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Reading Shakespeare s Will

Author : Lisa Freinkel
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The most influential treatments of Shakespeare's Sonnets have ignored the impact of theology on his poetics, examining instead the poet's "secular" emphasis on psychology and subjectivity. Reading Shakespeare's Will offers the first systematic account of the theology behind the poetry. Investigating the poetic stakes of Christianity's efforts to assimilate Jewish scripture, the book reads Shakespeare through the history of Christian allegory. To "read Shakespeare's will," Freinkel argues, is to read his bequest to and from a literary history saturated by religious doctrine. Freinkel thus challenges the common equation of subjectivity with secularity, and defines Shakespeare's poetic voice in theological rather than psychoanalytic terms. Tracing from Augustine to Luther the religious legacy that informs Shakespeare's work, Freinkel suggests that we cannot properly understand his poetry without recognizing it as a response to Luther's Reformation. Delving into the valences and repercussions of this response, Reading Shakespeare's Will charts the notion of a "theology of figure" that helped to shape the themes, tropes, and formal structures of Renaissance literature and thought.

Shakespeare s Acts of Will

Author : Gary Watt
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Shakespeare was born into a new age of will, in which individual intent had the potential to overcome dynastic expectation. The 1540 Statute of Wills had liberated testamentary disposition of land and thus marked a turning point from hierarchical feudal tradition to horizontal free trade. Focusing on Shakespeare's late Elizabethan plays, Gary Watt demonstrates Shakespeare's appreciation of testamentary tensions and his ability to exploit the inherent drama of performing will. Drawing on years of experience delivering rhetoric workshops for the Royal Shakespeare Company and as a prize-winning teacher of law, Gary Watt shows that Shakespeare is playful with legal technicality rather than obedient to it. The author demonstrates how Shakespeare transformed lawyers' manual book rhetoric into powerful drama through a stirring combination of word, metre, movement and physical stage material, producing a mode of performance that was truly testamentary in its power to engage the witnessing public. Published on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's last will and testament, this is a major contribution to the growing interdisciplinary field of law and humanities.

Shakespeare s Will

Author : Vern Thiessen
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Vern Thiessen, winner of the Governor General's Award for his play Einstein's Gift, provides voice in this latest work to one of the most silent characters in history: Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare. The play sheds light on unexplored aspects of Hathaway's life by looking through the eyes and heart of the woman who spent a lifetime with - and without - the great poet. This work is the celebration of a life unbowed by tragedy and unapologetic in the face of public scorn.

Shakespeare in Theory

Author : Stephen Bretzius
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Witty and engaging essays on the links between contemporary literary theory and Shakespearean theater

Shakespeare s True Life

Author : James Walter
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Crab Will A Tale of Shakespeare s Dog

Author : Gregory Magnuson
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""All the World is a Stage."" William Shakespeare's dog craves a part of his own in one of Master Shakespeare's plays. People of all ages can follow Crab as he discovers his perfect part in a play. Bring on the Comedy, Tragedy and History! This story is a unique and fun introduction for children to the world of Shakespeare. Children are introduced to historical figures and some of Shakespeare's greatest characters in this story about a lovable dog named Crab.

Shakespeare s Will

Author : William Shakespeare
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Shakespeare Survey

Author : Allardyce Nicoll
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The first fifty volumes of this yearbook of Shakespeare studies are being reissued in paperback.

Is William Shakespeare s Will Holographic

Author : John Pym Yeatman
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Cardenio Or The Second Maiden s Tragedy

Author : William Shakespeare
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Tells the tales of a man who has his best friend seduce his wife to prove her infidelity, and of a tyrant who overthrows a king to win a woman's affection, only to court her corpse when she chooses death over his love

Shakespeare s Life and Work

Author : Sidney Lee
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Shakespeare s Testamentary Language

Author : William Lowes Rushton
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Shakespeare s Comedies Histories Tragedies and Poems

Author : William Shakespeare
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The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Embodiment

Author : Valerie Traub
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The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Embodiment brings together 42 of the most important scholars and writing on the subject today. Extending the purview of feminist criticism, it offers an intersectional paradigm for considering representations of gender in the context of race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, and religion. In addition to sophisticated textual analysis drawing on the methods of historicism, psychoanalysis, queer theory, and posthumanism, a team of international experts discuss Shakespeare's life, contemporary editing practices, and performance of his plays on stage, on screen, and in the classroom. This theoretically sophisticated yet elegantly written Handbook includes an editor's Introduction that provides a comprehensive overview of current debates.

Shakespeare s Friends

Author : Kate Pogue
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Sheds new light on the Bard's life through an examination of the wide variety of friends he cultivated throughout his life.

William Shakespeare

Author : Karl Elze
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Will Shakespeare Save Us

Author : Paul Nimmo
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This text includes two one act plays in which famous speeches and scenes from Shakespeare are acted out as part of a comic story. It is suitable for performance by a large or small cast aged 11 years upwards, and equally suitable for theatre group performance to young people.

Shakespeare and Stratford upon Avon with a record of the tercentenary celebration

Author : Robert E. Hunter
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Contested Will

Author : James Shapiro
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Examines current debates about the actual authors of Shakespeare's plays, citing challenges from famous historical figures while discussing the sources of modern doubts and the author's own beliefs.

Shakespeare s England

Author : William Winter
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