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Cinema and Television in Singapore

Author : Kenneth Paul Tan
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Through close readings of contemporary made-in-Singapore films (by Jack Neo, Eric Khoo, and Royston Tan) and television programs (Singapore Idol, sitcoms, and dramas), this book explores the possibilities and limitations of resistance within an advanced capitalist-industrial society whose authoritarian government skillfully negotiates the risks and opportunities of balancing its on-going nation-building project and its a oeglobal citya aspirations. This book adopts a framework inspired by Antonio Gramsci that identifies ideological struggles in art and popular culture, but maintains the importance of Herbert Marcusea (TM)s one-dimensional society analysis as theoretical limits to recognize the power of authoritarian capitalism to subsume works of art and popular culture even as they attempt consciouslya "even at times successfullya "to negate and oppose dominant hegemonic formations.

Singapore Cinema

Author : Kai Khiun Liew
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This book outlines and discusses the very wide range of cinema which is to be found in Singapore. Although Singapore cinema is a relatively small industry, and relatively new, it has nevertheless made an impact, and continues to develop in interesting ways. The book shows that although Singapore cinema is often seen as part of diasporic Chinese cinema, it is in fact much more than this, with strong connections to Malay cinema and the cinemas of other Southeast Asian nations. Moreover, the themes and subjects covered by Singapore cinema are very wide, ranging from conformity to the regime and Singapore’s national outlook, with undesirable subjects overlooked or erased, to the sympathetic depiction of minorities and an outlook which is at odds with the official outlook. The book will be useful to readers coming new to the subject and wanting a concise overview, while at the same time the book puts forward many new research findings and much new thinking.

World Film Locations Singapore

Author : Lorenzo Codelli
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This volume in the popular World Film Locations series focuses on Singapore, a vibrant city and country nestled at the foot of the Malaysian peninsula. This city has long been a crossroads, a stopping point and a cultural hub where goods, inventions and ideas are shared and traded. Despite having a flourishing Chinese and Malay film industry in the 1950s and 1960s, Singapore s film industry declined after independence in 1965. Between this time and the early 90s a few films were made that featured Singaporean actors and were set in Singapore, however as most of these were not released in Singapore they cannot be labeled as truly Singaporean productions. The first fully Singaporean film came in 1991, with "Medium Rare, "a film based on a real-life local cult killer who was hanged in 1988 for murder. However the film performed poorly at the box office, taking just S$130,000 locally after having cost over S$2 million in production. Even though "Medium Rare "was not a success financially it did pave the way for other Singaporean films such as 1995 s "Mee Pok Man," a film about a lonely noodle seller who falls for a prostitute, which earned worldwide critical accolades and encouraged more experimental, independent film making in Singapore. In recent years the Singapore film industry has produced both commercially successful fare such as horror movie "The Maid "as well as more artistic films like "Sandcastle, "Boo Junfeng s film which was the first Singaporean film to be selected at the International Critic s Week at Cannes, and was competing for the Camera d Or. This book focuses on both past and present Singaporean films and their cultural and geographic links to the city-state of Singapore. The book will include Malay and Chinese language films. The book will cover the myths that surround Singaporean film and explore the realities of the movies that come from this exciting city. "

Celluloid Singapore

Author : Edna Lim
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Celluloid Singapore is a ground-breaking study of the three major periods in Singapore's fragmented cinema history, namely the golden age of the 1950s and 60s, the post-studio 1970s, and the revival from the 1990s onwards.

Futures of Chinese Cinema

Author : Olivia Khoo
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"With the burgeoning interest in Chinese film, this interdisciplinary collection investigates how new technologies, changing production constraints and shifting viewing practices have shaped perceptions of Chinese screen cultures. Futures of Chinese Cinema contains essays by international scholars considering new directions in Chinese cinema. After the devastation of the economic crisis, the uncertainty of the Hong Kong handover and the events at Tiananmen Square in 1989, the late twentieth century and beyond has seen the emergence of a number of fresh new works from the region's film-makers. For the first time, scholars from film studies, media studies, history and sociology have been brought together in their focus on the concepts of technology and temporality in these films."--P. [4] of cover.

Queer Singapore

Author : Audrey Yue
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Singapore remains one of the few countries in Asia that has yet to decriminalize homosexuality. Yet it has also been hailed by many as one of the emerging gay capitals of Asia. This book accounts for the rise of mediated queer cultures in Singapore's current milieu of illiberal citizenship. This collection analyses how contemporary queer Singapore has emerged against a contradictory backdrop of sexual repression and cultural liberalisation. Using the innovative framework of illiberal pragmatism, established and emergent local scholars and activists provide expansive coverage of the impact of homosexuality on Singapore's media cultures and political economy, including law, religion, the military, literature, theatre, photography, cinema, social media and queer commerce. It shows how new LGBT subjectivities have been fashioned through the governance of illiberal pragmatism, how pragmatism is appropriated as a form of social and critical democratic action, and how cultural citizenship is forged through a logic of queer complicity that complicates the flows of oppositional resistance and grassroots appropriation.

Singapore Cinema

Author : Raphaël Millet
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Filmmaking in Singapore has seen a dramatic revival since the 1990s with the success of movies such as Royston Tan's 15, Djinn's Perth, Jack Neo's I Not Stupid, Eric Khoo's 12 Storeys and it continues to be highly active with several new productions this

Sinophone Cinemas

Author : A. Yue
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Sinophone Cinemas considers a range of multilingual, multidialect and multi-accented cinemas produced in Chinese-language locations outside mainland China. It showcases new screen cultures from Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.

Who s Who in Research Film Studies

Author : Intellect Books
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This volume of Who’s Who in Research series offer a useful guide for current researchers in Intellect’s subject area of Film Studies. The directory holds the names, institutions, biographies and current research interests of hundreds of leading international academics as well as references to the researchers’ principal articles in Intellect journals.

Cinema and Society in the British Empire 1895 1940

Author : James Burns
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By 1940 going to the movies was the most popular form of public leisure in Britain's empire. This book explores the social and cultural impact of the movies in colonial societies in the early cinema age.