Skills of Clinical Supervision for Nurses

A Practical Guide for Supervisees, Clinical Supervisors and Managers


Author: Meg Bond,Stevie Holland

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 9780335196616

Category: Medical

Page: 239

View: 1764

This is the first practical book on clinical supervision for nurses. It offers ways of understanding the context of clinical supervision in nursing, especially why it has taken so long to be seen as important, and pinpoints organizational and personal pitfalls that can sabotage its effectiveness. This book provides practical guidance for supervisees, emphasizing self-empowerment and developing the reflective skills necessary to make full use of clinical supervision. It offers clinical supervisors an in-depth look at their one-to-one and group facilitation skills and shows how to develop them and gives guidance to managers on how sponsor and coordinate systems of clinical supervision.

Skills Of Clinical Supervision For Nurses

A Practical Guide for Supervisees, Clinical Supervisors and Managers


Author: Bond, Meg,Holland, Stevie

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335238157

Category: Psychology

Page: 328

View: 1863

This is the first practical book on clinical supervision for nurses. It offers ways of understanding the context of clinical supervision in nursing and pinpoints organizational and personal pitfalls that can sabotage its effectiveness.

Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing


Author: Patrick Callaghan,Catherine Gamble

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0191059358

Category: Medical

Page: 424

View: 7636

Fully revised for its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing is the indispensable resource for all those caring for patients with mental health problems. Practical, concise, and up-to-date with the latest guidelines, practice, and initiatives, this handbook is designed to allow essential information to be quickly accessible to nurses in a busy clinical setting. This Handbook contains expert guidance on all aspects of the nurses role. Written by experienced nurses and teachers, it will help you acheive the best possible results for your patients. Summaries of key sections of the mental health act are provided, as well as the mental capacity act, mental health legislation in Scotland and other UK countries. New material for the second edition includes expanded and revised information on leadership, medications, physical interventions, basic life support, religion, spirituality and faith, and working with older adults, as well as a brand new chapter on contemporary issues in mental health nursing.

Practical Clinical Supervision for Counselors

An Experiential Guide


Author: Lisa Aasheim, PhD, NCC, ACS

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826107877

Category: Psychology

Page: 344

View: 4377

As the field of counseling continues to experience major growth, the need for clinical supervisors is growing proportionally. This stand-alone text for graduate and post-Masters level supervision courses contains all of the information clinical supervisors will need to practice effectively in community mental health and private practice settings. It aligns with current supervision standards issued by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, and with the recommendations of the American Association for State Counseling Boards. The book integrates theoretical and practical information while addressing all stages of the supervision process, from initial conceptualization and preparation to direct application and advanced skill utilization. Special attention is paid to ethical and legal issues, professional development, multicultural competence, evaluation, supervisory alliance, parallel process, and advanced supervision strategies. The text presents helpful tools for effective problem solving, including the supervisor self-concept exercise that guides the student in solidifying his or her identity as a supervisor. It will be useful for all levels of experience from novice to advanced supervisors. Key Features: Aligns with current national and state-specific supervision standards Engages readers in multiple exercises that readily facilitate application of concepts and theories Provides solutions to common and emerging supervision dilemmas Addresses such underrepresented supervision components as group supervision and dilemmas specific to private practice or agencies

Supervision for Forensic Practitioners


Author: Jason Davies

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317567269

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

View: 8696

Forensic practitioners work in a diverse range of settings, with a wide variety of groups and with a large number of agencies. Their work, whilst rewarding, is challenging, demanding and often undertaken in highly stressful situations. Ensuring that the workforce is trained and supported is essential in order to maintain skilful, knowledgeable, responsive and effective practitioners. Whilst training, self-directed learning and peer support all play a role, the need for supervision for practitioners is increasingly being recognised. This text is aimed at all those working in forensic settings who have direct contact with the perpetrators and victims of crime and is written for both those new to supervision and those with many years’ experience. Specific chapters focus on knowledge and skills for the supervisor and the supervisee and on those responsible for developing supervision systems for staff groups. This includes a focus on risk, boundaries, approaches to learning and the evidence base for supervision practice. Attention is also given to developing supervision competence and combatting harmful or ‘lousy’ supervision. The core text is supplemented by ten Special Topics addressing single issues commonly faced in supervision practice, such as ethical issues and reflective practice. The combination of comprehensive chapters and a focus on specific issues through ten Special Topics provides those involved in supervision with an essential resource. This book is essential reading for supervisors, students, managers and researchers who are involved or interested in the supervision process.

Bailliere's Nurses' Dictionary

for Nurses and Health Care Workers


Author: Barbara F. Weller

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702053732

Category: Medical

Page: 624

View: 6649

This popular classic, Baillière’s Nurses’ Dictionary, is now in its 26th edition, and fully updated to ensure it retains its usefulness to nurses and health care workers. New entries reflect the constantly changing world of health care services. Containing a wealth of useful information in a convenient pocket-sized format, this is an essential resource for everyone involved in nursing and health care. Appendices: 1 Nutrition 2 Resuscitation 3 First Aid 4 Medicines and their Control 5 The Legal and Professional Framework of Nursing 6 Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics Section 1: Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Section 2: Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) 7 Common Abbreviations 8 Common Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots 9 Units of Measurement and Tables of Normal Values 10 Immunization and Vaccinations 11 Occupational Health and Safety 12 Prevention and Control of Infection 13 Practice Development 14 Clinical Supervision Convenient, portable size Useful appendices Online resources Audio pronunciation guide – so that you can hear the correct pronunciation of the terms used Spellchecker – for downloading, so that your documents include correct medical spelling Word of the Day – helps you learn new terms Useful weblinks –point the reader to useful contacts and resources. Expanded appendices Online pronunciation guide Improved word search

Supervision in Counseling

Interdisciplinary Issues and Research


Author: Lawrence Shulman,Andrew Safyer

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780789034816

Category: Psychology

Page: 205

View: 4340

A cross-disciplinary look at the latest research and effective approaches Clinical supervision is crucial for learning and provides valuable support and evaluation of expertise and knowledge regardless of the discipline. Supervision in Counseling: Interdisciplinary Issues and Research explores the latest conceptual and empirical research in the pursuit of effective education in counseling across a variety of disciplines. Field instruction and clinical supervision issues are addressed in social work, psychology, counseling and counselor education, nursing, and school psychology. Core elements are examined, including the development of the supervisor-supervisee working alliance and the parallel process in supervision. Supervision in Counseling: Interdisciplinary Issues and Research takes you beyond the standard narrow view of clinical supervision within a particular discipline, broadly focusing on research and practices that has value in all disciplines. Research and developments on organizational matters, ethical issues, legal issues, evaluation, relationship issues, models of supervision, and other developments are discussed in detail. The book includes helpful tables and figures and is extensively referenced. Topics in Supervision in Counseling: Interdisciplinary Issues and Research include: major developments in clinical supervision over the years a review of research literature in clinical supervision in counseling the working relationship between supervisor and practitioner challenges in remaining current in clinical supervision overview of literature on supervision in psychology clinical supervision as signature pedagogy for the mental health professions clinical supervision in nursing—inside and outside of the United States research on field instruction in social work much more Supervision in Counseling: Interdisciplinary Issues and Research is an important resource for anyone in the field of clinical supervision in various disciplines, such as social work, psychology, counseling and counselor education, nursing, and school psychology.

Interpersonal Nursing for Mental Health


Author: Jan Horsfall,Cynthia M. Stuhlmiller,Simon Champ

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826114150

Category: Medical

Page: 341

View: 1203

Therapeutic Recreation

Processes and Techniques


Author: David R. Austin

Publisher: Sagamore Publishing


Category: Social Science

Page: 526

View: 1264

This book presents the most current and complete information available in a text on the practice of therapeutic recreation. It offers students a valuable learning resource and provides clinicians with a classic reference. The author combines knowledge from the behavioural sciences, psychiatry, education, nursing, and counselling with the knowledge from therapeutic recreation. This broad-based foundation provides a scholarly basis for clinical practice in therapeutic recreation.

Clinical Supervision for Nurses


Author: Lisa Lynch,Kerrie Hancox,Brenda Happell,Judith Parker

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444309498

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 6887

Clinical supervision provides a framework within which nurses canreflect on their practice, enabling them to face professionalchallenges with renewed energy and a clearer perspective. ClinicalSupervision for Nurses is an accessible, practical guide toclinical supervision itself and implementing the supervisionprocess in nursing practice. Clinical Supervision for Nurses explores the role of clinicalsupervision, its contribution to practice development andimplementation in practice. It discusses the range of approaches toclinical supervision and models of supervision, organisationalreadiness and other factors influencing success, legal and ethicalissues, and perspectives of supervisors and the supervisees.