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Simple Words

Author : Adin Steinsaltz
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Simple words are not simple--each chapter is dedicated to so-called simple words such as death, envy, masks, sex, good, and love. Steinsaltz uses familiar language and progressive thinking to offer a greater moral and spiritual understanding to these core concepts.

Three Simple Words

Author : A.J. Pine
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I know where to find my happily ever after—between the pages of a romance novel. It’s why I sell books, why I blog about them, and why I’ll never get disappointed by love. So what if my brother’s best friend from high school is now a bestselling author? Or that he just blew back into town on a Harley, filling out a pair of jeans like he never did before? Or that he’s agreed to do a signing at my bookstore on such short notice? Because despite all his adoring female fans, I kind of hated his book. Each book in the Kingston Ale House series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 The One That Got Away Book #2 Six Month Rule Book #3 Three Simple Words Book #4 Worth the Wait

Of Mottos and Morals

Author : Mike W. Martin
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Whether in slogans, catchphrases, adages or proverbs, we encounter mottos every day, but we rarely take time to reflect on them. In Of Mottos and Morals: Simple Words for Complex Virtues, Martin explores the possibility that mottos themselves are worthy of serious thought, examining how they contribute to moral guidance and help us grapple with complexity.

Simple Words

Author : Judy A. Bennett
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My book will take you into visual images of your emotions and dreams based upon scriptures found in the Holy Bible. With simple words, I attempt to explore opposing answers to many of lifes situations. From my own experiences and the revelations of others, I have strived to relay the only real answer, one that will hopefully guide a lost person to Jesus Christ.

Simple Words

Author : Modean Moon
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Simple Words by Modean Moon released on Sep 23, 1988 is available now for purchase.

Simple Words From A Simple Soul

Author : Peter Duggan
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Little Frank s Story Book

Author : Mrs. D. P. Sanford
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Read It the Power of Simple Words

Author : D. R. Facey M. D.
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How to Live a Short Account in Simple Words of the Laws of Health with Brief Reference to Habits and Conduct Written for the Older Pupils in Primary Schools

Author : Richard Caton
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Too Simple for Words

Author : Graham Stew
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Are you interested in exploring who you really are? The answers are to be found in self-inquiry, the discovery of Reality that non-dual teachings offer. No prior knowledge of Eastern religion or spiritual practices is needed, as this book uses simple everyday language to investigate these issues through reflections, dialogues and poems.

Thing Explainer

Author : Randall Munroe
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From the No. 1 bestselling author of What If? - the man who created xkcd and explained the laws of science with cartoons - comes a series of brilliantly simple diagrams ('blueprints' if you want to be complicated about it) that show how important things work: from the nuclear bomb to the biro. It's good to know what the parts of a thing are called, but it's much more interesting to know what they do. Richard Feynman once said that if you can't explain something to a first-year student, you don't really get it. In Thing Explainer, Randall Munroe takes a quantum leap past this: he explains things using only drawings and a vocabulary of just our 1,000 (or the ten hundred) most common words. Many of the things we use every day - like our food-heating radio boxes ('microwaves'), our very tall roads ('bridges'), and our computer rooms ('datacentres') - are strange to us. So are the other worlds around our sun (the solar system), the big flat rocks we live on (tectonic plates), and even the stuff inside us (cells). Where do these things come from? How do they work? What do they look like if you open them up? And what would happen if we heated them up, cooled them down, pointed them in a different direction, or pressed this button? In Thing Explainer, Munroe gives us the answers to these questions and many, many more. Funny, interesting, and always understandable, this book is for anyone -- age 5 to 105 -- who has ever wondered how things work, and why.

Simple Words

Author : Donna Marie Gentry
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Simple Words is a book of plain-spoken poems that tell stories of fun, romance, fantasies, sadness, and fear. Visualization of war can be seen in aLike a Soldier, a even though no action is mentioned. aDaddya evokes feelings of separation, despair and loneliness. Romantic poems such as aI Love Youa allow the reader to feel the joy of two people reuniting after being apart. There is a sense of security in the arms of your loved one. aThe Faira tells of fun on the midway as you visualize the lights, hear the noise, and feel the sticky cotton candy. aTomorrowa makes us realize what an Alzheimeras patient experiences. Even though the patient may not recognize us, he or she still recognizes a friend.

Brown s Language Lessons

Author : Henry Kiddle
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Great truths in simple words for little children

Author : Great truths
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Three Simple Words

Author : John Odom
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This book is an attempt to examine the similarities between science and religion instead of focusing on the perceived differences. It attempts to demonstrate the similarities by looking at common goals and challenging the dogmatic positions on both sides by concentrating on what the author considers to be "reasonable" possibilities considering where we are in history. It is intentionally brief in an attempt to keep it interesting and entertaining while challenging the readers to open their minds to the possibilities presented. It also includes episodes from the author's personal experience where he has seen the possibilities presented at work in his own life and feels many of the readers will recognize those feelings as well. Life can seem very complicated, yet the author contends the basic foundation for living a contended life can be summed up in Three Simple Words.

Simple Words for Troubled Times

Author : Ronen Groves
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The world we know has turned upside-down. Everything we've taken for granted changed before there was time to take stock. We have to adjust. To adapt. To survive. For some this brings a sense of helplessness. Others feel grief and anger. All of us are affected. Simple Words for Troubled Times is written from the heart to help you find comfort and relief from the challenges of modern times. Each short chapter addresses a different means to rebuild hope, rediscover self-belief, reinforce your personal power, and redirect fears into courage. There is no greater power than a simple word of hope. Written by Phillipa Nefri Clark as Ronen Groves.

Bible truths in simple words addresses to children

Author : James Edmund Vernon
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GOD’S WORDS “PLAIN and SIMPLE” I bring to you a book of poems that is plain and simple from the start No enormous collegiate words; only the feelings that flow from my heart It is not just about professionalism, intelligence or eloquence, you see It is about being obedient to God and allowing him to use me the way he choose to use me It is about ministering to all of God’s children and drawing them near to Christ And reassuring them that, even thru their storms, they may still have peace and joy in this life So God, I pray that all around the world, someone will be drawn near to you from a poem that is heard And I thank you for using me to minister to others, Plain and Simple, God’s Words! March 20, 2010

Simple Words Pope John Xxiii

Author : Ed. Loris Capovilla
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Simple Words on the Rudiments of the Christian Faith A treatise addressed to the intellect By John Cooke

Author :
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