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SIPRI Yearbook 2019

Author : Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
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The SIPRI Yearbook is as an authoritative and independent source of data and analysis on armaments, disarmament and international security. It provides an overview of developments in international security, weapons and technology, military expenditure, arms production and the arms trade, and armed conflicts and conflict management, along with efforts to control conventional, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. This 50th edition of the SIPRI Yearbook covers developments during 2018, including - Armed conflicts and conflict management, with an overview of armed conflicts and peace processes as well as a focus on global and regional trends in peace operations - Military expenditure, international arms transfers and developments in arms production, - World nuclear forces, with an overview of each of the nine nuclear-armed states and their nuclear modernization programmes - Nuclear arms control, featuring North Korean-US nuclear diplomacy, developments in the INF Treaty and Russian-US nuclear arms control and disarmament, and implementation of Iran's nuclear deal - Chemical and biological security threats, including the investigation of allegations of chemical weapon use in the Middle East and the attempted assassination in the United Kingdom - Conventional arms control, with a focus on global instruments, including efforts to regulate lethal autonomous weapon systems and explosive weapons in populated areas, and dialogue on international cyber security - Dual-use and arms trade controls, including developments in the Arms Trade Treaty, multilateral arms embargoes and export control regimes, including the challenges of seeking to control transfers of technology as well as annexes listing arms control and disarmament agreements, international security cooperation bodies, and key events in 2018.

SIPRI Yearbook 2020

Author : Stockholm International Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
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The 51st edition of the SIPRI Yearbook analyses developments in 2019 in security and conflicts; military spending and armaments; non-proliferation; arms control; and disarmament.

OSCE Yearbook 2019

Author : Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg / IFSH
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Als weltweit größte regionale Abmachung nach Kapitel VIII der UN-Charta trägt die OSZE durch regionale Konfliktverhütung und Krisenbewältigung auch zur globalen Sicherheit bei. In seinem Eröffnungsbeitrag setzt sich OSZE-Generalsekretär Thomas Greminger mit der Frage auseinander, wie die OSZE auch einen Beitrag zur Erreichung der 17 Ziele der Vereinten Nationen für nachhaltige Entwicklung insgesamt leisten kann. Das OSZE-Jahrbuch 2019 enthält außerdem Beiträge über die innenpolitischen Entwicklungen u.a. in Armenien und Kasachstan, das Konfliktmanagement der OSZE im Südkaukasus sowie die Arbeit der OSZE-Sonderbeobachtermission in der Ukraine. Die Überwachung der Versammlungsfreiheit durch das OSZE-Büro für demokratische Institutionen und Menschenrechte und der Zusammenhang zwischen Klimawandel und Sicherheit sind ebenso Thema wie die Integration heterogener Gesellschaften als Mittel der Konfliktprävention. Daten und Fakten zu den 57 Teilnehmerstaaten sowie eine aktuelle Literaturauswahl runden den Band ab.

Pakistan s Security and the India US Strategic Partnership

Author : Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari
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This book explores the relationship between the developing India–US strategic Partnership and Pakistan’s security. It assesses India and the US's areas of cooperation to show that the partnership will bring drastic changes for India’s military capabilities and modernization of its forces. The book shows that, in addition to enhancing India’s domestic nuclear stockpiles through the nuclear cooperation agreement, collaboration in high-tech areas such as space and innovative technologies will enable India to acquire sophisticated delivery systems as well as surveillance capacity. The author argues that these advancements will enable India to destabilize the strategic balance in the region. The book also briefly explores the nuclear doctrines of India and Pakistan that provide an insight into the role of nuclear weapons in maintaining deterrence in the region. To understand the power dynamics caused by the strategic partnership and their impact on strategic stability in South Asia, the author utilizes the Balance of Power and Power Transition theories. A timely analysis of the India–US Strategic Partnership with a Pakistan angle, the book will be of interest to academics working in the fields of Asian security, Asian politics, especially South Asia, strategic studies, international relations, political science, nuclear non-proliferation, conflict studies, arms control, and security studies.

The State of the World Atlas

Author : Dan Smith
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'Unique and uniquely beautiful... A single map here tells us more about the world today than a dozen abstracts or scholarly tomes.’—Los Angeles Times 'These are the bad dreams of the modern world submitted to a grid that can be grasped instantaneously.’—New York Times A groundbreaking atlas and milestone of graphic reporting, this statistically meticulous presentation of trends in maps and charts explains the most challenging issues facing the world today. Authored by leading international peace researcher Dan Smith OBE, it has sold over 800,000 copies in different languages around the world. With the economic, global health and geopolitical reverberations of Covid-19 referenced throughout, other topics for this new 10th edition include: health – education and gender inequalities – human rights abuses – financial corruption – military might – chemical warfare – plastic waste – climate change.

Military Spending and Global Security

Author : Jordi Calvo Rufanges
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Global military expenditure reached an estimated $1,822 billion in 2018 and this book questions what that spending responds to and indeed what that entails in terms of global security. The book draws from prior knowledge and research on military expenditure but introduces an all-encompassing, in-depth and original analysis of military spending as a key and often overlooked factor of global instability, delving into the present and future consequences of its perpetual growth, as well as, confronting the reasoning behind it. The authors argue that increasing military expenditure is not the best response to the emergencies militarization itself has helped create. They assert that militarization is paradoxically both a cause of and a response to the grave challenges our society is facing. The book explains why people are not well served by nation-states when they continuously seek to out-compete one another in the size and destructive powers of their militaries. It discusses the scope of military spending around the world, while explaining how militarism is linked with conflict and security threats, and how military spending further prevents us from adequately dealing with global environmental problems like climate change. A must-read for scholars, researchers and students from a wide range of disciplines. It will also find an audience among professionals from the third sector and activists working on issues related to peace, security and militarism, but also social and climate justice.

British Union catalogue of Periodicals

Author :
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Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Research Institutes

Author : United Nations Institute for disarmament research. Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Research Institutes
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The Paradox of National Insecurity

Author : Gamaliel Perruci
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The dissertation uses U.S.-Brazilian military relations since World War II as the basis for the study of agency-structure interrelations in the national-security arena. Three distinct phases are noted. First, under the politics of "uneven attraction" (1940s-1950s), the United States as the new global superpower used the emerging post-war structure to shape Brazil's national security perspective, as embodied in the 1952 military assistance agreement between the two countries. The second phase (1960s-1970s) points to the process of "liberation" in Brazil's national-security policy-making. Brazil's power leverage vis-8s-vis the United States was enhanced with the European recovery and the new international division of labor (internationalization of capital and production). The development of an indigenous arms industry became viable, thus leading to the unilateral cancellation by Brazil of the 1952 agreement.

Yearbook of International Organizations

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Beginning in 1983/84 published in 3 vols., with expansion to 6 vols. by 2007/2008: vol. 1--Organization descriptions and cross references; vol. 2--Geographic volume: international organization participation; vol. 3--Subject volume; vol. 4--Bibliography and resources; vol. 5--Statistics, visualizations and patterns; vol. 6--Who's who in international organizations. (From year to year some slight variations in naming of the volumes).

World List of Scientific Periodicals

Author :
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Third World Resource Directory 1994 1995

Author : Thomas P. Fenton
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Topics covered include: children and youth, drugs, education, environment, foreign policy, health, hunger, indigenous people, migration and immigration, population, rainforests, tourism, and women.

Instant Research on Peace and Violence

Author :
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Ulrich s International Periodicals Directory

Author :
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives
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Liste mensuelle d articles s lectionn s

Author : United Nations Library (Geneva, Switzerland)
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