Get Into Smart Snacks


Author: Janice Dyer

Publisher: Get-Into-It Guides

ISBN: 9780778736424

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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In this highly engaging title, readers learn how to fuel up for all their favorite activities by making mouth-watering, healthy snacks. Clear, step-by-step instructions and colorful images introduce children to snacking with a purpose--making delicious and nutritious snacks to fuel their bodies--and fact boxes help readers understand the benefits of nutrition. With recipes of ranging complexities that accommodate diet restrictions, this book allows every reader to excite their taste buds!

Smart Snacks


Author: Flip Shelton,Michael Carr-Gregg

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 0143792539

Category: Children

Page: 192

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Don't underestimate the power of snacks! When it comes to kids' mood, energy, focus and success at school, one of the most influential factors is diet. And a hugely important part of what kids and teenagers eat and drink every day happens betweenmeals- mid-morning, after school, when they finish a sports game, at the beach. A smart snack will boost them with nutrients and slow-release energy, whereas a processed snack or soft drink can cause a spike in their blood sugar, throwing out their mood and concentration. Poor snack choices can also have longer-term effects on their physical and mental wellbeing. But family life is busy. That's why passionate foodie Flip Shelton and renowned adolescent and child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg have teamed up to create this collection of simple, speedy recipes to help you make the most of snacks every day without devoting hours to the process. From two-ingredient cashew balls and sweet potato chocolate brownies to egg jaffles and a whole rainbow of smoothies, whip up these recipes for (or with) your kids and you'll be packing them full of good stuff they'll actually want to eat. Show them how to snack smart and you can supercharge their happiness and health for life.

Smart for Life


Author: Dr. Sasson Maoulavi

Publisher: World Audience Inc

ISBN: 1502372029

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 268

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Sasson Moulavi, M.D., is the Medical Director of Smart for Life Weight Management Centers headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Sass is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he received the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training at McGill University in Montreal. He holds Board Certification in Bariatric Medicine and is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. He has completed the Annual Practical Approaches to the Treatment of Obesity at Harvard University and is a member of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine


Author: James M. Rippe

Publisher: Humana Press

ISBN: 3319430270

Category: Medical

Page: 433

View: 2049

This newest addition to the Nutrition and Health series focuses on nutrition’s key role in lifestyle interventions to prevent and manage diseases. The book pays particular attention to nutritional considerations related to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Edited by cardiologist, Dr. James Rippe, a well-known expert in the nascent specialty of Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine will also focus on a variety of specialized areas such as nutrition for athletes and physically active individuals, hydration, and nutrition throughout the life cycle (spanning from children to individuals over the age of 60). In addition, chapters will be included on controversies in nutrition, such as health effects of added sugars and saturated fatty acids in the diet. Finally, specialized chapters will be included in such areas as nutrition for women, nutrition for men, nutrition for latinos, the use of supplements, communication about nutrition, public policy issues, and the interface between nutrition and physical activity. Lifestyle Medicine, supported by the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Rippe’s textbook Lifestyle Medicine (CRC Press, 2013) and American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), is a new national medicine specialty that stresses the use of lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease. Its practitioners effectively manage medical treatments alongside the lifestyle interventions, for example lowering insulin treatment for patients with diabetes, reducing the dose of anti-hypertension medications for people with hypertension, and prescribing certain medical interventions that aid in smoking cessation.

Pediatric Obesity

Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment


Author: Michael S. Freemark

Publisher: Humana Press

ISBN: 3319681923

Category: Medical

Page: 814

View: 8174

This second edition of Freemark’s text embodies all of the strengths of the original work but is deeper and broader in scope, with new chapters on emerging themes including metabolomics, genomics, and the roles of gastrointestinal hormones, the microbiome, brown adipose tissue, and endocrine disruptors in the pathogenesis of childhood obesity. Reviews of the effects of weight excess on cognitive performance and immune function complement detailed analyses of the biochemical and molecular pathways controlling the development of childhood adiposity and metabolic disease. Critical assessments of nutritional interventions (including new chapters on infant feeding practices and vegetarian diets) and superb reviews of behavioral counseling, pharmacotherapy, and bariatric surgery provide practical guidance for the management of overweight children. Penetrating analyses of the obesity epidemic in its social, cultural, economic, and political contexts highlight challenges and opportunities for obesity prevention and community action. The perspective is international in scope and reflects the expertise and experience of many of the leading figures in the field. Comprehensive and up-to-date, this new edition of Pediatric Obesity: Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment will be an invaluable guide for all healthcare providers and policy makers concerned with the evaluation and care of children with nutritional and metabolic disease and with the societal implications of the obesity epidemic.

The Labor of Lunch

Why We Need Real Food and Real Jobs in American Public Schools


Author: Jennifer E. Gaddis

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 0520300025

Category: Social Science

Page: 312

View: 7659

There’s a problem with school lunch in America. Big Food companies have largely replaced the nation’s school cooks by supplying cafeterias with cheap, precooked hamburger patties and chicken nuggets chock-full of industrial fillers. Yet it’s no secret that meals cooked from scratch with nutritious, locally sourced ingredients are better for children, workers, and the environment. So why not empower “lunch ladies” to do more than just unbox and reheat factory-made food? And why not organize together to make healthy, ethically sourced, free school lunches a reality for all children? The Labor of Lunch aims to spark a progressive movement that will transform food in American schools, and with it the lives of thousands of low-paid cafeteria workers and the millions of children they feed. By providing a feminist history of the US National School Lunch Program, Jennifer E. Gaddis recasts the humble school lunch as an important and often overlooked form of public care. Through vivid narration and moral heft, The Labor of Lunch offers a stirring call to action and a blueprint for school lunch reforms capable of delivering a healthier, more equitable, caring, and sustainable future.

The Little Book of Thin

Foodtrainers Plan-It-to-Lose-It Solutions for Every Diet Dilemma


Author: Lauren Slayton

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110163202X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 4986

The ultimate cheat sheet that sets out a workable and flexible plan for successful weight loss to fit every lifestyle and diet choice. In this “worst-case diet survival handbook”, nutritionist and founder of Foodtrainers™, Lauren Slayton offers strategies and tips to avoid the most disastrous diet booby traps. Along with her no-nonsense nutrition and exercise advice, readers will discover that the missing component of most weight-loss schemes is planning. Planning to succeed and planning for the obstacles on the way to slim are as vital as what and when to eat and how to incorporate fat-burning activity into your day. All too many dieters give up when they hit a few road bumps created by work, family, socializing, travel, fatigue or indifference. Slayton comes to the rescue with: • The Big 10 “Do-Not-Pass-Go” Basics, from high protein breakfast to “closing the kitchen” after dinner! • Top Ten Things to Avoid to Get Healthy and Slim Down Fast • The 4 P’s -- Plan, Purchase, Prep and Promise -- to get and stay on track • The 4-Step Treat Training Strategy to survive the “Witching Hour” Dozens of smart, simple ways to cope with the big obstacles to slim: family, restaurants, travel, entertaining, alcohol and more. Slayton provides the know-how and the what-to-do-when-things-go-south to help readers keep on track, no matter what diet they follow.

Running in Heels

Quick and Smart Snack and Entrees


Author: Ms. Regina Santos,Ms. Natalie Yco

Publisher: Matter by Regina

ISBN: 9780615935881


Page: 94

View: 3414

Well-respected and renowned fitness professionals Natalie Yco and Regina Santos share forty of their favorite healthy recipes for people on the go. These quick, smart and easy-to-make snacks and entrees will demonstrate that eating well can be enjoyable and satisfying! Even though it's from a woman's perspective, men are guaranteed to enjoy these recipes too.

Body for Life for Women

A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation


Author: Pamela Peeke

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 160529828X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

View: 2604

The author adapts her "Body-for-LIFE" program for the specific requirements of women to create a resource designed to produce a lifetime of fitness.