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The Path to Sexual Healing

Author : Linda J. Cochrane
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Victims of sexual abuse (and former abusers) will grow in wholeness and grace through this honest yet sensitive study that aids in recovery.

The Sexual Healing Journey

Author : Wendy Maltz
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This widely esteemed, comprehensive guide helps survivors of sexual abuse heal from the past, improve relationships, and discover the joys of sexual intimacy. Wendy Maltz sensitively takes readers step-by-step through the recovery process, integrating expert advice with groundbreaking exercises, proven techniques, and first-person accounts of women and men at every stage of sexual healing. This compassionate resource can help you to: Identify the sexual effects of sexual abuse Eliminate negative sexual behavior and resolve specific problems Gain control over upsetting automatic reactions to touch and sex Develop a healthy sexual self-concept

Sexual Healing

Author : Barbara Keesling
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In this insightful new book, the bestselling author of Sexual Pleasure shows how the profound, complex, soulful powers of sexuality can heal a person's life. Barbara Keesling illuminates the many health benefits of sex, offers advice on how to recognize a healing partner and how to introduce sexual healing into a relationship at any stage, and more.

Sexual Healing

Author : Jill Nelson
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Two successful African-American professionals, after discussing their unsatisifying sex lives, decide to open a "full-service" spa geared to satisfy, but find much resistance from the community and religious groups.

Sexual Healing

Author : Judith Peart
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A guide to sexual wholeness the Biblical way. FOREWORD: "Your hearts will be touched, your feelings, and emotions challenged as you read this book ...."

Sexual Healing

Author : Barbara Keesling
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"A guide to every known sexual problem and all possible treatments, both new and experimental, with over 125 exercises to heal specific problems as well as maintain an intimate bond in relationships"--Provided by publisher.

Say Yes to Your Sexual Healing

Author : Leo Booth
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A collection of daily meditations intended to provide support and comfort to those suffering with sexual addiction while inspiring the soul to overcome shame, regain intimacy, and find peace within. Original.

Sexual Healing

Author : Tiffany Blackmon
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"Sexual Healing," by Tiffany Blackmon sounds an alarm to creation, a call to be properly aligned as predestined from the beginning of time. It will encourage creation to a lifestyle of obedience as it relates to purity and holiness to the Most High. "Sexual Healing" is a declaration of war to the kingdom of darkness with this agenda: to break the chains of fornication that lurks within our family's lineage and uproot the acceptance of adultery. "Sexual Healing", opposed from the Marvin Gaye's version, will encourage creation to partake in this gift of SEX...LEGALLY.

Healing Sex

Author : Staci Haines
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Healing Sex is the encouraging, sex-positive guide for all women survivors of sexual assault - heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, coupled, and single - who want to delight in their own sexuality. While most books on the topic broach sexuality to reassure women that it's all right to say ''no'' to unwanted sex, Healing Sex encourages women to learn how to say ''yes'' - to their own desires and on their own terms

Yogic Bliss and Sexual Healing

Author : Autumn Needles
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What happens when you desire or love where you shouldn't? What happens if you don't desire where you love? Or if you don't love where you desire? Combining what she has learned from life and the study of yoga, the author shares her philosophy along with raw, honest, silly & sexy stories that will help you confront your own boundaries and fears. A must-read for sexually adventurous truth-seekers.

Sexual Healing

Author : Paul Pearsall
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Draws on recent mind/body research to apply its theories to the field of human sexuality, explaining how sexual behavior and attitudes affect health and emphasizing the importance of the relationship over self

Sexual Healing Through Yin and Yang

Author : Zaihong Shen
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Expert authors become personal gurus, offering insider advice and self-help techniques to readers who want to explore new paths to self-awareness.

Sexual Healing for the Woman in You

Author : DaVetta Collins
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This book is a powerful tool used to teach women how to embrace their sexuality and sensuality in order to heal from past sexual traumas, experiences and insecurities.

The Pleasure Plan

Author : Laura Zam
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"Fifty percent of adult women have some form of sexual dysfunction at some point of their lives, preventing them from enjoying soul-satisfying sex. Such was the case with Laura Zam, who suffered the blame, shame, and embarrassment of being a terrible lover. For her, sex meant physical pain, zero desire, and emotional scars from being molested in her early years. However, in her late forties, after meeting and marrying the love of her life, Zam was determined to finally fix her sensual self. The Pleasure Plan is what happened when she decided to challenge her hopelessness. In partnership with her initially reluctant husband, she visited a variety of healers and tried an array of pleasure-enhancing methods: from dilators and dildos, to hypnosis and hosting a sex brunch, to cleansing chakras, to making love to her husband in front of a geriatric Tantric goddess. Packed with humor, heart, and a healthy dose of prescriptive advice, this book chronicles Zam's insight as she confronts many issues-from mismatched libidos to female erection enlightenment. Throughout this journey, she and her husband grow as individuals and as a couple, both in and out of the bedroom"--

Holistic Sexuality

Author : K. Akua Gray
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The health and wellness guide to restructuring and revitalizing your sex life to a state of bliss. Explore ways to move beyond the norm of dysfunctional sexual relations that are unfulfilling and painful to fully functioning in the Holistic Side of Sex that provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Take the Holistic Sex Test to determine your dominant sexual faculty and take your relationships to the next level through the 12 formulas for establishing and maintaining a balanced relationship. Also determine which Family Structure is in alignment with your truth whether it is monogamy, polygamy, polyandry or polyamory. Holistic Sexual Living is possible when there is a free flow of energy that takes all fear out of being together.

Shattered and Then a Journey to Sexual Healing and Integration

Author : Laurie Morris
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Never shared publicly before, Laurie's testimony is one of healing and hope for those ravaged by betrayal of a sexual nature. Her struggles together with her husband-and after his early death, alone-have paved a road of healing from such impossible wounds as Dissociative Identity Disorder and homosexuality. Her husband granted her his deathbed permission to reveal matters not easily broached in church ministries. With a passion to reach those lives shattered and similarly devastated, Laurie is a compelling model of transparency. She has reached out over the years with humor and honesty, using prayer counseling from various Christian models. For anyone dealing with sexual issues and bondage to them, this testimony is a must-read book. It took great courage to write this book but if we are to have a strong enough net for the coming harvest and do a better job of healing our wounded stories like this one need to be told. In a poignant, practical and powerful way, Laurie gives hope to the hurting and valuable insights to those called to heal them. Dr. Dutch Sheets, author and pastor Laurie Morris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. As an ordained minister with Federation of Ministers and Churches International (FMCI), Laurie has been involved with counseling for the past 20 years, primarily working with sexual abuse victims. Her studies have included Elijah House and Restoring the Foundations ministries. Laurie was married for 21 years to the late David Morris, a well-known worship leader and author. As a result of childhood sexual abuse, David struggled with sexual addiction and he and Laurie walked to healing together while in church leadership. She longs to impart hope to those who are hurting from sexual brokenness. Laurie currently resides in North Carolina with her family.

Sexual Healing Reference Edition

Author : David Kyle Foster
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A Biblical Guide to Finding Freedom from Every Major Area of Sexual Sin and Brokenness. Includes foundational chapters on subjects like God's Design for Sex, Intimacy with God, Grace vs. Performance, Failure, as well as a Comprehensive Approach to Finding Freedom from All Sexual Sin and Brokenness.

Safe Sexual Healing

Author : Sunyata Satchitananda
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Sexual healing has been a clandestine alternative healing modality in the shadows of public awareness. This guidebook seeks to bring sexual healing out of the shadows and inform both healers and those seeking healing about how to conduct sexual healing sessions safely. Safe Sexual Healing goes behind the scenes and reveals how sexual healing works and shares key principles and essential practices needed to provide safety for both clients and healers. It provides essential information to sexual trauma survivors on how to pick a sexual healer and what to expect in sexual healing sessions. Healers gain important insight into the healer-client relationship and learn what to watch out for during sessions to prevent harming their clients.

The Sexual Healing Guide

Author : Casanova Da Vinci
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It has been suggested that since records began on charting and chronicling the Human Race, both Men and Women, have enjoyed the intimate sharing of both Sexual Pleasure and that of Falling in Love. And, while to many sceptics who believe that the act of such a profound intimacy could not have been present inside the "Human Behaviour" that soon, it would be prudent to look upon the 'Sexual Mechanics' of the Animal Kingdom to denote the behavioural properties well enough and to understand that they, too, act upon "Natural Magnetism" just as much as Human's do. In this Guide, we look at the 'Essential Basics'. The "Healing Effects", their 'Connecting Actions", while more importantly, how all these can work as the perfect catalyst for supporting the three universal key elements in Human Nature: "Touch", "Sight" and "Sound". And so that the findings aren't completely flawed, we will be including "Smell", too. The Sexual Healing Guide For Beginner's (16 - 21 Year Old Edition), though it was never written solely for 'Beginners': We all have pre-knowledge of existing 'Sexual Awareness', which is why the 'Human Mind', as well as the 'Human Body' processes hundreds (if not thousands of Terabyte's) of useful 'Sexual Information' per year; excitement being one of the basic foundations, followed by sensation, before finally reaching arousal. Put these three fundamental ingredients together, and what you have is a progressive ability to build what is commonly referred to as a "Sexually Fortified Structure". As references appear as 'Headings' and 'Subtitles', we will introduce various "Actions", "Methods" and "Key Stone" variables as 'Blocks'; each partitioning, but not necessarily separating the other. So, from the beginning to the end, having 'Built' these specific 'Blocks', we will, together, learn the structural assembly of Mind, Body and Soul, and establish those important "Connections", "Reconnections", and/or "Disconnection"; Of course, the term that depicts that of a "Disconnection" would denote the letting go of any 'Negative' fields in which used to be displayed in the behaviour of a Human Being. Written in 'No Nonsense' and concurrent fluidity, the whole edition will be subject to changing methods of intention. As no one person is the same as the other, the Guide only rests as that which a person may find 'Referrally' and not 'Literally'; in other words, it may work fine for 50% of readers (Both Men and Women), but may fail to succeed for that of the remainder. Thank you for purchasing this book. Casanova Da Vinci

Pole Dancing and Art Therapy

Author : Trissa A. Dodson
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A third of American women experience sexual violence in their lifetime, with a combined eighty-two percent of victims ranging from 18-64 years of age. Many survivors of sexual violence find recreational pole dancing to be an empowering, transformative experience. This theoretical offering reviews autoethnographic, heuristic, and journalistic literature to locate pole dancing within the feminist discourse of empowerment and degradation, and compares the structures and benefits of recreational pole dance classes to therapeutic frameworks. Then this paper analyzes neurobiological and evidence-based research to contextualize art therapy as an effective treatment method for trauma. Finally, recreational pole dancing is situated in regards to sexual health and somatics as a sex positive, pleasure-oriented, and creative healing process. This research aims to legitimize pole dancing within the art therapy community as an expressive art modality that offers transformative qualities for trauma processing and sexual healing. Possibilities for integrating further sex education into clinical practices, as well as learning from dance/movement modalities are considered.