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Skills for a Scientific Life

Author : John R. Helliwell
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Being, or wanting to become, a scientist requires academic training in the science subjects. To succeed as a research scientist and educator requires specific as well as general skills. Skills for a Scientific Life provides insight into how to be successful. This career book is intended for potential entrants, early career and mid-career scientists for a wide range of science disciplines. Features Offers advice on specific skills for research article writing, grant writing, and refereeing as well as teaching undergraduates and supervising postgraduates Provides helpful case studies resulting from the author's teaching and mentoring experience Contributes a special emphasis on skills for realizing wider impacts such as sustainability and gender equality Presents several chapters on leadership skills both in academe and in government service Concludes with an emphasis on the author’s overall underpinning of the topics from the point of view of ethics

Developing Life Skills Through Math and Science Games

Author : Wee Khee Seah
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Shaping character and life skills for our leaders of tomorrow has always been a challenging task. This exciting new book brings a new perspective to educating our young in a fun, exciting and engaging manner. High energy games that bring about both breadth and depth of discussion by the participants will inevitably develop their innate leadership potential and competency levels over time. These games are designed to be logistically minimal so that all can enjoy the games at any time. Contents:Game 1: Background MusicGame 2: Mental ArithmeticGame 3: Thinking on Your Feet!Game 4: Port, Starboard and CoreGame 5: Bouncing EggsGame 6: Body LanguageGame 7: Stick TogetherGame 8: Chemical Reaction!Game 9: Topsy-TurvyGame 10: Lucky 7sGame 11: Bombs-Away!!Game 12: Under PressureGame 13: Dichotomous FrenzyGame 14: Lost in EquationGame 15: Magic 21Game 16: Tumble DryGame 17: Blow Wind BlowGame 18: Splish, Splash, SploshGame 19: Reflective LightsGame 20: Get Into ShapeGame 21: Who's Walking Now?Game 22: Long and ShortGame 23: Bumper ParticlesGame 24: Bouncing BallsGame 25: Circle of TrustGame 26: 360o WaterGame 27: Knotted DNAGame 28: Cosmos!Game 29: Seeds and SticksGame 30: Water WavesGame 31: Living DominoesGame 32: Chemical CreationGame 33: Blast-Off!Game 34: Losing My MarblesGame 35: Virus AttackGame 36: Let's Jam!Game 37: One Blind MouseGame 38: That Sinking FeelingGame 39: Categorize Me!Game 40: Rhythm of LifeGame 41: Mini-TV!Game 42: Freezing PointsGame 43: Mystery in the Food WebGame 44: Static!Game 45: Breathe!Game 46: FlipsideGame 47: Same TrainGame 48: Chemi-Who?Game 49: Limps in MotionGame 50: Melting Pot Readership: High school students and general public interested in Math, Science and life skills. Keywords:Mathematics;Science;Character;Leadership;Games;Emotional Quotient;Social QuotientKey Features:Includes Math and Science concepts used for each gameReflective questions serve to bring about self-awareness and self-developmentGameplay is easy to understand with the help of accompanying illustrationsReviews: “The authors provide a systematic and uncomplicated collection of activities incorporating character building and the development of leadership skills using Math and Science concepts. The book is compact without being dense, and takes the reader through a guided tour of the soft skills domain. It is an interesting and informative excursion. Given the importance of the subject matter of this book to learn more about academic topics as well as life skills through some leading questions, through these academic knowledge and soft skills, and given the orderly and stimulating manner in which the subject has been presented, it can be predicted that the book would see several reprints in the years to come. I recommend this book to people who could use any of the principles and concepts to teach the Math and Science curriculum and to reinforce the soft skills both in the classroom and outside of it. It is also a great book to people who have fun in teaching while picking up new concepts in academic knowledge and soft skills.” Dr Nugroho J Setiadi Head of Institute for Research and Community Services Widyatama University Bundung, West Java Indonesia “This book uses the concepts of Math and Science to instill into the minds of young inquirers. The games created in this book, is also a valuable tool for Team Development in an Outdoor Experimental Laboratory. It helps to create the good leadership styles, teamwork and interpersonal skills, which are sought after by many business corporations of today. It is a simple approach but practical, to reduce the complexity of the human interactions in a corporation. This is another way towards Team Change Management.” Dr Richard Ng Management Professor University of the Philippines “Henri-Frédéric Amie, the Swiss philosopher, poet and criticm, once said that “Man becomes man only by his intelligence, but he is man only by his heart”. We can be the most intelligent person in the world, but it is the matters of the heart that makes us truly human. Knowledge of Science and Math, the traditional “brain” subjects, are undoubtedly essential in today's technological age but life consists of more than one dimension. The world, more and more, is crying out not just for clever men and women but also for those with true character in their hearts. This book has seized upon a brilliant idea of integrating the teaching of Science and Math with elements of emotional and social education, by exploring themes like honesty, teamwork, flexibility. The fun and interesting games, elegantly simple but enormously effective, will certainly open the eyes of the students to see Science and Math with a new perspective on how the various aspects of the total human experience are interrelated. Fellow teachers will find this most useful. And it is a book I wish my own teachers had when I was a student!” Mr Chen Khin Wee Associate Faculty, School of Art and Social Sciences SIM University, Singapore “What a refreshing way to look at Maths and Science! Games can bring just enduring understanding in abstract mathematical and scientific concepts and they help every learner experience and learn them through an innovatively kinaesthetic way. The author has also ingenuously connect these games to character building and leadership principles. Brilliant! Now we have mathematical and scientific thinking and reasoning brought into more authentic contexts and the child benefits a multitude of ways. I commend this book as a unique resource for any classroom and learning context.” Mrs Corinne Sim Vice Principal Methodist Girls' School, Singapore “This amazing new book sets forth interesting games that will increase your science and math skills. Whether you're training to become a group leader, are a science teacher or student, an organizer of a nerd party, or simply a curious bystander. This book encourages people to learn, practice science, and have fun at the same time. I can't wait for my kids to be big enough to try it out with them.” Dr Matjaž Kuntner Scientific Research Centre Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia “It gives an opportunity to school teachers to take some of these games and fully experiment them in their different aspects: playful, science learning, and developing aptitudes. ” European Mathematical Society

A Skills Standard for Budding Scientists

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A skills standard for budding scientists is an invaluable and practical hands-on guide for teaching students the vital skills needed at high school and early tertiary level for the successful completion of most tasks and assignments. It covers a wide range of skills from effective essay and report writing, to working with and evaluating different kinds of information and data, effective summarising and note-taking, as well as the skills required for more practical tasks such as conducting surveys, presenting orals, creating project displays, and so on. This book aims to offer practical skills education, whilst encouraging the vital practice of critical thinking, each step of the way. The book also aims to promote standardisation of skills within all schools and across all grades so that teachers and learners alike can start working from the 'same page'. Standardising skills helps eliminate the confusion arising out of conflicting skills instruction and helps learners know what should be presented in any task or assignment.

Digital Skills and Life long Learning Digital Learning as a New Insight of Enhanced Learning by the Innovative Approach Joining Technology and Cognition

Author : Dina Di Giacomo
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Recently, technology and aging have been key research areas in human cognition. The Research Topic “Digital Skills and Life-long Learning: Digital Learning as a New Insight of Enhanced Learning by the Innovative Approach Joining Technology and Cognition” investigated technology's impact on cognitive and intellective processes, highlighting how intensively technology can change and/or enhance the cognitive functioning throughout one’s lifespan. The aim of this Research Topic was to provide an outlook through multidisciplinary research and development while addressing the dynamic intersection of cognition, mind, and technology. Our scope was 1) to favor the cognitive technology debate, 2) to overcome the dichotomies of technology and psychology, 3) to emphasize the advances in knowledge and well-being. This Research Topic comprises review studies and original articles, focused on digital skills that enhance human potential. Transversal approaches and cross-sectorial analysis were encouraged, leading to investigation areas related to cognitive and mental processing—in educational, rehabilitation, clinical settings—across aging. Articles of high relevance to the Research Topic were submitted on the subjects of a) research in human performance and human factors, b) new research and technologies addressing the needs of a growing populace, and c) cognitive aging and cognitive rehabilitation research.

Write About Life Science Grades 6 8

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Write About Life Science provides students with many opportunities to communicate about life science topics through writing. As as increasing number of standardized tests include science as a testing component, providing students with ample practice becomes important. Write About Life Science offers a wide variety of writing experiences including summarizing, describing, synthesizing, predicting, organizing and interpreting charts, graphs,, and results of experiments. Reading selections are meant to supplement any science curriculum as well as serve as the focus for writing activities. Included in the selections are significant science facts, charts, graphs, experiments, and other useful information. A sample test covering all of the topics presented is a part of the book, drawing on the individual quizzes and the different writing types.

Middle School Mastery Skills Life Science

Author : Bill Linderman
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Exemplary Science In Informal Education Settings Standards Based Success Stories

Author : Robert Yager
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Life Science

Author :
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Science Process Skills of School Students

Author : Digumarti Bhaskara Rao
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Study conducted among the secondary school students of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Using Science to Develop Thinking Skills at KS1

Author : Max de Boo
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This work presents a series of practical activities designed to help teachers build an effective science curriculum for more able children. Activities range from short discussion topics and problems to solve, to whole-day masterclasses.

Ooey Gooey Science Grades 5 8

Author : Schyrlet Cameron
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Connect students in grades 5–8 with science using Ooey Gooey Science. This 64-page book stimulates student curiosity with 23 hands-on activities, things to make, experiments, and teacher demonstrations. The variety of activities supports the diverse learning styles and skill levels of middle-school students. Students use the scientific method to explore topics in earth, physical, and life science. The activities support the STEM initiative and connect to real-world situations. The book also identifies and defines important vocabulary and aligns with state, national, and Canadian provincial standards.

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Author : Franklyn Sills
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Craniosacral therapy is based on the belief that functions of the human system are maintained and integrated by a biodynamic force known as 'primary respiration, ' or the breath of life. Found in the brain, spinal cord, and bodily fluids, this rhythmic pulse promotes healing and health. Written for students and practitioners but accessible to lay readers, this text presents the fundamental concepts and techniques of a method that redirects the cerebrospinal fluid to areas of imbalance, thus enhancing overall health. Volume One covers both the history and conceptual ideas fundamental to Craniosacral Biodynamics, as well as the more complex structural and tissue relationships.

Jumpstarters for Energy Technology Grades 4 12

Author : Schyrlet Cameron
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Connect students in grades 4 and up with science using Jumpstarters for Energy Technology: Short Daily Warm-Ups for the Classroom! This 48-page resource explores new energy technologies, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass fuels, and hydroelectricity. It includes five warm-ups per reproducible page, answer keys, and suggestions for use.

Jumpstarters for African American History Grades 4 8

Author : Jane Heitman
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This book will provide challenging activities that help students explore the contributions of African-Americans throughout the history of our nation, from slavery to the Civil War, theHarlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights movement, and the present. Short warm-ups and quick assessments will highlight the African-American heroes of the past, as well as the leaders of today. Answer keys and teacher resources page included. --P. [4] of cover.

Autism Life Skills

Author : Chantal Sicile-Kira
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Award-winning autism expert Chantal Sicile-Kira presents a positive and empowering ?bill of rights? for every person with autism. From an award-winning author and advocate, Autism Life Skills presents a positive and empowering "bill of rights" for every person with autism, regardless of impairment level. With advice and reflections from autistic adults across the spectrum, as well as Sicile-Kira's own experience as an advocate and parent of an autistic teen, the book covers these ten essential life skills: Making Sense of the World * Communication * Safety * Self-Esteem * Pursuing Interests * Self-Regulation * Independence * Social Relationships * Self- Advocacy *Earning a Living Whether your child or student has Asperger's or is on the more severely impaired end of the autism spectrum, this action-oriented guide will provide hope and help -- so that every child has a chance to reach his or her full potential.

Math Tutor Multiplication and Division Ages 9 14

Author : Harold Torrance
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Make math matter to students in all grades using Math Tutor: Multiplication and Division! This 80-page book provides step-by-step instructions of the most common math concepts and includes practice exercises, reviews, and vocabulary definitions. The book covers multiplying and dividing by one-, two-, and three-digit numbers; working with 10, 100, 1,000, and so on; factors; remainders; decimals; and estimation. It aligns with state, national, and Canadian provincial standards.

Bringing Science and Mathematics to Life for All Learners

Author : Dennis M. Adams
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Science and mathematics.

Living Science 1 Silver Jubilee

Author : Manjula Khuller
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The silver jubilee edition of Living Science conforms to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework. This edition is enriched with an updated text and new lively, colourful illustrations with GET SET (lead-in activities), Science facts, In-text questions, New activities, Weblinks, yoga, Subject links, Guided answers for children, Technology and You, SCICTIONARY, a dictionary of scientific terms and the Science Virtual Resource Centre

Effective Learning in the Life Sciences

Author : David J. Adams
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Effective Learning in the Life Sciences is intended to help ensure that each student achieves his or her true potential by learning how to solve problems creatively in laboratory, field or other workplace setting. Each chapter describes state of the art approaches to learning and teaching and will include case studies, worked examples and a section that lists additional online and other resources. All of the chapters are written from the perspective both of students and academics and emphasize and embrace effective scientific method throughout. This title also draws on experience from a major project conducted by the Centre for Bioscience, with a wide range of collaborators, designed to identify and implement creative teaching in bioscience laboratories and field settings. With a strong emphasis on students thinking for themselves and actively learning about their chosen subject Effective Learning in the Life Sciences provides an invaluable guide to making the university experience as effective as possible.

Life Science

Author : William L. Ramsey
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Format : PDF, ePub
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