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Sharpening and Knife Making

Author : Jim Watson
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Wood carvers understand the feeling of satisfaction, ease and higher quality of carving that comes when using a well sharpened, honed and polished tool. In a process handed down from his grandfather, Jim Watson explains and illustrates sharpening techniques for numerous woodcarving tools and knives of various sizes and shapes including pocket knives and kitchen knives. The necessary materials for proper sharpening are listed and discussed with methods for reconditioning and making your own new knives and tools as well as information on resurfacing the sharpening stones. By following Jim's instructions and adding a little practice and patience, everyone will be able to achieve and maintain a superior edge, as keen as the piece of steel will allow.

A Modern Guide to Knifemaking

Author : Laura Zerra
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In A Modern Guide to Knifemaking, survivalist Laura Zerra, one of the stars of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel, shares her essential knifemaking tips and tricks, including step-by-step instructions for both forging and stock removal. We all use a knife pretty much every day, but for Zerra, her daily life often depends on the blade she takes with her into the wild. She's learned about what works and what doesn't, what steel will hold an edge, and what nuances in blade design will make or break a knife. From design to sharpening, A Modern Guide to Knifemaking covers every step in the knifemaking process. To begin, you will consider what you want your knife to accomplish, develop a design, and make a prototype. Zerra takes you through choosing and buying steel for your knife and then teaches you to build your own forge. You will learn forging basics and then move on to forge the shape of your knife and make the blade tip. From there, you will cut the blade profile, grind in bevels to make the edge of the knife, heat treat and temper your blade, grind and polish it, and make a handle and sheath for it. You will also learn sharpening techniques to maintain the edge of your new knife. Throughout, Zerra has included Pro-Tips from some of the leading knifemakers working today including Ken Onion, Kaila Cumings, and Mike Jones. A Modern Guide to Knifemaking covers every detail of knifemaking so you can make yourself the perfect knife.

Knife Making

Author : Joe Edwards
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If you need an affordable material that would help you master the craft of knife making, pros and cons, how to maintain a knife, sharpen the blades, then this book is the right material to read. Knife making is a craft that requires one to be perfect, because a knife is an important tool and there would be no gain in using a quack or substandard knife. Whether your purpose of reading this book is for making knife for your private use or commercial reasons, you must learn the craft of knife making properly. Besides mastering the craft of knife making, this book lectures on the quality of material to use for your knife, how to set up a workshop, safety rules, tricks of knife making and many more. There are varieties of interesting topics to be learned in this book, and they would be germane throughout your course of knife making. Here are some interesting topics you will learn in this book: What is knife making? History of knife making How does knife making work? How profitable is knife making? Basic knife making terminology Tips and tricks of knife making Getting started with knife making Knife forging vs. knife stock removal Tools and supply of your work space Anvil Anvil stand Hammers Tongs Water trough or quench tub Workbench Drill Files Belt Grinder/ belt sander Quenchant Hacksaw Angle grinder Setting up your blade smith work shop Knife making safety rules and equipment Anatomy of a knife Basic knife anatomy Advanced knife anatomy Blade profiles of a knife Creating a knife template Decarburization Discoloration Making a knife handle Knife Tang Forging method for knife making Type of knives knife makers produce Sharpening and caring for your knife Handmade knives v factory made knives Trouble shooting and common knife making problems Knife making frequently asked question Different kind of steel used for making a knife Qualities to look out for, when purchasing steel Wear resistance Hardness Sharpness Edge competency Sheath making Pouch sheath and snap sheath Making a leather sheath And many more... This is just a few of what is contained in this book and you can Download FREE with Kindle UnlimitedSo what are you waiting for? Scroll up and Click the Orange - BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK BUTTON- on the top right corner and Download Now!!! You won't regret you did See you inside!!!


Author : Mark Smith
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Are you thinking of getting into the age-old skill of crafting your own knife from scratch? Where do you start? Here, your comprehensive knifemaking book. Knifemaking for Beginners is your opportunity to learn how to make one of these essential tools without any unreasonably expensive blacksmith equipment by following the advice of a very experienced knife geek. ✓ Set up your workshop: Follow all safety precautions and gather any essential knifemaking materials ✓ Knife design: Familiarize yourself with each part of the knife. Learn how to blend aesthetics and knife engineering to create the perfect blade ✓ The alchemy of steel: Know the properties for crafting the best-performing knife ✓ Illustrated steps to make your knife from the file: From cutting the blanks, forging the knife blade, and grinding the bevel to the grit steps for a true finish, as well as 4 DIY projects to practice a variety of styles ✓ Customize the knife of your dreams: Craft the handle by utilizing different materials and techniques. Learn the basics of leatherwork with the knife leather sheath crash course ✓ Knife sharpening: Learn about all the techniques used to keep the edge of your knife razor-sharp You can buy a custom blade, but where's the fun in that? Knifemaking requires patience, precision, and concentration, but it is all worth it. The pleasure of creating your own tool is a unique and timeless experience. Are you thinking of getting into this old age skill and crafting your own knife from scratch? ...Where do you start?


Author : Andres RODRIGUEZ
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Let's start with the Simplest., A Knife is made up of two main parts, the handle and the blade. The blade has a tip, which usually determines its use, style and connotation. The upper part of the blade is called the spine, and in its union with the handle is its greatest thickness. I have written this Book to provide Comprehensive information about Knife Making for Beginners. You will learn: What are the different types of knives along with details about blade and handle materials A complete list of list tools required for knife making as a beginner Basic workshop design and manufacturing process with diagrams Advanced knife making, machinery, and plant setup Basic forging and sharpening techniques, other important knife making factors Handling and safety measures Value addition And many more So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange "BUY NOW" button on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won't regret you did See you inside!!!

101 Bladesmithing Mistakes

Author : Wes Sander
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Do you make these bladesmithing mistakes? Have you ever wondered why your knife doesn't come out quite as perfect as a master bladesmith's knife? Or why your blade warped after heat treatment? Or why you're unable to machine certain stock steels? Or why your pins don't align properly on your knife's handle? Do you want to know and avoid mistakes, before they ever happen? Imagine this, you suddenly have the power to avoid any mistakes, before they ever happen, and you always have a high-quality in your hands. I, Wes Sander, have compiled 101 of the most devastating mistakes any bladesmith can make. Inside this book you will discover: The easiest steel to work with for a beginner knife maker 1 outdated quenching technique that you NEED to stop doing immediately 1 grinding mistake that could ruin the heat treat on your blade, and how to solve it The #1 belt type you should while using a belt sander Why sharpening your knife is not enough and what you should do to retain your knife's sharpness over a long period of time 1 simple hammering adjustment that could increase your efficiency and make your knives better 1 compound, you should never use, unless you want to ruin your kydex sheath with a nasty white film Why assuming every steel heat treats the same way is a huge blunder What tool to use to mark kydex and leather, without it becoming permanent on the material 1 epoxy mistake that could ruin your knife in seconds, as it cures on your tang and scales Why hard work isn't always the best option while making knives One knife making habit that could become a crutch for a bladesmith later in his career, and hamper his craft 1 sharpening mistake that could ruin your hard worked edges within a few strokes Which tools you should never invest in, if you're on a budget If you want to invest in your craft and catch mistakes before they happen, then this book is for you. Take action before you lose yet another knife to a mistake that could have been prevented. If you want to catch that one mistake that is holding you back from making a truly great knife then buy this book now

Knife Making Book for Beginners

Author : Luke Wade
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Are you looking to venture into the knife making business but don’t how where to start from? Or are you looking to start making knives for personal or commercial purposes? Whatever the case may be, this book is the right guide to perfect your aspirations. Knife making is simply the art of making knives for different purposes including cutting things such as food items, cotton, foam, and so much more. Although the process of making knives is technical and requires a bit of skill, it is still very learnable in a short period. There are different types of knives including handmade ones and the ones made in factories. Handmade knives are much more preferable and most people argue that they supersede the ones made in factories. If you seek to delve into the craft of making knives, then you can create your homemade knives for personal use or to sell; you can even transform a space in your home into a knife making workspace. This book, Knife Making Book for Beginners, is packed with well-detailed information about everything that has to do with knife making. With this guide, you can easily become a knife making professional in no time. The art of making knives requires you to have a budget before venturing into the profession and there is no better way to start your knife making journey other than reading this book. Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide: 1. Definition and history: You will learn the true meaning of knife making and its earliest forms. 2. Profitability potential: You will discover if the knife making business is profitable or not and how you can get started to making profitable knives the RIGHT WAY. 3. Knife making terminologies: Confused about the terms used in knife making? This guide will teach what there is to know about the terminologies used in making knives. 4. Tips and tricks: As a beginner, this book will help you familiarize yourself with the important tips and tricks that will guide you in your journey to become a professional knife maker. 5. Tools and supplies: In here, you will be educated on the tools and supplies needed to make quality and eye-catching knives. 6. Anatomy of knives: You will learn how knives are structured and how you can make your own knife the easy way. 7. Troubleshooting common problems and FAQ: Several common knife making problems encountered by most knife makers are discussed with the steps to be taken in fixing them. FAQs asked by knife makers are also discussed. And much more!! What more are you waiting for? If you are ready to begin your knife making journey, then get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW.


Author : Michael Peterson
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Discover How to Make Drool-Worthy Knives and Blades with Foolproof Bladesmithing Techniques and Hone Your Knifemaking Skills to Perfection Even If You've Never Made a Blade Before Are you seriously thinking about mastering the ancient skill of crafting a perfect blade from scratch without having to invest in ridiculously expensive equipment? Are you a bladesmith inspired by the formidable skill of knifemakers on bladesmithing TV shows and social media, and want to take your knifemaking skills to the next level? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you. In this comprehensive guide, you'll get the soup to nuts blueprint for making your own perfect knife. From choosing the right steel and alloy to designing and forging your knife, you'll discover a step-by-step roadmap to crafting your first or next perfect knife with simple tools and effective techniques. In the pages of Knifemaking, you're going to discover: ● A complete list of the essential tools you're going to need to make bladesmithing a breeze ● A list of advanced tools you're going to need to step up your knifemaking game after mastering the basics ● How to optimize the 5 most important aspects of your workshop setup to make knifemaking as easy and stress-free as possible ● A crash guide to knife design and shapes and how to choose the right software for your knife design ● The different types of knifemaking steel and how to pick the perfect steel and alloy combination for making your first or next knife ● How to test scrap metals for durability and 6 scrap metal materials that are perfect for making a great blade or knife ● Step-by-step instructions to forge your first knife with time-tested forging techniques ● ...and much, much more! No matter your level of skill, the instructions contained in this guide cover every step of the knifemaking process in great detail. Whether you want a survival knife, a karambit, a tanto, or even a broadsword, you'll discover everything you need to become a custom blade maker.


Author : Bo Bergman
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Includes step-by-step instructions for ten projects, including information on decorating handles and sheaths, grinding and honing, and knife care techniques.

Custom Knifemaking

Author : Tim McCreight
File Size : 29.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ten projects will teach beginners how to cut, shape, heat, treat, and finish a knife.