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Michael T Desing s Army Ants Roleplaying Game Legacy Edition

Author : Michael Desing
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The Gods of Dark Swell

Author : David Dowell
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A new world has been created the world of Dark Swell. Six strangers have been chosen; brought together from different worlds to compete in a game. Each will be given a realm; a land to nurture and make strong for their chosen race. A realm from which they must eventually choose their Champion. They are the Gods of Dark Swell and they are playing for a prize beyond imagining, in a world brimming with magic. Yet none of them know what the prize will be; and they have no idea what they must do to win it.

Astro City Metrobook Vol 1

Author : Kurt Busiek
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A hero dreams of flight. An alien spy prepares for invasion. A young man is mentored by a hero with dark secrets. A street criminal discovers a heroÕs identity. And much, much more. Step into a world of heroes and see them from a whole different perspective. These are the multiple-award-winning stories that began the epic series and changed how we think about superheroes. Collects KURT BUSIEKÕS ASTRO CITY, VOL. 1 (#1-6) & VOL. 2 (#1-12, #_)

AGILE 2003

Author : Michael Gould
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The mission of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe (AGILE) is to promote academic teaching and research at the European level, and to facilitate networking activities bet ween geographic information laboratories, including focused meetings based on state-of-the-art presentations on key research issues and European geographic information research conferences. The AGILE Conferences on Geographic Information Science (GIS) have become an essential meeting place for European researchers and practitioners, where they meet and exchange ideas and experiences at the European level. These proceedings regroup the papers given in the Lyon conference held in April 2003 and presenting the more advanced results in GIS.

The Crimson Tide A Novel

Author : Robert William Chambers
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The girl-soldiers stood about carelessly, there in the snow among the silver birches and pines. They looked like boys in overcoats and boots and tall wool caps, leaning at ease there on their heavy rifles. Some were only fifteen years of age. Some had been servants, some saleswomen, stenographers, telephone operators, dressmakers, workers in the fields, students at the university, dancers, laundresses. And a few had been born into the aristocracy. They came, too, from all parts of the huge, sprawling Empire, these girl-soldiers of the Battalion of Death––and there were Cossack girls and gypsies among them––girls from Finland, Courland, from the Urals, from Moscow, from Siberia––from North, South, East, West. There were Jewesses from the Pale and one Jewess from America in the ranks; there were Chinese girls, Poles, a child of fifteen from Trebizond, a Japanese girl, a French peasant lass; and there were Finns, too, and Scandinavians––all with clipped hair under the astrakhan caps––sturdy, well shaped, soldierly girls who handled their heavy rifles without effort and carried a regulation equipment as though it were a sheaf of flowers. Their commanding officer was a woman of forty. She lounged in front of the battalion in the snow, consulting with half a dozen officers of a man’s regiment. The colour guard stood grouped around the battalion colours, where its white and gold folds swayed languidly in the breeze, and clots of virgin snow fell upon it, shaken down from the pines by the cannonade. Estridge gazed at them in silence. In his man’s mind one thought dominated––the immense pity of it all. And there was a dreadful fascination in looking at these girl soldiers, whose soft, warm flesh was so soon to be mangled by shrapnel and slashed by bayonets.

Martial Sovereign of Myriad Realms

Author : Chen Yi
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There were powerful cultivators here, and their strengths ruled over everything. Countries, sects, and other great powers ruled over a region, but this was only the corner of the Three Realms. Above this world, there were even Divine level experts running rampant through the heavens and the earth. And he would be able to see the trash Ye Feng, who was unable to awaken his Martial Veins, fuse with the various heavenly martial arts and rise all the way up to the top. He would be the supreme existence of ten thousand realms!

New Hampshire Geographic Names

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.). Branch of Geographic Names
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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Joe Hill

Author : Franklin Rosemont
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A monumental work, expansive in scope, covering the life, times, and culture of that most famous of the Wobblies—songwriter, poet, hobo, thinker, humorist, martyr—Joe Hill. It is a journey into the Wobbly culture that made Hill and the capitalist culture that killed him. Many aspects of the life and lore of Joe Hill receive their first and only discussion in IWW historian Franklin Rosemont’s opus. In great detail, the issues that Joe Hill raised and grappled with in his life: capitalism, white supremacy, gender, religion, wilderness, law, prison, and industrial unionism are shown in both the context of Hill’s life and for their enduring relevance in the century since his death. Collected too is Joe Hill’s art, plus scores of other images featuring Hill-inspired art by IWW illustrators from Ralph Chaplin to Carlos Cortez, as well as contributions from many other labor artists. As Rosemont suggests in this remarkable book, Joe Hill never really died. He lives in the minds of young (and old) rebels as long as his songs are sung, his ideas are circulated, and his political descendants keep fighting for a better day.


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