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Severus of Antioch

Author : Youhanna Youssef
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Severus of Antioch: His Life and Times presents the latest research and offers many fresh insights into the exegetical methods, theology, reception history, and asceticism of Severus, a key figure in the Oriental Orthodox Church and central to discussions on Oriental and Eastern Church reunion.

Severus of Antioch

Author : Pauline Allen
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In the first book to be devoted exclusively to Severus, well-known author in the field, Pauline Allen, focuses on a fascinating figure who is seen simultaneously as both a saint and a heretic. Part of our popular Early Church Fathers series, this volume translates a key selection of Severus' writings which survived in many other languages. Shedding light on his key opposition to the Council of Chalcedon and rehabilitates his reputation as a key figure of late antiquity, is examines his his life and times, thinking, homiletic abilities and his pastoral concerns. Severus was patriarch of Antioch on the Orontes in Syria from 512-518. Though he is venerated as an important saint in the Old Oriental Christian tradition, he has mostly been regarded as a heretic elsewhere; and as his works were condemned by imperial edict in 536, very little has survived in the original Greek.

Antioch II

Author : Silke-Petra Bergjan
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During the fourth century, Antioch on the Orontes was the most important imperial residence in the Roman Empire and a "hot-bed" of intellectual and religious activity. The writings of men such as Libanius, the emperor Julian, Ammianus Marcellinus, John Chrysostom, Theodoret, and many others, provide a density of written sources that is nearly unmatched in antiquity, while the archaeological evidence of the city's evolution is much harder to reconstruct. This volume assembles state-of-the-art scholarship on these ancient authors within the context of recent archaeological work to offer a rare comprehensive view of this late Roman city. Contributors: Rudolf Brandle, Gunnar Brands, Silke-Petra Bergjan, Susanna Elm, Johannes Hahn, Gavin Kelly, Blake Leyerle, Jaclyn Maxwell, Wendy Mayer, Yannis Papadogiannakis, Catherine Saliou, Adam M. Schor, Christine Shepardson, Jan R. Stenger, Claudia Tiersch, Edward Watts, Jorit Wintjes


Author : Antonia LoLordo
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What is a person? Why do we count certain beings as persons and others not? How is the concept of a person distinct from the concept of a human being, or from the concept of the self? When and why did the concept of a person come into existence? What is the relationship between moral personhood and metaphysical personhood? How has their relationship changed over the last two millennia? This volume presents a genealogy of the concept of a person. It demonstrates how personhood--like the other central concepts of philosophy, law, and everyday life--has gained its significance not through definition but through the accretion of layers of meaning over centuries. We can only fully understand the concept by knowing its history. Essays show further how the concept of a person has five main strands: persons are particulars, roles, entities with special moral significance, rational beings, and selves. Thus, to count someone or something as a person is simultaneously to describe it--as a particular, a role, a rational being, and a self--and to prescribe certain norms concerning how it may act and how others may act towards it. A group of distinguished thinkers and philosophers here untangle these and other insights about personhood, asking us to reconsider our most fundamental assumptions of the self.

The Council of Chalcedon and the Christology of Severus of Antioch

Author : Vilakuvel Cherian Samuel
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Christian Antioch

Author : D. S. Wallace-Hadrill
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This book is a comprehensive survey of the history and, more particularly, of the thought of Antioch from the second to the eighth centuries of the Christian era. Dr Wallace-Hadrill traces the religious background of Antiochene Christianity and examines in detail aspects of its intellectual life: the exegesis of scripture, the interpretation of history, philosophy, and the doctrine of the nature of God as applied to an understanding of Christ and man's salvation. The community at Antioch stressed history and literalism, in self-conscious opposition to the tendency to allegorise that prevailed at Alexandria. While insisting on the divinity of Christ, they were equally adamant that no other doctrine should be allowed to compromise their central belief that Jesus was really human.

Subtle Bodies

Author : Glenn Peers
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Explores the strategies used by Byzantine artists to represent the incorporeal forms of angels and the rationalizations in defence of their representations mustered by theologians in the face of iconoclastic opposition. These problems of representation provide a window on Late Antique thought.

The Conflict of Severus Patriarch of Antioch

Author : Athanasius I (Patriarch of Antioch)
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Christology After Chalcedon

Author : Iain Torrance
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In the first part of the sixth century, variant forms of Monophysitism existed. In 'Christology after Chalcedon', Iain Torrance provides a theological introduction and a translation of the letters between Severus of Antioch and Sergius the Grammarian. Severus was the Monophysite Patriarch of Antioch - a leader of the moderate Monophysites whose doctrine adhered more closely to Catholic teaching and whose primary divergence from orthodoxy was terminological. Though little is known of Sergius, it is apparent from his letters that he was a Monophysite of the more extreme sort. The correspondence between Sergius and Severus comprises three letters from Sergius, three replies by Severus, and an apology by Sergius.


Author : Aimé Georges Martimort
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