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She s Downhill and in the Shade

Author : Chris Kind
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Biography including characters and events over forty years from the mountains of British Columbia to the cowboys of Oregon.

Glimpses of Sunshine and Shade in the Far North

Author : Lulu Alice Craig
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Impressions from the author's travels via British Columbia to Dawson in 1898, where she remained a year, returning by the Yukon River and Bering Sea.

Kick Him Down Hill

Author : M. M. Smith
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Temple Bar

Author : George Augustus Sala
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Temple Bar

Author :
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A Poisonous Shade of Grey

Author : Mai Griffin
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Author : Cheryl Sawyer
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From the beaches of the Caribbean to the colorful streets of New Orleans, the passion that erupts between legendary pirate Jean Laffite and Lonore Roncival, a pirate's daughter and famed beauty, leads them to play a dramatic role in the Battle of New Orleans, a conflict that will change history. Original.

The Confessions of a Shade Tree Mechanic

Author : Cj Becker
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Roger Williams stumbles through adolescence with the aid of a few friends and his love for the automobile. At the end of college he hits the road to the West Coast in a rolled and tucked, convertible Pontiac, along route 66, over the Sierras to Berkeley for graduate school in 1963. At Berkeley he meets Ginny Wyant a Phi Beta Kappa from Boston University. In the explosive environment of Berkeley in the 60s Roger and Ginny fall in love and move in together. In revolutionary times Roger and Ginny decide to drop out and join the gypsy life. Roger becomes a shade-tree mechanic for artists, musicians, and drug dealers. The parties, the concerts, the riots, the drugs, and the attempts to create a sustainable life outside the mad house of the Vietnam War culture that Roger and Ginny participate in are legendary. After a few years Ginny decides to return to school and complete her PhD in psychology. In 1970 Roger and Ginny have a daughter. The family sustains them through the brutal 70s. By the end of the seventies the war is over, the movement for social change is dead, and the move the to the political right begins. Roger and Ginny move into the next revolution in Silicon Valley. Ginny, who has gotten her degree, gets a job at a psychiatric ward. Roger and Ginny change gender roles. Roger becomes the President of the Mother's Club, rebuilds the house they have been able to buy, and has time to sum up the utopian 60s.

The Shadow Box

Author : John R. Maxim
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A Wall Street banker sees his life come crashing down around him when a mysterious conspiracy decides to exploit a secret from his past

The Wise Woman

Author : Janet Taylor
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Immediately after the Civil War, Bess Hauser, a herbalist-midwife, and David Adams, a former Army surgeon, struggle to find a new balance for their lives. David learns to survive in a rural, Pennsylvania Dutch world, and Bess learns to love again.

Heading West

Author : Doris Betts
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Nancy Finch, her kidnapper, and on-the-run hitchhiker Judge J. Jolley drive westward from South Carolina and--after plots, failed chances, and retreats along the way--arrive finally at the Grand Canyon and deliverance

The Soul Drinker

Author : Jo Clayton
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Four Quarters

Author :
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a Walk on the Downhill Side of the Log

Author : Ernest Morrison
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The Morton Arboretum Quarterly

Author : Morton Arboretum
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One More Sunday

Author : Alfred A. Knopf
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Author :
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First Dawn

Author : Mike Moscoe
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From a future ravaged by plague, the first time travelers travel thousands of years into the past, to the dawn of civilization and primitive hunters, where they will trace a fatal chain of events and alter history to save humanity from itself. Original.


Author : rhoda broughton
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Annual Report

Author : Illinois Farmers' Institute
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With reports of County farmers' institutes for the year ...