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Skating Shoes

Author : Noel Streatfeild
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A skating champion. An unlikely friendship. A fateful pair of white boots. Read the classic that has captivated generations! It's a stroke of great luck when Harriet Johnson’s doctor prescribes skating after an illness that has left her feeling frail and listless. For on her very first day at the rink, Harriet meets orphaned Lalla Moore, who is being brought up by her wealthy aunt Claudia to be a skating champion. Although they have little in common, the girls form a fast friendship. Harriet is energized by talented, funny Lalla, and Lalla in turn blossoms under the affection of openhearted Harriet. The girls skate together more and more. But just as Lalla’s interest in skating starts to fade, Harriet’s natural talent begins to emerge. Suddenly Lalla and Harriet seem headed in two very different directions. Can their friendship survive? This beloved children's classic is the perfect gift for girls who dream of spending days at the ice rink and becoming a figure skating champion. Adult readers may remember the "Shoes" books from You've Got Mail!

Boot and Shoe Recorder

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The Art of Skating

Author : Irving Brokaw
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From the Original Introduction (1910) In this book the author has endeavored to condense some of the mass of material which he has collected during many years of the study and practice of figure skating in the United States, Canada and the skating centers of Europe. Enthusiastic interest and unusual opportunity for comparing the best styles of skating to be found among many nations, due to extended travel during the skating seasons, and the unbounded hospitality extended to him in all parts of the world where skating is looked upon as sport in the best sense of the word, have caused the author to venture on this little volume, which, on account of its convenient size, can be carried about and easily referred to when the learner is on skates. It is with some slight sense of responsibility, therefore, and as a contribution to national interest in a sport which really originated in America, that he endeavors to here set down his analysis of the new, artistic figure skating destined soon to be the standard all over the world.


Author : Kara-Jane Lombard
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This book explores the cultural, social, spatial, and political dynamics of skateboarding, drawing on contributions from leading international experts across a range of disciplines, such as sociology and philosophy of sport, architecture, anthropology, ecology, cultural studies, sociology, geography, and other fields. Part I critiques the ethos of skateboarding, its cultures and scenes, global trajectory, and the meanings it holds. Part II critically examines skateboarding in terms of space and sites, and Part III explores shifts that have occurred in skateboarding’s history around mainstreaming, commercialization, professionalization, neoliberalization and creative cities.

Hippodrome Skating Book

Author : Charlotte Oelschlager
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"Hippodrome Skating Book: Practical Illustrated Lessons in the Art of Figure Skating" by Charlotte Oelschlager was the gold-standard for figure skating manuals. A combination of illustrations and written directions helped skaters learn everything from simple turns to jumps, and even pair skating. Aimed at an American audience, the book is meant to be encouraging and informative so more US citizens would garner an interest in the art and sport of figure skating.

The Dry Goods Reporter

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Inline Skating in Contemporary Sport

Author : Robert E. Rinehart
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Mastering Skateboarding

Author : Per Welinder
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Ever watched pro skaters and wished you knew how they were able to pull off the tricks that you see? If so, then MasteringSkateboarding is the resource for you! Two-time world champion skateboarder Per Welinder teams up with longtime skateboard advocate Peter Whitley to bring you the techniques and tricks used by the pros. But the information doesn’t stop there. Welinder and Whitley also provide in-depth coverage of skateboarding equipment, including how to select the components that work best for you and how to build and tune a board that fits your individual riding style. Packed with XX tricks, this full-color guide is the only resource you’ll ever need to pull off the moves you’ve dreamed of performing. Whether you ride street or vert, competitive or recreational, Mastering Skateboarding has you covered. Add this one-of-a-kind resource to your collection and you’ll soon be ready to put your new skills on display!

Shoe and Leather Journal

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Summaries of Tariff Information

Author : United States Tariff Commission
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