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Handbook on Sexual Violence

Author : Jennifer M. Brown
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This book contextualizes the complexity of sexual violence within its broader context – from war to the resolution of interpersonal disputes – and covers a wide span including sexual harassment, bullying, rape and murder as well as domestic violence. Written by leading academics from a variety of disciplines, contributions also include commentaries that relate the research to the work of practitioners. Despite advances made in the investigation of sexual offences, evidence still points to a continued belief in the culpability of victims in their own victimization and a gap between the estimated incidence of sexual violence and the conviction of perpetrators. Adopting an implicitly and explicitly critical stance to contemporary policy responses that continue to fail in addressing this problem, this book focuses on attitudes and behaviour towards sexual violence from the point of view of the individual experiencing the violence – perpetrator and victim – and situates them within a broader societal frame. It is through an understanding of social processes and psychological mechanisms that underpin sexual violence that violence can be combated and harm reduced, and at this individual level that evidence-based interventions can be designed to change policy and practice. The Handbook is split into four sections: 'Legacies: Setting the Scene' offers a critical overview of historical, legal and cultural processes which help to explain the origins of current thinking and offer steers for future developments 'Theories and Concepts' examines contemporary thinking on sexual violence and reviews explanatory frameworks from a number of perspectives 'Acts of Sexual Violence' reviews a number of specific types of sexual violence, elaborating the range of circumstances, victims and perpetrators with a view to addressing the general and pervasive nature of such violence thus contradicting narrow cultural stereotyping 'Responding to Sexual Violence' overviews and evaluates current policies and practices and offers new ideas to develop different types of interventions. The editors’ conclusion not only draws out the key themes and ideas from contributions to the Handbook, but also considers the nature of and the extent to which any progress has been made in understanding and responding to sexual violence. This will be a key text for students and academics studying sexual violence and an essential reference tool for professionals working in the field including police officers, probation staff, lawyers and judges.

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct An Encyclopedia

Author : Gina Robertiello
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As revelations of sexual harassment and misconduct roil Hollywood; Washington, D.C.; and workplaces across the country, these problems are being examined more closely than ever before. This encyclopedia provides interested readers with a comprehensive and authoritative resource to help them understand not only the specific scandals that have erupted across U.S. society, but the historical factors and events that have led to this moment in American history. The book features entries that illuminate various types of sexual harassment and misconduct (e.g., quid pro quo, hostile environment), explain different classifications of harassers (e.g., territorial, predatory), survey how sexual harassment and misconduct manifest themselves in different settings (e.g., workplace, school, military, politics, home), detail the major cases that have been publicized since the #MeToo Movement gained momentum, and explain various reforms and responses that are being crafted to address deeply entrenched problems of sexism and harassment in American culture.

Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures

Author : United Church of Canada
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When Women Sexually Abuse Men The Hidden Side of Rape Stalking Harassment and Sexual Assault

Author : Philip W. Cook
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Revealing the shocking and detailed accounts of how adult women stalk, sexually assault, and even rape adult men, this book portrays an eye-opening reality: women can act as aggressive predators and victimize men. • Details the rape trials of two women as well as other personal accounts and interviews • Utilizes careful analysis of research to determine the extent of this crime by adult women against adult men • Addresses a range of actions in which adult women sexually abuse or assault adult men, and offers advice and counsel to these victims • Provides surprising information that will be of value to law enforcement and corrections practitioners, social workers, business administrators, human resources personnel, academics in the fields of sociology, psychology, gender issues, and criminology, as well as general readers

Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedure

Author :
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Sexual Assault and Abuse

Author : Robert E Hess
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Prevention of a chronic societal problem such as sexual victimization requires looking beyond individuals to the systemic factors that maintain the problem. Sexual Assault and Abuse addresses the need to change social and cultural beliefs and practices that permit the sexual victimization of women and children. Potential rapists and victims are viewed within the context of the social and cultural factors that shape sexual behavior. The book discusses rape prevention approaches ranging from changing individuals and groups to changing the social and cultural factors that permit and promote sexual victimization. Research in the social sciences, in education, and in the media documents the promise as well as the problems with efforts to change social and cultural beliefs and practices to create a sexually safe society. Sexual Assault and Abuse integrates recent advances in research on sexual assault and prevention into strategies to prevent sexual victimization, with a focus on the role of sociocultural factors. In Sexual Assault and Abuse, editor Carolyn F. Swift brings together authors who thoughtfully examine the perpetrators and victims of sexual assault/abuse in an effort to change or obliterate sociocultural factors which maintain or promote this behavior. Topics covered include: the sociocultural context of sexual assault/abuse the need to develop multiple-level prevention programs development of sexually abusive behavior in men and boys the relationship between pornography and sexual assault/abuse the need for culturally-sensitive prevention programs the significance of sexual revictimization in the lives of African American women an ecological approach to the prevention of sexual harassment utilization of social science research to develop public policy on pornography use of public information campaigns to prevent intrafamilial child sexual abuse within Hispanic families Sexual Assault and Abuse identifies sociocultural risks associated with sexual assault/abuse and explores ways to reduce these risks, from a prevention perspective, for diverse populations. Risks addressed include gender inequities, pornography, worksites hostile to women, previous victimization in African American females, sexist and racist beliefs, and media violence against women. Prevention programs range from interventions to stop the development of sexually abusive behavior in boys and men, through programs that take account of ethnic diversity in language, history, and culture, to those that promote empowerment of women. By addressing the environmental context in which sexual assault occurs, the authors in Sexual Assault and Abuse broaden their focus to incorporate both potential perpetrators and potential victims in an ecological perspective which permits new approaches to prevention. This book is of special interest and value to academics and practitioners of psychology, psychiatry, and social work, therapists and counselors, women’s studies professionals, sociologists, anthropologists, feminists, rape crisis center staff and volunteers, and battered women center staff and volunteers.

Sexual Harassment in Sport

Author : Karin A. E. Volkwein-Caplan
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An overview of all sorts of behaviour related to sexual harassment, itsmpact on the world of sport and specifically on the participants. Thisolume is written to answer questions raised by health and physical educationtudents and athletes (both amateur and professional), and sport personnelsuch as coaches, trainers and administrators). It offers guidelines inealing with social, psychological and legal issues. It also discussestrategies to prevent and control sexual harassment in the world of sport.;Alossary of terms and a guide to resources for sexual harassment are includedor the reader's reference. The resource section includes telephone numbersnd addresses of national organizations, national hotlines, and Web sites forome of the leading professional journals and organizations dealing withexual harassment. Readers are encouraged to consult them for additionalnformation.

Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse

Author : Michele Antoinette Paludi
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A team of educators, counselors, and scholars examine the widespread problem of sexual assault and abuse in the United States from a legal, criminal justice, psychological, clinical, and legislative perspective. The statistics on sexual abuse in the United States suggest that such crimes are perceived as socially acceptable, despite laws to the contrary. Thirty percent of women are battered at least once in their adult lives, while four million girls and women are trafficked annually. Seventy-five percent of employed battered women are harassed at their jobs by abusive husbands or lovers and half of them are murdered by these mates. At least twenty percent of women have been victimized by incest. Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse serves as a reference guide for professionals working with victims and perpetrators. Topics addressed include assault within marriage, courtship violence, abducted and runaway youth, violence against pregnant women, cyberspace violence, and sexual harassment of students and employees. This multivolume set promotes legislation to break the cycles of violence and dispels myths about victims and perpetrators. Preventative programs, policies, and educational programs are emphasized. Over 70 expert contributors in the area of violence against children, teens and adults Provides examples of effective prevention programs and violent offender treatment programs, as well as recommendations for assessing and treating battered women Presents a clear history of sexual abuse in the United States Bibliographies accompany each chapter in each volume A listing of websites and organizations dealing with sexual assault and abuse provides additional resources

Sexual Misconduct in Counseling and Ministry

Author : Peter T. Mosgofian
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Sexual misconduct by ministers and other Christian professionals has reached epidemic proportions. One major church insurer has handled over 1,200 cases in the past eight years, many involving child sexual abuse, often with multiple victims. How should the church respond when Christian counselors cross sexual boundaries? What should be done when the healer wounds? What is the church's responsibility both to misbehaving professionals and to heir victims? Combining their extensive counseling experience and legal expertise, the authors of this volume offer a well-written, practical book loaded with the thorny issues of sexual exploitation by religious professionals. Here is tested wisdom that can help. o A recovery strategy for victims o Proactive ways to safeguard against improper sexual behavior o Screening and early intervention strategies o Restoring fallen ministers and church leaders o Dealing with homosexual misbehavior, seductive clients, recovered memories, and false allegations o Assessing legal consequences of your policies The wise counsel in this timely book can help us find remedies for a growing problem that threatens the Christian church.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment

Author : Caitlyn Miller
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Experts believe that nearly half of all middle and high school students will face sexual harassment at school. This crucial volume helps young readers define sexual harassment, which is the first step to combating the problem as both a potential victim of sexual harassment and as a potential perpetrator. Readers are provided with strategies for addressing harassment and information on where to turn for help. This book will empower those who have endured sexual harassment.