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Breed Show Hunters Under Saddle

Author : Melissa Sexton
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One of the fastest-growing divisions of the breed horse show world is the Hunter Under Saddle, in which horses exhibit the athletic and comfortable gaits that characterize the ideal foxhunting mount. Written by a well-known trainer and American Quarter Horse Association judge, Show Hunters Under Saddle is a comprehensive guide to training and showing horses in this discipline. It takes the reader from assessing the potential of a young horse's conformation and movement, to training and exhibiting the animal in terms of what constitutes a ribbon-winning performance. The book also addresses the differences between these show hunters and those of the "English" hunter world, as well as such training considerations as reschooling an older horse and techniques to deal with the strong Thoroughbred influence in many of today's breed show horses. Throughout the book, the author stresses the importance of giving horses a solid foundation that will benefit them not only in the Hunter Under Saddle division but elsewhere in the show arena, and as otherwise responsive and educated mounts. Whether you ride a horse that shows exclusively in the Hunter Under Saddle division or one that also takes part in Western classes, this book will teach you everything you need to know to get to the winner's circle.

The Whole Horse Catalog

Author : Steven D. Price
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Povides information on a wide range of products, services, organizations, and events of interest to horse owners, trainers, and riders, covering such topics as horse selection and care, and stable management

Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse

Author : Paul D. Cronin
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The director of the riding program at Sweet Briar College for more than 30 years, Cronin is a well-known and highly respected trainer and riding instructor. Here he presents a clear and practical guide to getting the most out of a horse in a humane and sensitive way.

Chronicle of the Horse

Author :
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Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters Jumpers and Equitation

Author : Geoff Teall
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"This isn't just a book about how to ride, it's a book about how to enjoy, appreciate and maximize your every experience with your horse." —Chronicle of the Horse

The Saddle and Show Horse Chronicle

Author :
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Showing for Beginners New and Revised

Author : Hallie McEvoy
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In the ten years since this book was first published, the USEF, American horse sport's governing body, has revised and added rules and regulations that affect novice hunter-seat riders. This user-friendly and encouraging guide reflects those changes and offers invaluable advice for riders, parents, and trainers: how to find an appropriate show and trainer; horse and rider preparation; entry requirements; show-ring etiquette; and what judges look for in a range of novice-level classes. Updated photos enhance the text and provide a more contemporary look.

Hot Blood

Author : Ken Englade
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HELEN BRANCH LEFT BEHIND A HUGE FORTUNE—AND A MYSTERY THAT WOULD HAUNT THE NATION FOR YEARS TO COME. A coal-miner's daughter, she was a beautiful hat-check girl who snagged a millionaire . . . only to become an eccentric, pet-loving widow who, one day, disappeared without a trace. WAS SHE A VICTIM OF "THE GALLOPING GIGOLO?" Richard Bailey was an admitted swindler who spent years persuading rich women to invest in bum horses...even though he claims not to have harmed Helen Branch. Other suspects included a champion rider and an Olympic hopeful—each with dangerous connections to wealthy horsemen, and both with cold-blooded schemes to achieve their mission. ONE MAN IS DEAD-SET ON FINDING OUT. When Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Miller launched an investigation into Helen Branch's death, he went from the polo grounds of Palm Beach to the lavish horse farms of Connecticut to Kentucky's thoroughbred stables in search of answers. What he learned would cast a dark shadow on one of America's favorite pastimes. . . .


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The Complete Horse Book

Author : Elwyn Hartley Edwards
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Shows various breeds of horses from around the world, traces the history of the horse, and discusses health care, feeding, saddles, training, riding, breeding, and competitions

How to Put on a Horse Show

Author : T. W. Carrithers
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American Horse Show Blue Book

Author :
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Live Stock Journal

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Janet and Jackie

Author : Jan Pottker
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Despite hundreds of books and thousands of articles on Jackie Kennedy, surprisingly little is known about her mother's role in her life and achievements. Often dismissed as a social climber who faded into the woodwork after she divorced Jackie's father-the dashing, disreputable "Black Jack" Bouvier-and married the rich Hugh D. Auchincloss, Janet not only played a pivotal part in Jackie's own wedding to JFK, but often served as a stand-in for Jackie during the White House years, and helped her cope with John and Caroline after the assassination. The only book to explore this fascinating mother-daughter relationship, Janet & Jackie is filled with stories that shed new light on the personal life of an American icon.

Surviving the Circuit How to Gracefully Navigate the World of Hunter Jumper Competitions A Guide for Parents and Spectators

Author : Kelley LaFond
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SURVIVING THE CIRCUIT is a straightforward , easy-to-read guide for parents whose children are riding in A-level hunter-jumper horse shows. It includes basic information about submitting entires, detailed descriptions of the different divisions,do's and don'ts from top trainers, a judging tutorial, etiquette guidelines, and more! This book doubles as an excellent spectator's guide for the friends, family and spouses of show riders of any age.

Bowker s Complete Video Directory 2000

Author : [Anonymus AC03009304]
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Patroclus and Penelope A Chat in the Saddle

Author : Theodore Ayrault Dodge
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The Adult Rider

Author : Sarah Montague
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Sarah Montague's The Adult Rider describes everything you need to know if you are interested in introducing (or reintroducing) horses to your life. The book begins with a thorough description of all equestrian disciplines-from Western (barrel racing, reining, cutting, penning) to English (show jumping, dressage, eventing) and so much more! You might try endurance riding, in which you and your equine partner hit the trails for miles, or maybe you've considered polo, a sport gaining popularity in theUnited States and creating opportunities for eager beginners. Perhaps you love horses, but aren't so sure you want to ride—Montague will introduce you to the thrill of driving, the artistry of in-hand competitions, and the joys of miniature horses. Whichever discipline you consider, the author takes you step by step through the process, from choosing a stable (what to look for in an instructor and in a barn) to picking out your new riding clothes (you need only a helmet and sturdy shoes to start, but there's a world of apparel and accessories once you're hooked). Do you think you might want to buy a horse someday? The Adult Rider describes this process as well, but also introduces you to other alternatives—like leasing, a month-to-month arrangementthat lets you see how a horse fits into your life in both time and money before you make a commitment. The Adult Rider recognizes that we are not the same as the resilient kids who fearlessly hop their pony over a fence for that very first time.Montague discusses what makes adults mentally and physically different, and how to overcome these challenges. In the chapter "The View from the Other Side of the Arena," Montague interviews several riding instructors on the difference between teaching kids and adults and the ways in which adults learn differently. All in all, the point is to have fun and The Adult Rider provides you with the know-how to jump into the horse world with both eyes open.

The Horses of the British Empire

Author : Sir Humphrey Francis De Trafford (3d bart.)
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Includes information on the Clydesdale horse, Vol. 2, p. 118-151.

The Spur

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