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Short Order Dad

Author : Robert Rosenthal
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“The perfect give for all fathers looking to up their cooking game!”—The Daily Meal There is a new kind of dad, and he’s doing far more domestic duty than at any time in history, including cooking. Although it’s written with a sense of humor, this book is a serious resource for dads and anyone else interested in upping their game to make great tasting food at home, even if they have never used a chef’s knife or a roasting pan before. Learn how to make: Breakfast Pizza Pigs in Blankets MVP Rigs Roast Chicken with a Lotta Lemon and Garlic Sauce Game Day Turkey Meatballs Fish in Foil Potato Leek Soup Baked Potato Fries Blueberry Crumble Classic Martini and so much more! Author Robert Rosenthal teaches basic techniques and presents a playbook of simple recipes that achieve the most taste with the fewest ingredients and the least effort.™ The dishes are sophisticated enough for entertaining, yet family table tested as well. Short Order Dad covers all the essentials, from shopping ingredients and cooking tools to appetizers, soups and salads, snacks, entrees, sauces and dressings, sides, desserts, cocktails and more, to make anyone a successful chef. Good cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to be great. In fact, it’s just the opposite. So whether you’re clueless in the kitchen, pan-fry phobic, or already a skilled cook, Short Order Dad is here to help turn your kitchen into a place to play.


Author : William H. Gass
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A dazzling new collection—two novellas and four short stories from one of the most revered writers of our time, author of seven books of fiction, among them The Tunnel (“An extraordinary achievement”—Michael Dirda, The Washington Post); Middle C (“Exhilaratingly ingenious”—Cynthia Ozick, The New York Times Book Review, cover); and Cartesian Sonata (“The finest prose stylist in America”—The Washington Post). It begins with "In Camera," the first of the two novellas, and tells the story, which grows darker and dustier by the speck, of a Mr. Gab (who doesn’t have the gift) and his photography shop (in a part of town so drab even robbers wouldn’t visit), a shop stuffed with gray-white, gray-bleach photographs, each in its own cellophane sheet, loosely side-filed in cardboard boxes, tag attached . . . an inner sanctum where little happens beyond the fulsome, deep reverence for Mr. Gab’s images and vast collection, a homemade museum in the midst of the outer maelstrom . . . until a Mr. Stu (as in u-stew-pid) enters the shop, inspecting the extraordinary collection, and Mr. Gab’s treasure-filled, dust-laden, meticulously contained universe begins to implode . . . In the story “Don’t Even Try, Sam,” the upright piano from the 1942 Warner Bros. classic Casablanca is interviewed (“I know why you want to talk to me,” the piano says. “It’s because everybody else is dead. Stars go out. Directors die. Companies fold. But some of the props get preserved. I’ve seen my friend the Vichy water bottle in the storeroom as wrapped up as the Maltese Falcon. We’d fetch a price now”) . . . In another story, “Charity,” a young lawyer, whose business it is to keep hospital equipment honestly produced, offers a simple gift and is brought to the ambiguous heart of charity itself. In “Soliloquy for a Chair,” a folding chair does just that—talks in a barbershop that is ultimately bombed . . . and in “The Toy Chest,” Disneylike creatures take on human roles and concerns and live in an atmosphere of a child’s imagination. An enchanting Gassian journey; a glorious fantasia; a virtuoso delight.

Short Order

Author : Pat Henshaw
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Recent graduate Dr. Fenton Miller takes December off to decide which job offer to accept. Then he meets his landlord, sous chef John Barton. Suddenly, thinking about his career becomes his last priority. A better option might be a month-long roll between the sheets with John. While John is attracted to Fen and might even agree to his plan, John has got more pressing matters to worry about. His past has arrived in tiny Stone Acres from San Francisco and is intent on sucking him back into a life he hated. Promising to help John and shelter him if necessary, Fen finds he's also being threatened by a homophobic father who doesn't find Fen as entertaining as his kids do. As they wade through their problems during the happiest time of the year, Fen and John rely more and more on each other for happiness.

Single Dad Not Singled Out

Author : David Lee Asbery
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In Single Dad...Not Singled Out! Dr. David Asbery presents a practical guide that takes you through the interior workings of the family court system. For men who are in the midst of a divorce or separation, Single Dad...Not Singled Out not only delivers the forcast of what is to come, this book give you the necessary tools and the mental fortitude to deal with the complexities within the family court system.

Dad Cooks Up a Party

Author : Bob Sloan
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Provides recipes and time-saving tips for various types of parties, from a do-ahead dinner for eight and a lobster boil to a Saturday night chile party and a seductive dinner for two

The Ancestors of Franklyn Frederic Piehl Jr Anne Marie Lois Piehl Kenneth August Piehl

Author : Franklyn F. Piehl
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The Divorced Dad s Survival Book

Author : David Knox
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Covers children's reactions to divorce, visitation, communication with one's ex-wife, custody, new partners, gay dads, and remarriage

Automobile and Trailer Travel Magazine

Author :
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South Dakota Conservation Digest

Author :
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Mystery Dad

Author : Leona Karr
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Mystery Dad by Leona Karr released on Aug 25, 1998 is available now for purchase.

Chasing Dad

Author : Candace Flynt
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Forever Dad

Author : Maggie Shayne
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Forever, Dad by Maggie Shayne released on Dec 25, 1995 is available now for purchase.

Secret Agent Dad

Author : Leandra Logan
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Secret Agent Dad by Leandra Logan released on Sep 23, 1994 is available now for purchase.

Not Like Dad

Author : John Andrews
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Short Order Microsoft FrontPage 2000

Author : Wayne F. Brooks
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Guides intermediate to advanced users through design solutions and includes powertips and notes covering cascading style sheets, Dynamic HTML, integration with Office 2000 applications, tables, and frames. Original. (Intermediate/Advanced)

One of a Kind Dad

Author : Daly Thompson
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Daniel Foster has built his own family looking after foster kids. And when he meets Lilah Ross and starts to fall for her, he knows he wants Lilah and her young son to be a part of that family too. But when Lilah's ex-husband threatens her son, Daniel is afraid he could lose them both.

Short Order Macromedia Dreamweaver 4

Author : Steven Moniz
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Demonstrates Dreamweaver's newest features while exploring Web site development and management, including manipulation of text, paragraphs, images, hypertext links, tables, frames, forms, and style sheets.


Author : George E. Pataki
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In his absorbing autobiography, the governor of New York shows that his winning touch and down-home politics spring from same sourceGeorge Pataki is the real McCoy. He's a small-town boy from Peekskill, New York, where his family's immigrant background and farming life shaped his down-to-earth politics. A second-generation American with roots in Hungary, Italy, and Ireland, Pataki has retained a common touch that his Yale and Columbia educations haven't changed. He finally followed a lifelong dream of entering public service when he left a corporate law firm to join a Senate task force on the reorganization of the court system.In 1982 Pataki became mayor of his hometown, and in 1994 he stunned New York's political world by defeating Mario Cuomo in the gubernatorial election. Suddenly "George who?" became a GOP power broker. He'll give readers the inside story of his incredible upset victory and bring us into the governor's mansion to show the day-to-day job of running the diverse state of New York -- the issues it raises, the choices he makes, the beliefs that determine how he governs. Told with warmth and wry humor, the governo

Good bye Job Hello Me

Author : Myer Waxler
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Offers practical advice on planning and operating a successful small business

Islands Linked by Ocean

Author : Lisa Linn Kanae
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Fiction. From the author of SISTA TONGUE come stories written with humor and compassion that give voice to characters who find themselves at crossroad moments where past informs present, young teach old, and love can mean holding on or letting go. In "The Steersman," a novice paddler shares her tempestuous yet life-affirming introduction to the tradition of outrigger canoe paddling: "... in the canoe, we were nameless. We were numbers, and when we weren't numbers, we were random expletives--scrub, donkey, idiot, stupid, jackass, lame ass, dumb ass...." In "Born Again Hawaiian," a young husband discovers how the personal impacts the political when his activist wife shows him how he must fight for what he loves most. And what happens when three local women take in the opera? "Dat suckah Pavarotti--he get um."