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Modeling Simulation and Optimization

Author : Shkelzen Cakaj
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The book presents a collection of chapters dealing with a wide selection of topics concerning different applications of modeling. It includes modeling, simulation and optimization applications in the areas of medical care systems, genetics, business, ethics and linguistics, applying very sophisticated methods. Algorithms, 3-D modeling, virtual reality, multi objective optimization, finite element methods, multi agent model simulation, system dynamics simulation, hierarchical Petri Net model and two level formalism modeling are tools and methods employed in these papers.

Simulation and Optimization in Process Engineering

Author : Michael Bortz
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Simulation and Optimization in Process Engineering: The Benefit of Mathematical Methods in Applications of the Process Industry brings together examples where the successful transfer of progress made in mathematical simulation and optimization has led to innovations in an industrial context that created substantial benefit. Containing introductory accounts on scientific progress in the most relevant topics of process engineering (substance properties, simulation, optimization, optimal control and real time optimization), the examples included illustrate how such scientific progress has been transferred to innovations that delivered a measurable impact, covering details of the methods used, and more. With each chapter bringing together expertise from academia and industry, this book is the first of its kind, providing demonstratable insights. Recent mathematical methods are transformed into industrially relevant innovations. Covers recent progress in mathematical simulation and optimization in a process engineering context with chapters written by experts from both academia and industry Provides insight into challenges in industry aiming for a digitized world.

Modeling Simulation and Optimization of Wind Farms and Hybrid Systems

Author : Karam Maalawi
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The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a major governmental goal worldwide. The main target, hopefully by 2050, is to move away from fossil fuels in the electricity sector and then switch to clean power to fuel transportation, buildings and industry. This book discusses important issues in the expanding field of wind farm modeling and simulation as well as the optimization of hybrid and micro-grid systems. Section I deals with modeling and simulation of wind farms for efficient, reliable and cost-effective optimal solutions. Section II tackles the optimization of hybrid wind/PV and renewable energy-based smart micro-grid systems.

Chemical Process Design Simulation and Optimization

Author : Jean-Pierre Corriou
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The book presents a series of articles devoted to modeling, simulation, and optimization of processes, mainly chemical. General methods for process modeling and numerical simulation are described with flowsheeting. Population balances are addressed in detail with application to crystal production; energy saving is frequently optimized, including exergy analysis. The coupling between process simulation and computational fluid dynamics is studied for air classification and bubble columns. Pressure swing adsorption, reactive distillation, and nanofiltration are explained in general and applied to particular processes. The synthesis of carbon dots is solved by the design of experiments method. A safety study addresses the consequences of gas explosion.

Numerical Methods for Simulation and Optimization of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

Author : Benoîte de Saporta
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Mark H.A. Davis introduced the Piecewise-Deterministic Markov Process (PDMP) class of stochastic hybrid models in an article in 1984. Today it is used to model a variety of complex systems in the fields of engineering, economics, management sciences, biology, Internet traffic, networks and many more. Yet, despite this, there is very little in the way of literature devoted to the development of numerical methods for PDMDs to solve problems of practical importance, or the computational control of PDMPs. This book therefore presents a collection of mathematical tools that have been recently developed to tackle such problems. It begins by doing so through examples in several application domains such as reliability. The second part is devoted to the study and simulation of expectations of functionals of PDMPs. Finally, the third part introduces the development of numerical techniques for optimal control problems such as stopping and impulse control problems.

Modeling Simulation and Optimization of Bipedal Walking

Author : Katja Mombaur
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The model-based investigation of motions of anthropomorphic systems is an important interdisciplinary research topic involving specialists from many fields such as Robotics, Biomechanics, Physiology, Orthopedics, Psychology, Neurosciences, Sports, Computer Graphics and Applied Mathematics. This book presents a study of basic locomotion forms such as walking and running is of particular interest due to the high demand on dynamic coordination, actuator efficiency and balance control. Mathematical models and numerical simulation and optimization techniques are explained, in combination with experimental data, which can help to better understand the basic underlying mechanisms of these motions and to improve them. Example topics treated in this book are Modeling techniques for anthropomorphic bipedal walking systems Optimized walking motions for different objective functions Identification of objective functions from measurements Simulation and optimization approaches for humanoid robots Biologically inspired control algorithms for bipedal walking Generation and deformation of natural walking in computer graphics Imitation of human motions on humanoids Emotional body language during walking Simulation of biologically inspired actuators for bipedal walking machines Modeling and simulation techniques for the development of prostheses Functional electrical stimulation of walking.

Design Simulation and Optimization of Adsorptive and Chromatographic Separations A Hands On Approach

Author : Kevin R. Wood
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A comprehensive resource to the construction, use, and modification of the wide variety of adsorptive and chromatographic separations Design, Simulation and Optimization of Adsorptive and Chromatographic Separations offers the information needed to effectively design, simulate, and optimize adsorptive and chromatographic separations for a wide range of industrial applications. The authors?noted experts in the field?cover the fundamental principles, the applications, and a range of modeling techniques for the processes. The text presents a unified approach that includes the ideal and intermediate equations and offers a wealth of hands-on case studies that employ the rigorous simulation packages Aspen Adsorption and Aspen Chromatography. The text reviews the effective design strategies, details design considerations, and the assumptions which the modelers are allowed to make. The authors also cover shortcut design methods as well as mathematical tools that help to determine optimal operating conditions. This important text: -Covers everything from the underlying pheonmena to model optimization and the customization of model code -Includes practical tutorials that allow for independent review and study -Offers a comprehensive review of the construction, use, and modification of the wide variety of adsorptive and chromatographic separations -Contains contributions from three noted experts in the field Written for chromatographers, process engineers, ehemists, and other professionals, Design, Simulation and Optimization of Adsorptive and Chromatographic Separations offers a comprehensive review of the construction, use, and modification of adsorptive and chromatographic separations.

Simulation Based Optimization

Author : Abhijit Gosavi
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Simulation-Based Optimization: Parametric Optimization Techniques and Reinforcement Learning introduce the evolving area of static and dynamic simulation-based optimization. Covered in detail are model-free optimization techniques – especially designed for those discrete-event, stochastic systems which can be simulated but whose analytical models are difficult to find in closed mathematical forms. Key features of this revised and improved Second Edition include: · Extensive coverage, via step-by-step recipes, of powerful new algorithms for static simulation optimization, including simultaneous perturbation, backtracking adaptive search and nested partitions, in addition to traditional methods, such as response surfaces, Nelder-Mead search and meta-heuristics (simulated annealing, tabu search, and genetic algorithms) · Detailed coverage of the Bellman equation framework for Markov Decision Processes (MDPs), along with dynamic programming (value and policy iteration) for discounted, average, and total reward performance metrics · An in-depth consideration of dynamic simulation optimization via temporal differences and Reinforcement Learning: Q-Learning, SARSA, and R-SMART algorithms, and policy search, via API, Q-P-Learning, actor-critics, and learning automata · A special examination of neural-network-based function approximation for Reinforcement Learning, semi-Markov decision processes (SMDPs), finite-horizon problems, two time scales, case studies for industrial tasks, computer codes (placed online) and convergence proofs, via Banach fixed point theory and Ordinary Differential Equations Themed around three areas in separate sets of chapters – Static Simulation Optimization, Reinforcement Learning and Convergence Analysis – this book is written for researchers and students in the fields of engineering (industrial, systems, electrical and computer), operations research, computer science and applied mathematics.

Simulation optimization Approach to Management of Ground water Resources in the Albuquerque Area New Mexico 2006 Through 2040

Author : Laura M. Bexfield
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Advanced Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes

Author : R. Venkata Rao
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Advanced Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes presents a comprehensive review of the latest international research and development trends in the modeling and optimization of manufacturing processes, with a focus on machining. It uses examples of various manufacturing processes to demonstrate advanced modeling and optimization techniques. Both basic and advanced concepts are presented for various manufacturing processes, mathematical models, traditional and non-traditional optimization techniques, and real case studies. The results of the application of the proposed methods are also covered and the book highlights the most useful modeling and optimization strategies for achieving best process performance. In addition to covering the advanced modeling, optimization and environmental aspects of machining processes, Advanced Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes also covers the latest technological advances, including rapid prototyping and tooling, micromachining, and nano-finishing. Advanced Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes is written for designers and manufacturing engineers who are responsible for the technical aspects of product realization, as it presents new models and optimization techniques to make their work easier, more efficient, and more effective. It is also a useful text for practitioners, researchers, and advanced students in mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering.