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Shaping Heroic Virtue

Author : Stefano Fogelberg Rota
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Shaping Heroic Virtues is the first scholarly account of how and why heroic virtue proved useful in the self-assertion of rulers and elites in pre-modern Europe.

Virtue Ethics and Education from Late Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century

Author : Andreas Hellerstedt
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This book argues that pre-modern societies were characterized by a common quest for human flourishing or excellence, i.e. virtue. The history of virtue is a particularly fruitful approach when studying pre-modern periods. Systems of moral philosophy and more day-to-day moral ideas and practices in which virtue was central were incredibly important in pre-modern societies within and among diverse scholarly, literary, religious and social communities. Virtue was a cornerstone of pre-modern societies, permeating society in many different ways, and on many different levels, and it was conveyed in erudite and pedagogical texts, ritual, performance and images. The construction of virtues such as wisdom, courage, and justice helped shape identities and communities, but also served to legitimize and reinforce differences pertaining to gender, social hierarchies, and nations. On a more fundamental level, studying the history of virtue helps us understand the guiding principles of historical action. Thus, we believe that the history of virtue is central to understanding these societies, and that the history of virtue, including criticisms of virtue and virtue ethics, tells us important things about how men and women thought and acted in ages past.

Luther and the Gift

Author : Risto Saarinen
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Dust jacket, back cover: In this book, Risto Saarinen studies Martin Luther's understanding of the gift and related issues such as favours and benefits, faith and justification, virtues and merits, ethics and doctrine, law and Christ. He shows that Luther both continues and criticizes the classical discusssions regarding the differences and parallels between gifts and sales.

Dreaming with Open Eyes

Author : Ayana O. Smith
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Dreaming with Open Eyes examines visual symbolism in late seventeenth-century Italian opera, contextualizing the genre amid the broad ocularcentric debates emerging at the crossroads of the early modern period and the Enlightenment. Ayana O. Smith reevaluates significant aspects of the Arcadian reform aesthetic and establishes a historically informed method of opera criticism for modern scholars and interpreters. Unfolding in a narrative fashion, the text explores facets of the philosophical and literary background and concludes with close readings of text and music, using visual symbolism to create readings of gender and character in two operas: Alessandro Scarlatti's La Statira (Rome, 1690), and Carlo Francesco Pollarolo's La forza della virtù (Venice, 1693). Smith’s interdisciplinary approach enhances our modern perception of this rich and underexplored repertory, and will appeal to students and scholars not only of opera, but also of literature, philosophy, and visual and intellectual cultures.

Empty Tomb Apotheosis Resurrection

Author : John Granger Cook
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Back cover: In this work, John Granger Cook argues that there is no fundamental difference between Paul's conception of the resurrection body and that of the Gospels; and, the resurresction and translation stories of antiquity help explain the willingness of Mediterranean people to accept the Gospel of a risen savior.

Symbolic Identity and the Cultural Memory of Saints

Author : Nils Holger Petersen
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This volume examines the relationship between medieval cults of saints and regional and national identity formation in Europe both during and, to some extent, beyond the Middle Ages. It studies how collective identities have been expressed through saints’ cults and their appropriations in texts, visual representations, and music. Attention is given to various aspects of the role of medieval saints’ cults in European identity formation, as saints were used in the service of both religious and political agendas. Focusing on a range of European regions, this volume uses cults of medieval saints and their religious, cultural and political appropriations over time as a vehicle for studying changing cultural and social values. The articles here report research carried out under the European Science Foundation’s collaborative EuroCORECODE project: Symbols that Bind and Break Communities: Saints’ Cults as Stimuli and Expressions of Local, Regional, National and Universalist Identities (2010–2013/14), an international, interdisciplinary research venture funded by the National Research Councils of five countries: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, and Norway.

The Shaping of Western Society

Author : Carnegie Institute of Technology. Social Studies Curriculum Development Center
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Early Modern Disputations and Dissertations in an Interdisciplinary and European Context

Author : Meelis Friedenthal
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This volume offers a wide-ranging overview of the 16th-18th century disputation culture in various European regions. Its focus is on printed disputations as a polyvalent media form which brings together many of the elements that contributed to the cultural and scientific changes during the early modern period.

Shaping the Stuart World 1603 1714

Author : Allan I. MacInnes
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"Shaping the Stuart World" examines the wide-ranging European interaction inherent in British expansion and discovers a multi-dimensional, multi-national Atlantic as a result. Spain, Sweden, and especially the Netherlands emerge as central to English and Scottish endeavors overseas and to the extremely diverse populations and cultures that eventually came to be known as British North America.

Performing Power

Author : Maria Berlova
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Performing Power explores 18th-century fabrication of the royal image by focusing on the example of King Gustav III (1746–1792) – one of Sweden’s most acclaimed and controversial monarchs – who conspicuously chose theater as the primary media for his image-making and role construction. The text postulates that Gustav III was motivated by theater’s ability to aid him in fulfilling Enlightenment’s tenet of broadly educating the populace and inculcating it with royal ideology. That he was an amateur actor, stage director, and playwright were other engines driving his choice. The project challenges and expands the commonly accepted perception of Gustav III’s contribution to Swedish theater, which has generally been limited to founding its National Opera, developing its national drama, and forming its national dramatic repertoire. Maria Berlova presents Gustav III as a performing King who strategically used political events as a framework through which he could embody the image of the ideal or enlightened monarch as presented by Voltaire. Through this, Performing Power explores the tight relationship and complex bond between theatrical arts and politics. This unique study will be of great interest to students and scholars in theater studies, 18th-century culture, and politics.

Shaping the Future

Author : Horst Hutter
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Shaping the Future maps out the ascetic practices of a Neitzschean way of life. Hutter argues that Nietzsche's doctrines are attempts and 'temptations' that aim to provoke his free-spirited readers into changing themselves by putting philosophy into practice in their lives.

Plotinus Legacy

Author : Stephen Gersh
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Using a series of case-studies from across European philosophical traditions, this book traces the influence of Neoplatonism over the centuries.

Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland

Author : Patrice M. Dabrowski
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"This book represents the most sophisticated historiographical approach to understanding nation-building. Patrice Dabrowski demonstrates tremendous erudition... making brilliant use of contemporary newspapers and journals, as well as archival material." -- Larry Wolff, Boston College, author of Inventing Eastern Europe Patrice M. Dabrowski investigates the nation-building activities of Poles during the decades preceding World War I, when the stateless Poles were minorities within the empires of Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. Could Poles maintain a sense of national identity, or would they become Germans, Austrians, or Russians? Dabrowski demonstrates that Poles availed themselves of the ability to celebrate anniversaries of past deeds and personages to strengthen their nation from within, providing a ground for a national discourse capable of unifying Poles across political boundaries and social and cultural differences. Public commemorations such as the jubilee of the writer Jozef Kraszewski, the bicentennial of the Relief of Vienna, and the return to Poland of the remains of the poet Adam Mickiewicz are reconstructed here in vivid detail.

International Business Ethics

Author : Stephan Rothlin
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This book addresses an essential need felt by many who seek to promote best business practices in China and East Asia – namely the need for culturally appropriate instructional materials (basic information, case studies and ethical perspectives) that will allow managers and entrepreneurs to understand and embrace the challenge of moral leadership in business. In an era characterized by globalization and the increasing importance of the economies of China, India, Japan and SE Asia, international business ethics must reflect the concerns of the people living and working in this area, the moral and spiritual traditions that have nurtured them and their specific contributions to sustainable development. This book presents twenty important case studies, taken from newsworthy events of the past few years, in which Asians and others have attempted to respond to this challenge. Each case study has been selected and shaped in order to highlight various aspects of doing business in Asia, starting with basic principles and moving on to the specific responsibilities that businesses have towards their various stakeholders. The authors contend that the best way to appreciate the relevance of Asian moral and spiritual traditions is to determine their specific contribution to virtue ethics, where the ancient traditions of both East and West converge in their focus on the qualities of moral leadership that form the basis of best business practice. Exploring the case studies will enable readers to appreciate the continued relevance of these ethical perspectives in Asian business. Best business practice clearly involves learning to do business and playing the game according to the rules; but the necessity of playing by the rules is not likely to become clear until one takes up the path that leads to a virtuous life in business, developing a moral character chiefly based on integrity.

The University in Society Volume II

Author : Lawrence Stone
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The essays in this book seek to establish a true sociology of education. Their primary concern is the relationship between formal education and other social forces through the ages. Thus, the book combines the history of higher education with social history in order to understand the process of historical change. To ascertain the responses of the universities to such broad social changes as the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Industrial Revolution, the authors ask such questions as: who were the students and how many were there? how did they get to the university and why did they come? how did they spend their time and what did they learn? what jobs did they fill and how did what they learned help them in later life? how have faculty members viewed their roles over the years? Lawrence Stone is Dodge Professor of History at Princeton University, Chairman of the History Department, and Director of the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies. Originally published in 1974. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

The Matter of Virtue

Author : Holly A. Crocker
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If material bodies have inherent, animating powers—or virtues, in the premodern sense—then those bodies typically and most insistently associated in the premodern period with matter—namely, women—cannot be inert and therefore incapable of ethical action, Holly Crocker contends. In The Matter of Virtue, Crocker argues that one idea of what it means to be human—a conception of humanity that includes vulnerability, endurance, and openness to others—emerges when we consider virtue in relation to modes of ethical action available to premodern women. While a misogynistic tradition of virtue ethics, from antiquity to the early modern period, largely cast a skeptical or dismissive eye on women, Crocker seeks to explore what happened when poets thought about the material body not as a tool of an empowered agent whose cultural supremacy was guaranteed by prevailing social structures but rather as something fragile and open, subject but also connected to others. After an introduction that analyzes Hamlet to establish a premodern tradition of material virtue, Part I investigates how retellings of the demise of the title female character in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, Henryson's Testament of Cresseid, and Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida among other texts structure a poetic debate over the potential for women's ethical action in a world dominated by masculine violence. Part II turns to narratives of female sanctity and feminine perfection, including ones by Chaucer, Bokenham, and Capgrave, to investigate grace, beauty, and intelligence as sources of women's ethical action. In Part III, Crocker examines a tension between women's virtues and household structures, paying particular attention to English Griselda- and shrew-literatures, including Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. She concludes by looking at Chaucer's Legend of Good Women to consider alternative forms of virtuous behavior for women as well as men.

Achievement as Value in the Igbo African Identity

Author : Vernantius Emeka Ndukaihe
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Achievement seems to be a first-class value in our world today. With the ongoing global debate on what constitutes identity, can we include achievement as one of the constituents? In the Igbo/African identity, the achievement instinct is basically innate. The ethics of this phenomenon needs an evaluation, aimed at improving the status quo. What is the plight of the Igbo/African "achieving" in the face of modern capitalistic tendencies? What has become of the many other values in her identity, which has been her pride as a race? How is her religiosity (which is inseparable from daily living) affected by "modernity" and its new trends of the achievement ethos? These are some of the issues that are addressed in this book with the conviction that theology, achievement and identity are continuity.


Author : James Miller
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Focuses not so much of the professional aspects of teaching, but on the learning aspects of an education student's initial teaching experience. Covers an overview and getting started, making the most of the opportunities, managing difficult situations, preparing for assessment, and looking forward to the next stage. No index or bibliography. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Tracing the Heroic Through Gender

Author : Carolin Hauck
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In nahezu allen Gesellschaften und Epochen ist das Heroische vielfach gegendert. Die soziale und kulturelle Produktion des Heroischen ist jedoch nicht ausschließlich mit dem Instrumentarium der Männlichkeitsforschung zu fassen, und ebenso wenig scheint es sinnvoll, Frauen bzw. Weiblichkeit in diesem Zusammenhang lediglich als Ausnahmen zu verstehen. Vielmehr gilt es, den relationalen Charakter ernst zu nehmen. Der vorliegende Band unternimmt erstmals den Versuch, Geschlecht als analytische Kategorie für die Heroismusforschung fruchtbar zu machen. Auf der Basis vielfältiger geisteswissenschaftlicher Ansätze dient diese Kategorie als 'Spurensucherin' (tracer) des Heroischen und als Instrument zur Untersuchung der historischen Bedingungen, medialen und performativen Erscheinungsformen sowie zeiträumlichen Konjunkturen und Transformationen. Diese gilt es, mit Hilfe der Kategorie Geschlecht und unter Nutzung der zugehörigen Eigenschaften neu auszumessen.

Virtue s Hero

Author : Len Gougeon
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In Virtue's Hero, Len Gougeon draws on a huge array of primary documents--unpublished speeches, the correspondence of abolitionists, family papers, records of abolition society meetings, and more--to offer a detailed and comprehensive account of Emerson's antislavery position. --from publisher description