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Simply Seeing with Tarot

Author : Mary Whiteflower
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I have studied Marys teaching for over 15 years and Ive been doing intuitive readings professionally for 10. Simply Seeing is a very comprehensive teaching. With the workshop I learned the general and positional meanings of the Tarot cards but most importantly Marys guidance gave me the tools and the confidence to trust my own intuition. I am still astounded that I continue to learn from Simply Seeing, Its the teaching that keeps on giving. Julee McKinney Mary's insights into the issues we all face and her connection to the seeds of truth in all religions enables her to teach with an integrity and humility that I find inspiring. Karen Lumpe


Author : Bill Anderton
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Tarot for Self Care

Author : Minerva Siegel
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Discover simple techniques for incorporating the wisdom of tarot into your daily self-care routine with this approachable guide Self-care is an important daily ritual to everyone’s lifestyle. But it is about more than simply pampering yourself in a bubble bath or getting a manicure. It’s about connecting and understanding your true self. That’s where the magic of tarot comes in—it puts you in touch with your hidden fears and secret hopes, weaknesses and strengths. These revealing cards do more than simply predict the future. They offer essential, insightful messages from your subconscious, showing a new perspective on how to achieve personal growth. Tarot for Self-Care uncovers how to make the most out of your daily tarot practice with mindful readings, pre-reading rituals, daily one-card check-ins, practices to explore your intuition, and more. You can think problems over by laying out a spread, ask the cards yes or no questions, or explore your intuitive skills. It will definitely be worth adding these techniques to your tarot self-care toolbox.

The Way of Tarot

Author : Alejandro Jodorowsky
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Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s insights into the Tarot as a spiritual path • Works with the original Marseille Tarot to reveal the roots of Western wisdom • Provides the key to the symbolic language of the Tarot’s “nomadic cathedral” • Transforms a simple divination tool into a vehicle for self-realization and healing Alejandro Jodorowsky’s profound study of the Tarot, which began in the early 1950s, reveals it to be far more than a simple divination device. The Tarot is first and foremost a powerful instrument of self-knowledge and a representation of the structure of the soul. The Way of Tarot shows that the entire deck is structured like a temple, or a mandala, which is both an image of the world and a representation of the divine. The authors use the sacred art of the original Marseille Tarot--created during a time of religious tolerance in the 11th century--to reconnect with the roots of the Tarot’s Western esoteric wisdom. They explain that the Tarot is a “nomadic cathedral” whose parts--the 78 cards or “arcana”--should always be viewed with an awareness of the whole structure. This understanding is essential to fully grasp the Tarot’s hermetic symbolism. The authors explore the secret associations behind the hierarchy of the cards and the correspondences between the suits and energies within human beings. Each description of the Major Arcana includes key word summaries, symbolic meanings, traditional interpretations, and a section where the card speaks for itself. Jodorowsky and Costa then take the art of reading the Tarot to a depth never before possible. Using their work with Tarology, a new psychological approach that uses the symbolism and optical language of the Tarot to create a mirror image of the personality, they offer a powerful tool for self-realization, creativity, and healing.

Ancient Mysteries Tarot Book

Author : Roger Calverley
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This book situates Tarot in its ancient roots, with particular emphasis on the tradition of the Mystery Schools. The suites are designated as "Earth, Water, Air and Fire" rather than the conventional Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands. The first part of the book is a review of the ancient sources of Tarot and the dynamics of the archetypes, with interesting sidelights on the author's personal experiences in this realm. The reader is instructed by The Magician, The Priestess and The Hermit about the meanings and wisdom of Tarot, which he discovers to be a "Book of Truth."

Tarot D Amour

Author : Kooch Daniels
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"Our focus is on presenting material that soothes, stimulates, and awakens emotional and sexual understanding through learning and interpreting the Tarot", write the card reading husband and wife team in which they share more than a quarter century experience with the tarot and as life partners. Begin with the simple, yet never-before-written-about premise- every card and its reverse have romantic and sexual indications. And whether you're a newcomer to tarot, a longtime student, or somewhere in-between, Tarot d'Amour will unveil a whole new way to interpret the cards.

New thoughts on tarot

Author : Mary Katherine Greer
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The Tarot

Author : Mouni Sadhu
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The Tarot Book

Author : Jana Riley
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This is the tarot book that will show you how to work with basic psychological and archetypal symbolism so you can really understand the synchronicity of the major arcana.

Learning Tarot Spreads

Author : Joan Bunning
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Each tarot reader has a unique style that they hone over time into the fine art of divining the future. In this essential guide to arranging cards into prophetic patterns, Joan Bunning has compiled a veritable encyclopedia of tarot spreads with great appeal for accomplished readers who want to explore further as well as novices with their very first deck. What sets Joan Bunning apart from every other writer on the subject of tarot is her ability to take a rather complicated esoteric system and break it down into manageable, clear, and easily learned parts. Chapters include spreads for relationships, family, love, money, health, work, and even specific time periods. Sample spreads are comprehensive, ranging from manycard "Gypsy" spreads to quick and easy "Three Card Draws." She also gives the reader reference charts, exercises and structured tarot lessons.

An Introduction to Tarot

Author : Cassandra Bee
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Here you will be guided through the Tarot’s 22 Marjor Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards separately, before they are used in combination with each other, and there are some initial thoughts on the subjects to get you started. Once you’ve begun your own journey through the Tarot, you may decide to formulate interpretations of your own, based on your own experiences, your personal understanding of the archetypes, on numerology, color wisdom and other systems.

The Dreaming Drifter

Author : Glenda McRae
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Tarot: The Halo Method is simply the easiest way to learn the language of Tarot. A review of this method from the American Tarot Association Newsletter states: "The author says of this workbook: It will teach you an easy way to read the Tarot by simply seeing the visual images on the cards and where to place your focus in order to make quick associations.' End of story. It does. (The author) also says: 'If you are a novice to the world of Tarot, prepare to be surprised at how quickly you can become a reader.' I was. I am." The book is divided into three parts. Part I takes you through the cards, one by one, explaining an easy way to connect with their meaning by simply seeing the visual definitions of the card images. Part II illustrates how to use the card combinations for complete sentences from the Tarot language. Part III introduces a unique spread that reveals a complete overview of a person's life. Tarot: The Halo Method dissolves the mystery and veiled secrecy of the cards, turning the art of Tarot into a tool that anyone can use.

The Tarot

Author : Cynthia Giles
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Explores the history of divination, the uses of tarot, its alchemical and planetary effects, and the opportunity for personal enrichment it provides

Tarot for Every Day

Author : Cait Johnson
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Tarot Readings and Meditations

Author : Rachel Pollack
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Magical World of the Tarot

Author : Gareth Knight
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Using the Grimaud Tarot deck of Marseilles the direct descendants of the earliest handprinted designs and the basis for most of the later esoteric decks Knight provides an indepth introduction to the tarot deck. He presents nine lessons that combine basic instruction in the mechanics of divination with magical visualization techniques. Perhaps most useful for students of the tarot are Knight's answers to questions raised by former students of his acclaimed Tarot Course. Illustrated. Index.

Tarot s Tower

Author : Jennie Melville
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Ancient Egyptian Tarot Book

Author : Simona Rich
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I wrote this ebook because it’s very difficult to come across reliable information about the original tarot system of ancient Egypt. Most people aren’t even aware of it – they’re only exposed to the christianized Rider-Waite version that departs from natural principles the cards represent. To write this book I researched all the genuine ancient Egyptian tarot sources (provided at the end of the book) and designed cards in a way that would most accurately reflect the principles of nature. Thus, this book has not only information about universal principles that each card stands for, but also original illustrations of those principles. I researched not only ancient Egyptian card symbolism, but also constellations that each card represents, each sign, planet and number as it relates to this system. Also, I included information about how to read the cards, different spread methods, how to make sure the cards show the truth, in-depth explanation of the major arcana, playing cards and minor arcana correspondences, in-depth minor arcana explanation, and much more. I hope that this book will help you see universal principles in each tarot card so that these cards are no longer divorced from the rest of life but are its representations. This is what Egyptian tarot cards are designed to do, and by seeing them this way you will be able to get life lessons from each one of them, whether through making a spread or by simply drawing one card in the morning to start your day.

Learning the Tarot

Author : Joan Bunning
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A "how-to" book with 19 lessons and numerous exercises, beginning with the basics and gradually moving into advanced concepts so that you can learn to read the tarot at your own pace. Includes interpretations for all the cards. The author first presented this course on the Internet, and continues to provide website support for students with questions. 178 illustrations using the popular Waite deck. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.

The Illustrated Key to the Tarot

Author : Lauron William De Laurence
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