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Shit Happens So Get Over It

Author : A Non
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‘Some days you’re the bug. Some days you’re the windshield.’ Price Cobb GOOD ADVICE FOR BAD TIMES. So what if you’ve just wrapped your new car round a lamp post, emailed your ‘personal’ snaps to the entire company by mistake or delivered a eulogy with your fl ies undone: shit happens – get over it! Here’s a book packed with straight-talking quotations to help you get a grip and see the funny side.

Shit Happens Get Over It

Author : Summersdale
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'Some days you're the bug. Some days you're the windshield.' Price Cobb GOOD ADVICE FOR BAD TIMES. So what if you've just wrapped your new car round a lamp post, emailed your 'personal' snaps to the entire company by mistake or delivered a eulogy with your flies undone: shit happens - get over it! Here is a book packed with quotations to help you to get a grip and see the funny side.

Shit Happens Get Over It Journal

Author : Summersdale
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You may have had the worst day in history, but you're still alive to tell the tale. Scribble down your sorrows and stress in this journal and spare others from your misery - because shit happens, so get over it. (Alternatively, you could use this as an ordinary notebook to jot down ordinary things.)

Shit Happens Get Over It Start Again

Author : Mirella Fedele
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Ok so shit happens and you sometime need to start over again. So what? This is a perfect blank, lined journal for you to overcome obstacles, get over them and start again. Details of this journal include: 6x9inches, 120 pages, matte-finished cover and white paper. If you are looking for a different book, click on the author name and check out more great journal ideas.

Hooligans 2

Author : Andy Nicholls
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'The real history of soccer violence.' LOADED 'A comprehensive look at some of Britain's most notorious hooligan factions.' LADS MAG From the authors of the acclaimed "HOOLIGANS: The A-L" comes the final part of the only comprehensive guide ever written to the darker side of modern football history. Here are the stories of every soccer hooligan gang, from the Cool Cats of Manchester City to the Subway Army of Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Nomad Society of York City. Authors Andy Nicholls and Nick Lowles interviewed scores of current and former hooligans to compile a definitive encyclopedia of the firms. Each club has an entry listing the names of its gangs, how they formed, their worst fights, their bitterest rivals and police operations against them. Read the histories of the Naughty Forty, the Drunk and Disorderly Firm, the Affray Team, the 6.57 Crew, the Fine Young Casuals, the Inside Crew, the Goon Squad and many more. "HOOLIGANS 2" is the ultimate guide to a fascinating but much misunderstood subject.

Out in the Woods

Author : Czar D. Bek
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This book will provide the reader with a brief look at the drug world from many perspectives, to including the law enforcement officer, the drug dealers, the drug users, and the family members of drug users and dealers. Out in the Woods will provide general knowledge to inform the drug dealers what cops look for, inform the cops where to look for the drugs, inform parents and family members of some signs of drug usage or selling. It will basically get to the bottom line. If you are associated with drugs in any way, you are going to end up dead, in prison,or most importantly, unsuccessful in anything that life has to offer. You will eventually be a loser with a capital "L".

Terrorism 9 11 and Freedom

Author : Russell Madden
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Thirty-six essays from 2000 to 2009 chronicling America's struggles with terrorism and freedom. The first of these essays was written over a year before the events of 9/11/01. The last was written in 2009. The second was written the day of 9/11 and published the next week. These essays and articles are a kind of chronological examination of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and the consequences for life here in the United States post 9/11. You may judge for yourself with the hindsight of history how accurate were my analyses, predictions, and descriptions of these events of the past decade and a half. Those who forget the lessons of history...


Author : Jenny Nabben
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The honest truth about influence: what it is, how it works and how you can do it better. Your ability to influence can spell the difference between success and failure in business: with it you can get things done, spark change and transform results as you gently persuade, convince and motivate others to get that ‘yes’. But understanding exactly what influential people do and the effect it has, remains a mystery to most of us – not any more. Influence combines the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence with clever, practical and highly effective techniques to take your influencing skills to an impressive new level. Effectively influence any personality you encounter - in any situation Learn to properly listen, understand, and ask the right questions Speak persuasively and compellingly as you learn the real language of influence Be more productive, more efficient and get better results Expertly handle high-pressure situations and challenging people Influence is the silent skill that, when mastered, promises you powerful results.

Teen Trilogy Three Graphic Novels in One

Author : Monisha K Gumber
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Does love really matter so much? And what do you do when nothing matters anymore? Go on a roller coaster ride with Tara, Megha and Dolly. Three friends in their teens. Close enough to know those little secrets. Not so close to know everything. Tara, blessed with a bit too much of health for her own good. Desperate to get the guy of her dreams, she ends up playing a very dangerous game. A game, that could cost her friendships, her peace of mind and even her life. Well, that’s an exaggeration but she does make some serious blunders to impress her one true love. Can she do it and is it all really worth it? Megha, Tara’s best friend, a super achiever with a perfect life has all that is needed to be happy. Afterall, why wouldn’t she? A swimming champion, she is a good-looking girl with amazing friends and loving parents. What more can she ask for! A lot actually. Because even when she has it all, she does the unthinkable. A grave mistake that could take her to her own grave. Finally Dolly, second best friend of Tara…if that’s even a thing. A part of the same group but kind of dumb to be taken seriously. Real love of Tara’s love interest Karan. And loved (a lot unfortunately) by her love’s dad—Uday Uncle, who is her mom, Mona aunty’s best friend. Now that’s complicated. Wait, there is more. Dolly’s handsome brother Sandy gives Megha a hard time. More complications, misunderstandings, controversies, and entertainment galore! But don’t forget the life lessons. About making a comeback. About staying true to yourself. About friendships, dealing with low self-esteem and facing break-ups. Twisted stories of abuse, learning difficulties and illicit relationships in a depraved messed up world. A world the young generation is meant to change. Do you still want to know? Do you have what it takes?

Just Going Thru Some Thangs

Author : DeAnn Lain
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Brenda James, Rachel Tims, and Lee Jordan are three very unlikely best friends who produce the perfect formula for trouble as they fight for the love of a married man, a single man, and a man who must R.I.P., all while they struggled to finish their last year of college at Peaton University, located just 120 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia. The East Coast -Visitor Brenda James, whose first love Greg left her with a broken heart instead of a marriage proposal on a hot summer night after finding out about his new lover, and unborn baby on the way with her best friends’ sister. Rediscovering love was not lost for long; she would meet Theo Shell a stranger who would explore her precious temple; which allowed her to embrace her womanhood. Before graduation she would need to choose between a life alone, and an unexpected marriage proposal. The West Coast - Native Rachel Tims, a woman with quiet strength and startling beauty, whose ambition to become a lawyer led her to quench her thirst for success in the arms of a man who was torn between her and his home. Her millionaire lover Phillip Daniels placed the world at her feet, yet she must decide to step forward or step away from what her heart was leading her into. The Southern - Peach Lee Jordan used lustful married men as she roared like a lioness in pursuit of her prey. Yet, her “manizing” ways made her fall for a much older married lover Sergeant Ethan Robinson, whose death would cause her to abruptly change the way she embraced love. Making wrong and right decisions would predict these women’s futures. JUST GOING THRU SOME THANGS together is what they must do to get to the next “journey” in their lives.

Deadly Command

Author : Don Pendleton
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Military-grade guns are finding their way onto American streets, turning neighborhoods into war zones. And, after three officers and two civilians are killed in the crossfire of a Miami gang standoff, it's time for someone to strike back. Yet with little concrete proof to use against those supplying the illegal weapons, the police are helpless. Fortunately for them Mack Bolan doesn't need evidence. It's old-fashioned justice he's after. Going solo on his mission, Bolan soon discovers Miami is just the beginning. An arms dealer has set up operations in New York, Chicago and New Mexico. But this supplier isn't the only one wanting a slice of the American gun pie. Another more ruthless group is ready to step in and will take out anyone who gets in their way—unless the Executioner can take them down first.

Sand Sharks

Author : Margaret Maron
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When Judge Deborah Knott travels to Wrightsville Beach for a summer conference for North Carolina District Court Judges, she stumbles upon the body of one of her colleagues. Meanwhile, Deborah's husband, Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, is in Virginia with his son, tying up loose ends left by the death of his first wife. When another judge is found murdered at the conference, it soon becomes evident that Deborah may be the killer's next target. Her relaxing trip to the seaside soon transforms into a harrowing experience, and she must summon all of her strength and investigative expertise to track down the culprit before she becomes the next victim.

Marine Ices

Author : Tony Garnett
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A woman goes to London to learn more bout her father who died when she was three. There, in England she falls in love.

Thief of Happy Endings

Author : Kristen Chandler
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Sarah Dessen meets the Wild West in this tale of wild mustangs, irresistible wranglers, and the first rule of horses: if you get bucked off, you have to get back on. Cassidy Carrigan wasn’t planning to ever get on a horse again. She wasn’t even planning on going to back to school after her dad moved out, her best friend ditched her, and her anxiety took over. But then she wasn’t planning on being shipped off to a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming as a charity case either. Or falling for a cowboy with a broken nose and an even more broken soul. But sometimes you just have to do a stupid, dangerous thing to have the time of your life. Set in the wild, beautiful west, here is a story about fear and failure and falling in love when the odds are against you. Alternatingly heart-stopping and heart-breaking, The Thief of Happy Endings is a story that will stay with you, like a summer you’ll never forget.


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Bad Elements The Hybrid Unleashed

Author : Lynn Mullican
File Size : 67.98 MB
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Adapting to a normal life in the immortal realm, Crystal finds her familial ties in turmoil.As Crystal's son becomes obsessed with a string of recent deaths, his marriage to his witch wife grows weak, forcing her to turn to her sister for guidance.Meanwhile, Crystal's daughter, Jennifer struggles with her immortal hormonal imbalance, attracting two teenage boys, one of whom is not what he seems.With the appearance of her ex-husband, Wayne, she becomes the target of the elite immortal agency, the Underground Secret Service, its affiliates, and its primary targets, including the notorious and dangerous biker gang, The Hells Changelings--her lover's brotherhood.Gaining some of her memory back, she discovers secrets and uncovers the truth behind her captivity, pushing her into the primary focus of annihilation by the hunters and the hunted in this sequel to the dark and edgy novel, Bad Elements: Blood for Blood.

This Is Not a Drill

Author : Beck McDowell
File Size : 21.49 MB
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Two teens try to save a class of first-graders from a gun-wielding soldier suffering from PTSD When high school seniors Emery and Jake are taken hostage in the classroom where they tutor, they must work together to calm both the terrified children and the gunman threatening them--a task made even more difficult by their recent break-up. Brian Stutts, a soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Iraq, uses deadly force when he's denied access to his son because of a custody battle. The children's fate is in the hands of the two teens, each recovering from great loss, who now must reestablish trust in a relationship damaged by betrayal. Told through Emery and Jake's alternating viewpoints, this gripping novel features characters teens will identify with and explores the often-hidden damages of war.

Night School

Author : Lee Child
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"I know I say this every year. . .But. Best. Reacher. Ever." (Karin Slaughter) It's just a voice plucked from the air: 'The American wants a hundred million dollars'. For what? Who from? It's 1996, and the Soviets are long gone. But now there's a new enemy. In an apartment in Hamburg, a group of smartly-dressed young Saudis are planning something big. In the morning they gave Reacher a medal, and in the afternoon they sent him back to school. Jack Reacher is fresh off a secret mission. The Army pats him on the back and sends him to a school with only three students: Reacher, an FBI agent, and a CIA analyst. Their assignment? To find that American. And what he's selling. And to whom. _________ Although the Jack Reacher novels can be read in any order, Night School is 21st in the series. And be sure not to miss Reacher's newest adventure, no.26, Better off Dead! ***COMING SOON and AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW***

One Behind the Ear

Author : George Licata
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You don't wake up one day and become a Mafia hit man. It doesn't happen overnight. This is a story about how a young football-loving American boy could end up a calculated killer, 'strictly business.' It tells of a long and dangerous journey to becoming an assassin. A successful professional killer is made, not born. You get to experience his thoughts as he tries to justify the world of blood, sex, and death. You will live what he and the people of his world lived, from a youn

How to Love the Sh t Out of Life

Author : Sally-Anne Hurley
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How to Love the Sh*t Out of Life is a self-help guide for young adults. It is about enjoying life and being positive. Hurley takes experiences from the people in her life and observations of those around her, to showcase these positive strategies. She is not a professional life-coach, but her experiences have provided her with a rich background to draw from and the reader will realise she is someone they can relate to in everyday situations. Her humour and her well founded ‘common sense’ make this an enjoyable and enlightening read.