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Should Students Be Allowed to Protest at School

Author : Emma Tunney
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In the wake of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the number of student walkouts and other kinds of protests have risen dramatically. Gun control is not the only subject students protest, but as it made headlines across the country, adults debated how effective these walkouts were and how permissible they should be. Vivid photographs, intriguing fact boxes, and an informative graphic organizer help readers gain a deeper understanding of the issue of school protests to help readers make their own decisions about a topic that has huge effects on their own lives.

Points of View Set 8

Author : Menna Landon
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Kids are often at the center of some of today's most challenging debates. Should schools have dress codes? Should students be allowed to protest at school? The answers to these kinds of questions affect the daily lives of kids around the world. By focusing on the nuances behind different points of view, readers are able develop opinions based in fact. Through graphic organizers, balanced text, and full-color photographs, readers are introduced to different viewpoints and are encouraged to develop their own informed opinions on issues that affect them now and will affect them in the future.

Microstrategy Magic

Author : Michael S. Gaskell
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Educators and instructional leaders in today’s schools are under tremendous pressure and time constraints. They have high stakes requirements to show performance achievement of students in their schools and classrooms. The relentless conflict they face is the task of managing the constant disruptions and challenges that exist in a demanding, answer-now world. We must have the tools to respond to these in an efficient and effective manner, so that we can get back to our most important work: helping students learn and grow into successful young adults. Included in this text are quick references for the busy educator to utilize. They are tools developed over decades by educators who recognize the urgency of their work and how they must not be deflected by aggravations of time consuming, emotionally exhausting challenges. Accompanying anecdotal evidence are time tested and research-based practices. If you have ever experienced the challenges of costly arguments, political motives, or minutiae that steer you away, pick up this book for an account of how to favorably alter this fast and effectively!

The Westminster Review

Author :
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Tinker v Des Moines

Author : Marcia Amidon Lusted
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Each year, more than 7,000 cases are appealed to the US Supreme Court. But only 100 to 150 are accepted. The decisions the Supreme Court makes change the course of US history and shape the country we live in. This title introduces readers to The United States v. Nixon, a landmark case that addressed the Watergate Scandal and limits to US presidential power. Chapters investigate the courtÍs ruling, including its compelling backstory and appeals process, as well as the political climate at the time due to the Vietnam War and NixonÍs reelection campaign. The aftermath of this important decision, including NixonÍs impeachment trial and resignation from office are also detailed. Profiles of key players such as President Richard Nixon, Mark Felt aka Deep Throat, and attorneys Leon Jaworski, John St. Clair, and Archibald Cox are included. Sidebars highlight Constitutional amendments and other relevant issues that further readersÍ understanding of the caseÍs significance. Landmark Supreme Court Cases is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

The Young Crusaders

Author : V. P. Franklin
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An authoritative history of the overlooked youth activists that spearheaded the largest protests of the Civil Rights Movement and set the blueprint for future generations of activists to follow. Some of the most iconic images of the Civil Rights Movement are those of young people engaged in social activism, such as children and teenagers in 1963 being attacked by police in Birmingham with dogs and water hoses. But their contributions have not been well documented or prioritized. The Young Crusaders is the first book dedicated to telling the story of the hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers who engaged in sit-ins, school strikes, boycotts, marches, and demonstrations in which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other national civil rights leaders played little or no part. It was these young activists who joined in the largest civil rights demonstration in US history: the system-wide school boycott in New York City on February 3, 1964, where over 360,000 elementary and secondary school students went on strike and thousands attended freedom schools. Later that month, tens of thousands of children and teenagers participated in the "Freedom Day" boycotts in Boston and Chicago, also demanding "quality integrated education." Distinguished historian V. P. Franklin illustrates how their ingenuity made these and numerous other campaigns across the country successful in bringing about the end to legalized racial discrimination. It was these unheralded young people who set the blueprint for today's youth activists and their campaigns to address poverty, joblessness, educational inequality, and racialized violence and discrimination. Understanding the role of children and teenagers transforms how we understand the Civil Rights Movement and the broader part young people have played in shepherding social and educational progress, and it serves as a model for the youth-led "reparatory justice" campaigns seen today mounted by Black Lives Matter, March for Our Lives, and the Sunrise Movement. Highlighting the voices of the young people themselves, Franklin offers a redefining narrative, complemented by arresting archival images. The Young Crusaders reveals a radical history that both challenges and expands our understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Struggle for Black History

Author : Abul Pitre
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The Struggle for Black History: Foundations for a Critical Black Pedagogy in Education captures the controversy that surrounds the implementation of Black studies in schools' curricula. This book examines student experiences of a controversial Black history program in 1994 that featured critical discourse about the historical role of racism and its impact on Black people. The program and its continuing controversy is analyzed by drawing from the analyses of Elijah Muhammad, Carter G. Woodson, Maulana Karenga, Molefi Asante, Paulo Freire, Peter McLaren, James Banks, and others. Professors Abul and Esrom Pitre and Professor Ruth Ray use case studies and student experiences to highlight the challenges faced when trying to implement Black studies programs. This study provides the reader with an illuminating picture of critical pedagogy, critical race theory, multicultural education, and Black studies in action. The book lays the foundation for what the authors term "critical Black pedagogy in education," which is an examination of African American leaders, scholars, students, activists, their exegeses and challenge of power relations in Black education. In addition, the book provides recommendations for schools, parents, students, and activists interested in implementing Black studies and multicultural education.

Encyclopedia of Education Law

Author : Charles J. Russo
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CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title for 2009 "A welcome addition to any public or academic library, this set would also be of use in a law library where educational law might need to be explored and reviewed at a more basic level than other legal texts." —Sara Rofofsky Marcus, Queensborough Community Coll., Bayside, NY "Smaller educational legal summaries exist, and a couple of texts deal with Supreme Court cases about education, but this set provides a unique combination of general educational legal issues and case-specific information. It should be a welcome addition to academic and large public libraries. Also available as an ebook." — Booklist The Encyclopedia of Education Law is a compendium of information drawn from the various dimensions of education law that tells its story from a variety of perspectives. The entries cover a number of essential topics, including the following: Key cases in education law, including both case summaries and topical overviews Constitutional issues Key concepts, theories, and legal principles Key statutes Treaties (e.g., the Universal Declaration on Human Rights) Curricular issues Educational equity Governance Rights of students and teachers Technology Biographies Organizations In addition to these broad categories, anchor essays by leading experts in education law provide more detailed examination of selected topics. The Encyclopedia also includes selections from key legal documents such as the Constitution and federal statutes that serve as the primary sources for research on education law. At the same time, since education law is a component in a much larger legal system, the Encyclopedia includes entries on the historical development of the law that impact on its subject matter. Such a broadened perspective places education law in its proper context in the U.S. legal system.

School Law for Public Private and Parochial Educators

Author : Leo H. Bradley
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School Law for Public, Private, and Parochial Educators serves educators from all types of school systems in preservice or professional development. It is designed as an academic text for master’s and doctoral level, and administrative licensure (postmaster’s). Since educators often work in both the public and the private sector, this text prepares them for a career in either domain. This is a unique feature of the book, since school law books usually concentrate on either the public or the private domain. The following relevant issues in school law are covered: The legal system The federal and state role in education Church-state relationships and accomodations Attendance law Instructional programs Student rights Teacher contracts, rights, and freedoms Teacher negligence Law for students with disabilities Desegregation Title IX To facilitate research efforts, the book provides case summaries, which include briefs, ramifications, and topics of interest at the end of each chapter. School Law for Public, Private, and Parochial Educators is a concise presentation of the constitutional, statutory, and case law knowledge necessary for the effective day-to-day operation of all types of school systems. Contemporary issues having a large impact on school law, such as the charter school movement, home schooling, public and private vouchers, common core, and the persistent evolution verses intelligent design controversy, are also included.

Voter Registration

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on House Administration. Subcommittee on Elections
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