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Severe Behavior Problems

Author : Vincent Mark Durand
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Problem behaviors often compound the already difficult task of improving the lives of persons with severe disabilities. This important volume, representing the culmination of more than a decade of clinical research, presents the first complete description of the procedures used in Functional Communication Training--a positive approach for reducing severe behavior problems. The procedures described in this book have been validated by numerous empirical studies for use with children, adolescents, and adults who display behaviors as diverse as aggression, self-injury, tantrums, and bizarre, psychotic speech. Functional Communication Training involves teaching students how to communicate those basic wants and needs that they have previously sought to have fulfilled via their problem behavior. They are taught to replace their challenging behavior with learned communication skills. This book provides the practitioner with step-by-step instructions for implementing this effective approach. A variety of assessment strategies are reviewed and described to assist in determining appropriate interventions. The Motivation Assessment Scale--one device designed to assess the function of problem behavior--is outlined in detail and is accompanied with guidelines for its administration and interpretation. Communication training is then detailed and illustrated using speech, sign language, and augmentative systems as examples. Numerous case examples throughout illuminate both the assessment and intervention strategies. Providing clear direction for ameliorating complex behavior problems, this book will be valued by psychologists, behavior analysts, special educators, and speech and language therapists. It can be used as a text for advanced undergraduate courses on behavior management in psychology and special education, and also serves as supplementary reading for courses on behavior modification or mental retardation/developmental disabilities.

Prevention and Treatment of Severe Behavior Problems

Author : Nirbhay N. Singh
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How can severe behavior problems in individuals with developmental disabilities be prevented and treated? What strategies can be used to control difficult-to-treat problems such as self-injury, stereotypy, aggression, rumination, and pica? What curricular approaches have proven effective in controlling severe behavior problems in the classroom? You'll find discussion of these and other important issues in this comprehensive, research-based book. Grounded in theory and research, yet filled with case studies, short vignettes, and practical examples, this book considers behavior problems within the context of the individual and his or her environment. Whether you are a clinician, a therapist, a student in applied behavior analysis or clinical psychology, a teacher who works with students with developmental disabilities in the classroom, or a family member of a person with developmental disabilities, this book provides a conceptual framework that will assist you in developing strategies for preventing and treating a wide range of severe behavior problems.

Severe Behavior Problems

Author : V. Mark Durand
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This book provides the practitioner with step-by-step instructions for implementing functional communication training. A variety of assessment strategies are reviewed for assisting in determining appropriate interventions. The Motivation Assessment Scale--designed to assess the function of problem behavior--is outlined in detail and is accompanied with guidelines for its administration and interpretation. Communication training is then detailed and illustrated using speech, sign language, and augmentative systems as examples. Numerous case examples throughout illuminate both the assessment and intervention strategies.

Severe Behavior Disorders in the Mentally Retarded

Author : Rowland P. Barrett
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It is well known that behavior problems are a salient characteristic of children and adults with mental retardation. That is not to say that all persons with mental retardation experience behavior disorders; how ever, most studies indicate that the incidence of emotional disturbance in this population is four to six times greater than that observed in similar intellectually nonhandicapped children and adults. It is equally well known that the principal form of treatment accorded clients with mental retardation and behavior disorders is pharmacotherapy or the prescrip tion of behavior modifying drugs. Recent studies show that 6 out of every 10 individuals with mental retardation have been prescribed drugs as treatment for disorders of emotion or behavior. Unfortunately, further studies indicate that only one or 2 out of every 10 clients receiving medication are determined to be "responders," such that some thera peutic benefit is derived from their drug treatment. As noted by the title, the single major thrust of this volume is to review approaches to the treatment of behavior disorders in persons with mental retardation from a nondrug perspective. This requires the presentation of a wide range of material on treatment: basic behavior modification programming, cognitive-behavioral strategies, habilitative approaches, counseling and psychotherapy, designing therapeutic living environments, managing medical factors bearing relevance to emotional illness, intervening with families, training special education teachers and direct care staff, and supplying information on the client's rights to obtain treatment in the least restrictive and least intrusive manner.

Supporting Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems Prevention and Intervention Strategies

Author : Lee Kern
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" Severe social, emotional, and behavioral challenges can be major obstacles to your studentsâ academic success. Break down those barriers with the research-based interventions in this book, your guide to addressing serious problem behaviors in K-12 classrooms. Aligned with recommended practices for schoolwide positive behavior supports (SWPBS), this book presents a highly effective tiered approach that helps you develop school- and class-wide interventions and match behavior interventions to each studentâ needs. Developed by trusted PBS experts and packed with concrete strategies, this essential resource will prepare teachers to prevent and reduce severe behavior problems, improve studentsâ social interactions, and increase academic engagement. A must for both preservice and in-service educators! THE GUIDE YOU NEED TO: Improve the behavior of students with or without a specific diagnosis Boost your behavior management skills and empower yourself to take action Assess and improve your classroom environment, including physical setup, routines, and emotional climate Prevent behavior problems by keeping students engaged and motivated during instruction Directly teach social skills during your everyday classes and routines Identify student mental health problems and select appropriate interventions Determine when a student needs Tier 2 intervention or more intensive Tier 3 supports Conduct functional behavioral assessments and use them to develop support plans Select and use a behavioral management system to track your studentsâ progress PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Real-world strategies, case studies, forms, and reflection activities that can be used right away in the classroom and across various school settings. "--"This book provides educators with practical, simple step-by-step strategies to address serious problem behaviors, framing interventions within a tiered approach focused on prevention and positive approaches. Although the book primarily presents intervention strategies for students with significant emotional and behavioral problems, these interventions are applicable for children with and without a diagnosis of emotional behavior disorder and also can be used to target less severe behavior problems. This cost-efficient, proactive framework helps prevent the development of more severe behavioral issues and sets the stage for an assessment-based, proactive, and functional approach to addressing serious behavior problems. The book includes case stories, teacher reflections, forms, and ready-to-implement intervention approaches and strategies for both the classroom and school setting"--

The Treatment of Severe Behavior Disorders

Author : Ennio Cipani
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Ce document se veut être la transition entre le traitement offert dans le passé aux personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle et les nouvelles approches et applications de la modification des comportements. De plus, ce livre offre aux chercheurs et aux praticiens certaines pistes intéressantes sur le diagnostic des comportements, l'approche positive, l'autogestion ou le monitoring et la formation des parents.

Assessing the Frequency and Severity of Problem Behaviors

Author : Ann Elizabeth Eggebeen
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Behavioral Issues in Autism

Author : Eric Schopler
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To promote greater understanding, this book discusses assessment techniques, intervention strategies, and the major controversies of the field. It will serve as a practical overview for students, clinicians, and parents concerned with managing the special needs and often puzzling behaviors of autistic individuals.

Cumulated Index Medicus

Author :
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Positive Strategies for Students with Behavior Problems

Author : Daniel Bernard Crimmins
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For use with children who have persistent or severe behavior challenges, this book introduces educators to the systematic Positive Strategies method, which helps teachers understand why behaviors persist, prevent problem behavior, and replace problem beha

An Educative Approach to Behavior Problems

Author : Ian M. Evans
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Special Study on Terminology

Author :
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Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities

Author : Martha E. Snell
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This is a comprehensive and current description of research-based methods on teaching students with severe disabilities including students with autism and functional skill needs. A great reference book. Reflects 1997 IDEA in all chapters, particularly those that deal with the topics of transition and families. Adds a chapter on peer/social relationships. Creates and maintains reader interest with effective photographs, vignettes, specific charts, and unique figures/tables. Reinforces its comprehensive research base with current studies. For educators and school administrators.

American Journal of Mental Retardation

Author :
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Strategies for Addressing Behavior Problems in the Classroom

Author : Mary Margaret Kerr
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For undergraduate and graduate courses in behavior management. This practical text provides an in-depth look at specific behaviors and the strategies employed for addressing each behavior. This revision places school-based interventions in the context of positive behavioral support, a view embraced by practitioners and supported by research. It continues to promote collaboration between other agencies and families, along with better coordination of treatment options to create effective services and intervention in education.

Teaching Children with Learning and Behavior Problems

Author : Donald D. Hammill
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We have written this book for teachers. Our intention was (1) to succintly review the roles and duties of teachers in the management of children with school-related problems; (2) to provide teachers with a series of discussions which focus upon these school-related difficulties; (3) to provide in each of these discussions basic information regarding appropriate assessment techniques and instructional methods; and (4) to provide teachers with a list of specific materials, their prices, sources, and teacher evaluations of their merit.

Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools Third Edition

Author : Leanne S. Hawken
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"Now revised and expanded with the latest research and adaptations for additional target behaviors, this is the gold-standard guide to Check-In, Check-Out (CICO), the most widely implemented Tier 2 behavior intervention. CICO is designed for the approximately 10-15% of students who fail to meet schoolwide behavioral expectations but who do not require intensive, individualized supports. In a large-size format with lay-flat binding for easy photocopying, the book includes step-by-step procedures and reproducible tools for planning and implementation. At the companion website, purchasers can download and print the reproducible tools and can access online-only training materials, sample daily progress reports, and an Excel database for managing daily data. (Second edition subtitle: The Behavior Education Program.) Key Words/Subject Areas: CICO, Tier 2, II, behavior education program, behavior support teams, positive behavior interventions and supports, PBIS, daily progress reports, implementation guide, behavioral problems, training workshops, attendance, academic engagement, prevention, elementary students, secondary, children, adolescents, school psychology, school psychologists Audience: School psychologists, school counselors, school social workers, and administrators working with children ages 4-17 (grades PreK-12); PBIS coaches and team leaders; special educators"--

Behavioral Observation

Author : Travis Thompson
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In a series of articles, the editors have compiled a reference work that examines the latest developments in logging data on behavioural disabilities as it occurs. Recent technological advances have made such developments possible.'

Teachers Perceptions of Severity of Hispanic Students English Language Problems and the Acceptability of Educational Interventions

Author : Sara Kathryn Anderson
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Curriculum Content for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

Author : Diane Lea Ryndak
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Focusing on key concepts and themes important to readers learning managerial accounting, this text is part of a flexible learning system designed to enhance the understanding of managerial accounting. It places equal importance on text and media. It provides a brief, focused look at managerial accounting that stresses what readers need to be future managers, not future accountants. This learning system is comprised of a text, CD and website that work together: