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Simple Cooking

Author : John Thorne
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John Thorne's classic first collection is filled with straightforward eating, home cooking, vigorous opinions, and the gracefully intelligent writing that makes him a cult favorite of people who like to think about food. "Incisive, hilarious and occasionally nostalgic, this volume will delight many readers, reminding them why they enjoy the pleasures of food and cooking."--Publishers Weekly

Simple American Cooking

Author : Chuck Williams
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New American Cuisine for Todays Family

Author : Lisa M. Ross
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New American Cuisine for Today's Family offers great cooking tips for busy families and professionals everywhere. Based on traditional Mediterranean meals, Lisa Akoury-Ross modifies these great dishes into time condensed prep times so you can get a healthy and nutritious meal on the table in less than 30 minutes. There are also tips on which foods should be kept on hand in the pantry or freezer for fast and easy preparation, as well as what main courses and side dishes go well together. This cookbook presents dozens of ideas on how to enjoy the wonderful flavors of the Mediterranean diet, while still satisfying palettes of all ages.

Ethnic American Food Today

Author : Lucy M. Long
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Ethnic American Food Today is the first encyclopedia to illuminate the variety and complexity of ethnic food cultures in this country and to address their place within the larger American culture.

The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink

Author : Andrew F. Smith
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A panoramic history of the culinary traditions, culture, and evolution of American food and drink features nearly one thousand entries, essays, and articles on such topics as fast food, celebrity chefs, regional and ethnic cuisine, social and cultural food history, food science, and more, along with hundreds of photographs and lists of food museums, Web sites, festivals, and organizations.

Icons of American Cooking

Author : Elizabeth S. Demers Ph.D.
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Discover how these contemporary food icons changed the way Americans eat through the fascinating biographical profiles in this book. • Provides 24 intriguing, biographical entries detailing the lives of some of America's greatest food and cooking pioneers and institutions • Includes contributions from 18 distinguished scholars, librarians, and journalists • Offers key insight into childhood and family, education, career trajectory and triumphs, and legacy • Numerous sidebars offer intriguing quotations, sample menus, and excerpts from writings • Suggestions for further reading follow each profile

Mexican American Cuisine

Author : Ilan Stavans
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Providing food for the brain as well as the body, this wonderful collection of essays explores the boundaries between Mexican and Mexican-American foods, promotes philosophical understandings of Mexican-American cuisine, and shares recipes from both past and present. • An introduction by Ilan Stavans • Contributed essays from nine outstanding writers • Recipes from both past and present • A selected bibliography of key sources

New Native American Cuisine

Author : Marian Betancourt
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The New Native American Cuisine is the first book to make this cuisine available to home cooks everywhere. Beautifully illustrated with rich full-color photographs of the resort and its restaurant and dishes, it presents more than fifty recipes for cocktails; small plates and main courses; soups and salads, fish, meat, game, vegetables, and desserts—from grilled elk chop with truffles and sweet corn panacotta with venison carpaccio, to buffalo tartare with prairie quail egg.

American Cuisine

Author : Booksumo Press
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Welcome to America. Get your copy of the best and most unique American recipes from BookSumo Press! Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply. In this book we focus on American foods. American Cuisine is a complete set of simple but very unique American recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing. So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking? Here is a Preview of the American Recipes You Will Learn: San Antonio Stroganoff Houston Salsa Baked Bean Burritos Texas Waco Lasagna Tex Mex Quesadillas x Fajitas A Real Knish Binghamton Chicken Sandwich (Spiedies) Empire Rye Bread Manhattan Homemade Pizzeria Pizza Louisiana Shrimp Boil Cajun Chicken Cutlets Blackened Lobster Sauce How to Make Catfish Pot Pie Creole Hawaiian Fried Rice Shiitake Chicken Breast Tropical Wontons Baked Kalua Pork Hawaiian Swiss Sliders Floridian Couscous and Snapper Cuban Sandwich Florida Style Pizza Latin Onion Sunshine Chops Miami Style Pasta California Style Chocolate Cookies Honey Cheese Figs Mint Curry Mexican Style Spicy Tacos Simply Corn Fried Buttermilk Cornbread Chickasaw Greens Real Southern Macaroni and Cheese American Meatballs Carolina Kitchen Mushrooms Deep South Chowder Much, much more! Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!Related Searches: American cookbook, American recipes, American food, American, american cooking, american cuisine, american recipe book

Beyond Soul Food Modern American Heritage Cuisine

Author : Richard Petty
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Chop Suey USA

Author : Yong Chen
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American diners began to flock to Chinese restaurants more than a century ago, making Chinese food the first mass-consumed cuisine in the United States. By 1980, it had become the country's most popular ethnic cuisine. Chop Suey, USA offers the first comprehensive interpretation of the rise of Chinese food, revealing the forces that made it ubiquitous in the American gastronomic landscape and turned the country into an empire of consumption. Engineered by a politically disenfranchised, numerically small, and economically exploited group, Chinese food's tour de America is an epic story of global cultural encounter. It reflects not only changes in taste but also a growing appetite for a more leisurely lifestyle. Americans fell in love with Chinese food not because of its gastronomic excellence but because of its affordability and convenience, which is why they preferred the quick and simple dishes of China while shunning its haute cuisine. Epitomized by chop suey, American Chinese food was a forerunner of McDonald's, democratizing the once-exclusive dining-out experience for such groups as marginalized Anglos, African Americans, and Jews. The rise of Chinese food is also a classic American story of immigrant entrepreneurship and perseverance. Barred from many occupations, Chinese Americans successfully turned Chinese food from a despised cuisine into a dominant force in the restaurant market, creating a critical lifeline for their community. Chinese American restaurant workers developed the concept of the open kitchen and popularized the practice of home delivery. They streamlined certain Chinese dishes, such as chop suey and egg foo young, turning them into nationally recognized brand names.

Great Wine Made Simple

Author : Andrea Robinson
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The updated edition of the classic introduction to wine for everyone, by Master Sommelier Andea Immer Robinson. Great Wine Made Simple established Andrea Immer Robinson as America’s favorite wine writer. Avoiding the traditional and confusingly vague wine language of “bouquet” and “nose,” it instead discussed wine in commonsense terms. Now, thoroughly revised, this edition lives up to its title by making selecting and enjoying wine truly straightforward. You will never again have to fear pricey bottles that don’t deliver, snobby wine waiters, foreign terminology, or encyclopedic restaurant wine lists. You’ll be able to buy or order wine with confidence—and get just the wine you want—by learning the “Big Six” basic styles (which comprise 80 percent of today’s top-selling wines), how they taste, how to read any wine label, and how to pick a wine off a restaurant menu. Ten new flavor maps show what to expect from climates around the world. A refreshing blend of in-depth knowledge and accessibility, Great Wine Made Simple is a welcome resource for those who are intrigued by wine but don’t know where to start and makes it easy to master the ins and outs of choosing a wine that you and your guests will love—on any budget.

Local Dirt

Author : Andrea Bemis
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The author of the popular farm-to-table cookbook Dishing Up the Dirt returns with a dazzling collection of inventive recipes using farm-fresh ingredients, inspired by her commitment to supporting the local food movement. For Andrea Bemis, eating locally is a way of life. After all, her and her husband own and operate an organic vegetable farm in the Pacific Northwest, and the produce they grow—from kale and kohlrabi to beets and butternut squash—is at the heart of the meals they serve and eat at their dinner table. They supplement their harvest with food produced by their neighbors, including the ranchers who supply their meat, and the orchardists who provide their fruit. Andrea has always identified as a sustainable eater—until one day, when she opened a can of coconut milk and realized she had no idea where it came from. This propelled her to look more closely at her pantry, taking stock of the other ingredients that may have traveled some distance. Considering the energy used to transport the avocados, olive oil, and lemons to her Northern Oregon kitchen, she came up with an idea—a 30-day challenge to cook and eat only local food grown from local dirt, using ingredients produced within 200 miles of her home. In Local Dirt, Andrea shares her journey through stories, photographs, and more than 80 recipes, re-creating a not-so-distant world when the ingredients cooked and eaten were produced within local communities. Organized by season, the delicious and creative dishes in this truly sustainable cookbook includes Fennel Gratin, Kohlrabi Yogurt Salad with Smoked Salmon, Winter Squash Toast with Honey & Hazelnuts, and Zucchini Swiss Chard & Chickpea Stew. Best of all, the recipes can be adapted to utilize any local fare. Ultimately, Andrea found that the “challenge” she set out for herself wasn’t a challenge at all, but an opportunity to go back to basics, slow down, and connect even more deeply with her community. In Local Dirt, she offers the inspiration, instruction, and advice we need to eat deliciously and sustainably.

American Macrobiotic Cuisine

Author : Meredith McCarty
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Dispelling the mystery that surrounds macrobiotic cooking, this resource shows how a macrobiotic diet--based upon local fresh vegetables and other easy-to-find ingredients--can include everything from French Onion Soup and Green Corn Tamale to Lemon-Lime Pudding Pie and Ginger Cookies. 94 illustrations.

American Cooking the Eastern Heartland

Author : José Wilson
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The Story behind the Dish Classic American Foods

Author : Mark McWilliams
File Size : 77.43 MB
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Profiling 48 classic American foods ranging from junk and fast food to main dishes to desserts, this book reveals what made these dishes iconic in American pop culture. • 48 entries on the development, popularization, and adaptation of each dish • Numerous recipes • Historical photographs of American foods • Recommended reading lists for each chapter

New American Table

Author : Marcus Samuelsson
File Size : 24.1 MB
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From the winner of Top Chef Masters An affectionate, thoroughly diverse tribute to the modern American table "I'll introduce you to friends I've met along the way who have shared their foods, told me their stories and inspired me with their passion. With recipes that range from elaborate entrees to simple snacks, I give an overview of American food as I see it and, hopefully, will provide a primer to navigate through an array of international influences to bring a world of flavor into your own home." —Marcus Samuelsson In his bestselling The Soul of a New Cuisine, Marcus Samuelsson returned to the land of his birth to explore the continent's rich diversity of cultures and cuisines through recipes and stories from his travels in Africa. Now, in The New American Table, Samuelsson takes you on a journey of the inspired food of the United States, his beloved adopted country. Acclaimed for the distinct and diverse cuisine he has created at Aquavit and Riingo, Samuelsson shares more than 300 recipes that embody the uniquely inclusive spirit of American cuisine, from high-end fare to street food; down-home Southern cooking to Southwestern flavors to Asian cuisines, and beyond. In this new book, he explores the full spectrum of this regional American cooking that he has grown to love, meeting people along the way who have brought wonderful foods to their new home and to the receptive American people who have opened their minds and hearts to new foods and new cultures, including Green Salsa, to serve over shrimp or as a dip Breakfast Burritos Salmon Flatbread Tempura Crab Salad with Tamarind-Soy Vinaigrette Soy-Glazed Dumplings with Sweet Chile Sauce Chicken Sate with Baby Spinach and Garlic Feta Dip Turkey Meatloaf with Tomato-Spinach Sauce Beer-Braised Short Ribs Rustic Chocolate Tart Red Berry Cobbler A true celebration of the culinary gifts that define The New American Table, this book is accompanied by stunning food and travel photographs documenting Samuelsson's journeys across America and his discovery of the flavors of a nation. Drawing on his own rich cultural heritage, he has created an exciting tribute to the wide range of cultural influences and culinary traditions that have shaped modern American cuisine. The New American Table presents Samuelsson's interpretation of the food that has evolved from these diverse traditions-a contemporary, original, and uniquely American cuisine.

The American Cookbook with Simple Instructions

Author : Allie Allen
File Size : 75.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Do you enjoy the American classics and the tastes that they offer? How about preparing the best of the American cuisine in the comfort of your own home? The American Cookbook is here to bring you detailed instructions on how to prepare the best dishes. As soon as you have it in your hands, you will cook them with ease. This is not one of those ordinary cookbooks that are sold everywhere. It brings an introduction to American cuisine, a whole collection of delicious recipes, and the secrets to preparing the classics. For a hassle-free experience in the kitchen, make sure that you get your copy now!

Miss Ruby s American Cooking

Author : Ruth Adams Bronz
File Size : 87.94 MB
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The celebrated chef shares her secrets of creative cooking based on the use of regional American ingredients

Flavors of India for Tasty Palates

Author : Nandu Marketkar
File Size : 36.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The book is a celebration of the food Indians cook in American kitchens today, using ingredients found in most supermarkets. With streamlined techniques and intense, authentic flavors, the book heralds a new generation of Indian cookbooks. From slow-simmered curries with layered flavors to quickly sautéed dishes, these approachable recipes explore the wide world of Indian cuisine, including irresistible snacks and appetizers, seductively spiced lentil dals, aromatic meat and seafood curries, incredible range of vegetable dishes. The book does ample justice to the diversity of Indian cuisine, covering all bases from light snacks to mains such as a mutton stew. Nandu tries hard to pepper his variant adaptations with personal experiences in the kitchen for an intimate culinary journey. The book is filled with gorgeous photographs, fresh flavors, and practical advice; it is an illuminating guide to real Indian food!