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Snowboarding Skills

Author : Cindy Kleh
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Offers an informative "how to" book for both novice and experienced snowboarders, complete with step-by-step lessons via action photo sequences, safety tips, and advice from the professionals. Original.

Snowboarding The Ultimate Guide

Author : Holly Thorpe
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a comprehensive look at the snowboarding phenomenon, including its history; techniques and equipment; biographies of the sport's pioneers, athletes, and heroes; key sites and events; and future directions. • Draws on interviews with more than 100 snowboarders • Provides a chronology of snowboarding, starting from the mid 1960s to the present • Includes biographical sketches of pioneers, athletes, and heroes, such as Jake Burton, Shaun White, and Craig Kelly • Includes numerous photographs illustrating snowboarding in different sites, key events, and various styles of participation • A bibliography lists the most useful, reliable, and accessible resources for understanding the topic, including videos and organizational listings • A glossary defines key terms • Each chapter includes interesting sidebars on related issues, controversies, people, events, and even pop culture tie-ins


Author : Frank Gille
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An introduction to snowboarding, featuring numerous colour illustrations, precise descriptions and instructions. It builds up systematically, starting with the first attempts at standing and moving through to successful downhill runs.


Author : Matt Barr
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Discusses the history of snowboarding, some of the sport's pioneers, techniques and styles, necessary equipment, popular resorts, dangers, and more.


Author : Suzanne Murdico
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Examines the history of snowboarding and discusses the techniques, gear, pitfalls, and competitions associated with this sport.

Mastering Snowboarding

Author : Hannah Teter
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Format : PDF
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Helps riders of all levels and riding styles, including downhill, slalom, and halfpipe, on snowboarding techniques and tricks, and offers advice on selecting or building the best board for individual riding styles and abilities.

Snowboarding in Southern Vermont

Author : Brian L. Knight
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During the 1980s and 1990s, the "Manchester and the Mountains" area of Vermont was the epicenter of the fledgling sport of snowboarding. With the presence of Burton Snowboards, the U.S. Open Championships and one of the earliest machine-built halfpipes at Stratton Mountain, the local population led the vanguard as the sport ventured from the fringe to mainstream. Ranging from Olympic gold medalists to backhoe operators and converted skiers, locals contributed immensely to the development of the sport. Author Brian Knight details the birth, growth and development of a new worldwide sport from humble beginnings in southern Vermont.


Author : Rob Reichenfeld
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Offers advice on selecting snowboarding equipment, explanations of key snowboarding skills, and a guide to twenty of the world's best snowboarding destinations


Author : Dan Wakeham
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Crowood Sports Guides provide sound, practical advice that will make you into a better sportsperson, whether you are learning the basic skills, discovering more advanced techniques or reviewing the fundamentals of your sport. Snowboarding is the latest addition to this popular sports guides series and gives in-depth background to snowboarding's progression from enfant terrible of the slopes to mainstream winter sport. Contents include: How to set up a snowboard; Choosing the right equipment; Detailed explanation of the correct techniques for boardercross, halfpipe, slopestyle, big air and rails, featuring sequenced photography and diagrams; Getting the most from Snowboard Parks; Step-by-step guide to maintaining your board; Preparing for competition: nutrition and fitness. An instructional and practical guide aimed at beginners and improving snowboarders, Snowboarding gives an in-depth background to the sport, including how to set up your snowboard, advice on correct techniques and preparing for competition. Superbly illustrated with 150 colour sequenced photographs and diagrams. Dan Wakeham has worked within the snowboard industry for the past twenty years and Sophie Everard is a passionate snowboarder.

No Fall Snowboarding

Author : Danny Martin
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Gain Without Pain. Learning to snowboard can be easy and painless—with the right instruction. In this groundbreaking book, Danny Martin, the most sought-after snowboarding instructor today, teaches you how to snowboard in just three days—and without falling. While the American Association of Snowboard Instructors tells its members, “Your students will fall,” Danny Martin shows you that there can be gain without pain: he has single-handedly revolutionized the way the sport is taught, and in No-Fall Snowboarding he reveals his techniques. Firmly grounded in physical fitness and martial arts and designed so everyone—beginners, skiers, even seasoned snowboarders—can practice at home, No-Fall Snowboarding will teach you how to: -Learn proper snowboarding techniques long before hitting the mountain -Create balance with easy, specific body movements -Find the perfect board, gear, places to board -Get over bad habits -Avoid typical twisting motions guaranteed to cause falling Filled with dozens of stunning photographs by renowned photographer Mark Seliger, No-Fall Snowboarding is the go-to guide for people of all ages and skill levels who want to learn America's fastest growing sport.