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Michael T Desing s Army Ants Roleplaying Game Legacy Edition

Author : Michael Desing
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You've just stepped into a world populated by military ants who defend their hill and queen from unending menace. Here, ladybugs operate a massive intelligence network, spiders dabble in sorcery, potato bugs wield the martial arts and mystical practices that defy natural laws; a wasp empire forces its tyrannical grip upon those in its shadow; centipede overlords rule from underground cities where gladiator pits set insect against insect; garter snakes of incredible wisdom hide in its far reaches, primeval lizards prowl its lost wilds, ancient artifacts lie hidden in its distant ruins, and cybernetic anomalies hard-wire innovative technologies into their carapaces, boosting their natural abilities. Fleas roam the countryside, picking through the scraps of the unending war and forging mechanical oddities. It has mosquito mercenaries and a fallen fly kingdom. It has a trashcan city, a desolate sandbox, and a deadly fire pit. It has a deep well with hidden secrets. It's a crazy place.

Astro City Metrobook Vol 2

Author : Kurt Busiek
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A superpowered convict must turn detective to protect his community. A young lawyer becomes entangled with a chilling avenger. A television actor finds himself playing superhero for real. A living cartoon reflects on his strange life. And much more, including a guide to Astro City’s heroes, history, and neighborhoods illustrated by an all-star roster of artists. Star creators KURT BUSIEK, BRENT ANDERSON, ALEX ROSS, and friends bring you more of the landmark series that changed how we think about superheroes. Collects ASTRO CITY, VOL. 2 #13-22; ASTRO CITY: LOCAL HEROES #1-5; ASTRO CITY SPECIAL #1; ASTRO CITY: A VISITOR’S GUIDE; and portions of 9-11: THE WORLD’S FINEST COMIC BOOK WRITERS & ARTISTS TELL STORIES TO REMEMBER #2

The Gods of Dark Swell

Author : David Dowell
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A new world has been created the world of Dark Swell. Six strangers have been chosen; brought together from different worlds to compete in a game. Each will be given a realm; a land to nurture and make strong for their chosen race. A realm from which they must eventually choose their Champion. They are the Gods of Dark Swell and they are playing for a prize beyond imagining, in a world brimming with magic. Yet none of them know what the prize will be; and they have no idea what they must do to win it.

Astro City Metrobook Vol 1

Author : Kurt Busiek
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A hero dreams of flight. An alien spy prepares for invasion. A young man is mentored by a hero with dark secrets. A street criminal discovers a heroÕs identity. And much, much more. Step into a world of heroes and see them from a whole different perspective. These are the multiple-award-winning stories that began the epic series and changed how we think about superheroes. Collects KURT BUSIEKÕS ASTRO CITY, VOL. 1 (#1-6) & VOL. 2 (#1-12, #_)

AGILE 2003

Author : Michael Gould
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The mission of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe (AGILE) is to promote academic teaching and research at the European level, and to facilitate networking activities bet ween geographic information laboratories, including focused meetings based on state-of-the-art presentations on key research issues and European geographic information research conferences. The AGILE Conferences on Geographic Information Science (GIS) have become an essential meeting place for European researchers and practitioners, where they meet and exchange ideas and experiences at the European level. These proceedings regroup the papers given in the Lyon conference held in April 2003 and presenting the more advanced results in GIS.

The Crimson Tide

Author : Robert W. Chambers
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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Crimson Tide" (A Novel) by Robert W. Chambers. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.


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Chambers was born in Brooklyn, New York, to William P. Chambers (1827–1911), a corporate and bankruptcy lawyer, and Caroline Smith Boughton (1842–1913). His parents met when his mother was twelve years old and William P. was interning with her father, Joseph Boughton, a prominent corporate lawyer. Eventually the two formed the law firm of Chambers and Boughton which continued to prosper even after Joseph's death in 1861. Robert Chambers's great-grandfather, William Chambers (birth unknown), a lieutenant in the British Royal Navy, was married to Amelia Saunders (1765–1822), a great granddaughter of Tobias Saunders of Westerly, Rhode Island. The couple moved from Westerly to Greenfield, Massachusetts and then to Galway, New York, where their son, also William Chambers (1798–1874), was born. The second William graduated from Union College at the age of 18, and then went to a college in Boston, where he studied medicine. Upon graduating, he and his wife, Eliza P. Allen (1793–1880), a direct descendant of Roger Williams, the founder of Providence, Rhode Island, were among the first settlers of Broadalbin, New York. His brother was the architect Walter Boughton Chambers.

Martial Sovereign of Myriad Realms

Author : Chen Yi
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There were powerful cultivators here, and their strengths ruled over everything. Countries, sects, and other great powers ruled over a region, but this was only the corner of the Three Realms. Above this world, there were even Divine level experts running rampant through the heavens and the earth. And he would be able to see the trash Ye Feng, who was unable to awaken his Martial Veins, fuse with the various heavenly martial arts and rise all the way up to the top. He would be the supreme existence of ten thousand realms!

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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New Hampshire Geographic Names

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.). Branch of Geographic Names
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