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Sixteenth Century Judeo Spanish Testimonies

Author : Annette Benaim
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Through the analysis of transcribed verbal testimonies of the Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century a vision of Jewish Ottoman life as well as a deep understanding of the development of Judeo-Spanish can be appreciated.

Annette Benaim Sixteenth Century Judeo Spanish Testimonies An Edition of Eighty four Testimonies from the Sephardic Responsa in the Ottoman Empire

Author : Rafael D. Arnold
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Judeo Spanish Testimonies in Sixteenth century Responsa

Author : Annette Benaim
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Sixteenth Century Judeo Spanish Testimonies

Author : Annette Benaim
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Through the analysis of transcribed verbal testimonies of the Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century a vision of Jewish Ottoman life as well as a deep understanding of the development of Judeo-Spanish can be appreciated.

The Beginnings of Ladino Literature

Author : Olga Borovaya
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Moses Almosnino (1518-1580), arguably the most famous Ottoman Sephardi writer and the only one who was known in Europe to both Jews and Christians, became renowned for his vernacular books that were admired by Ladino readers across many generations. While Almosnino's works were written in a style similar to contemporaneous Castilian, Olga Borovaya makes a strong argument for including them in the corpus of Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) literature. Borovaya suggests that the history of Ladino literature begins at least 200 years earlier than previously believed and that Ladino, like most other languages, had more than one functional style. With careful historical work, Borovaya establishes a new framework for thinking about Ladino language and literature and the early history of European print culture.

Commentary on Midrash Rabba in the Sixteenth Century

Author : Benjamin Williams
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Printed editions of midrashim, rabbinic expositions of the Bible, flooded the market for Hebrew books in the sixteenth century. First published by Iberian immigrants to the Ottoman Empire, they were later reprinted in large numbers at the famous Hebrew presses of Venice. This study seeks to shed light on who read these new books and how they did so by turning to the many commentaries on midrash written during the sixteenth century. These innovative works reveal how their authors studied rabbinic Bible interpretation and how they anticipated their readers would do so. Benjamin WIlliams focuses particularly on the work of Abraham ben Asher of Safed, the Or ha-Sekhel (Venice, 1567), an elucidation of midrash Genesis Rabba which contains both the author's own interpretations and also the commentary he mistakenly attributed to the most celebrated medieval commentator Rashi. Williams examines what is known of Abraham ben Asher's life, his place among the Jewish scholars of Safed, and the publication of his book in Venice. By analysing selected passages of his commentary, this study assesses how he shed light on rabbinic interpretation of Genesis and guided readers to correct interpretations of the words of the sages. A consideration of why Abraham ben Asher published a commentary attributed to Rashi shows that he sought to lend authority to his programme of studying midrash by including interpretations ascribed to the most famous commentator alongside his own. By analysing the production and reception of the Or ha-Sekhel, therefore, this work illuminates the popularity of midrash in the early modern period and the origins of a practice which is now well-established-the study of rabbinic Bible interpretation with the guidance of commentaries.

Einblicke in die British Jewish Studies

Author : Rebekka Denz
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Languages in Jewish Communities Past and Present

Author : Benjamin Hary
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This book offers sociological and structural descriptions of language varieties used in over 2 dozen Jewish communities around the world, along with synthesizing and theoretical chapters. Language descriptions focus on historical development, contemporary use, regional and social variation, structural features, and Hebrew/Aramaic loanwords. The book covers commonly researched language varieties, like Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, and Judeo-Arabic, as well as less commonly researched ones, like Judeo-Tat, Jewish Swedish, and Hebraized Amharic in Israel today.

In the Iberian Peninsula and Beyond

Author : José Alberto R. Silva Tavim
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This book is the result of two scientific encounters hosted by the University of Évora in 2012, with the theme “Muslims and Jews in Portugal and the Diaspora. Identities and Memories (16th–17th centuries)”, and co-financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, and by FEDER, through “Eixo I” of the “Programa Operacional Fatores de Competitividade” (POFC) of QREN (COMPETE). Beginning with an analysis of the forced conversion of Iberian Jews and Muslims, this volume examines the effects of this on their respective diasporas, focusing on a variety of approaches, from language and culture to identity discourses and interchanges between those communities.

A Jewish Jesuit in the Eastern Mediterranean

Author : Robert Clines
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Recounts a Jewish-born Catholic priest's effort to prove he was Catholic to anyone who doubted him, including himself.

The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Medieval Iberia

Author : E. Michael Gerli
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The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Medieval Iberia: Unity in Diversity draws together the innovative work of renowned scholars as well as several thought-provoking essays from emergent academics, in order to provide broad-range, in-depth coverage of the major aspects of the Iberian medieval world. Exploring the social, political, cultural, religious, and economic history of the Iberian Peninsula, the volume includes 37 original essays grouped around fundamental themes such as Languages and Literatures, Spiritualities, and Visual Culture. This interdisciplinary volume is an excellent introduction and reference work for students and scholars in Iberian Studies and Medieval Studies. SERIES EDITOR: BRAD EPPS SPANISH LIST ADVISOR: JAVIER MUÑOZ-BASOLS

The study of languages

Author : Einar Haugen
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Translation and Geography

Author : Federico Italiano
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Translation and Geography investigates how translation has radically shaped the way the West has mapped the world. Groundbreaking in its approach and relevant across a range of disciplines from translation studies and comparative literature to geography and history, this book makes a compelling case for a form of cultural translation that reframes the contributions of language-based translation analysis. Focusing on the different yet intertwined translation processes involved in the development of the Western spatial imaginary, Federico Italiano examines a series of literary works and their translations across languages, media, and epochs, encompassing: poems travel narratives nautical fictions colonial discourse exilic visions. Drawing on case studies and readings ranging from the Latin of the Middle Ages to twentieth-century Latin American poetry, this is key reading for translation theory and comparative/world literature courses.

Los castellanos del Per

Author : Luis Andrade Ciudad
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Este libro reúne contribuciones de destacados investigadores de la lingüística hispánica para ofrecer un panorama integral de los castellanos del Perú, incluidos algunos que han sido tradicionalmente objeto de discriminación, como el castellano andino, el amazónico y el afroperuano. Los capítulos se concentran en diferentes variedades habladas en el Perú desde distintos enfoques teóricos y metodológicos, atendiendo a su formación, su contexto social e histórico y los fenómenos de contacto que las caracterizan. De este modo, aunque el volumen tiene un foco regional muy específico, los problemas que aborda son de interés y relevancia para el estudio de otras variedades del español, para el tratamiento de otros problemas derivados del contacto lingüístico y para la dialectología e historia de los castellanos latinoamericanos en general. Escrito en castellano, este volumen será de interés para estudiantes graduados en lingüística hispánica e investigadores dedicados a la dialectología, la sociolingüística y la lingüística del contacto.

After Expulsion

Author : Jonathan S. Ray
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Honorable Mention for the 2014 Jordan Schnitzer book award in Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History presented by the Association for Jewish Studies On August 3, 1492, the same day that Columbus set sail from Spain, the long and glorious history of that nation’s Jewish community officially came to a close. The expulsion of Europe’s last major Jewish community ended more than a thousand years of unparalleled prosperity, cultural vitality and intellectual productivity. Yet, the crisis of 1492 also gave rise to a dynamic and resilient diaspora society spanning East and West. After Expulsion traces the various paths of migration and resettlement of Sephardic Jews and Conversos over the course of the tumultuous sixteenth century. Pivotally, the volume argues that the exiles did not become “Sephardic Jews” overnight. Only in the second and third generation did these disparate groups coalesce and adopt a “Sephardic Jewish” identity. After Expulsion presents a new and fascinating portrait of Jewish society in transition from the medieval to the early modern period, a portrait that challenges many longstanding assumptions about the differences between Europe and the Middle East.

Portuguese Spanish Interfaces

Author : Patrícia Amaral
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Portuguese-Spanish Interfaces captures the diversity of encounters that these languages have known and explores their relevance for current linguistic theories. The book focuses on dimensions along which Portuguese and Spanish can be fruitfully compared and highlights the theoretical value of exploring points of interaction between closely related varieties. It is unprecedented in its scope and unique in bringing together leading experts in a systematic study of similarities and differences between both languages. The authors explore the common boundaries of these languages within current theoretical frameworks, in an effort to combine scholarship that analyzes Portuguese and Spanish from multiple subfields of linguistics. The volume compares structures from both synchronic and diachronic points of view, addressing a range of issues pertaining to variability, acquisition, contact, and the formation of new languages. While it provides an up-to-date resource for scholars in the field, it can also be a useful companion for advanced students.

Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture

Author : Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew Fellow in Modern Hebrew Literature Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies Glenda Abramson
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The Companion to Jewish Culture - From the Eighteenth Century to the Present was first published in 1989. It is a single-volume encyclopedia containing biographical and topic entries ranging from 200 to 1000 word each.

Jewish and Non Jewish Creators of Jewish Languages

Author : Paul Wexler
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The present volume brings together 34 articles that were published between 1964 and 2003 on Judaized forms of Arabic, Chinese, German, Greek, Persian, Portuguese, Slavic (including Modern Hebrew and Yiddish, two Slavic languages "relexified" to Hebrew and German, respectively), Spanish and Semitic Hebrew (including Ladino - the Ibero-Romance relexification of Biblical Hebrew) and Karaite. The motivations for reissuing these articles are the convenience of having thematically similar topics appear together in the same venue and the need to update the interpretations, many of which have radically changed over the years. As explained in a lengthy new preface and in notes added to the articles themselves, the impetus to create strikingly unique Jewish ethnolects comes not so much from the creativity of the Jews but rather from non- Jewish converts to Judaism, in search (often via relexification) of a unique linguistic analogue to their new ethnoreligious identity. The volume should be of interest to students of relexification, of the Judaization of non-Jewish languages, and of these specific languages.

Sephardi Jewry

Author : Esther Benbassa
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"Modified and updated version of a book that first appeared in Paris in 1993 under the title Juifs des Balkans ... (Editions La Decouverte)"--Acknowledgments, p. [xi].

Current Trends in Linguistics

Author : Thomas Albert Sebeok
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