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Shaping Pearls

Author : Caroline Miskenack
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In her debut book, Shaping Pearls, Caroline Miskenack has intricately woven parts of her life's story with universal wisdom and the healing power of nature and the elements to create a soulfully expressed collection of poems that traverse the depth and breadth of being human. Her poetry explores themes of personal reorientation through cycles of transformation, illuminations gained by choosing to see beyond challenge, being emboldened by remembrance of one's inner power, coming to know the resilience of soul, discovering ways to liberation, reclaiming self-worth, and honouring the heart-expanding and heartbreaking bonds of love and loss. Shaping Pearls is a journey to find treasure hidden inside of life's trials, to cultivate beauty from pain, to preserve the light in darkness. It is an offering of hope and an invitation for readers to contemplate how they are shaping their own magnificent pearls.

Shaping Heroic Virtue

Author : Stefano Fogelberg Rota
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Shaping Heroic Virtues is the first scholarly account of how and why heroic virtue proved useful in the self-assertion of rulers and elites in pre-modern Europe.

Pearls and Pitfalls in Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery

Author : Morris E. Hartstein
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This superbly practical quick-reference guide features high-yield snapshots of more than 200 cosmetic procedures. The editors and authors are all expert in their fields and offer "here’s how I do it" advice on the most commonly performed procedures. The authors address pre-operative evaluation, procedural pearls, wound healing, complications, and common anesthesia issues. Nearly every case has full color illustrations that bring it to life. Each chapter serves as the voice of an expert and experienced colleague, reminding readers of the pearls and pitfalls of each procedure. These pearls will lead to quicker cases, fewer complications, and more satisfactory outcomes for physicians and patients.

Shaping the Lotus Sutra

Author : Eugene Yuejin Wang
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The Lotus Sutra has been the most widely read and most revered Buddhist scripture in East Asia since its translation in the third century. The miracles and parables in the "king of sutras" inspired a variety of images in China, in particular the sweeping compositions known as transformation tableaux that developed between the seventh and ninth centuries. Surviving examples in murals painted on cave walls or carved in relief on Buddhist monuments depict celestial journeys, bodily metamorphoses, cycles of rebirth, and the achievement of nirvana. Yet the cosmos revealed in these tableaux is strikingly different from that found in the text of the sutra. Shaping the Lotus Sutra explores this visual world. Challenging long-held assumptions about Buddhist art, Eugene Wang treats it as a window to an animated and spirited world. Rather than focus on individual murals as isolated compositions, Wang views the entire body of pictures adorning a cave shrine or a pagoda as a visual mapping of an imaginary topography that encompasses different temporal and spatial domains. He demonstrates that the text of the Lotus Sutra does not fully explain the pictures and that a picture, or a series of them, constitutes its own "text." In exploring how religious pictures sublimate cultural aspirations, he shows that they can serve both political and religious agendas and that different social forces can co-exist within the same visual program. These pictures inspired meditative journeys through sophisticated formal devices such as mirroring, mapping, and spatial programming - analytical categories newly identified by Wang. The book examines murals in cave shrines at Binglingsi and Dunhuang in northwestern China and relief sculptures in the grottoes of Yungang in Shanxi, on stelae from Sichuan, and on the Dragon-and-Tiger pagoda in Shandong, among other sites. By tracing formal impulses in medieval Chinese picture-making, such as topographic mapping and pictorial illusionism, the author pieces together a wide range of visual evidence and textual sources to reconstruct the medieval Chinese cognitive style and mental world. The book is ultimately a history of the Chinese imagination. Read an interview with the author:

Sex Theories and the Shaping of Two Moderns

Author : Deirdre Anne McVicker Pettipiece
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This book examines the impact of scientific and sexologic theories on the creation of character in the prose of two moderns, Hemingway and H.D.

Shaping Me

Author : Amanda Saltarelli
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Shaping me is a collection of poetry depicting love, heartbreak, betrayal, and all of the components of life. It is divided into sections, addressing the ones who caused pain, love, heartbreak, peace, and everything that is learned from these experiences. Poems that you may relate to or poems that offer light into what other people’s lives look like. This is my journey.

Shaping the Current Islamic Reformation

Author : B.A. Roberson
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The essays that comprise this study eschew stereotypical representations of a politicized Islam in the Mediterranean Region. The contributors consider the reality that lies behind current issues in the area and the role that an embedded Islam has played or may play in the region.

Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Author : United States Employment Service
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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China s Securing Shaping and Exploitation of Strategic Spaces Gray Zone Response and Counter Shi Strategies

Author : Robert J. Bunker
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The timing of Dr. Robert J. Bunker’s new SWJ pocket book is apropos given the increasing intransigence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in both its domestic ‘police state’ security policies and foreign ‘expansionistic’ economic and military activities. This authoritarian regime—bereft of its former Marxist and Maoist ideologies except in name only—under the iron fisted leadership of ‘president for life’ Xi Jinping is increasingly in the news for the many draconian and predatory behaviors and actions in which it is now engaging. Dave Dilegge Editor-in-Chief Small Wars Journal

Shaping the World

Author : Manju Kapur
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Shaping the World: Women Writers on Themselves addresses these very questions. The array of formidable writers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – acclaimed both nationally and internationally – share their insecurities and triumphs that occurred on their journeys to becoming writers. Was it easy? The answer is No. Many of them were closet writers, not sharing their writings with the world. Writing was no career, they were told. But they persevered. And they wrote. Because they had to. Because it was their calling. The writers reveal their inspirations: be it another writer, a personal tragedy, or triumph, a fascination with the English language, or a passion for putting pen to paper and finding wings. Shaping the World: Women Writers on Themselves is an anthology of intimate, honest and brave accounts that will provide the reader with an insight into the realm of writing: its adventurous terrain of highs and lows and how it continues to shape these 24 women and the world we all inhabit. The contributors are: Ameena Hussein (, Amruta Patil (, Anita Nair (, Anjum Hasan (, Anuradha Marwah, Bapsi Sidhwa (, Bina Shah (, Jaishree Misra (, Janice Pariat (, Kavery Nambisan (, Lavanya Sankaran (, Maniza Naqvi, Manju Kapur (, Meira Chand (, Mishi Saran (, Moni Mohsin (, Namita Devidayal, Ru Freeman (, Shashi Deshpande (, Shinie Antony, Susan Visvanathan (, Tania James (, Tishani Doshi (

Thinking Bodies Shaping Hands

Author : Yannis Hadjinicolaou
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This book by Yannis Hadjinicolaou offers an account of the term Handeling in the Netherlandish art and theory of the late Rembrandists (like Arent de Gelder) and hence between 1650 and 1720.

Shaping Indian Diaspora

Author : Veena Dwivedi
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Shaping Indian Diaspora examines the cultural and social practices and the artistic manifestations of the Indian diaspora around the world. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, the contributors highlight the intersections of diaspora and artistic production.

Shaping the Future of Small Islands

Author : John Laing Roberts
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The book provides fresh look at the issues of sustainable development, degradation of natural resources and vulnerability to climate change in Small Island developing states (SIDS). It documents the deteriorating state of SIDS and adaptation efforts made to address the impending crisis of unsustainable economic growth with international, national and community support. Authors have discussed issues like macroeconomic trends, vulnerability, resilience capability, and SIDS-specific strategies focusing on sectors like trade and tourism. Discussion continues with the examination of democracy, social capital, quality of life, and health concerns. Climate change and natural resource challenges are analyzed using case studies. The book also discusses diplomatic complexities of international climate agreements, collective action and institutional quality constitute the analysis of global environment and sustainable development.

Orthodontic Pearls

Author : Eliakim Mizrahi
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Orthodontic Pearls: A Selection of Practical Tips and Clinical Expertise synthesizes a wealth of information gleaned from clinical and administrative experiences in orthodontic practice. The administration and running of an orthodontic practice is not often taught extensively or formally in most schools. This book fills that gap by providing tips,

Shaping and Reshaping Chinese American Identity

Author : Jingyi Song
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Shaping and Reshaping Chinese American Identity: New York's Chinese in the Years of the Depression and World War II explores the role played by Chinese Americans in New York in the 1930's who laid the foundation for future generations to fight for civil rights as American citizens. The stories of Chinese Americans during the Depression years and World War II are under-represented in the existing literature that has been confined to the early days of the settlement of Chinese Americans on the west coast of the United States. They were usually depicted as passive victims of exclusion as a result of Chinese Exclusion Laws. This book focuses on the active participation of the Chinese American in New York City in mainstream political, economic, and social life that helped them to forge new identity as Chinese Americans. Their active participation in federal and local elections as a means of claiming their rights as American citizens demonstrated their growing political consciousness. Chinese New Yorkers' support of both China and United States during the war reflected their dual identity as both Chinese and Americans. Their contributions to the war front and to the home front after Pearl Harbor eventually forced the reconsideration of the Chinese Exclusion Laws. The book concludes by relating the active participation of the Chinese in New York during the war years to the national movement for racial equality that resulted in new federal civil rights legislation.

Pearls of Perspicacity

Author : Dick Lyles
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Pearls of Perspicacity more resembles a box of chocolates than it does a traditional business or career book. Each chapter delivers its unique tidbit of knowledge and insight in a manner best suited to the ideas presented. The chapters differ in length, tone, and depth, but all have one characteristic in common: They all present nuggets of insight to help you immediately achieve better performance and greater fulfillment in your life. Why "perspicacity" you ask? Why couldn't you just say "pearls of wisdom"? Or even something more straightforward like "good ideas"? The answer is simple. None of those words sufficiently describe the book's broad range of content and the true nature of the ideas presented. Take wisdom for example. Wisdom implies a soundness based on knowledge, experience, or understanding that leads to good judgment. Fair enough; the ideas in the book would pass this test. But the nature of these pearls extends beyond mere soundness. Perspicacity implies a special keenness or acuity applied to insight. It implies a cleverness, perceptiveness, or acuity that takes the basic notion of wisdom one step deeper. This deeper level internalization of certain truths will give you a noticeable advantage in your career.

Portals Pearls

Author : Sherri Stevens
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What if what you know about God just ain't so? Portals can be rather inconspicuous and elusive, but when we find one of these obscure openings, we discover that it can be a divine door that ushers us out of darkness and despair into a whole new dimension of freedom. Unfortunately, because of negative encounters we may have had with churchy people or the guilt and condemnation we may have suffered under religious teaching, we end up being driven away, and rightly so, from any further involvement with religion. A portal (for the purpose of this book) symbolizes a gateway of knowledge and understanding into God’s grace and truth intended to bring to light the gospel of Jesus Christ to lead us out from behind the iron bars of false beliefs that may be enslaving us. This book was written to display God’s prismatic promises and the biblical wisdom God has provided for us as answers and antidotes to the various problems we may encounter in life.

Pearls for Life

Author : William DeGraftColeman
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When viewed primarily through the prism of our thoughts and values, life almost invariably involves paradoxes, confusion, dead ends, and gasps of desperation. Any path that tries to avoid these facts often gets us into trouble. A life lived as though all is pretty, perfect, and painless is a life doomed to unnecessary frustration and disappointment. In his new book, Pearls for Life: My Daily Test Book, author William deGraftColeman presents more than six hundred quotes and questions. Space is provided for your thoughts on these quotations, making this book a vehicle of personal reflection. The indispensable words of wisdom found in Pearls for Life remind us that in the summer are always the seeds of winter, and amid failure dwells the seeds for success. Life is filled with change. The words of wisdom included in Pearls for Life: My Daily Test Book make it a unique journal for the readers quiet time and an opportunity to remind us that in the bleakest grief shines the light of new energy and life. There is a deeper meaning to life, and this book helps in this timeless search.

The jewels and the pearls of the qur an

Author : أبي حامد محمد بن محمد/الغزالي الطوسي
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كتاب يبحث في أداب البحث والمناظرة وأصولها والغرض منهما وبين مصطلحاتهما وما يلزم فيها والدلالات اللازمة لكل منها وتكلم عن الجزء والكل والعموم والخصوص والمقابلة وغير ذلك من مواضيع البحث والمناظرة