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Shangri La

Author : Michael Buckley
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Appealing to the adventure traveler or armchair reader who simply wishes to browse and dream, this guide promises to lead them into the glorious reality and breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas.

The Shangri La Diet

Author : Seth Roberts
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As seen in the New York Times and on Good Morning America-now updated by the author. Imagine a diet that's as easy as "a spoonful of sugar" (or extra-light olive oil) twice a day. A diet that actually reduces appetite and cravings. A diet that's based on a wealth of scientific findings but is simple enough for anyone to stick to. A diet with results that amaze almost everyone who tries it. Psychology professor Seth Roberts asks a simple question most weight-loss experts haven't thought to tackle: What makes people hungry? Based on a new understanding of how the human body regulates hunger, The Shangri-La Diet presents a strikingly simple and surprisingly effective way to lose weight-without giving up favorite foods. Simple and counterintuitive, this extraordinary new diet is changing the way the world thinks about weight loss-one success story at a time.

Searching for Shangri La

Author : Laurence J. Brahm
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In 2002, author, filmmaker, and economist Laurence Brahm, inspired by James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon and his own quest for meaning, began his search for Shangri-la. Some say that Shangri-la can be found in sacred Tibet, or maybe in wild Qinghai; others believe it can be found in artistic Yunnan in the southwest of China. The author discovered the spiritual truth that Shangri-la is not a place; rather, it is a state of mind. As Brahm hitchhiked through western China, well off the beaten track, he recorded the interior changes and illuminations he experienced as his consciousness expanded far beyond the everyday cares of his years of urban life in Beijing. The insights of his journey and his meetings with others who searched for their own versions of Shangri-la, helped him to understand that the archetypal goal he sought was actually a state of consciousness. Shangri-la may be found in a cup of café latte or yak-butter tea—if we search carefully enough and with mindfulness and compassion. Searching for Shangri-la is the first book of the Himalayan Trilogy . The reader will discover the need for fresh economic paradigms that call for compassionate capital, the empowerment of people, and prioritization of the environment. Spirituality can be more powerful than materialism. The need for sustainability has rarely been so beautifully and eloquently defended.

The Myth of Shangri La

Author : Peter Bishop
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"Bishop's engrossing and readable account provides us with a fascinating picture of European myths concerning the Land of the Snows and of the role these myths played in shaping perceptions of the Orient. Bishop's riveting portrait of European conceptions is an important and exceptionally well written contribution to an understanding of Western attitudes toward Tibet and all of East Asia."--Morris Rossabi, author of Khubilai Khan: His Life and Times

Shangri La

Author : John LaJoie
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Does the legendary tale of Shangri-La, truly exist? Inheriting her father’s company many years ago, Alexandra Greenwood yearns for adventure. With her husband William conducting a new treaty with the twelve world consortium and her children off to college, Alexandra uncovers a secret left behind by her father that may hold answers to her family’s legacy. Seeking out a brother she never knew existed, Alexandra teams up with James Richard, a rugged, arrogant man who knows her past. Together, they stand to unlock the whereabouts of the eight powerful shards that will lead them to Shangri-La. On the run from Rodrigo Escobar, a powerful and deadly assassin in charge of the largest crime syndicate of South America, the two set out crossing several continents in a showdown to unlock the secrets of humanities evolution and the battle against a madman and his forces to avoid world domination. Little do they know, something more sinister, much darker and malicious lays in wait for their return.

The Shangri La Shack Literary Arts Journal Volume 2 Issue 1

Author : The Shangri-La Shack
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Shangri la 199

Author : Michael Cassata
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Titan Pharmaceuticals has the key to resolving the world’s depopulation crisis – Project Shangri-La, which will nearly double the lifespan of a healthy human to 199 years. In the near future, four superpowers cling to their respective hegemony and vie for control of the drug that will stabilize matters long enough to reverse the devastating trend. Karlson, a successful entrepreneur, is recruited by Poland to infiltrate the American pharmaceutical company and steal the elusive formula. Other agents have tried and failed, falling victim to Mendoza, Titan’s efficient yet brutal security chief. However, Karlson has an advantage the others didn’t possess – his skill as a former Rocket Racing champion.

A Shangri la Economy

Author : Mahmood Ansari
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Analysing the status of agrarian justice and its relation with the national slogan of "gross national happiness"(GNH) in Bhutan, this monograph deals with food insecurity, resource asymmetry and growth in the political economy perspective. In this tiny Himalayan nation under absolute democratic monarchy, there are huge inequities in the ethos of general income and consumption poverty and a fundamental transformation in the political economy of this south Asian nation is in urgent need. Readers of this monograph would be mainly from Nepal, Bhutan and India, though those who have interest in the economy and society of the Himalayas would also be the beneficiaries. It attempts to highlight understanding about the specificities of south Asia and some novel features of poverty in this region.


Author : Jérôme MANIAQUE
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Shipwreck Or Shangri La

Author : Peter Lickfold
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Shipwrecked on an atoll in the Indian Ocean, the author and his wife receive help from visiting sailors and adapt to life in primitive conditions. After emergency repairs, they leave on the 3000-mile voyage home. Illustrated with 25 color photos.