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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Author : Caitlin Doughty
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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Unforgettable . . . a hilarious, poignant and impassioned plea to revolutionise our attitudes to death' Gavin Francis, Guardian From her first day at Westwind Cremation & Burial, twenty-three-year-old Caitlin Doughty threw herself into her curious new profession. Coming face-to-face with the very thing we go to great lengths to avoid thinking about she started to wonder about the lives of those she cremated and the mourning families they left behind, and found herself confounded by people's erratic reactions to death. Exploring our death rituals - and those of other cultures - she pleads the case for healthier attitudes around death and dying. Full of bizarre encounters, gallows humour and vivid characters (both living and very dead), this illuminating account makes this otherwise terrifying subject inviting and fascinating.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Author : Lutz Bacher
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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Author : Jill Churchill
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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Author : Michael Thibodeau
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"For more than a hundred years, the cigarette industry has hired some of the world's cleverest designers to make smoking appeal to as many different types of men and women in as many different cultures as possible." "The introduction traces the interwoven history of cigarettes and their packaging, from the earliest hand-rolled smokes preferred by soldiers, sailors, and bohemians to the latest trendy pack adopted by the young and terminally hip. History in the larger sense intersects in unexpected ways, with brands posi tioned to help win wars, glorify local dictators, and immortalize the masses. Thematic chapters ranging from Orientalism to Snob Appeal to Cigarette Indians survey the different categories of designs favored over the years as well as chronicling not only such famous campaigns as the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel but also such lesser-known oddities as Fems, Fez, and Wooden-Kimona Nails."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Author : Barto C. Barto
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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Susan C. Barto is a group of short stories about life, love, marriage and family. The author delves into a myriad of aspects of love and relationships between spouses, children, and lovers. Some of the stories seem to reflect pain and its subsequent growth as the protagonist comes out on the other side. One story tells about Emily Dickenson as the author imagines her and what her life and emotions may have been like. Other stories are more prosaic describing the love between husband and wife as they interact with each other and their off-spring.Susan C. Barto has been writing for over fifteen years. Her stories have the ring of truth and express a range of emotions swinging from joy flashes to times of suffering. However, the overriding message seems to show hope as it wins over despair. Hope, the author seems to say, helps people carry on while despair put us down in a valley. All shades of love are covered from flirtation to a 41 year marriage. Love sets us free and provides balm to fractured spirits. The author seems to believe that love never dies, and expresses this belief. Susan C. Barto has written several earlier books of short stories.

The Jazz Standards

Author : Ted Gioia
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The Jazz Standards, a comprehensive guide to the most important jazz compositions, is a unique resource, a browser's companion, and an invaluable introduction to the art form. This essential book for music lovers tells the story of more than 250 key jazz songs, and includes a listening guide to more than 2,000 recordings. Many books recommend jazz CDs or discuss musicians and styles, but this is the first to tell the story of the songs themselves. The fan who wants to know more about a jazz song heard at the club or on the radio will find this book indispensable. Musicians who play these songs night after night now have a handy guide, outlining their history and significance and telling how they have been performed by different generations of jazz artists. Students learning about jazz standards now have a complete reference work for all of these cornerstones of the repertoire. Author Ted Gioia, whose body of work includes the award-winning The History of Jazz and Delta Blues, is the perfect guide to lead readers through the classics of the genre. As a jazz pianist and recording artist, he has performed these songs for decades. As a music historian and critic, he has gained a reputation as a leading expert on jazz. Here he draws on his deep experience with this music in creating the ultimate work on the subject. An introduction for new fans, a useful handbook for jazz enthusiasts and performers, and an important reference for students and educators, The Jazz Standards belongs on the shelf of every serious jazz lover or musician.


Author : Joe Appalucci
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The Summer We Got Saved

Author : Pat Cunningham Devoto
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- Pat Cunningham Devoto's most recent novel, Out of the Night That Covers Me (0-446-52751-3, Warner hard-cover, 1/01), has over 60,000 copies in combined print and was highly praised in the New York Times Book Review and Washington Post Book World, among other publications. - My Last Days as Roy Rogers (0-446-52388-7, Warner hardcover, 1/99). Devoto's notable debut, received widespread praise in the Denver Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Kirkus Reviews, among other publications. - Born and raised in North Alabama, Pat Cunningham Devoto taps into her personal experiences and memories of growing up in the changing South to infuse The Summer We Got Saved with astonishing honesty and poignancy.

His Eyes Were Dark He Licked His Lips

Author : Jaosn Fury
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In His Eyes Were Dark, He Licked His Lips, a gay murder on Fifth Avenue helps topple President Richard Nixon from the White House. What is the mystery of Kurt James? Wherever he goes, scandal and tragedy follows him. Set against the lush ambiance of the Deep South and the glittering backdrop of Fifth Avenue, Kurt flees North Carolina in 1958 after witnessing the vicious murder of his boyfriend by lawmen. In Manhattan, he nearly drowns in a drug and booze drenched lifestyle as the city's most dazzling callboy. Desperate for stability, he lands a job as tutor/secretary in New York City's most fabulous mansion: Darling Place. He falls in love with both father and son, the ravishing David Darling, powerful Wall Street and confidante to President Richard Nixon, and the swarthy, betroubled Claude. Kurt also battles the psychopathic Mrs. Darling, a would-be feminist whose jealousy borders on insanity. Her violent attempts to physically abuse her adorable little son, Tuffy, are thwarted when Kurt becomes his protector. David is forced to stay in Washington to comfort the President who is embroiled in the Watergate Scandal. Suddenly, the nation is shocked by a grotesque murder in Darling Place and the sensational trial and scandal that follows. It is this astounding scandalof perverted love gone awrywhich helps topple President Nixon from the White Houseand brings tragedy to those left in Darling Place.

Quit Smoking

Author : P.J. Darnbrough
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After giving up smoking on four previous occasions for two lots of four years,and one for two years,and then one for only ten months. I realized where i was going wrong.I actually thought i liked smoking,so when i realized that it was an addictive drug called nicotine,i thought it was about time i treated this this addiction seriously.So i thought about it for a few weeks and worked out a plan of action,that i would carry out to the end,and never want to take up smoking again. As i’d used many different ways previously to stop smoking,i thought why not come up with an idea that combined three different methods to work in conjunction with each other.A three pronged attack. First phase; would be self hypnosis-dead Easy –honest. Second phase;Do it in a slow and methodical & controlled way Third phase;Using basic maths to come off it slowly but surely.