TOUCH mentality and Movement OFF the ball.So in a nutshell:LOOK (before receiving the ball);MOVE (find space off the ball based on positioning of teammates and opponents):THINK (what is my best option?):EXECUTE (the Decision; or the SKILL Factor).

Teaching Disability Sport

Author : Ronald W. Davis
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Through "Teaching Disability Sport: A Guide for Physical Educators, Second Edition," teachers will learn how to use disability sports in their curricula. The book and DVD package details the stages of program planning, assessment, implementation, teaching, and evaluating. Teachers can choose from more than 200 games in 8 disability sports.


Author : Klaus Bischops
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Format : PDF
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Soccer Tactics 2 A construction procedure of the soccer tactics

Author : Tetsuya T. Yamamoto
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The purpose of this writing is to suggest a construction procedure of the soccer tactics. In `Soccer Tactics, 1, Design of basic concepts', the author discussed basic concepts of soccer tactics and classified tactical actions. In this writing, for further discussions of the soccer tactics, discussed is a construction procedure of the soccer tactics. NOT in USA and Canada, please read `Football Tactics, 2, A construction procedure of the football tactics'

Manchester United

Author : Mark Stewart
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Read Along or Enhanced eBook: An introduction to the Manchester United European soccer club. Includes information about the team's history and culture, stadium, star players, uniforms and more. Features photos, vintage trading card reproductions, maps, and records. Includes access to the Extra Time website which provides regularly updated information and photos. Aligns to Common Core State Standards requirements for Reading Informational Text. Table of Contents, glossary, additional resources and index.

Getting It Right the First Time

Author : Barry McCarthy
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A healthy marriage is the result of much more than a stroke of good fortune, the accidental meeting of two "soul mates," or a conscious commitment to stay together no matter what. Studies have found that romantic, passionate love is often just a memory by the wedding, or within the first year of marriage. Creating an intimate, satisfying, and stable marriage is by no means easy or guaranteed--it requires thought, communication, planning, and true commitment to each other (though luck and compatibility never hurt). The window of opportunity in which to build the foundation for such a relationship is narrow, and does not often last too long after the first two years of a marriage. Getting it Right the First Time provides the information every couple needs to know to understand what really makes a marriage work. Husband and wife team, Barry and Emily McCarthy share clear, helpful guidelines for creating a healthy marriage and reveal the strategies, skills, and attitudes that can help prevent disappointment, resentment, and alienation from entering the relationship. Ask any happily married couple whether the time and effort spent in creating a healthy marriage has been worth it, and you should get a universal answer. Getting it Right the First Time can make getting there a little easier.