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Tales of Shipwrecks at the Cape of Storms

Author : John Gribble
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In less than five hundred years, there have been more than two thousand shipwrecks along the South African coast. Table Bay itself is littered with about four hundred wrecks, seventy of which are buried under the reclaimed land of Cape Town's foreshore. Tales of shipwrecks at the Cape of Storms records the stories of a few of these wrecks.

Munising Shipwrecks

Author : Frederick Stonehouse
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Author : John C. Ayre
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A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks

Author : Stewart Gordon
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Roman triremes of the Mediterranean. The treasure fleet of the Spanish Main. Great ocean liners of the Atlantic. Stories of disasters at sea fire the imagination as little else can, whether the subject is a historical wreck - the Titanic or the Bismark - or the recent capsizing of a Mediterranean cruise ship. Shipwrecks also make for a new and very different understanding of world history. A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks explores the ages-long, immensely hazardous, persistently romantic, and still-ongoing process of moving people and goods across far-flung maritime worlds. Telling the stories of ships and the people who made and sailed them, from the earliest ancient-Nile craft to the Exxon Valdez, A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks argues that the gradual integration of localized and separate maritime regions into fewer, larger, and more interdependent regions offers a unique window on world history. Stewart Gordon draws a number of provocative conclusions from his study, among them that the European "Age of Exploration" as a singular event is simply a myth - many cultures, east and west, explored far-flung maritime worlds over the millennia - and that technologies of shipbuilding and navigation have been among the main drivers of science and technology throughout history. Finally, A History of the World in Sixteen Shipwrecks shows in a series of compelling narratives that the development of institutions and technologies that made terrifying oceans familiar, and turned unknown seas into sea-lanes, profoundly matters in our modern world.

Socks Cigarettes and Shipwrecks

Author : Félicité Nesham
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Shipwrecks of Isle Royale National Park

Author : Daniel Lenihan
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Within the boundaries of Isle Royale National Park lie the remains of some of this nation's most famous shipwrecks. The America, Emperor and Cox are only three of the significant treasures. The National Park Service study of these wrecks was the template for the future work of the Submerged Cultural Resources Unit. The study's archeological revelations had a broad impact on divers and shipwreck investigation, but the limited press run kept it from general distribution. Now, the publishers of Lake Superior Magazine produce a popular edition to shed important light on this historical record. This volume will be of immense interest to shipwreck enthusiasts, divers, researchers and historians.

Lake Superior s shipwreck Coast

Author : Frederick Stonehouse
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A survey of the maritime accidents on Superior, from Whitefish Bay's Point Iroquois to Grand Marais. A fascinating look at the many shipwrecks, lifesavers and lighthouses along "The Graveyard of Lake Superior."

Complete Wreck Diving

Author : Henry Keatts
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This comprehensive guide is for both beginning and advanced divers. It tells how to find wrecks, details the equipment and techniques needed, explains safety concerns, and teaches how to recover artifacts and preserve them. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

A Map and Record Investigation of Historical Sites and Shipwrecks Along the Sacramento River Between Sacramento City and Sherman Island

Author :
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Great Shipwrecks Off the Coast of Southern Africa

Author : Jose Burman
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Accounts of shipwrecks from 1554 to 1966.

Mapping Shipwrecks with Coordinate Planes

Author : Julia Wall
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Information about how marine archaeologists find lost shipwrecks demonstrates how the mathematical coordinates on a nautical chart are used to find islands and other locations at sea.

Shipwrecks of the P o Line

Author : Sam Warwick
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The rich history of the P&O Line began in the 1830s when steam power was still in its infancy, and this, coupled with longer voyages, meant that shipwrecks became inevitable - all part of the risk of running a pioneer shipping company at that time. Shipwrecks of the P&O Line explores these losses, starting with the inaugural mail service sailing of the wooden paddle steamer Don Juan, which ran aground in fog in 1837, and ending 120 years later with the cargo liner Shillong (2), which sank following a collision in the Red Sea in 1957.Sam Warwick and Mike Roussel include a detailed history of each vessel leading up to the time of its loss and meticulously investigate the events surrounding the wrecking of each vessel, with exclusive accounts from divers who have explored the wreck, along with striking underwater images. Complete with practical data for divers, this unique history offers a fresh analysis of maritime history, of interest to maritime history enthusiasts as well as the many who have taken up diving as a leisure sport.

Twine Line

Author :
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Author : Mary Maden
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Shipwreck Hunter

Author : Gerry Volgenau
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Directory of Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes

Author : Karl Erik Heden
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Shipwrecks of the Isles of Scilly

Author : Richard Larn
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The 100 Best Great Lakes Shipwrecks Lake Michigan Lake Superior

Author : Cris Kohl
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Shipwrecks of Sanilac

Author : Pat Stayer
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The Maritime Archaeology of Shipwrecks and Ceramics in Southeast Asia the Maritime Connection

Author : Jeremy N. Green
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