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Silence and Subject in Modern Literature

Author : U. Olsson
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Why does interrogation silence its object and not make it speak? Silence vs speech is a central issue in classical and modern literary works. This book studies literary representations of the power relations in which we are forced to speak using a range of texts ranging from the modern crime novel, via classics, to avant-garde plays.

Silence is Not Golden

Author : Taddesse Adera
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This anthology, which is the first of its kind ever on Ethiopian literature, aspires to provide insights into a body of literature which had been marginalized more than other post-colonial literatures. The articles collected here trace and analyze the development of Ethiopian languages and literatures from Ge'ez to the first Amharic novel, T'obbia. In an attempt to create balance, effort has also been made to incorporate representative critical works from almost all modern literary forms. This collection intends to provide readers with a general insight and an increased awareness of the richness of Ethiopian literature. The volume brings together a number of scholars and practitioners of the world whose interest in the subject matter is rivaled only by an equally compelling interest in reading and situating Ethiopian literature in the wider context of world literature. In this sense, other scholars and interested readers will have at their disposal the means/tools to engage in inter- and intra-literary studies. Since this volume has a pre-cursorial contour, and since it is the first, it is hoped that it will engender discussion and pique the interest of the reading public.

A Moving Rhetoricke

Author : Christina Luckyj
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The complex history of silence provides an important framework for rethinking gender in early modern England and for challenging critical approaches to it. It is with this quiet rhetoric that Christina Luckyi's work is concerned. Based on an investigation of a wide range of contemporary sources, from domestic conduct guides to emblem books, this study offers fresh perspectives on both culture and literature, using silence as its fulcrum.

Accomplices of Silence

Author : Masao Miyoshi
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A comprehensive critical discussion of the Japanese novel and its distinctiveness from Western literature.

Silence in Catullus

Author : Benjamin Eldon Stevens
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Both passionate and artful, learned and bawdy, Catullus is one of the best-known and critically significant poets from classical antiquity. An intriguing aspect of his poetry that has been neglected by scholars is his interest in silence, from the pauses that shape everyday conversation to linguistic taboos and cultural suppressions and the absolute silence of death. In Silence in Catullus, Benjamin Eldon Stevens offers fresh readings of this Roman poet's most important works, focusing on his purposeful evocations of silence. This deep and varied "poetics of silence" takes on many forms in Catullus's poetic corpus: underscoring the lyricism of his poetry; highlighting themes of desire, immortality-in-culture, and decay; accenting its structures and rhythms; and, Stevens suggests, even articulating underlying philosophies. Combining classical philological methods, contemporary approaches to silence in modern literature, and the most recent Catullan scholarship, this imaginative examination of Catullus offers a new interpretation of one of the ancient world's most influential and inimitable voices.

The Reading of Silence

Author : Patricia Ondek Laurence
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This is a study of Virginia Woolf's lifelong preoccupation with silence and the barrier between the sayable and the unsayable. Using a wide range of thinkers from Kierkegaard to Kristeva and Derrida, Laurence demonstrates convincingly that Woolf was the first modern woman novelist to practice silence in her writing and that, in so doing, she created a new language of the mind and changed the metaphor of silence from one of absence or oppression to one of presence and strength. It suggests new directions for Woolf criticism.

The Language of Silence

Author : Leslie Kane
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Examining the plays of Maeterlinck, Chekhov, Jean-Jacques Bernard, Pinter, Albee, and Beckett, this critical study exhibits the eloquence with which silence and inarticulateness portray the experience of inadequacy, incompleteness, impermanence, and uncertainty in early-twentieth-century drama. Moving on to post-World War II drama, the author explores the use of noneloquent speech and silence to convey the alienation and isolation engendered by the rise of political humanity.

Language and Silence

Author : George Steiner
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How do we evaluate the power and utility of language when it has been made to articulate falsehoods in certain totalitarian regimes or has been charged with vulgarity and imprecision in a mass-consumer democracy? How will language react to the increasingly urgent claims of more exact speech such as mathematics and symbolic notation? These are some of the questions Steiner addresses in this elegantly written book, first published in 1967 to international acclaim.


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The Every day Book of Modern Literature Compiled and Edited by the Late George H Townsend

Author :
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Of Silence and Song

Author : Dan Beachy-Quick
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Midway through the journey of his life, Dan Beachy-Quick found himself without a path, unsure how to live well. Of Silence and Song follows him on his resulting classical search for meaning in the world and in his particular, quiet life. In essays, fragments, marginalia, images, travel writing, and poetry, Beachy-Quick traces his relationships and identities. As father and husband. As teacher and student. As citizen and scholar. And as poet and reader, wondering at the potential and limits of literature. Of Silence and Song finds its inferno—and its paradise—in moments both historically vast and nakedly intimate. Hell: disappearing bees, James Eagan Holmes, Columbine, and the persistent, unforgivable crime of slavery. And redemption: in the art of Marcel Duchamp, the pressed flowers in Emily Dickinson’s Bible, and long walks with his youngest daughter. Curious, earnest, and masterful, Of Silence and Song is an unforgettable exploration of the human soul.

Translating Desire in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

Author : Craig Berry
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"For medieval and early modern poets, philosophers, and political subjects, to articulate desire was to stake out the boundaries of the cultural and communal self. Working in the midst of political dangers, intellectual and religious crises, and social upheavals, many medieval and Renaissance writers began appropriating discourses of desire in order to engage in, comment upon, and cope with their cultural environments. This 'translatio' of desire offers an efficient yet flexible paradigm for examining the construction of the desiring subject. This collection of new essays addresses the translation of desire across the borders of nation, language, genre, and gender. It explores how medieval and early modern authors convert discourses of desire whose conventions are primarily male, literary, and erotic into terms that serve the mixed social, religious, political, and literary aspirations of both male and female voices. The essays range in topic from gendered authority in the high medieval epistle to the eroticized politics of a Huguenot poet. Some take up cases where the primary end of desire is literary authority and others where social and political concerns drive the adaptation of desire, but even this border is permeable to translation." --

Two Centuries of Silence

Author : Avid Kamgar
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How Farsi language broke its two centuries of silence. This book is the translation of Do Gharn Sokoot, into English by an Iranian scientist and scholar. Two Centuries of silence is the saga of 200 years of struggle by Iranians in order to free themselves from the yoke of Muslim Arabs- elegantly and passionately told by Abdolhossein Zarinkoob. The book elucidates thekey reasons for the success of Muslim Arabs in their assault on Iran- a fact that was not written in the stars, nor was it an act of God. For its readers, this translation hopes to shed light on what forms the foundation of todays Iran and helpbring some understanding of Iranians and their culture. The fall of Nahavand in 642 CE marked the end of a glorious fourteenth-century history of Iran-a fascinating and dynamic history spanning the years from 700 BCE to 700 CE. For two centuries thereafter, a brutally long, chilling silence cast its shadow over the history and language of Iran. Professor Zarinkoob explores the reason behind the Sasanian downfall and how the uncouth Bedouins triumphed over an immense and glorious civilization such as that? During these two centuries- about which our recent historians have remained silent-why did Farsi become a "lost" language, obscure and traceless? In the time when Iranian swordsmen revolted against the Arabs under any pretext, fighting the Arabs and Muslims, how did Zoroastrian priests argue and debate in the light of knowledge and wisdom against the Muslim faith? Finally, why a book that tells the tale of a most turbulent period of Iran's history is titlesTwo Centuries of Silenceand not Two Centuries of Chaos and Uproar? Prof. Zarinkoob's colorful narrative unravels these mysteries through Iranian eyes and is delivered here only as they may.

The Irish Ecclesiastical Record

Author :
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Not Needing all the Words

Author : Annick Hillger
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Not Needing all the Words looks at Ondaatje's work in relation to the post-Cartesian idea of the modern subject as split and alienated. Highlighting the distinction between aesthesis and logic, Hillger traces the ways in which Ondaatje responds to the continuing process of silencing art in the modern age of reason.

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800

Author : Gale Group
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Annotation Comprehensive critical coverage of the works of the greatest writers and thinkers of the late Middle Ages, Renaissance and Restoration eras. A cumulative title index is published separately (included in subscription).

MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures

Author : Modern Language Association of America
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Vols. for 1969- include ACTFL annual bibliography of books and articles on pedagogy in foreign languages 1969-

A Question of Silence

Author : Janaki Nair
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The essays in this volume develop an understanding of the institutions, practices and forms of representation of Indian sexual relations and their boundaries of legitimacy.

Modern Austrian Literature

Author :
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Beyond Silence

Author : Lien Chao
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From unappreciated railway workers facing institutional racism and neglect in the last century to national cultural figures of the present, the Chinese, like other coloured peoples of Canada, have made great inroads into the mainstream, which in turn has adjusted its self-image to accommodate diversity.