Sex Tips for Husbands and Wives From 1894


Author: Ruth Smythers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781849539760


Page: 96

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In 1894, Ruth Smythers, 'Beloved wife of The Reverend L. D. Smythers', wrote: 'One cardinal rule of marriage should never be forgotten: give little, give seldom and, above all, give grudgingly...' The Methodist wife didn't intend to be amusing, but this brief treatise written for young brides is side-splitting today and an eye-opener to how our love lives have changed in just over a century.


369 Facts to Blow You Away


Author: Sadie Cayman

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

ISBN: 1786851660

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 160

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Did you know... • Half an hour of sex is said to burn between 85 and 200 calories (the equivalent to 15 minutes on a treadmill). • Most male giraffes are bisexual. • Twelve per cent of adults claim to have had sex at work. Amaze your friends, break the ice at parties and fill awkward silences at job interviews with this collection of weird and wonderful sex facts – everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you didn’t!) about sex.

Love, Sex and Marriage

Relationship Tips from the Victorians


Author: Penelope Shaftesbury

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781786855350


Page: 96

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'A little theatrical feigning of a headache may induce in one's spouse the most agreeable keenness to be wantonly pleasured.' Good heavens! Beneath the surface, the Victorians were a rather saucy society. This little book gathers together some of their full-frontal frankness in matters romantic, marital and sexual. Prepare to have your eyebrows raised and your ribs tickled by this extraordinary and unashamed advice.

The Therapeutic revolution

essays in the social history of American medicine


Author: Morris J. Vogel,Charles E. Rosenberg

Publisher: Univ of Pennsylvania Pr


Category: Medical

Page: 270

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A Widening Sphere (Routledge Revivals)

Changing Roles of Victorian Women


Author: Martha Vicinus

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135043892

Category: History

Page: 324

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First published in 1977, this book is a companion volume to Suffer and Be Still. It looks at the widening sphere of women’s activities in the Victorian age and testifies to the dual nature of the legal and social constraints of the period: on the one hand, the ideal of the perfect lady and the restrictive laws governing marriage and property posed limits to women’s independence; on the other hand, some Victorian women chose to live lives of great variety and complexity. By uncovering new data and reinterpreting old, the contributors in this volume debunk some of the myths surrounding the Victorian woman and alter stereotypes on which many of today’s social customs are based.

Righteous Propagation

African Americans and the Politics of Racial Destiny After Reconstruction


Author: Michele Mitchell

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807855676

Category: History

Page: 388

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Between 1877 and 1930 African American activists promoted an array of strategies for progress and power built around "racial destiny", the idea that black Americans formed a collective whose future existence would be determined by the actions of its members. Michele Mitchell examines the reproductive implications of "racial destiny".

Fair But Frail

Prostitution in San Francisco, 1894-1900


Author: Jacqueline Baker Barnhart

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 136

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First sociology


Author: Kenneth Westhues

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies


Category: Social Science

Page: 496

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Book of Lies

The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult


Author: Metzger, Richard

Publisher: Disinformation Books

ISBN: 1938875109

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

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New package for a cult classic. First published in 2003, The Book of Lies was hailed as a 21st grimoire and instantly became a cult classic. Now reformatted for the next generation of magicians and all counterculture devotees, it gathers an unprecedented cabal of occultists, esoteric scholars, and forward thinkers, all curated by Disinformation's former "wicked warlock" Richard Metzger. This compendium of the occult includes entries on topics as diverse and dangerous as Aleister Crowley, Secret Societies, Psychedelics, and Magick in theory and practice. The result is an alchemical formula that may well rip a hole in the fabric of your reality: Terence McKenna asks if we contact "aliens" with the smokable drug DMT Daniel Pinchbeck recounts his psychedelic and magical experiences Techgnosis author Eric Davis writes about H.P. Lovecraft Robert Anton Wilson writes about the similarities between Aleister Crowley and Timothy Leary Donald Tyson's "The Enochian Apocalypse Working" ask if the seeds of the end of the world sown in the Elizabethan era. Other contributors or subjects written about include Brian Barritt, Vere Chappell, Ida Craddock, Joe Coleman, Nevill Drury, Stephen Edred Flowers, T. Allen Greenfield, Gary Lachman, Anton Lavey, Peter Levenda, Grant Morrison, Michael Moynihan, Rosaleen Norton, Jack Parsons, Austin Osman Spare, and Tracy Twyman. It's all here and more!